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Israel’s gay pride
Op-ed: Enlightened treatment of gays clearest proof that Israel is the only free oasis in Mideastern desert
(11:00 ,05/15/12)
Christians, Jews to unite against Islam?
Op-ed: Will Jews, Christians finally join forces in battle against genocidal Islamic hatred?
(17:48 ,05/12/12)
World's checkpoint hypocrisy
Op-ed: While fences exist worldwide, only Israel's life-saving barriers face harsh condemnations
(11:51 ,05/10/12)
Jews unwelcome on campus
Op-ed: Western universities becoming frightening bastions of anti-Israel, anti-Jewish hostility
(11:08 ,05/06/12)
Israel's handicapped miracle
Op-ed: While Arabs shun the disabled, Israel gives hope to less fortunate members of society
(00:12 ,05/03/12)
The boycott war on Israel
Op-ed: Global pressure to strangle Israel revived, now focusing on Western Europe
(18:12 ,04/30/12)
Bethlehem’s last Christians?
Op-ed: World, churches silent in face of Islamic persecution of Palestinian Christians
(16:27 ,04/28/12)
Forgotten Jewish victims
Op-ed: Murder of 11 Israeli athletes in Munich Olympics vanished from international memory
(18:50 ,04/24/12)
Europe's hate for Israel
Op-ed: Many Europeans believe Israel is illegitimate, must be removed from Middle East
(18:19 ,04/16/12)
Hollywood against Israel
Op-ed: Modern-day art world home to Israel haters, takes pleasure in romanticizing terrorists
(14:16 ,04/12/12)
Why is Israel so happy?
Op-ed: What's Israel's secret, which allowed Jewish state to rank 14th on global Happiness Report?
(19:00 ,04/09/12)
Something rotten in Germany
Op-ed: Günter Grass' poem is latest example of post-Holocaust tradition of anti-Semitism
(21:43 ,04/05/12)
Arab racism prevents peace
Op-ed: Hebron house dispute highlights Arab desire for Middle East free of any Jewish presence
(11:32 ,04/04/12)
Will churches boycott Israel?
Op-ed: With mainline churches increasingly anti-Israel, Christian-Jewish relations now at stake
(12:43 ,04/01/12)
Blood, money and Jews
Op-ed: Muslim, Western states fund modern-day blood libels against the Jewish state
(20:47 ,03/28/12)
A Jew-free Europe
Op-ed: The ongoing process of Jews leaving European continent is tragic but unavoidable
(11:29 ,03/22/12)
Vatican’s twisted priorities
Op-ed: instead of focusing on decline of Arab Christianity, Catholic Church chooses to demonize Israel
(14:26 ,03/16/12)

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