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What happened to the mass Haredi draft protests?
Analysis: After weeks of road-blocking and heavy clashes with security forces
Kobi Nachshoni (23:40 , 04.11.17 )
Alleged Israeli attack's target: A
Analysis: The Hisya industrial is home to joint Iranian-Syrian projects and
Roi Kais (11:20 , 02.11.17 )
Islamic Jihad's unpredictable response
Analysis: It's hard to predict how a radical organization like Islamic Jihad,
Elior Levy (18:19 , 31.10.17 )
It’s not a sourpuss industry, it’s a corruption
Op-ed: If we keep letting corruption take root in the Knesset, affect the
Yuval Diskin (13:50 , 30.10.17 )
‘Package deal’ with Putin needed against Iranian
Op-ed: A comprehensive American-Russian agreement over Syria's future, banning
Giora Eiland (23:44 , 29.10.17 )
New Sara Netanyahu lawsuit raises some important
Op-ed: The vitriolic statement of claim filed against the prime minister’s wife
Shlomo Puterkovsky (10:37 , 29.10.17 )
Hezbollah's leader in the Golan exposed
Analysis: Marked by Israel and entrusted by Hezbollah Secretary-General Hassan
Yossi Yehoshua (09:36 , 26.10.17 )
Israel’s next challenge: Precision-guided
Analysis: As part of its expansion in the region, Iran plans to produce upgraded
Roi Kais (23:40 , 25.10.17 )
Netanyahu's government is dragging us to war
Op-ed: The prime minister is giving in to the radicals in his government and
Major-General (res.) Amiram Levin (13:30 , 22.10.17 )
The self-destruction mechanism of terror
Op-ed: Less than four years after its official establishment, ISIS seems to be
Isaac Ben-Israel (23:46 , 20.10.17 )
Fatah-Hamas reconciliation: Both a challenge and
Op-ed: The Cairo agreement presents a challenge not only to the Palestinian
Ami Ayalon, Gilead Sher, Orni Petruschka (23:43 , 19.10.17 )
BDS can actually be sued for damages
Analysis: While Israeli courts have yet to render judgment in cases based on the
Benjamin Leventhal (20:28 , 19.10.17 )
Cabinet decision to nix PA talks won’t change a
Analysis: The security coordination will continue, the gestures won’t be
Itamar Eichner, Elior Levy (11:41 , 18.10.17 )
So you made an exit…Now what?
Op-ed: Many young professionals working in startup dream of their company making
Arona Maskil (10:11 , 13.10.17 )
The holes in the Palestinian reconciliation
Hamas and Fatah sign an agreement in which a unity government will seize control
Elior Levy (23:48 , 12.10.17 )
The right to protest: Determination is the name
Op-ed: From the disabled people’s protest through the war on religionization in
Tami Arad (23:44 , 09.10.17 )
The deep reason Muslim world hates Zionism
Op-ed: Understanding the theological implications of Zionism for Islam is
Rafael Castro (20:08 , 08.10.17 )
A life sentence should be for life
Op-ed: We owe the victims of terrorist attacks and their families to make sure
Shlomo Puterkovsky (23:43 , 07.10.17 )
If the US leaves Syria, that is bad news for
Analysis: With the entrenchment of Iran inside Syria, the US and Israel must
Maj. Gen. (res.) Noam Tibon (14:23 , 06.10.17 )
Israel’s failed foreign policy
Op-ed: Crisis with Jordan following embassy shooting could have been solved
Giora Eiland (12:59 , 05.10.17 )
Iran deal's future may hinge on face-saving fix
Officials familiar with discussions in White House argue periodic reviews of
Associated Press (21:34 , 04.10.17 )
I'll take Trump for Israel over his predecessor
Op-ed: I am neither a Republican nor Democrat, nor American. I am an Israeli.
Benjamin Anthony (14:05 , 04.10.17 )
Fatah and Hamas: Another failed attempt at
Analysis: Monday’s events in Gaza will likely produce images of hugs, kisses and
Elior Levy (12:44 , 02.10.17 )
When Israel’s government celebrates controversy
Op-ed: It is in our hands to decide whether to create a reality in which a state
Ami Ayalon, Gilead Sher, Orni Petruschka (23:34 , 01.10.17 )
Israel must not let Arab states hijack UNESCO
Op-ed: Instead of fighting specific resolutions adopted by the UN organization,
Ron Prosor (23:51 , 30.09.17 )
Azaria affair: An Israeli tragedy with an ending
Op-ed: We always knew, deep in our hearts, that the Hebron shooting incident
Yoav Fromer (19:21 , 30.09.17 )
Supreme Court is Israel’s international fortress
Analysis: Upon the PA’s admission into Interpol, it’s quite possible that the
Tova Tzimuki (12:03 , 28.09.17 )
Despite justified fears of the AfD, not all
Op-ed: With the German elections resulting in third-place victory for hard-right
Alexander J. Apfel (23:37 , 26.09.17 )
Despite alleged Israeli strikes, Hezbollah will
Op-ed: While our enemies are willing to occasionally sacrifice targets that are
Giora Eiland (23:37 , 24.09.17 )
Why face facts when it’s easier to pretend
Op-ed: It’s embarrassing to see right-wing aficionados squirm whenever they’re
Avishay Ben Sasson-Gordis (18:51 , 24.09.17 )
Trump’s Mideast policy: No motivation, no
Op-ed: The sigh of relief in the Middle East following the US president’s
Colonel (res.) Eldad Shavit (23:43 , 23.09.17 )
Bet on Trump or challenge Israel? Palestinians
Analysis: After more than 20 years of failures to gain independence and with the
Associated Press (23:38 , 22.09.17 )
Amid diplomatic flurry, calls for regional
Analysis: With Israeli-Palestinian peace process effectively frozen,
The Media Line (15:27 , 22.09.17 )
Relations between Israel and US Jewry must be
Op-ed: The Jewish American public has the best interest of the Jewish people’s
Yael Patir (23:59 , 21.09.17 )
We’ll always have Iran
Op-ed: Governing and conveying messages through speeches is possible, like in
Alon Pinkas (12:01 , 19.09.17 )
Why prisoner swap must be part of a package deal
Op-ed: When only a single issue is negotiated, it’s always a ‘zero sum game.’
Giora Eiland (14:44 , 18.09.17 )
Extending its hand ‘in peace,’ Hamas backs Abbas
Analysis: In its decision to dismantle Gaza’s administrative committee, Hamas
Elior Levy (23:20 , 17.09.17 )
Who needs compulsory military service?
Op-ed: It’s time for us to grow up and realize that a smart, rewarding and
Rotem Knaani (17:10 , 16.09.17 )
Let's share Western Wall rather than divide it
Op-ed: It’s time to stop fighting over the Western Wall and create ways to
Tehila Friedman (10:39 , 15.09.17 )
New Hamas leadership cosying up to Tehran
Analysis: Half a year after Hamas pumped new blood into its leadership, the
Elior Levy (23:24 , 11.09.17 )
When do our decision makers take responsibility?
Op-ed: Even if we assume our politicians weren’t aware of the corruption taking
Nadav Eyal (11:11 , 07.09.17 )
Israel must extricate itself from its
Op-ed: Everything centers on Benjamin Netanyahu, and all national questions are
Yoel Esteron (13:00 , 06.09.17 )
Despite recent setbacks, Hezbollah's future is
Op-ed: While losing both men and money in the Syrian civil war, Hezbollah and
Yoav Zitun (23:47 , 05.09.17 )
Possible two-stage hydrogen bomb is 'game
Analysis: North Korea's successful hydrogen bomb test, if true, is a major step
Reuters (08:43 , 04.09.17 )
Now is the time for a grand maritime strategy
Op-ed: Israel needs an agency dedicated to the promotion of a grand maritime
Rear Admiral Oded Gour-Lavie (Res.) (20:09 , 03.09.17 )
The Supreme Court is losing the people's trust
Op-ed: While the political right calls to 'raise the shovel of a D9 bulldozer
Einav Schiff (23:43 , 02.09.17 )
Mr. Prime Minister, we are not against you, we
Op-ed: You have achieved many things, Netanyahu, and you and Israel can be very
Ben Dror Yemini (17:02 , 01.09.17 )
Why shouldn't Meni Naftali be allowed to sue the
Op-ed: The current law shields elected officials from being sued for libel, in
Shahar Ginossar (23:35 , 31.08.17 )
Pilot season
Op-ed: Netanyahu can't have it both ways. He either isn't powerful enough to
Yonatan Yavin (23:43 , 30.08.17 )
The last High Court appeal?
Op-ed: We never dreamed of giving up on the things we did as we hoped a spot
Yizhar Hess (14:47 , 28.08.17 )
Does 'Never Again' only apply to us?
Op-ed: Perhaps it is the notion of the 'chosen people' or 'virtuous people' that
Yehuda Shohat (13:39 , 25.08.17 )
Iran, not so far away
Op-ed: With Iran seemingly gaining more and more power in Syria, Israel has to
Giora Eiland (23:40 , 24.08.17 )
Can Greenblatt succeed where his predecessors
Op-ed: To succeed in his mission, Trump's Middle East envoy needs to create an
Noam Tibon (23:42 , 23.08.17 )
We're not going anywhere
Op-ed: Lior Meiri, one of the founders of 'the New Likudniks,' explains the
Lior Meiri (23:35 , 21.08.17 )
Police’s shameful decision to ban anti-PM
Op-ed: Demonstrations of the most radical nature have been permitted in the US
Ben-Dror Yemini (14:34 , 21.08.17 )
Jerusalem must not abandon Jews in America with
Op-ed: Anti-Semitism is manifesting itself both on the far Left and Right in the
Yossi Shain (15:59 , 18.08.17 )
Netanyahu's silence echoes Trump's disgraceful
Op-ed: By remaining silent on US president's failure to immediately condemn
Sima Kadmon (23:36 , 17.08.17 )
Big decisions are best suited for small forums
Op-ed: PM Netanyahu's push to have the Security Cabinet decide on going to war,
Giora Eiland (23:40 , 16.08.17 )
A letter to the PM: stop the media incitement
Op-ed: Sir, your assault on the media is leading to violent threats against
Ben Dror Yemini (14:35 , 13.08.17 )
New Israel Fund a ‘neutral body’? Don’t make me
Op-ed: While the NIF does support women’s and environmental groups, it also
Shlomo Puterkovsky (23:35 , 11.08.17 )
Left-wing NGOs working for all Israeli citizens
Op-ed: Unlike right-wing NGOs, which favor projects that serve the Right’s
Mickey Gitzin (23:43 , 09.08.17 )
Aging and ailing, who will succeed current
Despite PA President Mahmoud Abbas maintaining a tight grip on power, he is 82
Reuters (23:42 , 09.08.17 )
Why Jews and Arabs must not give up on each
Op-ed: If we blindly follow the voices of fear and hate coming from both
Yaniv Sagee (20:46 , 08.08.17 )
Israel’s alleged right-wing prime minister
Op-ed: Netanyahu’s associates are accusing the State Attorney’s Office, the
Amihai Attali (23:36 , 07.08.17 )
Sanwar and Dahlan: An Egyptian-brokered alliance
Analysis: The renewed relationship between the Hamas leader and the former Fatah
Ido Zelkovitz (16:00 , 07.08.17 )
US-Israel mutual defense pact needed
Op-ed: Learning from President Truman ‘how to make the toughest deal’ in the
Dr. Peretz Darr (22:53 , 05.08.17 )
Israel is going to miss Mahmoud Abbas
Op-ed: Instead of preparing for the day after Abbas by rebuilding trust with
Ronni Shaked (23:40 , 04.08.17 )
Memoirs of a delusional and cowardly Shabaknik
Op-ed: Hundreds and thousands of ‘disturbed’ Shin Bet agents have been working
Haim Manor-Mina (09:33 , 04.08.17 )
The great juggler of the Israeli discourse
Op-ed: Netanyahu throws balls in the air and catches them, furthers initiatives
Nadav Eyal (23:41 , 03.08.17 )
Centralization and belligerence: Labor’s new
Analysis: Three weeks after being elected, the new Labor Party Leader seems
Moran Azulay (19:41 , 02.08.17 )
How are security decisions made in Israel?
Op-ed: Who said the range of possibilities in the Temple Mount crisis was
Giora Eiland (23:47 , 01.08.17 )
When will all this hatred between us end?
Op-ed: While I have no yearning for the Temple, I feel the unfounded hatred that
Hanoch Daum (16:36 , 01.08.17 )
Netanyahu’s bold ‘fold’ on Temple Mount
Op-ed: It's easy to accuse the PM of capitulating to the Arab street in removing
Alexander J. Apfel (19:48 , 30.07.17 )
Why would anyone vacation in a country that
Op-ed: Regardless of the fact that I’m afraid to travel to Turkey, I find no
Danny Sadeh (15:08 , 29.07.17 )
Temple Mount crisis proves violence pays
Op-ed: Despite the murder of two Israeli policemen on Temple Mount that prompted
Brigadier-General (Res.) Amir Avivi (09:40 , 28.07.17 )
Amman embassy affair is no cause for celebration
Op-ed: Netanyahu is trying to present the Israeli security guard’s return as a
Shlomo Puterkovsky (22:15 , 26.07.17 )
In Netanyahu’s government, it’s okay to incite
Op-ed: Politicians like David Bitan and Miri Regev don’t care about the need to
Nadav Eyal (18:10 , 26.07.17 )
A crisis in the Middle East? Trump would rather
Op-ed: Obama and Kerry may have pressured us, sometimes too much, but at least
Yoav Fromer (23:58 , 25.07.17 )
A leftist’s open letter to Roger Waters
Op-ed: The goals of the movement you support are both immoral and illegal. They
Bernard Bohbot (23:02 , 25.07.17 )
If Europe disappears, we may live to regret it
Op-ed: The message Netanyahu tried to convey to his Eastern European colleagues
Yossi Shain (23:51 , 20.07.17 )
State of Israel couldn’t care less about gays
Op-ed: The state’s objection to same-sex adoptions comes as no surprise. As part
Dror Cohen, Victoria Gelfand (13:46 , 20.07.17 )
Submarine affair requires commission of inquiry
Op-ed: Regardless of the criminal aspect of the affair, a committee must be
Giora Eiland (14:59 , 18.07.17 )
ISIS in the Sinai eyeing Israel
According to senior IDF officials, it is only a matter of time and strategic
Roi Kais (19:08 , 17.07.17 ) 
It’s time to save our state
Op-ed: The three brainwashed Muslim fanatics from Umm al-Fahm, who carried out
Rafik Halabi (21:01 , 16.07.17 )
The Taylor Force Act: Pathway or roadblock to
Analysis: Debate rages over US legislation to cut funding to the Palestinians if
Charles Bybelezer/The Media Line (20:43 , 15.07.17 )
Let every Jewish mother know who’s in charge of
Op-ed: Is it possible that the suspects in the submarine affair were all good,
Ariela Ringel Hoffman (23:48 , 14.07.17 )
When anti-Semitism becomes ‘legitimate’
Op-ed: Netanyahu likely wouldn’t have rushed to legitimize the Hungarian PM’s
Yossi Dahan (23:40 , 12.07.17 )
When nothing is sacred, UNESCO ruling comes as
Op-ed: The Arab-Palestinian side knows how to sanctify the things it deems
Shlomo Puterkovsky (23:50 , 09.07.17 )
Can ISIS be ousted from Syria without Assad's
Analysis: Washington is loath to cooperate with Assad's internationally
Associated Press (23:45 , 06.07.17 )
Israel-India relations were born in Oslo
Op-ed: The Indian prime minister’s visit to Israel doesn’t prove that there is
Dr. Yoav Fromer (10:59 , 06.07.17 )
Why you should care about Conversion Bill (even
Op-ed: The moment Israel doesn’t accept the converts of any stream of Judaism,
Jessica Fishman (21:19 , 04.07.17 )
Give us our sons back, and we’ll restore your
Op-ed: When the Goldin family asked the government to pressure Hamas to return
Simcha and Tzur Goldin (17:15 , 03.07.17 )
Diaspora Jewry can’t fight Western Wall battle
Op-ed: Despite the injustice suffered by Jews in the US and other countries, the
Einav Schiff (09:24 , 02.07.17 )
Labor aims for relevance with leadership
Analysis: After 16 years out of the prime minister's office, and with current
Associated Press (19:22 , 01.07.17 )
Trump's travel ban a far cry from original
Analysis: With the implementation of the US president's first major policy push
Associated Press (09:46 , 30.06.17 ) 
Soldiers must learn how to deal with Jewish
Op-ed: After 50 years of serving in the territories, after hundreds and maybe
Ariela Ringel-Hoffman (23:37 , 29.06.17 )
A sledge-hammer blow to American Jewry
Op-ed: Israeli government's decision to renege on commitments made to construct
Ambassador (Ret.) Arthur Koll (16:07 , 29.06.17 )
Whether we like it or not, non-Orthodox Jews are
Op-ed: The two dramatic decisions made by the government this week constitute
Rabbi Ilai Ofran (21:50 , 27.06.17 )
A window of opportunity in Gaza
Op-ed: Changing the situation in the strip in a joint regional and Israeli
Hannes Pichler, Ofek Ish Maas (18:31 , 27.06.17 )
A state denying its own people
Op-ed: The government took a historic agreement on the Western Wall and threw it
Yizhar Hess (23:30 , 26.06.17 )
New generation of Hilltop Youth: Less ideology,
Analysis: The main targets of ‘price tag’ perpetrators in recent weeks have been
Elisha Ben Kimon (23:30 , 25.06.17 )
Terrorism is winning in Europe
Op-ed: Victory on Western-based violent Islamism will only be achieved when
Nadav Eyal (23:46 , 23.06.17 )
And the Jerusalem construction freeze goes on
Op-ed: Netanyahu insists that there are no building restrictions in the capital,
Yifat Erlich (23:29 , 22.06.17 )
What about politics in the yeshiva?
Op-ed: If we want an ethical code that bars professors from expressing political
Dov Elbaum (22:36 , 21.06.17 )
Why the government is afraid of the academia
Op-ed: The best way to defend students is to keep developing their critical
Yuval Noah Harari (23:31 , 20.06.17 )
Trump’s Jewish advisors butting heads over
Analysis: Since David Friedman left for Israel, senior officials in Washington
Itamar Eichner (21:43 , 19.06.17 )
Supreme Court’s seniority system must be
Op-ed: Would we accept a situation in which the most veteran general in the
Shlomo Puterkovsky (23:21 , 18.06.17 )
Friends of Hadas Malka say their goodbyes
After each attack, Hadas Malka's friends called her to make sure she was all
Matan Tzuri (23:39 , 17.06.17 )
Another Gaza war looming? We'll manage
Op-ed: The reports about the worsening humanitarian crisis in Gaza and the
Einav Schiff (23:38 , 16.06.17 )
Gaza is definitely Israel’s problem
Op-ed: Despite the underground barrier and border fence, Gaza cannot be
Ronni Shaked (15:56 , 14.06.17 )
Netanyahu, Bennett and Regev are afraid of the
Op-ed: As a government loses ethical legitimacy, its ideological infrastructure
Yoav Fromer (23:41 , 13.06.17 )
The only solution to the ‘right of return’
Op-ed: The invention of eternal ‘refugeeism,’ which is passed on from one
Daniel Friedmann (23:44 , 12.06.17 )
Between a rock and a hard place in the West Bank
Analysis: Settler leaders are frustrated with the prime minister, and they
Andrew Friedman/TPS (16:14 , 10.06.17 )
Trump’s demand, Abbas’ dilemma
Op-ed: The US president wants the Palestinian leader to adopt Egypt and Jordan’s
Moshe Elad (23:19 , 09.06.17 )
Iran attacks expose security gaps, fuel regional
Analysis: Iranian concerns grow over spread of Sunni radicalism; Khamenei,
Reuters (20:31 , 09.06.17 )
Failed US policies at the heart of Middle East
Analysis: The old understanding between Tehran and the Sunni radicals—that Iran
Nadav Eyal (16:16 , 08.06.17 )
Burning Persia: ISIS' hate for Iran
Analysis: ISIS, which is losing territory, places greater emphasis on quality
Roi Kais (11:44 , 08.06.17 ) 
Why is Nasrallah threatening Israel again?
Analysis: Following the Trump administration’s declarations that the military
Prof. Alex Mintz (23:42 , 07.06.17 )
Hooliganism in a shtreimel
Op-ed: Exempting the entire Haredi public from military service is a situation
Sari Makover-Belikov (14:59 , 07.06.17 )
Terror is human, not technological
Op-ed: Recruiting terrorists through YouTube videos, the UK government opposing
Hagar Buhbut (21:37 , 06.06.17 )
The disgrace of the occupation
Op-ed: The Iranians are not the ones threatening our existence as a normal,
Sami Michael (14:12 , 05.06.17 )
So who is the real Avigdor Lieberman?
Op-ed: Even after he replaced the militant and fiery statements with restraint
Ariela Ringel-Hoffman (23:44 , 01.06.17 )
Nakba: The source of Arab-Israeli conflict
Op-ed: UNRWA's success has been in transforming itself into the guardian of
Asaf Romirowsky (08:47 , 01.06.17 )
The forecast is cloudy with some bright spots
Op-ed: American photojournalist Ed Kashi holds photo workshops with Jewish and
Ed Kashi (21:07 , 31.05.17 )
CUNY welcomes pro-terror Linda Sarsour
Op-ed: The university's School of Public Health and Healthy Policy has invited
Tova Goldberg (12:44 , 30.05.17 )
Donald Trump, the seller of dreams
Op-ed: The US president used his Mideast visit to sell stuff—and he was very
Nadav Eyal (23:36 , 27.05.17 )
A modest approach toward Mideast problems
Op-ed: While Trump has not abandoned the American aspiration to bring peace to
Shlomo Puterkovsky (11:01 , 25.05.17 )
Israel marks 50 years of 'united Jerusalem,' but
Analysis: As Israel marks 50 years of united Jerusalem, the city is plagued by
Reuters (20:30 , 24.05.17 )
Mr. President, beware Israeli and Palestinian
Op-ed: Former Judea and Samaria Division commander calls on President Trump to
Major-General (Res.) Noam Tibon (22:45 , 23.05.17 )
The two-state tango is over
Op-ed: The more Israel clings to plans for a Palestinian state that include most
Moshe Dann (08:20 , 23.05.17 )
A Saudi embrace against Iran
Op-ed: A day after leaving Saudi Arabia, the American president’s speech seems
Nadav Eyal (23:32 , 22.05.17 )
A better solution for Jerusalem
Op-ed: Trump has a way of keeping his promise to move the US embassy without
Kobi Richter (23:27 , 20.05.17 )
To be a free people in our own land—and free
Op-ed: It is right and proper that the Israeli national anthem be sung at
Yoram Yovell (23:37 , 19.05.17 )
Iranian expansion in Middle East is coming to an
Analysis: Tehran’s hopes of becoming a regional power has raised a lot of
Prof. Nimrod Hurvitz, Prof. Dror Ze’evi (15:55 , 14.05.17 )
Israel as a regional, maritime superpower?
Analysis: From its ancient roots in overland commerce, to the modern day
Rear Adm. (Ret.) Oded Gour Lavie (12:53 , 14.05.17 )
The ‘impending humanitarian disaster’ syndrome
Op-ed: The warnings of an imminent crisis in Gaza have been adopted by the
Dr. Moshe Elad (17:45 , 13.05.17 )
Israel’s allies during the 21st century
Op-ed: As American hegemony is challenged by China and as the costs and failures
Rafael Castro (23:31 , 12.05.17 )
What is the Right so afraid of?
Op-ed: If there is willingness on the Palestinian side to reach a compromise and
Yariv Oppenheimer (23:33 , 11.05.17 )
If it were not for US Jewry, we probably
Op-ed: The Zionist success story should be seen as a joint project of the entire
Prof. Gur Alroey (10:40 , 11.05.17 )
No deal, Mr. President
Op-ed: There is a fundamental failure in drawing an analogy between a business
Elyakim Haetzni (23:35 , 10.05.17 )
How Arabic became a foreign language in Israel
Op-ed: The Nationality Bill, which downgrades Arabic from an official language,
Ayman Sikseck (23:45 , 09.05.17 )
Erdogan's outburst: Energy, politics and Hamas
Analysis: The Turkish president's surprising and slanderous attack against
Itamar Eichner (10:56 , 09.05.17 )
Knesset to face several contentious issues in
Analysis: Never a dull moment in the Israeli legislature as issues like the
Moran Azulay (17:58 , 08.05.17 )
What would Herzl say about Nationality Bill?
Op-ed: Israel’s leadership appears to have diverted from Theodor Herzl’s path.
Nasreen Hadad Haj-Yahya (13:35 , 08.05.17 )
Macron's win may usher in improved France-Israel
Analysis: Emmanuel Macron's victory in the French presidential elections could
Itamar Eichner (10:25 , 08.05.17 )
Haniyeh's election brings Hamas military wing
Analysis: Haniyeh's presence in the Gaza Strip and his close relationship with
Elior Levy (17:36 , 07.05.17 )
Merkel’s leadership challenge
Op-ed: Germany’s relationship with Israel must not be used for internal
Eldad Beck (19:50 , 06.05.17 )
Paradigm shift on a two-state solution
Op-ed: Promoting Jordan as the Arab Palestinian state is consistent with
Moshe Dann (23:42 , 04.05.17 )
How Israel's government caved to settlement
Op-ed: By signing the agreement to bring 20,000 Chinese construction workers to
Yossi Dahan (15:12 , 03.05.17 )
Israeli strikes raise stakes in face-off with
Analysis: Israeli strikes in Syria signal shift; miscalculation could cause
Reuters (20:12 , 02.05.17 )
Don’t let gloomy prophecies about Israel deceive
Op-ed: There are good people living in this country, rightists and leftists,
Hanoch Daum (17:53 , 02.05.17 )
Israel, the greatest success of the 20th century
Op-ed: Communism is dead, fascism is dead. What is left? Zionism and the Zionist
Eli Amir (20:12 , 01.05.17 )
UNESCO trying to impose a fake history
Op-ed: Just like Israel’s security forces manage to thwart most terror attacks,
Ron Prosor (19:05 , 29.04.17 )
In Mideast peace efforts, Israel must deal its
Op-ed: By initiating a two-state solution from a position of strength, Israel
Kobi Richter (09:26 , 27.04.17 )
EU-Israel relations: Trojan horses, snakes,
Op-ed: Why the European Parliament, and other EU institutions, need to take a
Teodora Coptil (23:27 , 26.04.17 )
Israel’s poisonous political discourse
Op-ed: One of Prime Minister Netanyahu’s great ‘contributions’ to the Israeli
Nadav Eyal (23:31 , 25.04.17 )
My father was a witness, and now I will be a
Op-ed: My father, Elie Wiesel, was a witness to the worst atrocity that man has
Elisha Wiesel (12:34 , 25.04.17 )
Hitler Youth members must take responsibility
Op-ed: The responsibility for the Holocaust lies with anyone who played an
Giora Eiland (22:03 , 24.04.17 )
Holocaust survivors’ situation is a stain on
Op-ed: We don’t always have the power to make a real change, but when we have a
Yehuda Shohat (13:16 , 21.04.17 )
Scaling innovation: Turning the Start-Up Nation
Op-ed: Israel has an opportunity to continue trailblazing a path of disruptive
Ariel Harkham (20:33 , 20.04.17 )
The terror attack Israel prefers to conceal
Op-ed: Not a single Israeli minister attended the ceremony marking the 25th
Danny Adeno Abebe (14:04 , 20.04.17 )
Could Barghouti become Israel’s peace partner?
Op-ed: Through a hunger strike in Israel’s prisons, Marwan Barghouti wishes to
Ronni Shaked (15:34 , 19.04.17 )
Fake news driven by blind hatred towards
Op-ed: Israel of 2017 is in a much better state than it was in 2009, when
Dr. Shaul Rosenfeld (22:04 , 15.04.17 )
Same old Hamas
Op-ed: The cosmetic changes to the Hamas Charter won’t interfere with an Israeli
Gilead Sher (23:16 , 14.04.17 )
UN has abandoned an honest approach
Op-ed: The mandate of the Special Rapporteur on the situation of human rights in
Gabriel Rosenberg (11:33 , 13.04.17 )
Each one of us can help a wounded Syrian child
Op-ed: If every Syrian child, woman and man, who return to their homeland after
Dr. Salman Zarka (23:29 , 07.04.17 )
Syria is a complete failure of the West’s
Op-ed: Assad and Putin are demonstrating to the world the power of unrestrained,
Nadav Eyal (09:09 , 07.04.17 )
The emperor of the media
Op-ed: Netanyahu, who is up to his neck in criminal investigations, will be the
Dan Shilon (12:25 , 06.04.17 )
Hamas fumbles its way through assassination
Analysis: Hamas's delayed launching of an investigation into the hit against
Elior Levy (10:24 , 05.04.17 )
Expanding the ‘Hezbollah model’
Analysis: The bleeding Middle East and the intensive occupation with ISIS have
Uzi Rabi (23:27 , 27.03.17 )
Why do the Jordanians hate us?
Op-ed: It’s unclear why Israel’s governments keep spoiling Jordan with different
Elyakim Haetzni (18:08 , 26.03.17 )
Israel is the prime suspect, but not the only
Analysis: Israel, Hamas, Gaza Salafists and even the Palestinian Authority all
Elior Levy (09:42 , 26.03.17 )
In light of changes in Syria, Israeli policy
Analysis: The situation in the northern arena requires Israel to clarify its
Amos Yadlin (23:16 , 24.03.17 )
Netanyahu may want to call elections, but he
Analysis: The prime minister knows very well that an attempt to drag Israel to
Moran Azulay (13:11 , 23.03.17 )
In its talks with Trump administration, Israel
Analysis: As part of the ‘winning camp’ in the civil war in Syria, Iran and
Giora Eiland (20:37 , 21.03.17 )
Israel should develop economic ties with China,
Op-ed: In his visit to Beijing this week, Prime Minister Netanyahu must use all
Oded Eran (23:12 , 20.03.17 )
In the Supermarket of Nations, millennials
Op-ed: Israel's current offering is focused too much on its policies, and not
Joanna Landau (18:28 , 18.03.17 )

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