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Larijani: Israel based on supremacy of Jewish race
Iranian parliament speaker says his country operating against Jewish state due to its racist policy. 'This method, of Israel negotiating with one Palestinian group while fighting another, cannot yield a result,' he states
Senior Iranian official analyzes Israeli society. Iranian Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani has accused Israel of leading a racist policy, which makes it impossible for the Jewish state to reach a peace agreement with the Palestinians, the IRNA news agency reported Friday.


In a ceremony at the Interior Ministry in Tehran, Larijani said that "Iran opposes the Zionist regime because it has become empty from inside, and even if they hold 10 more conferences and mislead the Arabs, they will always have an internal problem."


Larijani added, "The paradigm controlling the global public opinion today is that racism is an ugly thing, and therefore one can say that the Zionist regime's problem is an internal one, as it was built on the basis of the Jewish race's supremacy over others, which does not settle with the global public opinion's paradigm."


The Iranian parliament speaker went on to slam the negotiations held by Israel, saying that "if they wish to reach peace, they have no choice but to find a way to create legitimacy for themselves.


"This method, of Israel negotiating with one group of Palestinians while fighting another group until the crises pass, cannot yield a result."


He added that "whoever participated in the Annapolis Conference, even Arab leaders who took part after being pressured by the US, believe today that Annapolis has failed and is a political body."


Meanwhile, the Islamic republic continues to warn against an attack on its nuclear facilities. Major-General Mohammad Ali Jafari, commander of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards, said Friday that any military operation against Iran would be considered a war, the IRNA news agency reported.


Jafari warned that "Iran's response to any military operation against it will cause the attackers to regret their actions and decisions."


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