Hadas Malka
Parole granted for 2 who assisted in Hadas Malka’s murder
Netanyahu says he 'strongly opposes' early release of Ha'ani Da'ari and Muhammad Hamdan who transported 3 terrorists into Israel who carried out a stabbing and shooting attack in the Old City, killing a 23-year-old border policewoman.

The parole board recently decided to shorten the sentences of two men who assisted the terrorists who carried out an attack in Jerusalem in June 2017 in which border policewoman Hadas Malka was murdered.



The two, Ha'ani Da'ari and Muhammad Hamdan, were convicted of causing death by negligence and transporting illegal aliens. One of them is a bus driver who drove the terrorists and evaded security checks.


The attack took place when three terrorists—Adel Anakush, Bura Saleh and Osama Ata—armed with knives and guns attacked in two different areas in the capital.


Hadas Malka
Hadas Malka


Malka, 23, was critically wounded and later died of her wounds, while two others were moderately wounded and two lightly wounded. All the terrorists were killed.


Hamdan, a resident of the West Bank, was released a few months ago without the knowledge of Malka's family. His release was only made known to them after they were contacted by the parole committee regarding their decision on the release Da'ari, a resident of East Jerusalem, who was released Monday. The decision was made contrary to the prosecution's position.


Last April, the Jerusalem Magistrate's Court sentenced them to 14 and 16 months in prison respectively after being convicted in a plea bargain.


"The actions of the defendants did not merely amount to the offense of transporting the illegals, three of whom committed the heinous attack," the court ruled.


Malka's funeral (Photo: Israel Police)
Malka's funeral (Photo: Israel Police)


“They acted in a premeditated manner to transfer illegal aliens and acted cunningly to sneak them into Israel for money. They had to suspect that those they drove might pose a security risk."


David and Geula Malka, Hadas's parents, turned to the court Monday morning to ask them not to allow Da'ari's release.


"In the name of Hadas and on behalf of all the terror victims, and before Yom Kippur, we plead and ask for understanding, that the court not allow, and certainly not approve the request of the terrorists' collaborators to mitigate the sentence—to take into account our feelings and to honor and respect the values and dedication of our daughter Hadas," they said. 


“We ask that you honor her fellow fighters who are working day and night for the security of the state and to honor the will of all bereaved families. Every day for us is a torment. Please, do not make us feel that we are denied even a minimal shred of justice is," they said in their impassioned appeal.


PM Netanyahu and his wife, Sara, visit Malka family after her murder (Photo: Gadi Kabalo)
PM Netanyahu and his wife, Sara, visit Malka family after her murder (Photo: Gadi Kabalo)

"When it comes to fighting terrorism, the second and third circles (of involvement) should also pay a price. Any relief from punishment conveys a lenient attitude towards terrorism. We must stop the alarming trend of early release of security prisoners," said attorney Haim Bleicher of the Honenu organization, who is helping the Malka family.


The indictment alleges that the two were transporting in return for money more than six illegal residents on the day of the attack. It also states that they knew that the passengers had no entry permits.


The State Prosecutor's Office said that their actions "intentionally bypassed the screening and inspection system at the entrance to Jerusalem, knowing that this could lead to an attack and cause the death of civilians."


The GPO issued a statement saying that "Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu strongly opposes shortening the sentences of those involved in the murder of Hadas Malka. The matter will soon be decided in a legal process." 



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