Denied graves by Nazis, resistance fighters finally buried

BERLIN  -- Executed for standing up against Adolf Hitler's dictatorship and then denied graves so as not to become a rallying point for others, the partial remains of 300 Nazi resistance fighters were laid to rest Monday in a solemn ceremony in a downtown Berlin cemetery.


The small wooden box lowered into the square granite-edged plot included remains of Erika von Brockdorff, who was beheaded in the Nazis'
notorious Ploetzensee Prison on May 13, 1943 -- exactly 76 years ago -- for her involvement in the famous Red Orchestra resistance movement.


"I'm just happy that there is now this place," reflected her daughter, 81-year-old Saskia von Brockdorff, after sprinkling handfuls of earth into the grave. "We always drove with my sons to Ploetzensee, but that is really a place of execution even if it is not what it was then, and I'm glad I can come here now."


The remains -- fragments of tissue -- were discovered two years ago by descendants of Hermann Stieve, the former director of the Berlin Institute of Anatomy at the Charite hospital.


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