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Gaza Clashes
Photo: AFP Al-Bureij refugee camp Photo: AFP
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Report: IDF kills 2 civilians in Gaza

Palestinian sources say two family members killed, six injured by IDF shell fired at home in al-Bureij refugee camp; four soldiers wounded during operation
Ali Waked

Two Palestinian civilians, members of the same family, were killed Sunday afternoon after IDF soldiers fired a shell at a home in the al-Bureij refugee camp in the central Gaza Strip, Palestinian sources reported.


According to the report, one of the two casualties was identified as Iman Hamdan. Six other family members were injured by the shell, some of them sustaining serious wounds.


Injured Troops
Soldier moderately wounded in Gaza, 4 others lightly hurt  / Hanan Greenberg
Palestinians in al-Bureij refugee camp fire antitank missiles at IDF forces operating in area, wounding five soldiers
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An IDF soldier was moderately injured during the operation and two other troops were lightly wounded by an antitank missile fired at them.


Earlier Sunday, Palestinian sources said that two other people were killed during an IDF raid. Two gunmen, members of Hamas and the Popular Resistance Committees, were killed on Saturday night and early Sunday morning.

Palestinians set fire to tires at refugee camp (Photo: AFP)


Palestinians claimed that the soldiers fired a large number of shells and that snipers were stationed on rooftops in the al-Bureij camp.


According to the Palestinians, should the injured members of the Hamdan family die of their wounds, this would be the second incident within days in which an entire Palestinian family is killed. Last week, five family members died after an IDF shell hit their house during a military raid in the southern Gaza Strip town of Khan Younis.


The IDF raid of the refugee camp began early Sunday, as Golani and armored forces entered the area in search of terror infrastructures and weapons.


IDF officials noted that the forces were ordered to act cautiously, under the strict assumption that the terrorist cells are equipped with modern weapons and are highly motivated to target the soldiers.