Volunteers in Kibbutz Kerem Shalom
Restoration project takes place in Kerem Shalom
After kite terrorism destroys hundreds of acres in southern Israel, some 500 volunteers take part in environmental restoration initiative; Kerem Shalom's community head: 'members of the kibbutz are deeply moved by the help we received.'
Some 500 volunteers, including soldiers, teens and members of youth movements from all over the country took part Sunday in an environmental restoration project in Kibbutz Kerem Shalom, following the mass fires caused by  kite terrorism that had scorched the area in recent months.



The project is part of the renewal process the kibbutz had undergone in recent months.


Volunteers in Kibbutz Kerem Shalom
Volunteers in Kibbutz Kerem Shalom


Kerem Shalom— as other communities bordering Gaza—lost many of its lands due to mass fires sparked by incendiary balloons and kites flown from Gaza, as well as by the recurrent rounds of fighting between Hamas and Israel which included the launching of rockets and mortar shells by the terror organization.


Dozens of incediary kites landed in the kibbutz and its surroundings, with many acres of land being destroyed.


Thirteen new Kerem Shalom's families also took part in the restoration project.


Rehabilitation of Kerem Shalom
Rehabilitation of Kerem Shalom


The volunteers focused mainly on improving the Kibbutz's public spaces. In addition, the volunteers planted lawns and trees, and repaired environmental hazards.


Lior Dafner, Kerem Shalom's community head, said that "the members of the kibbutz are deeply moved by the compliance (to the project-ed) and the help we received. We dreamed of this day and the day has arrived.


"Kerem Shalom as well as this day prove that when you dream and believe —everything is possible," he added.


As part of The Day of Renewal project, singer Idan Amedi, who heard about the initiative, will perform at a concert to be held in honor of the project. Amedi asked to perform without getting paid as a gesture to those taking part in the initiative.


Day of Renewal project
Day of Renewal project


The concert was initiated voluntarily by Yoaz Hendel and elite combatants, including elite commando unit Sayeret Matkal soldiers who reside in the Kibbutz. The soldiers joined the Jewish National Fund UK, whose leaders responded to the kibbutz leadership's call to allocate the necessary resources for the project.


"While the terrorist organizations are determined to hurt (our) steadfastness, we will prove that the people of Israel love Kerem Shalom's pioneesrs and are ready to do everything for them. We call on the entire public to join us," the Jewish National Fund UK said.


An elite combat unit soldier, identified as A, said, "Every day we defend the country on the front, and on weekends we come here because we feel it in our hearts that we are needed. This is contemporary pioneership."



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