Photo: Emil Salman
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu
Photo: Emil Salman
No new elections please, Prime Minister
Opinion: Netanyahu should have foreseen the trouble ahead, when he decided on early elections and a right-wing bloc for the sole purpose of ensuring his protection from prosecution in a series of corruption cases
This may be just another scam courtesy of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and former defense minister Avigdor Liberman, but if it isn't and this coalition stalemate between the two forces us into yet another election campaign, it will be outrageous.



After three hate-filled and divisive months, the voters have spoken. They were clear as day and Netanyahu was tasked with forming a sizable, functioning coalition.

Benjamin Netanyahu after coalition talks with Moshe Kahlon (Photo: Yariv Katz)
Benjamin Netanyahu after coalition talks with Moshe Kahlon (Photo: Yariv Katz)


But with corruption charges pending against him, Netanyahu became an easy target for extortion by all his potential partners, no matter how small their size.



Ultra-Orthodox parties leaving coalition talks (Photo: Alex Kolomoisky)
Ultra-Orthodox parties leaving coalition talks (Photo: Alex Kolomoisky)


Well, Netanyahu should have foreseen this, when insisting on early elections as soon as criminal charges against him appeared on the horizon.


He himself created the union of far-right political parties, including the most extreme elements, ensuring their election to the Knesset and expecting them to support his efforts to gain immunity from his looming indictments.


He gobbled up smaller parties in order to increase Likud's seats, and now finds he is unable to control his potential partners and their demands.


Prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu  (Photo: EPA)
Prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu (Photo: EPA)


He rejected any possible national unity government with Blue and White party, which would most likely force him out of the premiership while he defends himself in the courts.


And now he threatens the public with another election campaign. What does he care? He is not in it for democracy, he is only in it for his own survival.


For months now, we've had an interim government that has not dealt with the threats from Gaza, the endless construction site deaths or the failing health system.


The interim government is concerned only with challenging our judicial system and providing cover for the prime minister. Nothing else, so far, has prompted Likud members to take a stand.


The prime minister should, with all due respect, form the most reasonable coalition possible, even if it does not provide him with the protection he seeks, and just get on with it.


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