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Same old story in Jerusalem
Experience shows that capitulating in Jerusalem worse than violence
Uzi Landau
Temple Mount wisdom
Arab claims hypocritical, but our own leaders should handle crisis wisely
Gilad Kariv
Relations with Germany neglected
Despite Germany's key role, Israel neglects ties with most important EU ally
Eldad Beck
Holy sites can wait
Question of holy sites' ownership less urgent than terror, refugee problem
Amos Oz
Nasrallah's quandary
Hizbullah leader may provoke Israel but won't be quick to renew fighting
Moshe Elad
Truth and punishment
Arabs know excavation works not damaging mosque
Elyakim Haetzni
Bulldozers doomed for failure
Controversial Mugrabi Gate works won't boost Israeli hold over east Jerusalem
Tamar Gozansky
Islam out, West in
Westernization of young Israeli Muslims limits Temple Mount protest
Moshe Elad
Hamas won the jackpot
Unity agreement signed in Mecca marks a major victory for Khaled Mashaal and
Ronny Shaked
Tel Aviv? Not quite
Powerhouse Maccabi Tel Aviv's reliance on foreign workers ruins local basketball
Gideon Eshet
Still a special relationship?
Something has gone awry in idyllic Israel-Germany relationship
Dr. Yves Pallade
What about the environment?
Instead of fighting Shabbat desecration, religious Jews should focus on
Zvika Nevo
Clear message to Syria
Israel should make clear that Syrian attack would jeopardize Alawite regime
Gilad Sharon
The limits of justice
Rights of prisoners should be based on severity of their crimes
Moriel Matalon
Whose uterus is it anyway?
Is the growth in childbirth good for security and the economy or a problem for
Y. Ettinger, I. Mizrachi
The lethal al-Aqsa plot hoax
A century-long campaign of unfounded claims of a Jewish 'plot' against the
Yaakov Lappin
An all-Israeli tale
Ramon affair touches raw nerve because all of us can relate to it
Yigal Sarna
Time to boost alliance
In face of global threats, Israel and US must boost strategic cooperation
Zalman Shoval
Judges need lesson in democracy
Ramon judges' attack on media shows failure to grasp meaning of democracy
Baruch Leshem
Reform Jews shunned
Minister's worldview prevents Jewish communities from exercising their faith
Orly Erez-Lachovsky
Ramon and Hebron
Legal norms prevalent in West Bank doomed Haim Ramon
Yoram Kaniuk
Religious war in Gaza
Gaza clashes are over values, way of life and future Palestinian identity
Ronny Shaked
Who wants to be president?
Peres dreams of presidency, but for the time being travels abroad constantly
Uri Porat
Time for new leaders
Failed leadership at fault for needless deaths in Lebanon, on our streets
Frimet Roth
Victory for female victims
Ramon ruling good news for sexual assault victims, bad news for offenders
Chana Beit Halachmi
Ramon ruling step back for women
Decision to convict Haim Ramon undermines struggle for equality
Dr. Yariv Ben-Eliezer
End military exemption
Instead of joining IDF, Orthodox can perform community service during crises
Ami Ayalon
Missionaries at our schools
Millionaire Leviev and his Lubavitch beliefs should be kept out of classroom
Shulamit Aloni
Make impeachment possible
Currently, impeachment requires greater majority than toppling government
Guy Carmi
Arab minister good for Israel
Majadele's appointment a day of celebration for Israeli democracy
Rabbi Naftali Rothenberg
Evil winds at Philadelphi
Suicide bombing in Eilat may be first in series of Gaza-based attacks
Ehud Yatom
Politicians to blame for Lebanon fiasco
Lebanon war letdown demonstrates need for new decision making process
Prof. Zeev Maoz
Who is Moshe Katsav?
Even without sex charges, hypocritical Katsav should be ousted
Elyakim Haetzni
The poverty spin
Hundreds of thousands battle poverty while government busy with manipulations
Eran Weintraub
Katsav shot himself in foot
Instead of offering sweeping denial, president made every possible mistake
Mordechai Gilat
Recognizing global atrocities
All mankind must view concentration camp history as sign of lurking dangers
Dr. Nili Keren
War of identity
Hamas, Fatah clashes are not over power, but rather Palestinian identity
Ronny Shaked
Time to adopt 'Madrid Model'
Israel should pursue peace agreement based on Saudi initiative
Yossi Ben Ari
Convicted without trial
Despite embarrassing speech, President Katsav entitled to fair trial
Uri Porat
Are we becoming Italian?
With every passing year Israel increasingly resembles Italy, for better or worse
Oz Almog
Without a president
B. Michael outlines benefits of keeping presidential institution, without
B. Michael
Sharing power in Ireland
If archenemies can cooperate in Ireland, the same can happen in Mideast
Yehuda Litani

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