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Bank of Israel says COVID crisis has had minimal
Central bank says in its semi-annual financial stability report that giving
Reuters (14:02 , 01.02.21 )
Netanyahu and Katz unveil economic relief plan,
Plan set to include aid for businesses, one-time NIS-750 ($230) grant for all
Ynet (20:11 , 24.01.21 )
Israel's poverty rate rises as standard of
National Insurance Institute says Israel experiences economic downturn worse
Gad Lior (23:42 , 21.01.21 )
70% of newly unemployed in 3rd lockdown are
Since the start of the current lockdown, 144,599 Israelis have registered for
Gad Lior (15:15 , 21.01.21 )
Israel's budget deficit reaches all-time high in
Accountant general says deficit stands at NIS 160.3 billion, or 11.7% of
Gad Lior (20:15 , 11.01.21 )
Israeli magnate faces corruption charges in
Beny Steinmetz arrives in Switzerland to face charges, which carry up to 10
AFP (10:30 , 11.01.21 )
Elon Musk leaves behind Bezos to become world's
Bloomberg News reports Tesla chief had a net worth of more than $188.5 billion,
Reuters (19:49 , 07.01.21 )
Bank of Israel sees strong rebound if vaccine
Central bank says that if rapid rate of inoculation maintained, Israeli economy
Reuters (20:42 , 04.01.21 )
Young and poor: Pandemic amplifies financial
New study of Jewish and Arab Israelis aged 16-35 finds more than half have seen
Gad Lior (15:40 , 04.01.21 )
Record shows U.S. sold ambassador's home in
State Department confirms the sale of beachfront compound in the upscale Tel
Associated Press (14:43 , 29.12.20 )
Victoria's Secret, Bath & Body Works to open
The two brands will open stores in the second half of 2021 and will operate in
Meirav Crystal (17:01 , 28.12.20 )
Tel Aviv Stock Exchange launches cannabis index
New index includes nine companies that are primarily engaged in the fields of
Reuters, Ynet (14:56 , 28.12.20 )
How much will the third nationwide lockdown cost
With all trade shuttered for at least two weeks, unemployment benefits are
Gad Lior (18:11 , 24.12.20 )
Elections to lead to NIS 2.5 billion cut from
If parties don't reach agreement on a bill outlining 2021 budget, welfare
Hadar Gil-Ad (10:33 , 23.12.20 )
Ministers approve NIS-70b emergency add-on after
Move aims to offset major cuts to crucial state services; government allocates
Gad Lior (19:12 , 22.12.20 )
Israel-based channel and UAE broadcaster ink
Ynetnews partner i24NEWS and Abu Dhabi Media sign a memorandum of understanding
AFP (14:24 , 07.12.20 )
Israel's malls anxiously await cabinet decision
Store owners say it would be 'abuse' if government closes shopping centers again
Ynet (14:01 , 07.12.20 )
Israel can link Middle East, European ports, DP
Dubai state-owned port operator tells UAE-Israel conference it had signed a
Reuters (11:31 , 07.12.20 )
Israel expects $220 million in non-defense trade
Jerusalem anticipates growth in exports of diamonds and refined metals to Gulf
Reuters (22:35 , 02.12.20 )
Finance Ministry will present $128-billion
Budget only NIS 15 billion higher than unapproved 2020 budget and will not
Gad Lior, Reuters (17:12 , 29.11.20 )
Israel to reopen 15 malls for a week in
Coronavirus cabinet votes to reopen the shopping centers for a limited time in
Navit Zomer (15:30 , 24.11.20 )
Israel votes to allow up to 10 people inside a
Coronavirus cabinet approves letting in one customer for every 7 meters of space
Itamar Eichner, Nina Fuchs (23:39 , 18.11.20 )
Israel to reopen zoos nationwide, restaurants in
Constitution, Law and Justice Committee amends the existing bill, effectively
(20:55 , 18.11.20 )
Hotels in Eilat, Dead Sea to reopen next week
Legislation to designate the areas as 'tourism hubs' expected to breathe life
Moran Azulay, Nina Fuches, Itamar (12:40 , 12.11.20 )
IKEA to resume partial operations on Wednesday
Multinational furniture chain says will initially sell 'essential products'
Merav Crystal (17:58 , 10.11.20 )
Israel's unemployment soars beyond 20 percent
Central Bureau of Statistics reports the unemployment rate in the first half of
Gad Lior (19:04 , 02.11.20 )
Shopping mall chain to reopen on Monday in
BIG CEO says group will resume operations in protest of government's hesitancy
Merav Crystal (13:30 , 01.11.20 )
Israel extends virus unemployment payout to over
Amendment to the law will be brought for Knesset vote in the coming days; if
Gad Lior (21:40 , 27.10.20 )
Israeli delegations bask in UAE glow, even as
Israel's delegation was led by big-time venture capitalist Erel Margalit and his
Associated Press (17:54 , 27.10.20 )
Treasury bigwigs jump ship amid budget chaos
Departures are the latest of a large exodus of prominent ministry figures, many
Gad Lior (20:58 , 20.10.20 )
Battle over Israel's budget risks election, more
Rating agencies caution further budget delays would raise concerns about
Reuters (19:39 , 20.10.20 )
Report: unemployment payouts since outbreak of
According to National Insurance Institute, the state has paid over NIS 16
Gad Lior (17:38 , 19.10.20 )
Israel, UAE to sign commercial aviation
The deal between the 2 states follows Saudi Arabia's decision to open its skies
i24NEWS (12:53 , 14.10.20 )
Cargo from Dubai arrives in Haifa, cementing
Eight containers filled with electronics, cleaning supplies, iron and
Reuters (15:34 , 12.10.20 )
Five years on, Israelis see few benefits from
Gas price Israeli consumers pay is still largely determined by 2012 contact
Associated Press (09:35 , 12.10.20 )
Fashion chains, cafes push for reopening next
Commerce union aims to expedite reopening of economy which is only scheduled for
Merav Crystal (12:29 , 11.10.20 )
New coronavirus lockdown adds over 200,000
Data shows almost 187,000 of 207,191 new job seekers forced on unpaid leave;
i24NEWS (17:41 , 04.10.20 )
Israel's unemployment soars as lockdown set to
Employment Service reports since start of the nationwide lockdown, 109,378
Gad Lior (15:50 , 23.09.20 )
Israel posts over 40,000 new jobless since start
Employment Service says some 41,924 jobseekers have registered with the office
Gad Lior (22:20 , 21.09.20 )
Israeli and Dubai diamond exchanges sign trade
Following tightening relations between Israel and UAE, the prominent Israeli
Associated Press (23:45 , 17.09.20 )
Dubai-based port operator to bid for Haifa port
DP World says it will join forces with Israeli firm DoverTower in an effort to
Associated Press (13:24 , 16.09.20 )
Bank Hapoalim and Dubai's Emirates NBD sign MoU
Both nations' top lenders agree to cooperate in an effort to further ties
Reuters (22:20 , 14.09.20 )
COVID unemployment cheques may be cut despite
Hundreds of thousands of Israelis could face substantial cuts to monthly cheque
Gad Lior (19:14 , 14.09.20 )
Israel sees trade with UAE at $4 billion a year
Intelligence Minister Eli Cohen tells Reshet Bet radio the figure could be
Reuters (15:02 , 07.09.20 )
State budget deficit triples and reaches
Israel reaches NIS 87.5 billion in deficit since beginning of 2020, compared to
Gad Lior (19:54 , 06.09.20 )
Israeli business delegations led by banks
Hapolim Bank CEO will head the first delegation on Sept. 8, while chair of Bank
Reuters (12:38 , 06.09.20 )
U.S. accuses Israel’s Teva of fixing drug prices
44 U.S. states file a lawsuit against the pharmaceutical giant, claiming between
Reuters (11:36 , 26.08.20 )
Israel's unemployment rate almost doubles in
CBS report shows rise in overall dismissals, with most reported in the food and
Billie Frenkel (15:51 , 14.07.20 )
850,000 jobless Israelis but no funds for
In 2019, NIS 66 million earmarked for workplace training, but only one third of
Shahar Ilan (14:08 , 14.07.20 )
Report: Almost half of Israelis worry about
Study finds many Israelis claim their financial situation worsened due to
Billy Frenkel, Nina Fuchs (18:46 , 12.07.20 )
Israel pushes back creation of sovereign wealth
Bank of Israel deputy governor says due to a slower stream of gas revenue and a
Reuters (21:43 , 07.07.20 )
Almost half of Israel's unemployed are under age
Employment Service report says women comprise 61% of jobless below age of 24,
Shahar Ilan (20:10 , 30.06.20 )
Ministers extend coronavirus unemployment
Decision guarantees continued financial support to some 250,00 Israelis whose
Gad Lior, Itamar Eichner (20:16 , 28.06.20 )
Over 1/4 million Israelis in danger of losing
Welfare minister, National Insurance chief urge government to extend coronavirus
Gad Lior (11:50 , 28.06.20 )
IKEA scales down Israel operations, cites
Multinational furniture chain implements streamlining actions, including
Merav Crystal (18:43 , 23.06.20 )
Israeli central bank forecasting gets real
With data provided by the government getting increasingly unreliable due to
Reuters (15:34 , 23.06.20 )
H&M clothing giant opening first outlet store in
The new location in north comes after Swedish fashion company was forced to shut
Meirav Crystal (15:26 , 17.06.20 )
Israel sees grim unemployment figures, with low
Jobless numbers remain high, with almost 1 million looking for work, leading to
i24NEWS (08:12 , 17.06.20 )
Israel expects half million jobless by start of
Government's economy officials estimate unemployment rate will stand around
Gad Lior (10:54 , 07.06.20 )
Bank Hapoalim profit falls on coronavirus
One of Israel's largest lenders reports a net loss of over NIS 600 million amid
Reuters (14:34 , 14.05.20 )
Israel faces biggest unemployment crisis in
With unemployment at 25%, the country's joblessness figures hovered above 10%
Gad Lior (13:52 , 14.05.20 )
El Al airline appeals to Netanyahu to save it
CEO Gonen Usishkin says Finance Ministry's conditions for providing them with
Reuters (15:37 , 13.05.20 )
Amazon renews Israel shipping after virus orders
Despite renewed deliveries by the e-commerce giant, Israeli consumers are set to
Merav Crystal (15:39 , 10.05.20 )
Israeli ministry to decide on El Al support
Moshe Kahlon set to meet with the representatives from Israel's flag carrier,
Reuters (13:28 , 10.05.20 )
Israel signs deal to lease drones to Greece for
In first military deal between two states, Greek defense ministry purchases
Reuters (17:48 , 06.05.20 )
McDonald's suspends commercial operations in
The fast food chain closes all but 5 branches that will operate in emergency
Merav Crystal (12:46 , 23.03.20 )
El Al warns of more financial pain from
Israel's flag carrier says Health Ministry drastic measures to combat the spread
Reuters (12:47 , 05.03.20 )
Israel's Leviathan gas group seeks partners to
A multi-billion-dollar FLNG terminal would float in the eastern Mediterranean
Reuters (13:12 , 12.02.20 )
Israel's 2020 deficit 'to reach 3.3% if no
With last permanent coalition falling apart in late 2018 and the Netanyahu-led
Reuters (17:10 , 20.01.20 )
Moshe Tamir will launch a new hub for insurance
The fintech and insurtech innovation hub, called Axell, aims to connect local
Meri Orbach, Calcalist (12:26 , 07.01.20 )
Egypt to begin gas imports from Israel by
Speaking on condition of anonymity the sources say that Israeli gas exports to
Reuters (13:02 , 22.12.19 )
Tel Aviv Stock Exchange to target everyday
With market value of $234 billion, bourse struggles with delistings and
Reuters (10:33 , 19.12.19 )
Israeli fashion mogul submits bid for Barneys,
Samuel Ben-Avraham launches a social media campaign as part of his effort to
Reuters (12:07 , 24.10.19 )
Teva's proposed opioids settlement could cost
Israel-based Teva is looking to reach a nationwide settlement over its role in
Reuters (22:45 , 23.10.19 )
Israeli WeWork co-founder Neumann pushed aside
Neumann reportedly would walk away with nearly $2 billion to sever most ties to
Associated Press (11:50 , 23.10.19 )
Serial elections are costing Israel billions of
As third round of national voting looms amid coalition dysfunction, Moody's
Gad Lior (09:33 , 11.10.19 )
Next prime minister certain to face growing
Economists say there need to be immediate changes in order to reduce the
Reuters (17:21 , 18.09.19 )
In first, Israel agrees to exclude settlements
The agreement - the first of its kind to be signed between Israel and a major
Itamar Eichner (11:37 , 15.08.19 )
Stop-gap measures not enough to curb Israel's
Raising taxes or cutting spending is unlikely during an interim government with
Reuters (18:07 , 13.06.19 )
Israel regulator warns of medical cannabis
Israel Securities Authority forms a special unit to ensure the investors are
Reuters (14:08 , 14.05.19 )
Nvidia outbids Intel to buy Israel's Mellanox in
In a deal believed to be worth around $6.8 billion, the Israeli chip-making
Reuters (09:44 , 12.03.19 )
Trump bringing trade war to Israel
US trade negotiators are seeking to upgrade a free-trade agreement, signed in
Omri Milman, Bloomberg (19:25 , 10.03.19 )
Kylie ousts Zuckerberg from billionaire top spot
At just 21, the youngest of the Kardashian-Jenner clan pulled in enough revenue
Associated Press (12:49 , 06.03.19 )
Israeli cabinet approves law to allow medical
Experts say the move could raise tax revenue by NIS 1 billion seeing as Israeli
Reuters (19:50 , 27.01.19 )
China blasts US over warnings on Israeli
Beijing official slams 'ridiculous' American warnings that are intended to
Adi Pick, Calcalist (18:37 , 22.01.19 )
Israel to paint cigarette, e-cigarette packages
Knesset votes yes on a bill to limit the advertising and marketing of smoking
Lilach Baumer, Calcalist (22:18 , 06.01.19 )
Economists: Wall Street woes could spell trouble
Israeli economy remains strong, but experts warn that could change if American
The Media Line (09:18 , 30.12.18 )
The trials and tribulations of medical marijuana
For thousands of chronically ill patients, cannabis can alleviate their terrible
Sarit Rosenblum (16:26 , 28.12.18 )
Tel Aviv Stock Exchange opens with a wobble
TASE fluctuates in the wake of Wall Street's biggest weekly drop in years;
Ynet (15:22 , 24.12.18 )
Club Mideast: The region’s super-rich are on the
More Middle Easterners are joining the ranks of the ultra-wealthy in sectors
The Media Line (12:41 , 24.12.18 )
Already sky-high, Israel's cost of living set to
Electricity, food, water and rates are all set to increase, and companies no
Gad Lior (19:09 , 18.12.18 )
Israel joins anti-illegal funding body FATF
By joining the international Financial Action Task Force, Israel will be able to
Reuters (13:19 , 10.12.18 )
Amir Yaron chosen as Bank of Israel governor
Yaron, a finance professor at the Wharton School of the University of
Reuters (14:27 , 09.10.18 )
Bank of Israel holds key interest rate, hike
Explaining her final decision as BoI governor, Karnit Flug says ' it is still
Reuters (21:21 , 08.10.18 )
S&P raises Israel’s credit rating to record -AA
Israel joins Czech Republic and Qatar with lucrative -AA credit rating, owing to
Omri Milman (22:54 , 04.08.18 )
The 'nuts and bolts' of Iran's economic troubles
Recent protests in the Islamic Republic are reminiscent of the economic unrest
The Media Line (22:04 , 07.07.18 )
Homegrown weapons manufacturer Rafael signs
Multi-million dollar deal signed between Israeli defense systems manufacturer
Yoav Stoler (19:31 , 19.05.18 )
Iran faces banking turmoil after US nuclear deal
Iran's currency plummets after US pulls out of nuclear deal and prepares to
Reuters (21:26 , 09.05.18 )
Iran rial near record lows as Trump decision on
Iranian currency driven down by heavy demand for dollars among Iranians who fear
Reuters (13:54 , 08.05.18 )
Alibaba founder tells Israeli students: 'Doesn't
Before receiving an honorary doctorate from Tel Aviv University, Jack Ma, the
Roi Rubinstein (23:46 , 03.05.18 ) 
Finance Committee approves 2019 budget for
Knesset to start discussions on state budget ahead of expected approval by the
Zvi Lavi (10:27 , 13.03.18 )
Israel's economy strong, gaping inequality
2018 OECD report identifies economic gaps, lack of social cohesion and serious
Michal Margalit (14:17 , 11.03.18 )
Israeli gas company announces $15B export deal
Delek Drilling, Noble Energy announce $15 billion deal to supply natural gas to
Associated Press (23:50 , 19.02.18 )
An investor's best friend? Israel Diamond
Ramat Gan Diamond Exchange to issue 2 types of new virtual currency: the 'Cut,'
Reuters (17:13 , 11.02.18 )
Israeli firm takes venture world with
Allowing affluent individuals to invest in selected companies with
Associated Press (18:36 , 04.02.18 )
Ministry directors-general want a raise of their
After ministers get hefty pay raise, Finance Ministry director-general works on
Amihai Attali (16:21 , 20.01.18 )
Embattled drugmaker Teva fined for foreign
Teva fined $22 million by Justice Ministry over bribes pharmaceuticals giant
AFP (17:16 , 15.01.18 )
Ministers to get NIS 5,000 pay raise, PM to get
While MKs' salary is linked to the average wage, government members' pay has
Gad Lior, Shahar Ilan, Zvi Lavi (14:34 , 15.01.18 )
Treasury seeks to cut rich olims' Absorption
Finance Ministry publishes list of proposed cuts intended to finance new
Omri Milman, Calcalist (12:00 , 10.01.18 ) 
No increase for defense in 2019 budget
Upcoming budget, including national debt payments, will total NIS 470 billion;
Gad Lior (17:34 , 09.01.18 )
Israel's central bank: Bitcoin is an asset, not
Citing risks to customers and bankers, bank director says ‘anonymous nature of
Reuters (15:51 , 08.01.18 )
Teva layoffs set to shutter Petah Tikvah
The pharmaceutical giant's massive cutbacks now include the company's main Assia
Raanan Ben Zur (19:48 , 27.12.17 )
Israel central bank mulls issuing digital
Bank of Israel considers creating digital-only currency, allowing for faster
Reuters (21:05 , 24.12.17 )
Government approves NIS 1.45 billion disability
Government bill allocates NIS 4.2 billion to disability benefits increase
Moran Azulay, Amir Alon (17:55 , 24.12.17 )
Court orders Facebook to put popular Israeli
Three-year lawsuit between popular Israeli Facebook page and social media giant
Gilad Morag (20:21 , 17.12.17 )
Teva Pharm to lay off a quarter of workforce
In effort to pay back massive $35 billion debt, the Israel-based Teva
Reuters, AP (14:37 , 14.12.17 )
Kahlon announces NIS 800 million in tax
Finance Minister Kahlon announces NIS 800 million in sales, import taxes to be
Michal Margalit and Moran Azulay (21:42 , 11.12.17 )
Impoverished seniors’ pensions to be raised
Orchestrated by Yisrael Beytenu and Manufacturers Association, plan intends to
Telem Yahav (23:15 , 10.12.17 )
Israel, Japan ink new agreement facilitating
Delegation headed by Minister of Economy Cohen and 11 Israeli cyber firms heads
Itamar Eichner and Navit Zommer (20:23 , 01.12.17 )
Manufacturers Asso. of Israel offers NIS 1.5
NIS 2.6 billion plan to increase 'dignified living' pensions for elderly is
Amir Alon (13:13 , 27.11.17 )
Teva expected to lay off about 25% of its
Not yet recovered from its major losses earlier this year, and on the heels of
Golan Hazani (13:28 , 23.11.17 )
Details of new Kahlon-Netanyahu economic plan
PM Netanyahu and Finance Minister Kahlon independently come up with economic
Gad Lior (23:49 , 05.11.17 )
Minimum wage to rise to NIS 5,300 in December
Knesset Labor and Welfare Committee approves bill proposing to raise minimum
Telem Yahav and Gad Lior (09:53 , 29.10.17 )
Tony-winning architect to design Herzliya Marina
David Rockwell, a famous American architect with Jewish roots, is not well known
Billie Frenkel (15:05 , 26.10.17 ) 
Bezeq: UN to ban us for operating in disputed
Bezeq CEO Handler says United Nations Human Rights Council to include company on
Aviv Guter (20:24 , 16.10.17 )
Shekel bills depicting poetesses to enter
New bills bearing likeness of Leah Goldberg on NIS 100 bill and Rachel the
Gad Lior (10:38 , 13.10.17 )
Alibaba to set up R&D center in Israel
Chinese e-commerce juggernaut Alibaba to build research and development center
Raphael Kahan and Reuters (23:09 , 11.10.17 )
Israel may emulate projected US corporate tax
As White House gears for corporate tax slash, Israel considers following suit to
Gad Lior (10:33 , 10.10.17 )
Diamond Exchange announces new currency
Ramat Gan Diamond Exchange plans to create new digital currency, Carats.IO
Navit Zommer (17:56 , 08.09.17 )
Kahlon boasts record-low unemployment rate
As unemployment figures drop to 4.1%, the lowest since the records began in
TPS (15:10 , 22.08.17 )
Government yet to give reservists benefits it
The government decided in May 2016 to increase benefits to reservists, but a
Telem Yahav (18:14 , 15.08.17 )
Teva reports massive losses, cuts 7,000 jobs
The pharmaceutical giant will fire 7,000 employees, shut down 15 plants and pull
Eli Shimony/Calcalist (15:03 , 05.08.17 )
Israel's NeuroDerm sold for $1.1 billion
Israeli pharmaceutical company NeuroDerm, specializing in central nervous system
Gil Kalian (11:24 , 24.07.17 )
Indian companies to bid for Israeli oil and gas
After Israel issues tenders for licenses to drill in 24 blocs of up to 400
Ilan Evyatar/TPS (17:24 , 15.07.17 )
State to invest NIS 100 million in pensions for
Starting next year, the state will fund the pensions of 9,000 Holocaust
Shahar Ilan/Calcalist (20:59 , 23.06.17 )
Economists sound alarm over Israel’s low
Director of the Bank of Israel Research Department says Israel’s productivity is
Ilan Evyatar/TPS (18:47 , 22.06.17 )
Manufacturers warn rise in shekel threatens to
President of the Manufacturers Association of Israel warns that the rampant rise
TPS (16:54 , 15.06.17 )
Israelis accumulated total of NIS 504 billion in
Rising mortgage debts, increases in consumption of durable goods and high
Gad Lior and Lital Dobrovitzky (15:30 , 11.06.17 )
Government to further aid Holocaust survivors
Ministers make series of decisions that will make it easier for Holocaust
Moran Azulay (14:39 , 09.06.17 )
The Colonel's comeback: KFC makes a play for
The American fast-food giant, which has already failed three times to make it in
Orna Yeffet (15:46 , 29.05.17 )
Israel signs $630 million missile deal with
After signing a $2 billion deal last month, the Israel Aerospace Industries
Ynet (13:30 , 21.05.17 ) 
Palestinian officials hope to launch e-currency
The Palestine Monetary Authority says on its website that it aims to become a
Reuters (19:42 , 12.05.17 )
Israel ranks just behind US in largest income
According to a study commissioned by the National Economic Council, Israel must
Michal Margalit (12:49 , 10.05.17 )
'Made in Israel' labels on fruits and vegetables
The ministries of Agriculture and Economics are working to label local
Meirav Crystal (12:50 , 01.05.17 )
Report highlights Kushner ties with one of
A report put out by media company Bloomberg underscores possible conflicts of
Ynetnews (21:53 , 26.04.17 )
Updates to Holocaust survivors' rights
A guide to the many changes taking place in Israel and abroad regarding benefits
Elitsafan Rosenberg (16:24 , 24.04.17 )
Israel to phase out customs duties on some
The Finance Minister reveals his financial plan: taxes on the import of baby
Reuters & Ynet reporters (22:14 , 18.04.17 )
Tel Aviv property: expensive and poor rental
In an examination of apartments in major cities across the world, data from the
Liran Sahar (10:59 , 15.04.17 )
Report points to strong economic figures for
An annual report by the Bank of Israel shows that Israel’s 2016 GDP and average
Andrew Friedman/TPS (13:28 , 31.03.17 )
Forbes top ten: Gates takes the lead while Trump
The annual billionaires’ list includes 18 Israelis; Eyal Ofer, who lives in
Gahl Becker & Calcalist (23:40 , 21.03.17 )
El Al and Pilots Union sign deal ending labor
The two sides sign a new collective bargaining agreement allowing veteran pilots
Itay Blumenthal (11:59 , 18.02.17 )
Caffeine addicts mourn as Cofix announces price
The overall 20% price raise will take effect this coming Sunday; Cofix founder
Meirav Crystal (19:23 , 17.02.17 )
Israel's economy surges on exports as deflation
Exceeding the Bank of Israel's projection, the economy seems to have grown
Reuters (18:20 , 16.02.17 )
Israeli funds invest pension windfall in private
New savings plans lead to spike in assets under management pushing for growth in
Reuters (23:00 , 14.02.17 )
Israel's unemployment rate drops to 4.3% in
The rate of unemployment in 2016 stood at 4.8%, a significant drop from 2015
Gad Lior (22:22 , 07.02.17 )
Teva CEO Vigodman steps down
Chief executive of the Israel-based generic drugmaker resigns amid crisis in the
Reuters (09:46 , 07.02.17 )
A storm in a tea cup
No teabag for you: a supermarket in the Lebanese city of Sidon was discovered to
Roi Kais (20:09 , 06.02.17 )
Bank of Israel releases two new notes
The new NIS 20 and 100 banknotes feature two famous female literary giants, Leah
Michal Margalit (16:12 , 01.02.17 )
MK's salaries rise 33% in a decade
The salaries of the president, judges and MKs, linked to the average wage,
Gad Lior (22:40 , 07.01.17 )
Israel to fund northern sector
After decades of neglect, the Israeli government has put forth a NIS 15 billion
Itamar Eichner (13:44 , 27.12.16 )
Netanyahu encourages purchase of Galilee
PM promises to invigorate the north as he did the south; 'Invest in the
Ahiya Raved (21:19 , 26.12.16 )
Israeli drugmaker Teva fined $519 million in US
Russian subsidiary of the world's biggest generic drug company pleads guilty to
AFP (19:19 , 22.12.16 )
Local authorities strike comes to an end after
While the Finance Ministry is still trying to reach understandings with
Omri Efraim (23:33 , 21.12.16 )
Strikes over budget cuts begin in earnest
After negotiations failed to reach a compromise, 80 municipalities begin
Omri Efraim, Shahar Chai and Itay (09:36 , 21.12.16 )
New state budget faces obstacles only 12 days
With adoption of NIS 1.2 billion cuts in state budget, the public will receive
Gad Lior (17:55 , 19.12.16 )
Rise in poor families, decrease in poor children
In 2015, there were more than 1.7 million poor Israelis, including 764,000
Telem Yahav (21:15 , 17.12.16 )
Alternative poverty report: Almost a third of
According to figures collated by NGO Latet, 35% of Israeli children live in
Omri Efraim (13:07 , 12.12.16 )
Nochi Dankner sentenced to 2 years in jail for
Well-known Israeli business man, who was formerly the owner of IDB Holdings, was
Gilad Morag (11:02 , 05.12.16 )
Arabs, women, earn less than Jews, men
2015 data from the Central Bureau of Statistics shows that Jews in Israel earn
Gad Lior (21:24 , 03.12.16 )
Kahlon, insurance companies work to compensate
Finance Minister Moshe Kahlon claims that as reports show 95% of the damage was
Gad Lior (17:48 , 30.11.16 )
Fire damages expected to cost state at least NIS
After declaring the spate of blazes to be acts of terrorism, the state will have
Gad Lior (11:03 , 27.11.16 )
Israel's wealthy: 105,000 millionaires and 18
According to a report by Credit Suisse, 17,000 Israelis became millionaires in
Roi Bergman (22:53 , 25.11.16 )
New Israel poverty index ranks Jerusalem near
The report, which was conducted by the Central Bureau of Statistics, calculates
Gad Lior (23:48 , 19.11.16 )
Israel's credit rating raised to A+ by Fitch
All three credit ratings agencies have given Israel an A+ credit score; the
Gad Lior (15:07 , 13.11.16 )
How will Trump's election affect the Israeli
With a new Trump economic policy for the world's largest economy focusing
Liran Sahar (12:42 , 11.11.16 )
Investors see no let up in market bloodbath if
Markets fear a Trump victory could trigger global economic and political mayhem,
Reuters (07:33 , 09.11.16 )
Kahlon's biennial budget passes first Knesset
Knesset approves first reading by a 60-50 majority of a budget set to allocate
Itamar Eichner (17:54 , 03.11.16 )
Kahlon: New budget will address high costs of
Kahlon's introduction of new biennial budget met by protests staged by
Alex Kolomoisky (23:34 , 01.11.16 )
Israel has one of lowest pension payouts in OECD
An OECD report has brought to light that Israel pays fourth lowest amount in
Omri Efriam (20:33 , 10.10.16 )
Bank shuts down BDS account in Ireland
The Bank of Ireland, the nation's oldest financial institution, shut down the
Itamar Eichner (13:03 , 05.10.16 )
Cab fares to decrease by 11% in October
Travelers will soon be slightly less burdened by the price of taxis due to an
Roi Bergman and Udi Etsion (09:51 , 27.09.16 )
Israeli consortium signs gas deal with Jordan
The Delek group has signed a deal that will see the sale of gas worth
Associated Press (20:57 , 26.09.16 )
Tel Aviv business owners sue for damages over
The Tachtit café on Lincoln, restaurant Olive on Carlebach and restaurant Mi
Lital Dobrovitzky (11:33 , 19.09.16 )
Israeli avocado blooms in Europe
Avocados grown in Israel are a huge hit in Europe; after being termed a 'super
Navit Zommer (15:21 , 06.09.16 )
Where do Jewish new immigrants prefer to live in
To each their own: while French olim insist on an apartment with a balcony, US
Ofer Petersburg (20:01 , 23.08.16 )
Government approves new biennial budget
Despite fears of education cuts, new budget will see increases for the Education
Omri milma and Tomer Hadar (10:42 , 12.08.16 )
Single parents' tax burden to be lessened
Knesset's Welfare Committee has approved a bill intended to facilitate single
Telem Yahav (22:03 , 29.07.16 )
Finance Ministry plans income tax reform
People with monthly salaries of up to NIS 20,000 will be paying less income tax
Gad Lior (16:48 , 20.07.16 )
Kahlon to again reduce taxes despite Bank of
Finance Minister Moshe Kahlon decided on the move, even though Bank of Israel
Roi Bergman (23:49 , 13.07.16 )
Nochi Dankner convicted of of market
Tel Aviv District Court finds former owner of IDB Holdings guilty of leading a
Golan Friedenfeld, Tomer Ganon, (12:47 , 04.07.16 )
Finance Ministry: Brexit may be good for Israel
Britain's withdrawal from the EU is not likely to cause an actual worldwide
Ynet (21:49 , 26.06.16 )
Israeli economy experiences significant slowdown
Prof. Rafi Melnick presents data to the Herzliya Conference, revealing a decline
Roee Bergman (15:35 , 25.06.16 )
World stocks tumble as Britain votes for EU exit
The British referendum’s shockwaves hit global financial markets Friday, as UK
Reuters (19:13 , 24.06.16 )
Israel -Turkey relations may warm up over gas
After years of tension, Israel and Turkey may be headed toward normalizing
Reuters (16:11 , 20.06.16 )
What's the true economic cost of terror?
Zionist Union Knesset Member Ayelet Nahmias-Verbin has been researching the
Amichai Attali (14:16 , 17.06.16 )
Israelis saving more
Hitting a 20-year high across private and public savings, Israel is also ranked
Gad Lior (17:43 , 11.06.16 )
New law to facilitate construction of beachfront
Minister of Tourism Yariv Levin is promoting law to build new beachfront hotels,
Amir Ben-David (21:29 , 09.06.16 )
Mean salary at a record high, but 66% of
Many workers employed in food and services industries earn below minimum wage
Gad Lior (19:17 , 09.06.16 )
Israeli Electric Corporation to up supply to
Ashkelon desalination facility has been distrupted for years as masses of Gazan
Amir Ben-David (18:46 , 07.06.16 )
Leviathan partners sign $3 bln Israeli gas
Owners of Israel's giant off-shore gas reserves to supply new private power
Reuters (14:01 , 30.05.16 )
Unemployment on the decline, reach lowest rate
Only 4.9% of the working population was unemployed in April 2016, compared to
Gad Lior (12:54 , 24.05.16 )
Kahlon fails to stop rising property prices
Housing prices rose 8% compared to the previous year, and 4% compared to the
Ofer Petersburg (18:07 , 23.05.16 )
Concern over possible economic recession
Data regarding the first quarter of 2016 show a worrying trend, with a mere 0.8%
Gad Lior (22:09 , 18.05.16 )
Israeli made president Brazil's Central Bank
As the suspension of Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff and corruption
Itamar Eichner (18:06 , 15.05.16 )
Jewish brothers top Britain's richest people
Businessmen and brothers David and Simon Reuben earned the number one spot on
Yaniv Halili, Daniel Betini (20:43 , 01.05.16 )
New chairman of Israeli-Iranian owned pipeline
Moshe Kahlon nominates new boss of Eilat Ashkelon Pipeline Company to replace
Ynet news (11:40 , 25.04.16 )
Israeli delegation of industrialists go to Egypt
Israeli industrialists meet with their counterparts in Egypt and tour Egyptian
Navit Zomer (22:40 , 22.04.16 )
Israel's natural gas potential triple what was
Ministry of Energy revises assessment, now says there is potential for 6.6
Amir Ben David (18:30 , 24.02.16 )
S & P's confirms Israel's A+ credit rating with
Credit rating agency says d that 'the stable outlook reflects our expectation
Ynetnews (22:08 , 07.02.16 )
Bank of Israel: Country faces large 2017 budget
The government is set to go take on a bigger deficit in 2017, as political
Reuters (23:27 , 03.02.16 )
PM to defend gas deal at High Court
After hearing on petitions against natural gas agreement, justices approve
Telem Yahav (16:10 , 03.02.16 )
Gas from Israel's Leviathan could reach markets
Israel's largest natural off-shore gas field, with reserves of 622 billion cubic
Reuters (13:54 , 01.02.16 )
OECD report: Israel is corrupt, poor, and happy
Israel ranks low for income, housing market and poverty, says report – yet
Liron Sahar (18:47 , 31.01.16 )
Israeli government boosts Arab employment rate
Statistics for 2015 indicate that over 8,000 new participants visited the 20
Alexander J. Apfel, TPS (11:43 , 29.01.16 )
Gov't approves massive budget to integrate
The plan, coordinated by the Ministry of Economy and Industry, will be allocated
Alexander J. Apfel, TPS (23:47 , 24.01.16 )
Israeli economy experienced deflation in 2015
Israel has negative inflation for unprecedented second consecutive year, while
Gad Lior (22:00 , 17.01.16 )
Holocaust survivors missing out on funds because
The company that is supposed to look after Holocaust survivors in Israel is
Gad Lior (19:13 , 16.01.16 )
Israeli architectural firm helps advance South
Five new dairy farms in South Sudan will be created with the help of one of
Jonathan Benedek, Tazpit (16:16 , 15.01.16 )
Top Irish construction company sells stakes in
CRH, one of the top construction companies worldwide, sells its 25% stake in
Itamar Eichner and Daniel Batini (14:45 , 15.01.16 )
Large US church blacklists 5 Israeli banks
The United Methodist Church's pension board decided to stop investing in Israeli
Ynet (16:00 , 13.01.16 )
Government kick starts growth funds for
Economy Ministry hopes to encourage investment in smaller businesses outside of
Reuters (09:37 , 06.01.16 )
Money transfers make for a 'fictitious budget'
Large budgetary transfers between ministries approved by the Knesset Finance
Michal Margalit (16:02 , 30.12.15 )
Government spending high while budget was
The Finance Ministry has published its budgetary action report for 2015,
Michal Margalit (19:46 , 27.12.15 )
Government approves $1 bn worth of natural gas
Energy minister signs off on sale of up to 5 bn cubic meters of gas, which he
Lior Gutman (21:59 , 23.12.15 )
Ministers approve bill to shutter all shops on
If passed by the Knesset, law spearheaded by Likud MK would completely forbid
Gad Lior (19:09 , 21.12.15 )
Shas head slams Israel's 'Ashkenazi cash'
Aryeh Deri, who is of Moroccan descent, criticizes government for only releasing
Itamar Eichner (22:28 , 26.11.15 )
Developers of Leviathan field sign preliminary
Natural gas field, which is expected to begin production in 3-4 years, will
Reuters (10:05 , 26.11.15 )
Argentina cancels acquisition of Kfir jets at
Defense Minister cancels agreement to receive 14 Kfir C10 combat jets due to
Udi Etsion (19:26 , 23.11.15 )
Israel agrees to 3G mobile network in West Bank
In move meant to promote economic development, Israel signs agreement to upgrade
Associated Press (13:48 , 19.11.15 )
Cost of terror: $53 billion per year
Economic cost of terror reaches all-time record in 2014 with 61% rise; tourist
Gad Lior (09:32 , 19.11.15 )
Israel economy bounces back in third-quarter,
Despite a weak start, the third quarter picks up due to an increase in exports
Reuters (23:15 , 16.11.15 )
Shop drops European wine in protest of labeling
Owner of a Bnei Brak wine shop replaces European goods with wines from the West
Elisha Ben Kimon, Billie Frenkel (23:01 , 13.11.15 )

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