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Inside the Palestinian Islamic Jihad's tunnel
Palestinian Islamic Jihad tunnel discovered near Kissufim was dug 20 meters a
(21:00 , 18.01.18 ) 
Security, emergency services simulate
Massive drill held in Petah Tikva soccer stadium simulates mass-casualty
(19:26 , 18.01.18 ) 
State attorney expected to close probe into
Examination into whether the former PM gave classified material to unauthorized
(17:11 , 18.01.18 )
Two Yamam fighters wounded in overnight Jenin
Gunfire exchange between special IDF units and terrorists in Jenin also leaves
(15:51 , 18.01.18 ) 
MK Eitan Cabel questioned in Case 2000
Labor MK and Yedioth owner and publisher Arnon Mozes questioned under caution in
(14:55 , 18.01.18 )
Netanyahu unveils memorial for Mumbai attack
New memorial, Prime Minister Netanyahu says, would spread light, making the
(14:50 , 18.01.18 )
Israeli writers urge government to nix plan for
Public statement signed by some of the country's top authors argue Israel
(14:16 , 18.01.18 )
After Trump response, PMO clarifies US Embassy
Netanyahu associate says Israeli premier is aware construction of new permanent
(12:31 , 18.01.18 )
Safed rabbi calls on IDF chief to resign over
Rabbi Shmuel Eliyahu rationalizes comments by Rabbi Shlomo Aviner, who barred
(11:02 , 18.01.18 )
Trump says US Embassy won't move to Jerusalem
After PM Netanyahu predicts while in India that US president's embassy move from
(23:36 , 17.01.18 )
US Palestinian rep. says UNRWA funds 'not a
After US announces decision to withhold $65M to UN agency assisting Palestinian
(23:16 , 17.01.18 ) 
Israeli fugitive in killing of Palestinian
Yehoshua Elitzur was driving near Nablus in 2004 when he suddenly stopped and
(21:56 , 17.01.18 )
Report: Police ready to recommend charging 5
Channel 2 News reports police are preparing to recommend that indictments be
(21:33 , 17.01.18 )
Cops investigate series of hate crimes against
Residents of Arab village near Jerusalem find punctured tires and ‘Arabs out’
(19:59 , 17.01.18 )
Man who killed his rapist refused early release
Yonatan Heilo, who has so far served more than 7 years in prison for the murder
(19:07 , 17.01.18 )
$500M Spike deal 'back on table' with India,
Netanyahu makes announcement during trip to India about latest development in
(18:27 , 17.01.18 )
Ahed Tamimi, mother to remain in custody until
The 17-year-old Ahed Tamimi stands accused of assaulting an IDF officer and
(16:29 , 17.01.18 )
Nahariya hit with 22 mm of rain in 10 minutes
'At around 1:45pm, there was a crazy cloudburst, and the rain kept getting
(15:54 , 17.01.18 ) 
Last fallen soldier from Lebanon War laid to
Sgt. Abraham Ajami suffered a critical head injury in 1987 while serving in an
(15:14 , 17.01.18 )
Holocaust survivor denounces refugee deportation
With hundreds protesting outside houses of government officials against recent
(13:26 , 17.01.18 )
UNRWA chief appeals for Palestinian refugee
'At stake is the dignity and human security of millions of Palestine refugees,
(12:55 , 17.01.18 )
Abbas: Jerusalem can be gate for peace or war,
During speech in Cairo, Palestinian president insists peace can only happen if
(12:00 , 17.01.18 )
Navy's new defense system can mislead enemy
Upgraded system to fire chaff rockets that would create a 'wall' of iron wires,
(11:21 , 17.01.18 ) 
Netanyahu estimates US embassy move within a
Backing Trump's decisions on Jerusalem, the Iran nuclear deal and cutting funds
(10:27 , 17.01.18 )
Rabbi Aviner: Forbidden to enlist in IDF if
Influential religious-Zionist leader tells yeshiva student in Q&A session,
(09:37 , 17.01.18 )
US to provide $60 million in Palestinian aid,
Trump making good on his Twitter vow to cut funding to Palestinians who 'don't
(23:37 , 16.01.18 )
Jerusalem express train takes test drive
Israel to inaugurate its first express electric train line this coming March,
(23:03 , 16.01.18 )
Iran's leader accuses Saudis of 'treasonous
In light of reports of covert Saudi-Israeli relations, Saudi kingdom's
(22:26 , 16.01.18 )
Boy killed, 8 injured in car-camel accident in
A camel strayed onto road on Highway 40, causing multi-car crash involving car,
(21:47 , 16.01.18 ) 
29 people suspected of billion shekel fraud
Concluding year-long investigation, police arrests 29 people—3 of them in
(20:50 , 16.01.18 )
Soldier accused of inciting 'price tag' attacks
IDF soldier spreads incitement material on military base calling for formation
(20:04 , 16.01.18 )
Sudanese refugee: 'I have no home, not even
Refugee deported from Israel as child who returned to study at Herzliya IDC says
(19:29 , 16.01.18 )
Family, friends of terror victim visit gravesite
Raziel Shevah's family and friends gather at his gravesite after mourning
(18:19 , 16.01.18 )
Disabled protest leader: 'Kahlon will be the
Leaders of the disabled protest demand original agreement with them—linking
(17:52 , 16.01.18 )
AG to assist transgenders in gaining official
Avichai Mandelblit's deputy instructs authorities in the Interior Ministry to
(15:10 , 16.01.18 )
Child returns to Mumbai Jewish center where his
Nine years after his life was saved by a local nanny, 11-year-old Moshe
(14:50 , 16.01.18 )
MK Gafni: Non-Jewish inspectors to enforce
After Interior Minister Deri tells Yedioth Ahronoth he has no intention of
(12:11 , 16.01.18 )
As Kerem Shalom crossing reopens, drivers fear
After closing Gaza's only commercial crossing with Israel ahead of destruction
(11:46 , 16.01.18 )
Jewish child orphaned in Mumbai attacks makes
Escorting Netanyahu on his India trip, Moshe Holtzberg returns to city where his
(10:03 , 16.01.18 )
Palestinian leaders call for suspension of
Palestinian Central Council vote orders PLO to withdraw its recognition of
(08:19 , 16.01.18 )
Testimonies of 2 soldiers assaulted by Ahed
A month after Ahed Tamimi and her cousin assaulted 2 IDF soldiers during Nabi
(23:23 , 15.01.18 ) 
Israeli policy on medical permits for Hamas
Responding to High Court petition by family of Hadar Goldin, whose body is held
(23:18 , 15.01.18 )
IDF demands terminally ill cancer patient
Avraham Cohen, 18, suffered from cancer, but that did not prevent the IDF from
(23:11 , 15.01.18 )
Katz, Treasury playing blame game over
Welfare Minister claims he was informed by Treasury future increments in
(21:54 , 15.01.18 )
Destroyed Hamas tunnel larger than predecessors,
Depth of destroyed tunnel estimated to be dozens of meters underground, height
(21:12 , 15.01.18 )
Netanyahu: Abbas tore off mask, without change
Responding to speech by Palestinian Authority President Abbas, PM Netanyahu
(20:25 , 15.01.18 )
Palestinian shot dead by IDF in West Bank riot
Another Palestinian rioter is killed in ongoing disturbances over 'Israeli
(19:44 , 15.01.18 )
Netanyahu, Modi sign nine cooperation agreements
Israel gives initial approval for Indian energy companies to explore oil and gas
(16:12 , 15.01.18 ) 
NIS 15 million allocated for 'peace train' to
Transportation Minister Yisrael Katz's vision for a train connecting Israeli sea
(15:55 , 15.01.18 )
Lieberman says Abbas 'lost his senses' after
Defense minister says Israel plans to continue security coordination with PA
(13:36 , 15.01.18 )
Descendants reenact Declaration of Independence
Decades before they were born, their grandparents and great-grandparents made
(11:48 , 15.01.18 )
Netanyahu: Dawn of new era in Israel-India
Prime minister accompanied by cavalry to India's presidential palace, where he
(11:08 , 15.01.18 ) 
After terror attack, Lieberman pushes to
Citing historic connection between settling land and security, Defense Minister
(09:50 , 15.01.18 )
IDF: Hamas's lack of response to tunnel
Col. Kobi Heler, commander of the Southern Brigade in the Gaza Division, tells
(08:53 , 15.01.18 )
PA President Abbas: 'Israel a colonial project,
Gloves come off during meeting of PLO's Central Council surrounding US
(21:16 , 14.01.18 )
Police investigate legality of Yair Netanyahu's
Security firm files complaint against guard, formerly employed by them, who they
(21:05 , 14.01.18 )
PM in India: 'Israel systematically destroying
PM Netanyahu comments on Hamas terror tunnel destruction in meeting with Indian
(19:15 , 14.01.18 ) 
Journalist becomes victim of hate over Yair
The Channel 2 reporter who exposed the Yair Netanyahu recording is now facing
(18:55 , 14.01.18 )
Reform Jews take Western Wall plan to High Court
Reform Movement, Women of the Wall petition the High Court of Justice to
(18:48 , 14.01.18 )
Police investigate 4 alleged rapes in Tel Aviv
Three 20-year-old women tell police they were raped by young men they knew in
(12:32 , 14.01.18 )
Modi surprise greets Netanyahu as he arrives in
Indian PM unexpectedly arrives at New Delhi airport to welcome Netanyahu to his
(12:30 , 14.01.18 ) 
Kahlon: Indictment against PM doesn't mean
Speaking on 'Meet the Press' TV program, finance minister says presumption of
(12:15 , 14.01.18 )
Right-wing party launches new project to catch
Using drones and vehicle cameras, Otzma Yehudit says it aims to 'help the IDF
(10:41 , 14.01.18 ) 
IDF completes demolition of Hamas tunnel
Departing for his state visit to India, PM Netanyahu confirms Israeli jets
(09:24 , 14.01.18 )
Palestinian UN envoy: Israel must release Ahed
In letter to UN Security Council, Riyad Mansour claims the Palestinian teen
(09:22 , 14.01.18 )
IAF bombs terror target at Gaza-Egypt border
Shortly after announcing that Kerem Shalom crossing will be closed Sunday for
(23:40 , 13.01.18 )
Foreign Ministry to close 7 locations, down from
Ministry manages to stave off drastic cuts in budget, manpower, missions; Will
(23:05 , 13.01.18 )
Anti-corruption weekly Tel Aviv protest turns
Thousands of protesters gather in Tel Aviv for the weekly Saturday demonstration
(22:36 , 13.01.18 ) 
Thousands protest religious coercion in Ashdod
Ashdod residents swarm the municipality plaza to protest sharp spike in
(21:07 , 13.01.18 )
Palestinians, IDF clash once more near Nabi
Palestinians riot at West Bank against the 'criminal Israeli occupation,'
(19:57 , 13.01.18 )
Opposition leader Herzog latest official to
The latest in a line of Israeli officials attempting to transition to more overt
(17:31 , 13.01.18 )
Hebrew University's Einstein collection set for
Some 75 artifacts, including handwritten pages from Einstein's theory of
(15:14 , 13.01.18 )
Retired judge Eliyahu Winograd passes away at
Former president of Tel Aviv District Court, who also headed committee
(14:43 , 13.01.18 )
Netanyahu heads to India after recent diplomatic
New Delhi's vote against US recognition of Jerusalem will not put a damper on
(13:44 , 13.01.18 )
Committee for Legislation canceled over Likud's
Bayit Yehudi withholds convening of Ministerial Committee for Legislation over
(23:16 , 12.01.18 )
Communications Minister sorry after warning
Frustrated over his failure to obtain a news broadcasting permit for the
(20:45 , 12.01.18 )
Four indicted for assault on fellow Arab soldier
Failing to cover up their violent assault on a fellow Arab-Muslim trooper, four
(20:15 , 12.01.18 )
Eilat supermarket owners picket Likudiada
Attendees of ruling Likud party's annual conference in Eilat resort town face
(13:39 , 12.01.18 )
West Bank women appeal to PM Netanyahu for
Women from West Bank, including bereaved ones, appeal to PM Netanyahu, IDF Chief
(12:44 , 12.01.18 )
Government approves NIS 397.3 billion budget for
Following all-nighter, government unanimously approved 2019 budget; Finance
(11:10 , 12.01.18 )
TV council head accuses Communications Minister
Head of the Cable and Satellite Broadcasting Council claims she is a victim of
(22:44 , 11.01.18 )
State Prosecutor says PM investigations could be
Rebutting claims of deliberate delays in the investigations against PM
(22:23 , 11.01.18 )
Disabled inaugurate campaign against PM, Kahlon
Agreement reached with disabled organizations on raising benefits collapses,
(20:56 , 11.01.18 )
Two Palestinian youths killed in clashes with
Clashes break out between Palestinians and IDF forces near Gaza and in the West
(19:33 , 11.01.18 )
Netanyahu slams 'crossing of red line' in son's
PM instructs Justice Minister to launch an investigation into the legal
(16:23 , 11.01.18 )
Interministerial team to examine defense budget
Defense Minister Lieberman and Finance Minister Kahlon agree team headed by
(15:00 , 11.01.18 )
Terror victim's wife to PM: 'We don’t want to
Yael Shevah, a mother of 6 whose husband Rabbi Raziel Shevah was slain in a
(13:35 , 11.01.18 )
Report: India mulling upholding lucrative
After backing out of $500 million antitank missile deal with Rafael, Indian
(12:04 , 11.01.18 )
Deri: 'I've no intention of enforcing
In exclusive interview with Yedioth Ahronoth, interior minister who led bill
(11:51 , 11.01.18 )
Coalition sanctions opposition over ‘cynical’
Fuming over the opposition's attempt to exploit the absence from the Knesset of
(10:21 , 11.01.18 )
Government to begin discussions on 2019 budget
Cabinet ministers to convene to discuss 2019 budget; nursing care reform, school
(09:21 , 11.01.18 )
Kahlon pledges not to dismantle coalition
Speaking during a Globes business conference in Jerusalem day before state
(23:43 , 10.01.18 )
Netanyahu set to lead trade task force to India
Prime minister set to lead a delegation of 130 businessmen to India next week
(22:49 , 10.01.18 )
Settlers throw stones at Palestinians after
Venting after the funeral of Rabbi Raziel Shevah who was killed by terrorists
(22:02 , 10.01.18 ) 
Netanyahu: 'Only a matter of time' before
Addressing journalists in Jerusalem at a New Year’s reception, Netanyahu
(21:00 , 10.01.18 )
Goldin family urges PM to act 'as if Hadar was
Family of Hadar Goldin, whose body, together with that of Oron Shaul, is being
(19:37 , 10.01.18 ) 
New head of Hamas terror operations in West Bank
Maher Obeid replaces Saleh al-Arouri, who was made deputy Hamas leader, as the
(18:54 , 10.01.18 )
Arrow-3 test canceled last minute, again
Test for Arrow-3, which defends against long-range ballistic missiles, was
(18:04 , 10.01.18 ) 
Bill paving way for Litzman's return to
Opposition takes advantage of absence of Bayit Yehudi, Shas MKs to withdraw
(17:16 , 10.01.18 )
Calls of 'revenge' made during terror victim's
Hundreds accompany Rabbi Raziel Shevah, murdered in a drive-by shooting attack,
(15:04 , 10.01.18 )
Nightclub owner says Yair Netanyahu was a
The PM's son would get special treatment at club; release of recording also
(12:30 , 10.01.18 )
Woman behind Ichilov security guard assault,
Elia Kadosh, partner David Amouyal and four other defendants reach plea deal
(11:10 , 10.01.18 ) 
The new Supreme Court nominees
With the release of Justice Minister Shaked's list of nominees to the Supreme
(10:26 , 10.01.18 )
Victim of drive-by shooting terror attack to be
Raziel Shevah will be laid to rest in the outpost of Havat Gilad, with his wife
(08:59 , 10.01.18 )
Clashes erupt at Tel Aviv rally against migrant
Some 200 social activists face 50 pro-deportation groups in south Tel Aviv to
(23:49 , 09.01.18 )
Jerusalem express railway expected to begin
Minister Katz marks March 30, on eve of Passover, as the date for the first
(22:59 , 09.01.18 )
Police suspect 2 contractors of bribing MK Bitan
New testimony obtained linking 2 contractors with alleged transfers of tens of
(22:33 , 09.01.18 ) 
Man killed in West Bank drive-by shooting
Raziel Shevah, 35, succumbs to his wounds after being rushed to hospital having
(21:43 , 09.01.18 ) 
72 wounded soldiers sign IDF anti-refusal letter
Anti-refusal letter drafted by 4 soldiers wounded during combat service signed
(19:33 , 09.01.18 )
UN urges Israel to find solutions for African
Describing plans to possibly deport families and those pending asylum claims as
(19:09 , 09.01.18 )
Syria to UN: Israeli 'aggression will cause a
In letter to the world body, Syrian foreign ministry urges Security Council to
(18:33 , 09.01.18 )
Germany reprimands Iran for anti-Israel spying
Iranian ambassador told in December that spying on people close to Israel is an
(17:03 , 09.01.18 )
Mossad chief: We have eyes, ears and more in
Addressing the anti-regime protests in Iran, Yossi Cohen says: 'We need not be
(14:13 , 09.01.18 )
Netanyahu: My wife and I taught our children to
Commenting on recording of son's derogatory comments about women, the prime
(13:28 , 09.01.18 )
Defense Ministry reveals: This is what a
A terrorist who is an Israeli citizen, married with three children, and serving
(12:39 , 09.01.18 )
Gabbay: PM must have known of son's friendship
Labor Party leader says he finds it hard to believe Prime Minister Netanyahu
(12:23 , 09.01.18 )
Swastika scrawled on Rabin sculpture in Tel Aviv
Police arrest 43-year-old man on suspicion of vandalizing a statue of the slain
(11:06 , 09.01.18 )
Same sex couples can both register as parents
After being approved by Central District Court but blocked by the government,
(10:18 , 09.01.18 )
Kahlon: It's time to annex West Bank settlement
In an effort to restart peace talks, finance minister wishes to signal
(09:58 , 09.01.18 )
French prime minister's nephew stabbed in Eilat
Édouard Philippe's 25-year-old nephew brutally assaulted last Wednesday night
(09:45 , 09.01.18 )
Syrian army says IAF fired at Syria with jets,
Statement carried by state media says Israel attacked Syrian territory three
(08:56 , 09.01.18 )
Knesset passes supermarkets bill into law
Controversial bill, which will allow the interior minister to strike down
(08:12 , 09.01.18 )
VP Pence to visit Israel, Egypt and Jordan later
White House announces VP Pence will be lifting off for Israel, Egypt, Jordan
(22:24 , 08.01.18 )
Likud court rejects petition against rebellious
MK Haskel, who openly objects to the supermarkets bill, stood before her party's
(21:31 , 08.01.18 )
PM's son to gas mogul's son: 'My dad gave yours
Channel 2 News airs report Monday revealing PM Netanyahu's son Yair went on
(19:40 , 08.01.18 )
Ceremony commemorates East Talpiot terror attack
Family, friends of 4 victims gather for memorial ceremony, unveiling of monument
(19:29 , 08.01.18 )
Gaza residents agog at potential power
Residents of isolated enclave still in disbelief over expected resumption of
(17:11 , 08.01.18 ) 
Netanyahu: With no majority, supermarkets bill
With coalition MK Moti Yogev and opposition MK Yossi Yonah missing due to
(16:07 , 08.01.18 )
IDF soldier crashes after Haredim stone his
Soldier, hospitalized in light condition, tells paramedics he saw the Haredim
(15:14 , 08.01.18 )
Assad believed to be preventing Iran military
Security Cabinet meets to discuss threats on Israel's northern border amid
(15:12 , 08.01.18 )
Two Bedouin women planned terror attack against
Tasnin al-Assad contacted ISIS operative online, who instructed her to scout
(13:34 , 08.01.18 )
Terror victims urge PM to pass bill to stop PA
200 Israelis, either wounded or who lost loved ones in terror attacks, send
(12:01 , 08.01.18 )
Kushner's Israel business ties raise doubts over
A recent NYT report claims Trump's son-in-law and special Mideast advisor sold
(11:29 , 08.01.18 )
Netanyahu, Bennett lock horns over mutually
Likud blocks Bayit Yehudi bill to incorporate Ariel University, other Israeli
(09:20 , 08.01.18 )
Supermarket bill ready for second, third Knesset
After being postponed once already amid coalition fears of inability to assemble
(08:53 , 08.01.18 )
Nahal officer 'conscripts' sheep to Syrian
Company commander in Nahal's reconnaissance battalion takes sheep from citizen,
(22:38 , 07.01.18 )
EU ambassador to Israel: 'Death penalty will not
Ambassador Giaufret says regarding death penalty bill capital punishment is
(21:55 , 07.01.18 )
Israelis refuse to 'turn blind eye' to migrant
Organization called 'Stop the expulsion' seeks to annul government decision on
(21:18 , 07.01.18 )
Israel to renew Gaza power supply, blasted by
Energy Minister Steinitz instructs Israel Electric Corporation to restore power
(19:59 , 07.01.18 )
BDS activists complain of harassment by Israeli
Israeli anti-BDS student volunteers see success after BDS Facebook group uploads
(19:11 , 07.01.18 )
Jewish terrorist seeks leave to attend son's
Attorney for Jack Teitel, who's serving 2 life sentences for murder of 2
(18:41 , 07.01.18 )
Gas station convenience stores to be excluded
Heads of coalition parties agree to exclude gas station convenience stores from
(17:47 , 07.01.18 )
Egypt denies any change to position on Jerusalem
Cairo decries NYT report quoting an intelligence officer claiming Egypt had
(16:23 , 07.01.18 )
Strike ends in Jerusalem as talks set for
After Jerusalem residents again subjected to trash mountains on their streets
(14:35 , 07.01.18 ) 
Israeli business school says academic boycott
Study by Ono Academic College finds Israeli business administration faculty
(14:04 , 07.01.18 )
Likud ministers defend MK Haskel over refusal to
Ministers Gila Gamliel, Tzachi Hanegbi come out against MK David Amsalem's
(12:54 , 07.01.18 )
Likud seeks to oust MK from party over refusal
MK Amsalem petitions Likud's internal court to revoke MK Sharren Haskel's
(10:49 , 07.01.18 )
Chief Rabbi Yosef comes out against death
Sephardi chief rabbi concerned anger in the world over execution of Palestinian
(09:51 , 07.01.18 )
Palestinians seek to become full UN member state
In latest diplomatic tit-for-tat, Palestinians plan to turn to Security Council
(09:03 , 07.01.18 )
IDF: More rockets from Gaza in 2017, fewer
Fresh statistics show mixed pictures, with number of rockets launched from Gaza
(08:45 , 07.01.18 )
Danya Cebus allegedly paid Bitan to advance gas
The highway construction company allegedly paid NIS 300,000 in bribes to MK
(00:03 , 07.01.18 )
PM Netanyahu, Elovitch met 7 times over 2-year
Prime Minister's Office publishes dates of meetings between PM Netanyahu, Bezeq
(23:24 , 06.01.18 )
Father, son, rescued from desert stream deluge
The pair entered water channel against explicit safety instructions, were
(22:39 , 06.01.18 ) 
Israel supports gradual funding cut to UNRWA
Despite initial apprehension, Israeli official says country now supports gradual
(21:55 , 06.01.18 )
Thousands march in weekly Tel Aviv
Some 1,500 people congregate in Tel Aviv's Bima Square, plan to march to city's
(21:36 , 06.01.18 )
Egypt: 'Jerusalem? Let Ramallah be Palestinian
Following Saudi suggestion of Abu Dis as future Palestinian capital, senior
(20:14 , 06.01.18 )
Jerusalem residents scatter trash around mayor's
Residents of capital protest sanitation workers' strike by scattering trash
(19:06 , 06.01.18 ) 
Gabbay: 'Elections in November 2018, I will be
Zionist Union Chairman Gabbay says in interview he's certain elections will take
(18:44 , 06.01.18 )
Palestinians attack car of Greek Patriarch in
Hundreds of Palestinians smash windshields, bang on motorcade of Greek Orthodox
(18:09 , 06.01.18 )
Ex-Chief Strategist Bannon: 'Let Jordan have
Explosive new book details President Trump's first year in the White House; book
(17:29 , 06.01.18 ) 
Israeli suspected in organ trafficking arrested
Moshe Harel was accused by Kosovo of illegal medical procedures, organized crime
(11:51 , 06.01.18 )
US ambassador Haley throws reception for
US Ambassador to UN Haley throws reception for ambassadors of 64 countries who
(11:35 , 06.01.18 )
Door to Arab family's Herzliya home torched
Door to home of family of Israeli Arabs who moved from Jerusalem to Herzliya
(21:55 , 05.01.18 ) 
Rwanda, Uganda deny deal with Israel to take
Foreign Ministries of Rwanda, Uganda deny having any agreement in place to admit
(20:52 , 05.01.18 )
Two sentenced for bribing soldiers, smuggling
Operation ringleader from Qalansawe receives 4 years in prison, NIS 150,000 fine
(16:17 , 05.01.18 )
Two children rescued from perlious floods caused
Children, aged 6 and 9, evacuated to hospital in Hadera with hypothermia after
(12:51 , 05.01.18 ) 
Heavy rains, ferocious winds whip Israel from
Rescue teams remove 2 drivers in Herzliya ensnared by 60cm puddle as drivers
(09:05 , 05.01.18 ) 
Prickles and a paunch: Israel's overweight
Ten overweight hedgehogs found waddling around are brought to the Ramat Gan zoo
(23:36 , 04.01.18 )
Jews forced to stow religious items on Delta Air
Former Delta flight attendant claims airline forced religious Jews, with no
(23:17 , 04.01.18 )
Stormy weekend ahead, floods expected
Wind and rain to pick up Thursday night till late Saturday; Extracurricular
(21:47 , 04.01.18 )
Shas minister will not resign to pass
Religious Services Minister Azoulay backtracks on his decision to vacate his
(19:58 , 04.01.18 )
Ex-Shin Bet director, PMO spar over security for
Yoram Cohen, the former director of the Shin Bet, says the agency recommended
(16:00 , 04.01.18 )
After losing father to terror, son wages war
Ministry of Strategic Affairs backs new non-profit organization dedicated to
(15:18 , 04.01.18 )
Shaked: No need for new death penalty
Justice minister says while she supports capital punishment for terrorists, it
(14:14 , 04.01.18 )
Haredi youth say Arabs attackers forced them to
Two Arab attackers allegedly forced the two ultra-Orthodox youth to declare
(13:01 , 04.01.18 )
Attorney Yitzhak Molcho questioned in submarine
Prime Minister Netanyahu's former envoy on diplomatic affairs interrogated by
(12:49 , 04.01.18 )
Shaked seeks to send Palestinian land petitions
Justice minister leads broad move to remove some authorities from the High Court
(09:49 , 04.01.18 )
Modi'in passes bylaws to circumvent supermarket
Following Rishon LeZion and Givatayim's lead, city of Modi’in scrambles to amend
(09:36 , 04.01.18 )
Military Police to investigate death of double
Initial IDF probe concluded no live fire had been aimed at Ibrahim Abu Thuraya
(09:14 , 04.01.18 )
IAF attacks Gaza terror infrastructure in
After three mortar shells fired at Israel on Wednesday, Israeli fighter jets
(08:12 , 04.01.18 )
Jerusalem to cut security at schools due to
An ongoing budget disagreement between the Finance Ministry, Jerusalem is
(23:17 , 03.01.18 )
Lawsuit alleges Delta discriminates against Jews
The four flight attendants allege that Delta created 'hostile' environment for
(22:49 , 03.01.18 )
Singapore bans documentary featuring Ahed Tamimi
Film heavily focused on Ahed Tamimi, a notorious Palestinian teen activist
(22:21 , 03.01.18 ) 
Three mortar shells fired at Eshkol as sirens
Three mortar shells launched from Gaza Strip in quick succession, with the last
(18:46 , 03.01.18 )
Knesset moves to ease restrictions on death
Controversial legislation spearheaded by Lieberman that would ease imposition of
(16:59 , 03.01.18 )
CEO of construction firm arrested in Bitan
Court extends remand by six days of Danya Cebus Ltd. boss Ronen Ginsburg, who is
(15:26 , 03.01.18 )
Netanyahu presents plan to increase disability
People with disabilities will see their benefits go up twice in 2018: an
(14:50 , 03.01.18 )
Lieberman storms out of government meeting after
Defense Minister Lieberman shouts and pounds on the table amid objections in the
(12:46 , 03.01.18 )
Palestinians condemn Trump aid halt threat:
Spokesman for Abbas rejects Trump's threat, saying 'If the United States is keen
(11:57 , 03.01.18 )
IDF: Islamic Jihad likely fired rockets during
Army concludes investigation into rocket fire on Friday, saying mortar shells
(11:30 , 03.01.18 )
Shin Bet nabs Palestinian agent recruited by
Palestinian computer engineering student from Hebron interrogated and indicted
(11:21 , 03.01.18 )
Arab TAU students heckle Egyptian lecturer for
Group of enraged Arab students heckle human rights and democracy activist Saad
(10:48 , 03.01.18 ) 
Rafael says India nixes $500 million arms deal
Deal cancelled to purchase 8,000 Spike anti-tank missiles and 300 launchers from
(10:19 , 03.01.18 )
Trump threatens to cut off US aid to Palestinian
In pair of tweets, Trump says US pays 'the Palestinians HUNDRED OF MILLIONS OF
(08:25 , 03.01.18 )
Iranian Israelis stage solidarity protest in
Iranian immigrants wave Iranian flags and Israeli flags in display of solidarity
(23:46 , 02.01.18 )
US weighs halting funding to UNRWA until
Days after US announces plans to cut $285 million from funds it provides to the
(22:44 , 02.01.18 ) 
Police suspect two firms bribed Bitan
Fresh information obtained by Ynet reveals police suspicions that two public
(21:11 , 02.01.18 )
African migrants given 3 months to leave Israel
Amid protests from rights groups, Population and Immigration Authority calls on
(18:57 , 02.01.18 )
Deri: I checked whether MK Glick can vote during
After attacking opposition over refusal to offset vote with MK Glick during
(15:25 , 02.01.18 )
Jerusalem bishop: Palestinian seductress sent to
After being accused of selling land to Jews, Syriac bishop says he was set up by
(14:55 , 02.01.18 )
Former Palestinian officer to be charged with
A retired major-general in Palestinian National Security Forces arrested on
(14:12 , 02.01.18 ) 
Eisenkot: calls for maximal force in Gaza
IDF Chief of Staff Eisenkot rejects politicians' criticism of army's response to
(12:21 , 02.01.18 )
Shin Bet warns of Hamas attempts to carry out
Data summing up terror threats and intelligence activity by Israel in 2017
(11:49 , 02.01.18 )
Ganor tells police: Shimron helped stop ships
At Ganor's request, attorney David Shimron, who has close ties to PM Netanyahu,
(11:42 , 02.01.18 )
Knesset passes Jerusalem, primary campaign
Lawmakers passes Unified Jerusalem Law, amending Basic Law so any change to
(10:38 , 02.01.18 )
INSS report details threat of two-pronged 'First
Report details Israel's strategic challenges for the coming year: war in north
(08:28 , 02.01.18 )
IDF retaliates to rocket launched at Eshkol
IDF retaliates to rocket launched at Eshkol Regional Council, attacking Hamas
(08:20 , 02.01.18 ) 
Supermarkets Bill vote postponed to next week
Fearing inability to gain majority due to absence of several of its members, the
(23:48 , 01.01.18 )
Netanyahu wishes success to Iran protesters,
PM Netanyahu mocks Iranian President Rouhani over allegations that Israel is
(22:17 , 01.01.18 ) 
Wife of MK Yehuda Glick passes away
MK's wife Yaffa, who supported him throughout long recovery from nearly fatal
(21:08 , 01.01.18 )
Ahed Tamimi, mother Nariman indicted for assault
17-year-old Palestinian poster child charged with aggravated assault, hindering
(16:16 , 01.01.18 )
Haredi parties foil efforts to amend
Contentious bill set to go up to a vote in second and third reading on Tuesday
(15:24 , 01.01.18 )
5 members of Hamas terror cell arrested in West
Hamas terrorist Abdullah Arar, involved in 2005 kidnapping and murder of Sasson
(14:31 , 01.01.18 )
Palestinian FM reportedly recalls US envoy for
Palestinian Minister of Foreign Affairs Riyad al-Maliki recalls Palestinian
(13:15 , 01.01.18 )
Torrential downpour leads to floods in multiple
30 millimeters of rain measured in Galilee and Golan Heights Monday, with
(12:54 , 01.01.18 ) 
Likud party calls for de-facto annexation of
Likud's Central Committee votes to adopt non-binding resolution to apply Israeli
(09:25 , 01.01.18 )
NYC to TLV: world rings in 2018
New Year welcomed across globe, with early celebrations in New Zealand,
(09:17 , 01.01.18 ) 
Givatayim amends bylaw for businesses to remain
Heading of Monday's vote on the Supermarkets Bill, the Givatayim municipality
(23:58 , 31.12.17 )
State to object to early release of man who
Parole board to discuss early release request of Yonatan Heilo, who killed the
(21:54 , 31.12.17 )
Man's body found shot in landfill
The body of a center region resident in his thirties discovered by a crane
(21:52 , 31.12.17 )
Ahed Tamimi's cousin indicted for role in Nabi
Nur Tamimi, 21-year-old cousin of Ahed Tamimi, filmed accosting, hitting IDF
(18:57 , 31.12.17 ) 
Barkat, Kahlon butt heads over 'capital grant'
Jerusalem Mayor Barkat goes on warpath against Finance Minister Kahlon for 3rd
(18:46 , 31.12.17 ) 
Settler sentenced to community service for
Otniel settler Eliraz Fein sentenced to five months of community service over
(18:38 , 31.12.17 )
Nearing nine million: Israel in numbers on eve
Central Bureau of Statistics publishes statistics in honor of 2017 drawing to a
(18:26 , 31.12.17 )
Galant advocates 'preventative, powerful blows'
In exclusive interview with Ynet, minister urges Israel to revise strategic
(15:50 , 31.12.17 )
Legislation advances paving way for Litzman's
Ministerial Committee for Legislation approves government bill proposal that
(14:11 , 31.12.17 )
Plan to combat worst rabies outbreak in Israeli
There has been a 400% spike in recorded rabies cases in Israel, but the Ministry
(13:52 , 31.12.17 )
3 Bedouin troops arrested over beating of Muslim
In recording obtained by Ynet, commanders of the unit can be heard verbally
(11:43 , 31.12.17 ) 
Government to approve NIS 200 million to combat
Population and Immigration Authority gets additional funds, 180 new jobs as part
(11:11 , 31.12.17 )
IAF pounds Hamas targets after weekend rocket
Israeli jets launch fresh strikes on two Hamas observation posts in northern
(08:50 , 31.12.17 )
Anti-government protests over alleged corruption
For the 58th consecutive week, country-wide protests break out against alleged
(23:30 , 30.12.17 )
Supermarkets Bill to be voted on Monday
Controversial bill limiting autonomy of cities over Shabbat observance heads for
(22:43 , 30.12.17 )
Son of slain Chabad couple to accompany
Moshe Holtzberg was a toddler when terrorists killed six occupants of a Chabad
(19:14 , 30.12.17 )
Israel to reenact declaration of independence
In honor of Israel's 70th Independence Day, actors portraying Ben Gurion, other
(15:52 , 30.12.17 )
Students' IDF refusal letter repudiated,
Some 650 12th-grade students sign letter disavowing previous letter penned by 63
(11:33 , 30.12.17 )
Arab IDF soldier alleges assault by Bedouin
IDF combat soldier of Arab-Muslim descent, member of Bedouin reconnaissance
(10:19 , 30.12.17 )
Shin Bet director: 'No concrete domestic threat
There was no domestic threat posed to PM Netanyahu's life, Shin Bet Director
(09:10 , 30.12.17 )
UNESCO director-general says regrets Israel
Audrey Azoulay insists that 'it is inside UNESCO and not outside it that states
(20:30 , 29.12.17 )
State asks HCJ for new hearing after ordered to
State asks to delay return of bodies of terrorists to families, arguing High
(20:00 , 29.12.17 )
Thousands of Palestinians riot in West Bank,
Palestinian rioters clash with Israeli forces in 20 different locations across
(16:09 , 29.12.17 )
Gaza rockets fired during ceremony for slain
Code Red alarm sounds in Gaza border communities; rocket hits structure in
(15:51 , 29.12.17 ) 
Decision to name Western Wall rail station for
The announcement by the Transit Ministry to honor Trump by naming a planned
(13:47 , 29.12.17 )
New government photo database depicts no Haredi
New photo database project by Ministry for Social Equality, meant to represent
(09:57 , 29.12.17 )
Government creates joint program for rapid BDS
Israeli government joins hands with Diaspora Jewry to combat delegitimization of
(09:02 , 29.12.17 ) 
Dozens of youth sign letter refusing to serve
63 Students from all over Israel pen letter to PM, ministers, refusing to enlist
(23:57 , 28.12.17 )
Sharp increase of police activity in Jerusalem
Arrests of terror suspects has climbed sharply in the last year as policing Arab
(22:11 , 28.12.17 )
Netanyahu hails Arab world's 'changing opinion'
Speaking during ceremony marking the signing of a development agreement in Ein
(20:23 , 28.12.17 )
Lebanese foreign minister denounced over Israel
An interview given by Lebanon's foreign minister causes an uproar over his
(19:18 , 28.12.17 )
Hayut touts Arab to fill Supreme Court vacancy
Supreme Court Chief Justice sends list to Justice Minister of candidates to fill
(17:45 , 28.12.17 )
Israel gave tiny island nation sewage treatment
Nauru, a 21 square kilometers island in the Pacific Ocean, gets sewage treatment
(14:38 , 28.12.17 )
Lapid: Shaked sacrificing laws for Netanyahu
Yesh Atid leader returns fire against justice minister, saying she is the one
(14:27 , 28.12.17 )
Court accepts AG request to delay hearings in
Meni Naftali, the former chief caretaker in the Prime Minister's Residence, is
(13:18 , 28.12.17 )
Jerusalem Central Bus Station terrorist charged
Yassin Abu al-Qara'a wished to avenge US recognition of Jerusalem as Israel's
(13:05 , 28.12.17 )
Lieberman's party wages campaign against
Yisrael Beytenu begins gathering signatures on a letter circulated among city
(11:56 , 28.12.17 )
Milchan says PM promised expensive jewelry is a
Still embroiled in the Prime Minister's illicit gifts affair, businessman Arnon
(10:36 , 28.12.17 )
Guatemala says US never pressued Jerusalem
Central American state's foreign minister says US applied no pressure, made 'no
(09:55 , 28.12.17 )
Israel helps Colombia upgrade its air force
Colombia's Kfir fighter squadron, constructed and supplied by Israel, is getting
(09:23 , 28.12.17 )
Knesset passes recommendations bill into law
After three days of opposition filibustering, controversial legislation barring
(08:29 , 28.12.17 )
Lapid vows to appeal Recommendations Bill if
As tumultuous Knesset session gets underway for 2nd and 3rd reading of
(23:21 , 27.12.17 )
Young cancer victim honored with record-breaking
Workers and volunteers at the Tel Aviv municipality build a 36-meter-high tower
(22:18 , 27.12.17 )
On Israeli border, Hezbollah, Syria demand rebel
Despite repeated Israeli warnings not to approach its northern frontier, Syrians
(22:07 , 27.12.17 )
Israelis fear financial impact of Supermarket
Israeli residents from north to south bemoan fact that bill being promoted by
(22:05 , 27.12.17 )
Soldier indicted for rape on a base
According to the indictment, the soldier told his victim, a female soldier, to
(19:06 , 27.12.17 )
Key suspect plea bargain incriminating Bitan in
Moshe Yosef prepares to sign plea bargain corroborating that the former
(17:23 , 27.12.17 )
You too will operate behind enemy lines, IAF
Speaking at a Flight Academy graduation ceremony at the Hatzerim Air Base,
(16:09 , 27.12.17 )
MK Litzman: Shabbat desecration is forbidden,
Confident that Supermarket Law will pass, former heath minister says fewer
(15:07 , 27.12.17 )
Minister Regev to MK Zoabi: Go to Gaza, traitor
Culture minister, Likud MK Hazan clash with Arab lawmaker after she accuses
(14:23 , 27.12.17 )
Oleh who converted to Islam, attempted to join
Valentine Mazlevski, who converted 17 years ago, intended to leave for Turkey,
(13:38 , 27.12.17 ) 
Western Wall train station to be named after
Transportation Minister Yisrael Katz decides to thank US president for
(12:29 , 27.12.17 )
Supermarkets Bill may apply to gas station
Interior Minister Deri may be allowed to order closure of convenience stores on
(11:55 , 27.12.17 )
Halamish terrorist convicted of 3 counts of
Omar al-Abed, who murdered three members of the Salomon family in July, enters
(11:21 , 27.12.17 )
Taub Center report shows discrepancy in Jewish,
Research center releases report delineating status of Israel's health, education
(10:05 , 27.12.17 )
Rivlin says did not call on citizens to join
After praising anti-corruption rallies on Tuesday, president clarifies 'it would
(09:53 , 27.12.17 )
Abbas lauds father of girl who provoked IDF
Palestinian president telephones Bassem Tamimi, father of 17-year-old Ahed
(09:10 , 27.12.17 ) 
Wednesday's planned school strike canceled last
Despite teachers insisting they're being cheated out of their right to sick
(23:15 , 26.12.17 )
Rivlin praises anti-corruption rallies, gives
President says opposition to rampant government corruption cannot merely be
(21:33 , 26.12.17 )
State Attorney weighs reopening probe against
New facts come to light as another Palestinian claims he was present at 2014
(19:42 , 26.12.17 )
Poll: 41% of Israelis back Lieberman's Wadi Ara
New poll conducted at behest of Yisrael Beytenu ahead of Sunday's party
(18:32 , 26.12.17 )
Two soldiers charged for beating Druze soldier
Military Prosecutor submits indictments against two soldiers who earlier this
(17:28 , 26.12.17 )
MK Hazan gets security after receiving threats
Knesset speaker Yuli Edelstein decides to assign security detail to rebel MK
(16:25 , 26.12.17 )
Report notes spike in suicide attempts, high
Annual report by the Israel National Council for the Child points to high rate
(15:27 , 26.12.17 )
Opposition filibusters recommendations bill
During three-day discussions, opposition lawmakers raise over 1,000 reservations
(12:26 , 26.12.17 )
Husband of orchestrator of attack on Ichilov
David Amouyal, who fled the country shortly after beating up 4 hospital security
(11:38 , 26.12.17 )
Rishon LeZion amends bylaw to allow businesses
As part of some municipalities' fight against the upcoming supermarkets bill,
(10:14 , 26.12.17 )
Court criticizes Shin Bet interrogation methods
After acquitting 23-year-old Khalil Nimri of charges of planning a bombing at a
(09:33 , 26.12.17 )
Knesset's work halted due to recommendations
The debate on the bill prohibiting the police from publishing its conclusions at
(23:20 , 25.12.17 )
Israeli embassy in Greece vandalized with red
Extreme left activists storm the Israeli embassy in Athens and throw dozens of
(23:05 , 25.12.17 ) 
Hazan confronts Palestinian prisoners' families
Likud MK boards a bus taking relatives to visit Palestinian security prisoners
(21:17 , 25.12.17 )
Israel orders deportation of two Turks after
The three Turks were briefly arrested during Palestinian demonstrations last
(20:03 , 25.12.17 )
Lapid confident Netanyahu will be questioned in
Yesh Atid leader asserts that if Netanyahu knew Israeli officials received
(19:29 , 25.12.17 )
Palestinians: Guatemala's embassy decision is
'It's a shameful and illegal act that goes totally against the wishes of church
(18:28 , 25.12.17 )
Former adviser to police chief: Information in
Lior Horev, Police Commissioner Alsheikh's former political adviser, reportedly
(18:02 , 25.12.17 )
Hamas: Iran will stand by Palestinian people in
After speaking to Iran, Hamas leader in the Gaza Strip Sinwar says the Islamic
(17:38 , 25.12.17 )
State to disclose details of Netanyahu-Elovitch
State Attorney's Office agrees to divulge details of meetings between Bezeq
(16:04 , 25.12.17 )
Honduras, Paraguay expected to join embassy move
After Guatemalan president announces decision to move embassy from Tel Aviv to
(15:33 , 25.12.17 )
Local authorities race to bypass looming
Holon, Givatayim mayors vow to pass bylaws permitting businesses to remain open
(13:55 , 25.12.17 )
After NSC advice, Cabinet vows to boost drone
Following state comptroller's report on Israel's failure to counter threat posed
(12:47 , 25.12.17 ) 
Bereaved families push for death sentence for
Defense Minister Lieberman's bill seeking capital punishment for convicted
(12:09 , 25.12.17 )
Guatemala announces Jerusalem Embassy move
Following example of US, Guatemalan President Morales announces planned embassy
(09:23 , 25.12.17 ) 
Syrian, Iranian backed forces advance in border
Despite PM Netanyahu's warning that Israel will not tolerate any Iranian
(08:30 , 25.12.17 )
Air force seeks recruitment of more female
In seeking to increase number of women graduating from its flight course,
(22:27 , 24.12.17 )
Jerusalem violence, rain put damper on Bethlehem
Renewed Israeli-Palestinian clashes over Jerusalem's status and heavy rainfall
(22:10 , 24.12.17 )
Bill revoking security prisoners' permanent
MK Ohana's bill heads to preliminary reading; draft stipulates interior minister
(21:04 , 24.12.17 )
Elor Azaria's parents submit second pardon
Parents of soldier who shot, killed neutralized terrorist in Hebron submit
(19:09 , 24.12.17 )
Kahlon will support 'changed' Nationality Bill
Finance Minister and Kulanu Chairman Kahlon informed Prime Minister Netanyahu
(17:40 , 24.12.17 )
Chess federation: Israel excluded from
Seven Israeli chess players denied visas to Saudi Arabia for speed chess
(16:51 , 24.12.17 )
Rabbis who urged soldiers to disobey evacuation
After three-year legal battle, judge acquits two rabbis who were indicted for
(15:49 , 24.12.17 )
2 Bedouin charged with murder of Sgt. Ron Kokia
Khaled Abu Jaudah, who identified with Hamas and harbored extremist views, was
(13:46 , 24.12.17 )
Shin Bet chief warns 'Hamas relentlessly
Nadav Argman tells Knesset committee despite apparent 'calm on ground in
(12:12 , 24.12.17 )
Palestinians smash memorial for terror victim
Mother of Danny Gonen, who was murdered in 2015 by Palestinian terrorist, writes
(10:41 , 24.12.17 )
GOC Central Command backs officer suing 'Jenin,
Lt. Col. (res.) Nissim Magnagi is suing Mohammad Bakri after he was shown in the
(10:37 , 24.12.17 )
Likud: Prop guillotine at Tel Aviv rally is
Ruling party says prop guillotine is call to murder PM Netanyahu; Amit Brin, who
(09:50 , 24.12.17 )
Chinese-backed peace push embraces two-state
Non-binding 'Beijing initiative' brings Palestinian and Israeli delegation
(09:17 , 24.12.17 )
Three Turkish tourists arrested at Temple Mount
Turkish nationals arrested near Temple Mount for assaulting police officers;
(23:19 , 23.12.17 )
Denmark halts aid to Palestinian NGO over terror
Danish Foreign Ministry decides to stop funding for 14 Palestinian organizations
(23:08 , 23.12.17 )
Thousands take to the streets to protest
Hundreds of protesters in Jerusalem call out 'We deserve clean politics,' while
(20:21 , 23.12.17 ) 
Right-wing to hold anti-corruption rally in
Former defense minister Ya'alon, 3 Kulanu MKs and other prominent right-wing
(20:02 , 23.12.17 )
Amsalem: Getting cigars from a friend is not
Newly-appointed coalition chairman allows that 'a prime minister who is indicted
(19:36 , 23.12.17 )
Barak: Government's policies will lead IDF, Shin
Former PM Ehud Barak warns nationalistic agenda led by the government, which
(17:13 , 23.12.17 )
PM Netanyahu names new special political envoy
National Security Council head Meir Ben Shabbat is set to replace outgoing
(22:47 , 22.12.17 )
Israel to withdraw from UNESCO, following US
Following the US' example, Israel decides to leave the United Nations
(21:33 , 22.12.17 )
Bereaved mother calls on UN to pressure Hamas to
Mother of fallen soldier Hadar Goldin says Hamas violated UN ceasefire to kill,
(20:09 , 22.12.17 ) 
2 Palestinians killed in Gaza as riots hit
In yet another day of rage, Palestinians in West Bank and Gaza shower Israeli
(17:04 , 22.12.17 )
Sgt. Kokia's killer planned to kidnap him for
Khaled Abu Jaudah, a Negev resident who stabbed 19-year-old soldier to death,
(12:20 , 22.12.17 )
Pilot killed after light aircraft crashes
MDA paramedics pronounce sixty-year-old man dead at the scene when plane plunges
(10:23 , 22.12.17 ) 
IDF launches probe into footage of troops
Incident recorded by Hebron resident shows group of IDF soldiers randomly
(09:45 , 22.12.17 ) 
PM Netanyahu to pay tax on private residence's
Israel Tax Authority-led team decides expenses for private needs in PM
(09:01 , 22.12.17 )
Jerusalem 'Santa' offers free Christmas trees to
Man dressed as Santa Claus riding a camel is trying to spread the Christmas
(23:46 , 21.12.17 )
Shaked, Chief Justice Hayut clash on Supreme
Justice Minister Shaked, Supreme Court Chief Justice Hayut outline opposing
(23:16 , 21.12.17 )
Kulanu, Likud MKs to participate in right-wing
Anti-corruption rally to be held in Jerusalem Saturday night garners support
(21:42 , 21.12.17 )
Arab Muslim judge nearing Supreme Court
Chaled Kabub closing in on nomination to Supreme Court, which if successful will
(21:36 , 21.12.17 )
Diplomats protest outside Israeli embassies
Foreign Affairs Ministry employees protest working conditions in embassies
(21:30 , 21.12.17 ) 
UN declares US Jerusalem decision 'null, void'
Approved with an overwhelming majority of 128-9, the UN General assembly passes
(19:57 , 21.12.17 ) 
IDF chief rabbi threatens reservists over
Army's Chief Rabbi Col. Eyal Karim publishes letter warning reservists serving
(17:08 , 21.12.17 )
South Africa's ANC decides on Israel embassy
Ahead of the UN vote on Jerusalem, South Africa's ruling party downgrades its
(17:02 , 21.12.17 )
Fatah launches virulent attack against Trump
Abbas's party mounts anti-Trump campaign, posting tweets comparing the American
(15:36 , 21.12.17 ) 
Alsheikh rejects Netanyahu's fiery speech on
Responding to Netanyahu's criticism against the police this week amid numerous
(14:14 , 21.12.17 )
Bangladesh rejects Israeli aid offers for
With no diplomatic ties to Jerusalem, Bangladesh politely declines Israeli offer
(12:20 , 21.12.17 )
Netanyahu slams UN ahead of Jerusalem vote:
'Jerusalem is the capital of Israel, whether the UN recognizes this or not,'
(12:17 , 21.12.17 )
US to Israel: Hold back on huge Jerusalem
Trump's special Mideast envoy Jason Greenblatt and ambassador David Friedman
(10:57 , 21.12.17 )
Netanyahu tasks Amsalem with passing nationality
The first task of new coalition chairman David Amsalem is to push a contentious
(10:29 , 21.12.17 )
Israel, US team up to block UN vote on Jerusalem
As Israeli Foreign Ministry mounts 'very vast' lobbying campaign to convince
(09:18 , 21.12.17 )
Israel, US team up to block UN vote on Jerusalem
Ahead of a UN vote to annul US President Trump's recognition of Jerusalem as
(23:26 , 20.12.17 )
Austria's Kurz says will fight anti-Semitism
Attempting to appease Israel over its refusal to work directly with any
(22:31 , 20.12.17 )
Trump threatens to cut aid to UN members over
Following US Ambassador Nikki Haley's threat to the UN saying the US 'will be
(21:18 , 20.12.17 ) 
Erdan 'not alright' with Netanyahu's remarks on
Public security minister says Netanyahu's verbal assault on the police for
(18:40 , 20.12.17 )
Hamas terror cell planned to kidnap MK Glick,
Shin Bet indicts 3 Hamas members for planning to kidnap an MK and an IDF
(17:28 , 20.12.17 )
Bitan steps down as coalition chairman amid
Likud MK asks PM Netanyahu to relieve him of his role, saying the investigation
(15:55 , 20.12.17 )
Police: No evidence to charge father in Qusra
Israeli who shot dead one of the Palestinian rioters who hurled stones at a
(14:57 , 20.12.17 )
Day of rage sweeps West Bank ahead of UN
Anger and violence continues to grip West Bank and Gaza border region as
(14:33 , 20.12.17 ) 
Basic Law proposal seeks to limit Supreme
Under legislation proposed by Bennett, Shaked, the High Court could only strike
(13:54 , 20.12.17 )
IDF officer: in West Bank, soldiers should be
Following incident in which two Palestinian women hit IDF soldiers in an effort
(12:18 , 20.12.17 ) 
Family killed in Brooklyn house fire laid to
Thousands pay final respects in Holon cemetery to four members of the Azan
(11:48 , 20.12.17 )
Netanyahu heckled at Bible Quiz for arms sales
Israeli activists decry government's military aid to regimes with poor human
(09:50 , 20.12.17 )
Second attacker arrested in connection with Nabi
Nur Tamimi, who was filmed along with her cousin Ahed Tamimi slapping and
(09:14 , 20.12.17 ) 
Israel denies targeting Gazan amputee in riots
IDF says investigation shows 'no live fire was aimed at' wheelchair-bound
(23:57 , 19.12.17 )
After US veto, UN General Assembly to meet on
Rare emergency session to be held Thursday as anger over Trump's recognition of
(23:17 , 19.12.17 )
PM: Most indictment recommendations are 'tossed
Speaking at Likud party event celebrating final night of Hanukkah, Netanyahu
(22:14 , 19.12.17 )
Soldier-abusing Palestinian teen said she 'may
Ahed Tamimi, 16, who was arrested for physically assaulting two IDF soldiers,
(21:20 , 19.12.17 ) 
Teva workers: 'We'll stop distributing drugs for
After Teva CEO Kåre Schultz refuses to budge following PM Netanyahu's
(19:37 , 19.12.17 )
Teva CEO tells PM no bending on mass redundancy
Despite personal attempts by Netanyahu and government ministers to persuade
(18:10 , 19.12.17 )
Silwan resident sentenced to 15 years in prison
Terrorist from east Jerusalem neighborhood of Silwan get jailtime for attempted
(14:28 , 19.12.17 )
PM, ministers to meet Teva CEO on Jerusalem
PM Netanyahu, members of a special ministerial committee to convene with Teva
(12:24 , 19.12.17 )
Attorney general opposes death penalty for
Mandelblit to submit updated opinion on death penalty for terrorists bill
(11:29 , 19.12.17 )
Israel to maintain ties with Austrian government
Far right Freedom Party, which is known for its anti-Semitic views, joins
(11:12 , 19.12.17 )
Palestinian girl filmed provoking IDF soldiers
Border Policewomen arrest Ahed Tamimi, Palestinian girl filmed provoking IDF
(10:20 , 19.12.17 ) 
Palestinians plan UN move to embarrass US over
PA plans to bring resolution vetoed by the Trump administration at Security
(10:07 , 19.12.17 )
Video shows IDF's retaliatory attacks on 40
IDF Spokesperson's Unit publishes video showing IDF attacks on 40 Hamas targets
(09:43 , 19.12.17 ) 
Pence postpones Israel visit to mid-January,
For the second time, the American vice president postpones his trip to Israel
(08:33 , 19.12.17 )
Watch: IDF soldiers provoked but refrain from
Despite aggressive harassment faced by Palestinian girls in West Bank town of
(23:52 , 18.12.17 ) 
Netanyahu's son countersues research institute
In response to an institute's libel suit against him for a slanderous Facebook
(23:20 , 18.12.17 )
US vetoes UN call for withdrawal of Trump
14 of the 15 Security Council members vote for the annulment of US' recognition
(20:37 , 18.12.17 )
Two convicted of causing death by negligence in
The two main defendants in the Mt. Herzl disaster, in which IDF 2nd Lt. Hila
(19:50 , 18.12.17 )
Palestinian charged with attempted murder for
Muhammad Wadi is indicted for attempted murder after entering the cave where
(18:39 , 18.12.17 )
Gabbay, Livni slam Netanyahu on loss of
Zionist Union leaders attack prime minister on his handling of security
(15:54 , 18.12.17 )
Security Cabinet seeks additional HCJ hearing on
Cabinet disavows High Court ruling on state returning bodies of terrorists held
(13:33 , 18.12.17 )
Despite recognition, government hesitant to
Although US recently recognized Jerusalem as Israel's capital and government has
(09:51 , 18.12.17 )
2 crime bosses suspected of murdering state
Yaniv Zaguri and Michael Mor set to be indicted for orchestrating murder of
(09:39 , 18.12.17 )
IDF strikes in northern Gaza in response to
IAF planes attack six Hamas targets in the strip, including a military compound
(08:19 , 18.12.17 ) 
Experts fear dangers faced in Rwanda by expelled
With the government paying asylum seekers $3,500 to leave Israel for Rwanda,
(23:47 , 17.12.17 )
UN to vote on call for US Jerusalem decision to
Security Council prepares to vote Monday on draft resolution aimed at pressuring
(22:54 , 17.12.17 ) 
IDF arrests 2 for attacking Druze soldier
Grandfather of the Druze soldier who was beaten until unconscious last week on
(22:01 , 17.12.17 )
Two rockets fired from Gaza at Israel, no
Rockets fired from the Gaza Strip into Israel, with one crashing down near a
(21:24 , 17.12.17 )
Family of Iraqi beauty queen threatened over
Sarah Abdali Idan’s family forced to flee to US in the face of death threats
(19:02 , 17.12.17 )
Israeli workers stage nationwide strike amid
As pharmaceutical firm’s Israeli workforce faces massive layoffs due to growing
(18:40 , 17.12.17 )
Turkey aims to open Palestinian embassy in east
Taking further steps against US President Trump's recognition of Jerusalem as
(17:38 , 17.12.17 )
'Trump should've pushed peace plan with
While President Trump's recognition of Jerusalem as Israel's capital was
(16:18 , 17.12.17 )
Deri denies threatening to quit government over
Interior minister claims his legislation—which would give him the authority to
(15:18 , 17.12.17 )
Jerusalem Teva employees protest layoffs,
Hundreds of the Israeli pharmaceutical juggernaut's employees blocked roads in
(14:06 , 17.12.17 ) 
Students protest canceling of bereaved parents
Student at a Nesher high school write to Education Ministry requesting
(13:08 , 17.12.17 )
Druze soldier beaten into unconsciousness by
Family of Druze soldier accuses two fellow soldiers of assaulting him, then
(12:26 , 17.12.17 )
Palestinian carrying 2 pipe bombs arrested
Jenin resident trying to bring explosive devices into military court near the
(11:45 , 17.12.17 )
Former tourism minister Misezhnikov begins
Former Yisrael Beytenu minister Stas Misezhnikov, who was convicted of fraud and
(10:34 , 17.12.17 )
Indonesia clerics call for boycott of US
Some 80,000 rally in Jakarta in 10th straight day of protests; petition by
(09:23 , 17.12.17 )
Fatah calls for protests against US VP Pence's
'We call for angry protests in Jerusalem to coincide with the visit of US Vice
(23:43 , 16.12.17 )
Protesters march in Tel Aviv against government
Over 10,000 demonstrators march from Rothschild Boulevard to Habima Square in
(22:24 , 16.12.17 )
UN council mulls call for US Jerusalem decision
Egyptian draft resolution 'demands all states comply with Security Council
(22:03 , 16.12.17 )
Elbit Systems develops new Android-based rifle
Meet Elbit's new XACT rifle smart-scope: based on Android software, it can
(18:52 , 16.12.17 )
Palestinians bury amputee protester killed in
Ibrahim Abu Thuraya, who lost both of his legs in an IAF strike in 2008, was
(18:28 , 16.12.17 ) 
Lives of women appealing to remove Beit Shemesh
Unknown parties call the homes of 2 of 4 women who appealed to High Court to
(16:16 , 16.12.17 )
Israel questions Iranian blogger after giving
Iranian blogger Amin, admitted on humanitarian grounds to Israel by Interior
(15:20 , 16.12.17 )
German president condemns Israeli flag burning
During demonstrations held in Germany last week in response to President Trump's
(14:20 , 16.12.17 ) 
East Jerusalem clashes continue Friday night,
Protests break out in several spots in east Jerusalem late Friday after Trump
(13:03 , 16.12.17 ) 
Justice Ministry, police clash over Steinitz
Tensions mount between Justice Ministry, police over decision to question Energy
(09:49 , 16.12.17 )
White House signals Western Wall has to be part
Following US recognition of Jerusalem as Israel's capital, senior Trump
(23:22 , 15.12.17 )
Turkey seeking to annul Trump decision on
Turkish President Erdogan says he is working with the United Nations to annul US
(22:19 , 15.12.17 )
Lieberman: security cooperation crucial for both
Defense Minister Lieberman notes security cooperation should not be presented as
(21:00 , 15.12.17 )
4 dead, scores wounded in clashes over Jerusalem
As 'Day of Rage' protests enter a second week, violence breaks out along the
(19:18 , 15.12.17 ) 
Border cop wounded in West Bank stabbing attack,
Incident occurs during clashes between Palestinians and Israeli security forces
(18:59 , 15.12.17 ) 
Netanyahu grilled for 4 hours in seventh round
Police investigators question Netanyahu at the PM's Residence on extravagant
(13:40 , 15.12.17 )
Bereaved families fume over ruling on
High Court enrages families after ruling state cannot indefinitely hold on to
(13:26 , 15.12.17 )
General strike over Teva layoffs won't include
Chairman of the Histadrut Labor Federation Avi Nissenkorn says exception made
(11:09 , 15.12.17 )
Mrs. Netanyahu: fmr. PMR employee's allegations
Statement of defense submitted by PM's wife Sara Netanyahu in suit by fmr. PMR
(09:42 , 15.12.17 )
Katsav appeals to court to rescind overnight
Fmr. President Katsav appeals to court to rescind overnight house arrest—upheld
(23:41 , 14.12.17 )
Saudi FM: Trump serious on Mid-East peace
Al-Jubeir says in interview Trump peace plan 'not yet finalized', administration
(23:37 , 14.12.17 )
Edelstein: Rivlin within his rights to reject
Knesset Speaker Edelstein comments on issues of public note, says President
(23:31 , 14.12.17 )
HCJ rules terrorists' bodies can't be held as
The High Court of Justice accepts a petition from families of killed terrorists
(23:21 , 14.12.17 )
Security officials: Hamas fears, readies for war
Israeli security establishment officials estimate Hamas to be operationally
(19:29 , 14.12.17 )
Housing project discriminates against Sephardic
Yedioth investigative report reveals Sephardic and Mizrahi Jews inquiring about
(18:57 , 14.12.17 )
Police lean on MK Bitan's 'banker' to turn state
Moshe Yosef's bank accounts and assets were frozen, while his close associates
(13:56 , 14.12.17 )
Police suspect Steinitz's primary campaign was
State witness Miki Ganor tells police he was recruited by Steinitz's former
(12:38 , 14.12.17 )
Israeli shoots daughter in murder-suicide in
An Israeli reserved computer programmer going through divorce and custody battle
(12:13 , 14.12.17 )
Amb. Friedman 'proud to light menorah in
David Friedman delivers speech in Hebrew at the Kotel after lighting the menorah
(12:13 , 14.12.17 ) 
WATCH: Gazans cross Israeli border with apparent
Online news site in Gaza publishes clip showing group of Palestinians breaching
(10:52 , 14.12.17 ) 
Histadrut threatens major strike to protest Teva
Half-day strike Sunday in protest of Teva decision to cut 3,300 jobs set to
(10:17 , 14.12.17 )
US Vice President Pence to postpone Israel visit
Pence to stay in Washington to help President Trump promote his tax reforms in
(09:47 , 14.12.17 )
IAF attacks 3 Hamas targets in Gaza after rocket
Southern residents run for cover again this week after three consecutive Code
(08:22 , 14.12.17 ) 
Border Police conduct nationwide sweep against
Weeks-long covert operation culminates in arrest of 367 Palestinians illegally
(23:20 , 13.12.17 ) 
Tel Aviv municipality hoists Sudanese, Eritrean
Flags put up as part of upcoming lights festival to connect the neighborhood's
(20:32 , 13.12.17 )
WATCH: Undercover cops arrest Palestinian
Border Policemen make arrests during protest staged by 400 rioters in Ramallah
(20:31 , 13.12.17 ) 
Israeli minister calls on Saudi Arabia to lead
Speaking to Saudi Arabian newspaper, Yisrael Katz says Gulf state understands
(19:26 , 13.12.17 )
Jordanian pilot to passengers: 'We're now flying
Pilot Yousef Dajah widely praised in Jordan after he told his passengers that
(18:28 , 13.12.17 )
Sokolov Award, the 'Israeli Pulitzer,' honors
Dr. Ronen Bergman receives the highest Israeli prize for journalism for ‘serious
(17:04 , 13.12.17 )
Muslim nations set to declare east Jerusalem as
Leaders and ministers from more than 50 Muslim countries gather in Istanbul
(16:46 , 13.12.17 )
Palestinians hurl stones at Israeli cars,
Some 40 settlers threw stones at Palestinian residents and their homes in Burin,
(15:44 , 13.12.17 ) 
Bahrain interfaith group pays unprecedented
Participants included Sunni, Shiite Muslims, Buddhists, Christians, Hindus,
(14:25 , 13.12.17 )
IN PHOTOS: Hanukkah menorah lightings around the
Jews gather worldwide for public Menorah lighting ceremonies on the first night
(14:15 , 13.12.17 )
Shin Bet foils Hamas plot to kidnap Israelis in
Hamas cell from the village of Tell, near Nablus, planned to kidnap an IDF
(12:09 , 13.12.17 )
Arad lights first Hannukah candle in memory of
Hundreds of Arad residents gather at site of terror attack that claimed the life
(09:48 , 13.12.17 )
IAF attacks Hamas targets in response to rocket
After rocket falls in an open area at the Hof Ashkelon Regional Council—causing
(08:23 , 13.12.17 )
Erdan to equate Border Police wages with IDF
Public Security Minister Erdan announced his ministry will pay for equating
(23:44 , 12.12.17 )
AG blasts Bennett on Asso. of Civil Rights
In letter decrying Education Minister Bennett's decision to cancel conference
(22:27 , 12.12.17 )
MK Bitan faces multiple bribery allegations
Rishon LeZion Businessman Moshe Yosef becomes embroiled in MK Bitan's corruption
(21:52 , 12.12.17 )
As in 2014, fragile situation in Gaza can
Analysis: In the summer of 2014, when all eyes were focused on the inflamed West
(20:15 , 12.12.17 )
IDF to conduct inquiry into shooting of unarmed
Palestinian shot, seriously wounded by IDF force near Palestinian city of
(18:53 , 12.12.17 )
Knesset approves Holot detention center closure
The Holot detention facility, which houses African illegal immigrants and asylum
(16:50 , 12.12.17 )
Church of Loaves and Fishes arsonist sentenced
Jewish extremist Yinon Reuveni, convicted of setting fire to the Benedictine
(15:27 , 12.12.17 )
IDF appeases religious soldiers, eases Joint
In a move to accommodate religious soldiers who stand against the IDF's recent
(13:39 , 12.12.17 )
Survey finds deep divisions, displeasure with
Israeli Democracy Index finds 45% of population believes the country's
(12:34 , 12.12.17 )
Supermarkets bill passes first Knesset reading
Interior Minister Aryeh Deri comes on step closer to having the authority to
(11:38 , 12.12.17 )
High school teachers' strike ends as agreement
Starting salary for new teachers will be set at NIS 8,000 a month in an effort
(11:10 , 12.12.17 )
Rabbi Aharon Leib Shteinman passes away at age
Rabbi Aharon Leib Shteinman, widely regarded as Gadol Hador, suffers cardiac
(08:38 , 12.12.17 )
Iron Dome intercepts rocket above Ashkelon, IDF
Barrage of rockets launched at Hof Ashkelon Regional council towns, Ashkelon; at
(08:19 , 12.12.17 ) 
Gabbay to Netanyahu: 'Time for elections'
Zionist Union Chairman Gabbay calls on Netanyahu to reach decision 'entire
(23:14 , 11.12.17 )
Bayit Yehudi MK demands bulletproofing for West
MK Yogev threatens to break with coalition of budget was not allocated
(23:07 , 11.12.17 )
Speaking from experience, Rivlin comments on
In a President's Residence swearing-in ceremony, President Rivlin recounts
(21:32 , 11.12.17 )
Rocket launched from Gaza, explodes in open
With tensions mounting in Israeli communities on Gaza Strip's perimeter, another
(20:15 , 11.12.17 )
Netanyahu: Iran eyes sending 80,000 Shiite
In press briefing before concluding European trip, PM Netanyahu says Iran seeks
(19:18 , 11.12.17 ) 
Indonesians burn US, Israeli flags in 4th day of
US, Israeli flags burnt in front of the American embassy in Jakartain 4th day of
(19:13 , 11.12.17 )
Merkel condemns recent anti-Semitic incidents in
'One must be ashamed when such open hatred of Jews is on display on the streets
(19:12 , 11.12.17 )
Wadi Ara residents angered over Lieberman's call
Following the Defense Minister's call to boycott Wadi Ara in an attempt to make
(19:04 , 11.12.17 )
Erdogan: US is a partner in bloodshed with
'The ones who made Jerusalem a dungeon for Muslims and members of other
(14:44 , 11.12.17 )
Bahraini civil society group under pressure
Bahraini group defends Israel visit as a gesture of tolerance, coexistence
(14:13 , 11.12.17 )
WATCH: 300 landmines detonated in Golan Heights
Campaign underway to clear thousands of landmines buried by Syria in the Golan
(14:05 , 11.12.17 ) 
Herzliya man arrested on charges of killing his
US authorities seek extradition of Thomas Joseph Gross, 63, suspected of killing
(13:55 , 11.12.17 )
Abbas heads to Cairo, Istanbul to rally region
Palestinian president to meet with al-Sisi in Egypt to discuss response to
(13:28 , 11.12.17 )
Guard who neutralized terrorist: 'I jumped,
'I just wanted to catch this person, and for him to not hurt any more people
(11:51 , 11.12.17 ) 
Lieberman: World is interested in our
Defense minister says many countries are interested in innovative Israeli tunnel
(10:57 , 11.12.17 )
Netanyahu calls on EU to follow US lead on
Prime Minister Netanyahu attends informal breakfast with EU foreign ministers in
(10:02 , 11.12.17 ) 
Video shows taxi driver hindered guard taking
Taxi driver and retired policeman Yosef Ben Amo was praised for helping subdue
(08:59 , 11.12.17 ) 
Man who helped subdue terrorist 'didn't hesitate
Yosef Ben Amo, the cab driver and retired cop who helped apprehend a terrorist
(23:18 , 10.12.17 ) 
Hamas warned Israel will 'learn error of its
Minutes before Israel announces Sunday it destroyed a Hamas tunnel, terror group
(22:19 , 10.12.17 )
IDF to Hamas: Terror tunnels are a 'death trap
After IDF announces another Hamas cross-border tunnel discovered in Israeli
(19:33 , 10.12.17 )
Netanyahu: 'We won't be lectured by Erdogan'
Speaking during a joint press conference with French president in Paris,
(18:52 , 10.12.17 ) 
Erdogan says Israel a 'terrorist state that
In fiery speech, Turkish president vows to use 'all means to fight' against
(15:58 , 10.12.17 )
Security guard seriously hurt in Jerusalem
Man stabbed in upper body on city's Jaffa Street at the entrance of the central
(14:30 , 10.12.17 ) 
IDF uncovers cross-border Hamas terror tunnel
Tunnel stretching a few hundreds of meters into Israeli territory neutralized by
(13:58 , 10.12.17 )
Ministerial Committee for Legislation confers
In tumultuous week, ministers voted to pass bill transferring war powers from
(13:57 , 10.12.17 )
9-year-old girl wounded in Gush Etzion
Girl lightly hurt by glass shards as rocks hit her mother's car; stones hurled
(13:09 , 10.12.17 )
Wadi Ara not part of State of Israel, Lieberman
Following Saturday's violent protest in northern Israeli Arab region against US
(10:35 , 10.12.17 )
Czech leader slams EU 'cowards' on Jerusalem
Milos Zeman, president of only European country to recognize Jerusalem as
(08:45 , 10.12.17 )
Arab foreign ministers blast Trump over
Arab League chief Ahmed Aboul-Gheit and Palestinian Foreign Minister Riyad
(22:53 , 09.12.17 )
IDF commander suspended after stealing fruit
Givati squad commander filmed stealing apples for himself and his soldiers from
(21:29 , 09.12.17 ) 
Tens of thousands protest corruption in Tel Aviv
Following last week's 'March of Shame', more than 10,000 people turn up to
(20:56 , 09.12.17 ) 
Erdoğan steps up attacks on 'state of
Turkish President Erdoğan rails against President's Trump's decision to
(19:45 , 09.12.17 )
UN Security Council set to hold discussion on
Leah Goldin, whose son Lt. Hadar Goldin was killed and taken by Hamas, will urge
(19:39 , 09.12.17 )
'Day of Rage' protests continue in Jerusalem,
In wake of President Trump's declaration, protests continue in east Jerusalem,
(19:03 , 09.12.17 ) 
Iran-backed Iraqi militant commander visits
During tour of border with Hezbollah members, Qais al-Khazali, who was banned
(18:50 , 09.12.17 ) 
Palestinian president to shun Pence over
'The United States has crossed all the red lines with the Jerusalem decision,'
(17:13 , 09.12.17 )
Sderot residents get no reprieve from rocket
Accustomed but not at peace, resident of Jewish communities near the Gaza border
(15:18 , 09.12.17 )
Despite furor over Jerusalem move, Saudis seen
Though condemning US' recognition of Jerusalem as Israel capital, Saudi Arabia
(11:39 , 09.12.17 )
IDF retaliates in Gaza following Sderot attack,
Following Friday night's rocket attack on Sderot, IAF fighter jets attack Hamas
(10:33 , 09.12.17 )
Qusra bar mitzvah trip completed
A week after being pelted with stones, parent retaliating by shooting, Avizur
(23:56 , 08.12.17 ) 
Rocket fired from Gaza lands in Sderot
After IDF attack on Hamas targets in Gaza in retaliation to 2 previous rocket
(22:42 , 08.12.17 ) 
Haniyeh: 'Anyone thinking we will stop at
Hamas political bureau chief Haniyeh cautions Palestinians will not be satisfied
(20:10 , 08.12.17 ) 
Tillerson: 'Status of J'lem not final'
Sect. of State Tillerson says status of J'lem—including borders—not final, to be
(19:15 , 08.12.17 )
2 killed, 300 wounded when Palestinians clash
Thousands of Palestinians congregate to protest President Trump's recognition of
(16:54 , 08.12.17 ) 
Wave of protests over Jerusalem reaches Asia
Hundreds assemble outside US Embassy in Indonesia's capital, Jakarta screaming
(12:06 , 08.12.17 ) 
Rocks thrown at Egged bus, woman wounded
Police launch investigation after bus comes under attack by at least one
(11:26 , 08.12.17 ) 
Israel girds for 'Day of Rage' over Trump's
Hamas terror group calls for violent Palestinian uprising after Trump declares
(09:07 , 08.12.17 ) 
Rajoub: VP Pence 'unwelcome in Palestine'
VP Pence 'unwelcome in Palestine,' says senior Fatah official Rajoub in wake of
(23:32 , 07.12.17 ) 
Trump, PM Netanyahu spoke 3 times before speech
President Trump, PM Netanyahu spoke 3 times over 10-day period before speech;
(22:31 , 07.12.17 )
2 rockets launched at Israel from Gaza, IDF
In wake of mounting tensions following President Trump's speech, 2 missiles
(22:30 , 07.12.17 )
EU vows push to make Jerusalem capital for
European Union's top diplomat Mogherini says Jerusalem should be capital of both
(20:31 , 07.12.17 )
Hezbollah urges new Palestinian uprising,
The leader of Hezbollah is calling for a sustained campaign by Palestinians,
(20:30 , 07.12.17 )
Trump's Jerusalem declaration splits Israel's
MKs from across Israel's political spectrum respond to President Trump's
(18:55 , 07.12.17 ) 
Man draped in Palestinian flag smashes Jewish
A Palestinian flag draped protester smashed window, attempted to remove flag
(18:37 , 07.12.17 ) 
Preliminary police conclusions rule Qusra
While police investigation into Qusra shooting incident still ongoing,
(18:17 , 07.12.17 ) 
Argentina ex-president sought for '94 Jewish
Warrant is issued for the arrest of former Argentine president Cristina Kirchner
(18:12 , 07.12.17 )
Thousands of Palestinians protest US Jerusalem
Heeding Palestinian Authority calls for day of protests, Palestinians
(17:15 , 07.12.17 ) 
Rabbis to Trump: 'You are fulfilling prophecies'
250 rabbis sent thank you letter praising Trump's decision to recognize
(15:34 , 07.12.17 )
Likud MK Hazan indicted for assaulting public
Hazan cursed, threatened Ariel mayor, municipality director-general in 2014
(15:08 , 07.12.17 )
Push by evangelicals helped set stage for Trump
Intense push by US evangelicals drove Trump’s decision recognizing Jerusalem as
(14:00 , 07.12.17 )
Hamas calls for new intifada, IDF sends
Ismail Haniyeh says US decision to recognize Jerusalem as Israel's capital 'is a
(11:28 , 07.12.17 )
Netanyahu sees 'many' nations following US move
Israel's Foreign Ministry and diplomatic missions abroad putting out feelers to
(10:51 , 07.12.17 )
UN Security Council to meet Friday on US
Eight countries request UN Secretary-General Guterres to publicly brief the
(10:10 , 07.12.17 )
20 Palestinians arrested in connection with
Israeli security forces arrest Palestinians suspected of being involved in the
(09:19 , 07.12.17 ) 
US asks Israel to restrain response to Jerusalem
State Department document instructs American diplomats to convey message to
(08:44 , 07.12.17 )
FULL SPEECH: Trump recognizes Jerusalem as
(23:40 , 06.12.17 ) 
Western leaders worried over Trump's Jerusalem
Concerned it could lead to increased tensions and outbreaks of violence that
(23:17 , 06.12.17 ) 
Abbas warns of 'wars without end' following US
Palestinian president says US 'has essentially announced its withdrawal from its
(21:44 , 06.12.17 ) 
Netanyahu urges world to follow US lead on
Israeli PM congratulates Trump on his decision to recognize Jerusalem as
(21:07 , 06.12.17 )
Trump recognizes Jerusalem as Israel's capital:
US President Trump breaks with decades-long US policy, saying move 'is nothing
(19:45 , 06.12.17 ) 
Bedouin municipal heads condemn murder of Sgt.
'We share your pain and strongly condemn the act,' Rahat mayor tells Arad mayor
(19:42 , 06.12.17 )
IDF certifies first ever female tank operators
13 women finish combat training to become IDF's newest and first ever female
(18:22 , 06.12.17 )
IAF declares F-35 squadron operational
Israel Air Force declares 1st squadron of F-35 'Adir' jets operational, ready to
(17:26 , 06.12.17 ) 
Jordan's king warns: 'denying Islamic rights in
In Ankara, King Abdullah warns of possible ramifications of US recognition of
(17:06 , 06.12.17 )
Abbas and Haniyeh close ranks on Trump
Hamas leader tells Al Jazeera he and Abbas agreed during phone conversation on
(16:01 , 06.12.17 )
East J'lem residents threaten violence over
Public Security Minister Erdan insists intelligence does not indicate any mass
(15:16 , 06.12.17 )
Iranian supreme leader: 'Palestine will be
Ayatollah Khamenei says planned speech by President Trump on J'lem recognition,
(13:39 , 06.12.17 )
Trump may pay lip service to two-state solution
President Trump to officially recognize Jerusalem as Israeli capital, may
(12:06 , 06.12.17 ) 
After alleged IAF strikes in Syria, army
In light of rising tensions on Israel’s northern border, IDF stages surprise
(11:20 , 06.12.17 )
Bitan questioned for second time in corruption
Arriving for 2nd round of interrogation at anti-corruption Lahav 433 unit,
(10:03 , 06.12.17 )
IDF faces motivation, manpower slump
Fresh statistics indicate short term manpower deficit, but signal surplus
(23:12 , 05.12.17 )
Bitan asks courts to allow him to discuss graft
MK David Bitan files appeal requesting permission to discuss his graft
(22:25 , 05.12.17 )
'Trump to declare J'lem as Israel's capital,
After holding multiple phone calls with Arab leaders and PM Netanyahu about
(20:38 , 05.12.17 )
Report: Trump told Abbas he intends to move US
Abbas spokesman says Trump informed PA president during phone conversation of
(17:55 , 05.12.17 )
Gabbay slams Likud over mounting corruption
Following the surge of recent allegations, investigations and indictments
(15:27 , 05.12.17 )
Turkey, Palestinians warn of diplomatic cuts
Turkish President Erdogan, a senior aide to Palestinian President Abbas threaten
(12:40 , 05.12.17 )
Court orders Beit Shemesh municipality to remove
Beit Shemesh municipality has two weeks to remove modesty sign blocking women
(12:22 , 05.12.17 )
MK Bitan's wife questioned in corruption probe
The wife of the coalition chairman, who is suspected of fixing tenders to pay
(11:04 , 05.12.17 )
Security forces on high alert ahead of possible
Defense establishment sources say an American announcement that will change the
(10:40 , 05.12.17 )
Trump delays US embassy announcement
US president will not announce decision on whether he will again delay moving
(08:48 , 05.12.17 )
5 sirens sound in Gaza vicinity overnight,
Sirens sound repeatedly throughout the night in Eshkol Regional Council; IDF
(07:47 , 05.12.17 )
Report: Israel attacks military research center
Media affiliated with the Assad regime and Hezbollah report Israel fired 6
(00:57 , 05.12.17 ) 
Haredi draft dodgers say they've been abused in
Four ultra-Orthodox men from the Jerusalem Faction who were jailed for army
(23:42 , 04.12.17 )
State attorney orders police examination of
Israel's Ambassador to the UN Danny Danon is suspected of using public funds and
(22:25 , 04.12.17 )
Israeli, Palestinian flags spark fight on campus
Im Tirtzu students set up memorial table to slain soldier Ron Kokia, who was
(20:53 , 04.12.17 )
Arrow 3 missile defense test stopped at last
Test halted after Sparrow target missile behaves erratically, compromising
(20:41 , 04.12.17 )
Qusra incites against shooter of Palestinian
Qusra Now, the official Facebook page of the Palestinian village, releases photo
(19:42 , 04.12.17 )
Muslim nations call for summit if Trump
Organization of Islamic Cooperation says the US recognizing Jerusalem as
(19:06 , 04.12.17 )
Lieberman: We won't quit coalition over
Yisrael Beytenu leader takes credit for canceling a Knesset vote Monday on the
(17:59 , 04.12.17 )
Satellite photos reveal damage to bombed Iranian
EROS B satellite images show destruction of al-Kiswah base renovated for the use
(17:15 , 04.12.17 )
Turkey says recognizing Jerusalem as capital
Joining the campaign to pressure the US not to declare Jerusalem as the capital
(16:45 , 04.12.17 )
Rishon LeZion mayor detained in Bitan scandal
Dov Zur revealed as the senior official detained in the developing corruption
(16:00 , 04.12.17 )
Two Bedouin arrested over murder of IDF soldier
Shin Bet confirms two Negev Bedouin residents were arrested Friday night on
(14:15 , 04.12.17 )
Palestinian shot, seriously wounded in clashes
Violence breaks out after Jewish far-right Otzma Yehudit Party visits area near
(13:34 , 04.12.17 ) 
Report: Saudis told Abbas no E. J'lem capital,
Saudis deny New York Times report that the Crown Prince told PA President Abbas
(11:52 , 04.12.17 )
Settlers vow to return to Qusra after violent
Four days after attack on bar mitzvah hike near Qusra, West Bank, right-wing
(10:25 , 04.12.17 )
Jordan, Egypt warn US against recognizing
Concerned over Trump's expected announcement of the US' recognition of Jerusalem
(09:13 , 04.12.17 )
Hotovely depicted as harboring Nazi views in
Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Hotovely lampooned in Kibbutz Movement weekly
(23:13 , 03.12.17 )
Sexual harassment case closed against Bayit
Citing insufficient evidence to corroborate sexual harassment allegations,
(21:55 , 03.12.17 )
Amsalem temporarily cancels vote on
Bill's sponsor MK Amsalem cancels Monday's vote on bill barring police from
(21:17 , 03.12.17 )
Kushner: Trump still examining US embassy move
President Trump's special Middle East advisor Jared Kushner says during Saban
(20:03 , 03.12.17 ) 
Netanyahu compares Nazi regime's, Iran's
Speaking in a pre-recorded speech to the Washington Saban Forum, Israeli premier
(19:14 , 03.12.17 ) 
What’s new in the IDF’s new Namer APC?
Facing a better prepared Hezbollah, IDF prepares for hi-tech modern warfare,
(18:36 , 03.12.17 ) 
Soldier killed in Arad attack laid to rest
Sgt. Ron Kokia, killed in stabbing attack in Arad, was laid to rest in Kiryat
(15:27 , 03.12.17 )
Bitan questioned on suspicion of bribery
MK Bitan suspected of tender fixing in Rishon Lezion municipality in return for
(15:06 , 03.12.17 )
Netanyahu: 'I asked for the recommendations bill
PM claims he has 'asked MK Amsalem to ensure the bill is worded in a way that it
(14:35 , 03.12.17 )
Government approves 'supermarkets bill'
Defense Minister Lieberman comes out against bill requires interior minister's
(12:31 , 03.12.17 )
Qusra shooting suspect presents IDF
Father who shot Palestinian dead during bar mitzvah hike in Qusra last week
(12:20 , 03.12.17 )
Kulanu, Bayit Yehudi voice reservations over
Rushed legislative process and claims the bill is tailor-made for PM Netanyahu
(11:14 , 03.12.17 )
Shaked: 'People didn't elect right-wing gov't to
Justice Minister Shaked says at Saban Forum Washington conference 'coalition's
(09:47 , 03.12.17 )
Report: Israel used Jericho I missile in Iranian
Russian officials tell Lebanese TV channel Al Mayadeen, which is affiliated with
(22:45 , 02.12.17 )
Abbas launches diplomatic campaign to stop
Palestinian leader talks to leaders from Jordan, Egypt, France and Qatar, asking
(22:29 , 02.12.17 )
Hamas: 'Renew intifada' to stop US recognition
Gaza terror group says expected American move 'would give a cover to Israel to
(22:05 , 02.12.17 )
Tens of thousands rally in Tel Aviv against
Masses march from Independence Hall on Rothschild Boulevard to Habima Square,
(21:57 , 02.12.17 ) 
Netanyahu: We won't allow Iranian military
In speech for Saban Forum pre-taped on Thursday, a day before the alleged
(19:51 , 02.12.17 ) 
African parliament speakers to visit Knesset
Speakers of African parliaments to visit Knesset for conference starting
(16:21 , 02.12.17 )
Official: Trump likely to recognize Jerusalem as
Senior Trump administration official said the president will likely make a
(13:11 , 02.12.17 ) 
Senior Hamas delegation covertly leaves for
Delegation led by Hamas leader in Gaza Sinwar and including military wing deputy
(10:35 , 02.12.17 )
Reports: Israel attacks Iranian base near
Syrian sources report Israeli Air Force attack near Damascus, causing power
(08:54 , 02.12.17 ) 
Police, residents violently clash in Kafr Qasim
Kafr Qasim family claim cops shot rubber bullets at them, assaulted them after
(20:02 , 01.12.17 )
Exhibition to display trove of General Allenby's
Recently discovered letters, written to his mother from the front in Palestine
(18:13 , 01.12.17 )
Settler who shot Palestinian suspected of
After resorting to shooting one of the Palestinians assailing him and a group of
(17:09 , 01.12.17 ) 
Yisrael Beytenu to vote against supermarket bill
Coalition party Yisrael Beytenu notifies Coalition Chairman Bitan it will vote
(13:51 , 01.12.17 )
Candles lit, flowers laid as Arad's residents
Residents of the usually tranquil southern city in Israel struggle to come to
(12:41 , 01.12.17 )
Packer corroborates Milchan's account on PM
Australian billionaire James Packer supports Arnon Milchan's account that the
(11:22 , 01.12.17 )
Netanyahu's minister who plans to succeed him
Intelligence and Transportation Minister Yisrael Katz says he would like to see
(10:31 , 01.12.17 )
Security forces attacked during terrorist's home
Qabatiya home of terrorist who murdered Reuven Shmerling in Kafr Qasim 2 months
(09:37 , 01.12.17 ) 
Soldier stabbed to death in Arad in suspected
Soldier found outside mall in the northern city of Arad with stab wounds;
(01:05 , 01.12.17 )
Officials: Trump mulls calling Jerusalem
During White House meeting with top national security advisers, Trump was
(23:54 , 30.11.17 )
Owner of collapsed Jaffa store arrested, arson
Store owner denies being responsible for deadly blaze that led to explosion and
(22:11 , 30.11.17 ) 
ICC prosecutor reaffirms she won't open Gaza
After being asked to reconsider decision not to investigate 2010 Israeli raid on
(21:20 , 30.11.17 )
Police in race against time to complete probe
As Bitan and Amsalem work to rush the recommendation bill through the Knesset,
(20:24 , 30.11.17 )
Palestinian envoy says he beat Israeli over
Manuel Hassassian, the Palestinian ambassador in London, tells Lebanese TV
(19:07 , 30.11.17 ) 
Jordan: Israeli must take legal action against
While Jerusalem plans to send new ambassador to Amman, Jordanian official says
(18:50 , 30.11.17 )
Israeli shoots dead Palestinian after group of
IDF says settler shot a Palestinian in the chest after large crowd of locals
(18:08 , 30.11.17 ) 
IDF retaliates after mortar shells fire from
10-12 mortar shells fired by Islamic Jihad at IDF post near Gaza border, leading
(17:08 , 30.11.17 )
Rushing of Recommendations Bill encounters
Coalition's efforts to pass the Recommendations Bill as early as next week
(14:44 , 30.11.17 )
Arab MK slams UN celebration of Israel's
Ahmad Tibi uses platform at the UN to pan Israel for celebrating the 1947
(11:31 , 30.11.17 ) 
Report: Trump to recognize Jerusalem as Israel's
Two days after US VP Mike Pence says Trump 'actively considering when and how’
(10:01 , 30.11.17 ) 
After embassy shooting, Israel to appoint new
Israeli source says ambassador Einat Schlein will be replaced in wake of Amman's
(23:13 , 29.11.17 )
Billionaire James Packer questioned in illicit
Israel Police finally manages to gather the testimony of Australian businessman
(22:45 , 29.11.17 )
Seminar canceled by Bennett goes ahead as
A seminar by Asso. for Civil Rights, which was canceled by Education Min.
(22:25 , 29.11.17 )
Israel launches pilot shuttle program from Gaza
About 100 Palestinians who need to visit US Consulate allowed to cross into
(21:46 , 29.11.17 )
Report: Netanyahu asked Mubarak to settle
Deposed Egyptian president Mubarak confirms report from several years prior that
(20:59 , 29.11.17 )
Interior Ministry committee recommends creating
Decision effectively means construction on land between Etz Efraim, Sha'arei
(17:41 , 29.11.17 )
Hours of Work and Rest Law amendment passes
Amendment to Hours of Work and Rest Law states labor min. must consider Israel's
(17:25 , 29.11.17 )
Amsalem, Bitan rush to complete recommendations
After passing their recommendations bill through first reading Monday, Likud MKs
(17:00 , 29.11.17 )
Sarona Market terrorists get 4 life sentences
Each of terrorists—two shooters and their accomplice—get 4 life sentences for
(13:28 , 29.11.17 )
Video on Partition Plan UN vote to be screened
World Zionist Organization produces 'I love Israel' video to be screened in
(12:58 , 29.11.17 ) 
Police consider arson as cause for Jaffa
After flammable materials found at site, cops reexamine causes behind deadly
(12:34 , 29.11.17 ) 
Report: Danon gave jobs in return for primaries
New details regarding alleged corruption by Israel's UN ambassador suggest he
(11:45 , 29.11.17 )
First demolition in of Netiv Ha'avot complete
With no major violent incidents, security forces carry out court-ordered
(10:13 , 29.11.17 ) 
Netanyahu holds marathon meetings in Kenya
PM Netanyahu holds series of bilateral meetings with African leaders in Kenya as
(09:06 , 29.11.17 ) 
Kerry: Israel, Egypt pushed US before deal to
Former secretary of state says he met with Netanyahu, then-Saudi King Abdullah
(08:24 , 29.11.17 ) 
Kahlon told to vote for 'recommendations bill'
Despite troubling rumors, as well as criticism against him for voting in favor
(22:48 , 28.11.17 )
Pence: Trump considering when, how to move US
Speaking at event marking 70 years to UN vote in favor of founding State of
(22:05 , 28.11.17 ) 
SA Nitzan: 'PM not a suspect in sub. probe as of
PM not a suspect in submarine probe as yet but will continue to be questioned
(20:35 , 28.11.17 )
Haredi figures call PM's concessions 'fake news'
PM Netanyahu's 'severance package' to Haredi parties following Health Minister
(20:31 , 28.11.17 )
Min. Bennett cancels Asso. for Civil Rights
A seminar on civil rights that was to include Edu. Ministry's and Asso. For
(19:26 , 28.11.17 )
Haredim clash with police outside IDF induction
Some 500 ultra-Orthodox protesters hurl eggs and water bottles at police,
(19:09 , 28.11.17 ) 
Minister Gila Gamliel visits Cairo
In shadow of massive Sinai terror attack, Regional Conference for the Promotion
(18:02 , 28.11.17 )
Parole board rejects Katsav request to lift
The disgraced former president, who was convicted of rape and granted early
(14:40 , 28.11.17 )
MK Gafni takes aim at the Jewish Agency
Haredi MK asks Knesset Diaspora Affairs Committee to discuss whether Jewish
(13:54 , 28.11.17 )
Lieberman: Iran has no military presence in
'There are some Iranian advisers and experts, but there are no military Iranian
(11:52 , 28.11.17 )
6-year-old Shalev wants to live and needs your
Shalev Bokovza was diagnosed with a rare disease as an infant; he desperately
(11:16 , 28.11.17 )
Three killed in building materials store
Four lightly hurt while three suffering from shock after huge blast causes
(11:03 , 28.11.17 ) 
Disabled groups decry welfare minister's bill
Bill presented by Welfare Minister Katz proposes raising disability benefits to
(10:01 , 28.11.17 )
Danon allegedly paid off Likud activists for
Israel Television News Company report alleges UN Ambassador Danon took control
(09:41 , 28.11.17 )
Poll: number of Reform Jews in Israel doubles
Increasing number of Israelis support non-orthodox streams of Judaism; 63%
(23:32 , 27.11.17 )
New naval Iron Dome system declared operational
Maritime Iron Dome system aboard INS Lahav declared operational after 18 months
(22:30 , 27.11.17 ) 
Hamas rejects disarmament, vows to move weapons
Despite lofty statements of reconciliation agreement, talks seem to be on verge
(22:25 , 27.11.17 )
'Recommendations bill' clears first Knesset
Bill passes first reading by 46-37, moving a step closer to barring police
(21:28 , 27.11.17 )
Uber's Israeli services halted by court
Israeli ruling the latest in a string of international setbacks for cab service
(21:13 , 27.11.17 )
Gal Gadot framed by Lebanese paper as 'Mossad
Israeli actress Gal Gadot is accused by Lebanese daily newspaper Al Liwaa as
(21:08 , 27.11.17 )
PM, MKs sign Azaria pardon request letter
Netanyahu, Lieberman, Shaked among senior officials who sign letter beseeching
(20:44 , 27.11.17 )
IDF veterans urge Lieberman to drop co-ed
Army’s decision to allow female soldiers to serve in tanks along Israel's
(20:15 , 27.11.17 )
Shaked: Supreme Court already politicized
In response to Supreme Court President Esther Hayut's warning against political
(19:46 , 27.11.17 )
Gabbay, Lapid, lash Recommendations Bill
Yesh Atid and Zionist Union leaders decry PM’s relegation of public interests to
(18:31 , 27.11.17 )
Danon touts 'covert relations with a dozen Arab
Israel’s UN Envoy Danny Danon boasts of clandestine relations with ambassadors
(17:40 , 27.11.17 )
'Recommendations bill' passes committee, would
With Finance Min. Kahlon removing his objections, committee votes for bill that
(16:31 , 27.11.17 )
Haredi parties say it's 'up to Netanyahu' to
Following agreement struck between PM and Haredi parties to save the coalition,
(12:04 , 27.11.17 )
Security officer resigns after locking consul in
Guard working for the foreign ministry's embassy in Asia who locked a consul
(23:41 , 26.11.17 )
Crowds rally outside Rivlin's home against
President Rivlin's wife, Nechama greets 100 demonstrators showing solidarity
(23:17 , 26.11.17 )
Plan adds NIS 1.98 billion in funding for
Outline to increase governmental funding for disability set to be presented
(22:27 , 26.11.17 )
Litzman to retain ministerial powers under deal
In bid to hold coalition together, Netanyahu agrees to pass laws that will
(21:28 , 26.11.17 )
Poll: 65% of Likud voters support rail work on
Survey conducted before Litzman resigned over railway work during Shabbat shows
(20:15 , 26.11.17 )
Supreme Court president forbids judges from
After it was revealed last week that some judges form political contacts to
(19:19 , 26.11.17 )
Dozens arrested in Jerusalem as radical Haredim
Police arrest scores of Haredim from radical sect in demonstration against IDF
(18:08 , 26.11.17 ) 
Coalition party leaders' meeting canceled after
Haredi officials Deri, Gafni and recently resigned Litzman skip meeting, leading
(16:29 , 26.11.17 )
PMO's expenses: Thousands of shekels for
Almost two years late, PMO releases its expenses for 2016 and early 2017;
(16:10 , 26.11.17 )
Likud officials refuse to promote Shabbat bills
Ministerial Committee for Legislation was scheduled to discuss 2 legislative
(16:02 , 26.11.17 )
Coalition chair Bitan: Ministers left Netanyahu
In an interview with Ynet, David Bitan accuses Welfare Min. Haim Katz and
(16:01 , 26.11.17 ) 
Israel races to head off UN settlement
About 100 Israeli companies operating in the West Bank, east Jerusalem receive
(13:16 , 26.11.17 )
First female tank combat soldiers to be deployed
A historic moment in the IDF as 13 female tank combat recruits to complete
(13:07 , 26.11.17 )
Health Minister Litzman resigns over Shabbat
The health minister resigns at behest of religious leader, Hasidic Ger Rebbe
(13:01 , 26.11.17 ) 
Likud to push Shabbat bill proposals to appease
Interior Minister Deri seeks authority to cancel municipal bylaws, particularly
(23:30 , 25.11.17 )
Reservists tell PM: If Netiv Ha'avot carpentry
Tzvi Aharonovich's carpentry shop is set for demolition after court determines
(22:07 , 25.11.17 )
Israel to celebrate 70 years with reenactment of
Representatives of the 33 countries who voted 'yes' for the establishment of a
(20:26 , 25.11.17 )
'Likud failed to heed warning over Shabbat train
Health Minister Yaakov Litzman to hand in his resignation to PM Netanyahu on
(19:27 , 25.11.17 ) 
Lebanese actor arrested for 'spying' for Israel
Ziad Itani reportedly had ties with an Israeli intelligence officer he initially
(17:51 , 25.11.17 )
Police clash with IA on Umm al-Hiran shooting
Shin Bet reportedly provides Internal Affairs with classified, sensitive
(16:03 , 25.11.17 ) 
Colombia deports Israeli for harming nat'l
Israeli businessman and hotelier Asi Ben Mosh reportedly deported from Colombia
(14:59 , 25.11.17 )
UN chief warns of risk of a new
In report disseminated to Security Council members, UN Sect.-Gen. Guterres warns
(08:53 , 25.11.17 )
Britain purchases Iron Dome technology for NIS
Advanced technology used in the Israeli-made Iron Dome missile defense system is
(23:01 , 24.11.17 )
Bullet found lodged in Metula security
A car in Metula, belonging to the town's security coordinator and head of
(19:49 , 24.11.17 )
Ex-Mossad officials: Trump revealing Mossad
'This is incredibly serious,' says ex-deputy Mossad head Ben Barak of Trump;
(18:10 , 24.11.17 )
Health Min. Litzman resigns over Shabbat train
Litzman and his party, United Torah Judaism, continue to object to Shabbat train
(13:31 , 24.11.17 )
Hundreds attend march protesting violence
Movement, dubbed '#UsToo', demands decisive action by state, law enforcement,
(23:32 , 23.11.17 )
Past, present AGs decry anti-law enforcement
AG Mandelblit, former AGs Zamir, Weinstein and former chief justice Barak
(23:17 , 23.11.17 )
Hotovely: Comment on 'convenient lives' of US
Deputy foreign minister posts video on Facebook in Hebrew in which she doubles
(22:45 , 23.11.17 ) 
Mastermind behind 2009 terrorist attack given 2
Mohammad Zkharna, who orchestrated murder of taxi driver Gregory Rabinowitz,
(21:50 , 23.11.17 )
Police: Sufficient evidence to indict former
Avriel Bar-Yosef, who was slated to become national security advisor, is
(20:30 , 23.11.17 )
WATCH: Settler and Palestinian dance together
Ezri Tubi from Yitzhar was driving through Huwara when he saw nargilah shop
(19:38 , 23.11.17 ) 
Thyssenkrupp says knew of Shimron's ties to
German conglomerate's official says while the company knew of Shimron's close
(19:22 , 23.11.17 )
Bitan charges: Benny Begin is Zionist Union's
After removing Begin from the Knesset's Internal Affairs Committee for his
(18:18 , 23.11.17 )
In compromise, Shabbat train work drastically
Amid repeated threats by Minister Litzman to withdraw from the coalition over
(17:13 , 23.11.17 )
Thyssenkrupp looking to scrap Ganor's post
After concluding its internal investigation, the German company entangled in the
(14:49 , 23.11.17 )
Gazan who fed Shin Bet intel on tunnels indicted
Ahmed Abid, who joined Hamas four years ago and was recently arrested while
(14:17 , 23.11.17 )
PM pans Hotovely's comments on US Jews having
Netanyahu repudiates remarks made by his deputy foreign minister, who says US
(11:40 , 23.11.17 ) 
Classified Israeli intel Trump disclosed to
Vanity Fair magazine reports new details on the 'code-word' Israeli intelligence
(09:48 , 23.11.17 )
Milchan: 'I've done nothing, I've committed no
Speaking in an interview with Ynet, Israeli billionaire Arnon Milchan, who is
(09:17 , 23.11.17 )
Rivlin marks 40 years to Sadat's historic visit
Pres. Rivlin and Egyptian Amb. Khairat speak at ceremony marking then-Egyptian
(23:47 , 22.11.17 ) 
Shabbat crisis splits Haredi parties
With Minister of Health Litzman threatening to quit gov't over Shabbat railway
(23:39 , 22.11.17 )
Video allegedly showing police brutality against
Joint List chief Odeh claims video published Wednesday provides unequivocal
(21:48 , 22.11.17 ) 
Bitan deposes Begin from Interior C'tee over
Coalition Chairman Bitan announces decision to dismiss fellow Likud member Begin
(21:24 , 22.11.17 )
Funeral of 2011 J'lem terror victim takes place
Hodaya Nechama Asulin, victim of 2011 terrorist attack in Jerusalem's
(20:19 , 22.11.17 )
AG calls Regulation Law 'unconstitutional'
Mandelblit explains that the law, which intended to address the plight of
(19:10 , 22.11.17 )
Arab Israeli to PM: 'Don't speak about me'
Woman mentioned in PM Netanyahu's speech on violent crime in Arab towns in
(18:55 , 22.11.17 )
Ganor accuses Shimron of obstruction of justice
State witness Ganor says Shimron, who he claims was due to receive 20%
(18:42 , 22.11.17 )
Israel snubs UNESCO event honoring Volcani
Research center, which is part of the Agriculture Ministry, is to be awarded
(17:00 , 22.11.17 )
Palestinian says he doesn't recognize BtS
After Breaking the Silence spokesperson Dean Issacharoff publishes video
(16:54 , 22.11.17 ) 
Terrorist gets 2 life terms for deadly
Malik Hamed convicted for the murder of Elhai Taharlev and for attempted murder
(15:31 , 22.11.17 )
Disciplinary action taken in Givati after
Deputy company commander reprimanded and squad commander suspended after
(14:47 , 22.11.17 )
Argentina moves to declare Memorial Day for 1992
Lower house of Argentina's National Congress passes legislation recognizing day
(13:28 , 22.11.17 )
Israel thwarts smuggling of tons of explosives
After examining tons of cargo said to be car oils for the strip, new lab
(12:20 , 22.11.17 ) 
IDF shoots at, arrests two infiltrators from
IDF opens fire at two Palestinians illegally crossing the Gaza border fence into
(11:35 , 22.11.17 )
Kushner under scrutiny for alleged contacts with
Special counsel Robert Mueller is reportedly investigating senior advisor Jared
(10:55 , 22.11.17 )
Six years after terror blast in Jerusalem, woman
Hodaya Asulin was 14 when a bomb planted by a terrorist exploded near a payphone
(10:00 , 22.11.17 )
Mount Hermon experiences first snowfall of
Snow begins falling at 1,800 meters above sea level, piling up at some IDF posts
(09:30 , 22.11.17 )
Board rejects Hamas release plea, citing Goldin
Parole board throws out request by security prisoner, saying that given Hamas's
(09:14 , 22.11.17 )
Netanyahu speaks to Putin on dangers of Iran in
PM Netanyahu and Russian Pres. Putin speak on Tuesday for half an hour, as
(23:10 , 21.11.17 )
Schools to strike in 4 cities over salary
As part of the Teachers' Union strike, high school students across the country
(21:50 , 21.11.17 )
PM laments 'no Palestinian Sadat' on 40-year
PM Netanyahu speaks at Knesset on Tuesday, in session dedicated to Egyptian
(20:18 , 21.11.17 )
Amsalem argues recommendations bill 'is for the
As MK Amsalem defends bill that would forbid police from recommending
(20:04 , 21.11.17 )
Palestinians 'freeze' meetings with US, accuse
Palestinian move in response to US decision to close PLO office in DC; top
(18:24 , 21.11.17 ) 
Rouhani warns Mideast countries to not 'fall for
Iranian President Rouhani cautions Middle-Eastern countries from 'falling for
(15:37 , 21.11.17 )
IDF Oketz canine commando unit holds week-long
With intelligence estimates pointing to the Palestinian arena as being a hotbed
(15:09 , 21.11.17 ) 
Sgt. who commanded Breaking the Silence
Uri Brachia, who commanded Dean Issacharoff and was present when he allegedly
(14:37 , 21.11.17 ) 
PM, police chief attend inauguration of Jisr
Police stations inaugurated in Jisr az-Zarqa, Kafr Kanna with PM Netanyahu,
(13:27 , 21.11.17 ) 
Saudi FM: normalization with Israel hinges on
Normalization between Israel and Saudi Arabia, other moderate Arab states will
(11:58 , 21.11.17 )
Rivlin 'unsurprised' by 'expected' incitement
President Rivlin tells supporters ‘not to worry about me’ following fury over
(11:13 , 21.11.17 )
Mengistu family pleads with UN to help release
Seeking to exert pressure on terror group to release Abera Mengistu from
(23:26 , 20.11.17 )
HCJ rebukes Alsheikh, orders him to rethink
In decision regarding reinstatement of fmr. head of Lahav 433 Roni Rittman
(22:36 , 20.11.17 )
IDF seeks higher budget to handle 'dramatic
Army, defense minister, look to renegotiate 5-year Gideon plan reached with
(22:29 , 20.11.17 )
Report: Sub affair suspect's attorney advising
Channel 10 claims Jacque Chen, an attorney representing Avriel Bar Yosef in sub
(21:45 , 20.11.17 )
2 IDF soldiers hit by truck, one seriously
Soldier rushed to hospital having suffered serious head and leg injuries after
(20:29 , 20.11.17 )
Nasrallah 'proud of delivering anti-tank
Hezbollah secretary general dismisses allegations of being behind Yemenite
(20:29 , 20.11.17 )
Netanyahu insists not all criticism of Rivlin is
PM accused of turning his back on Rivlin after failing to condemn pictures
(18:47 , 20.11.17 )
Report: Indian gov't backs out of $500m Rafael
Indian newspaper claims country's Defense Ministry backs out lucrative defense
(17:20 , 20.11.17 )
Haredim block main Bnei Brak road in anti-draft
Over 2,000 hardline ultra-Orthodox men block Jabotinsky Street, a main
(16:11 , 20.11.17 )
Police working to have suspects in submarine
Former PMO chief of staff David Sharan, who holds senior position at Eilat
(15:04 , 20.11.17 )
Court dismisses indictments against 5 minors in
Lawyers representing five teenagers charged with incitement to violence and
(13:45 , 20.11.17 ) 
Erdan criticizes police examination of Rivlin
While joining the chorus of condemnation of incitement against the president,
(13:13 , 20.11.17 )
Report: Sara Netanyahu told police Milchan asked
'I didn't initiate things,' Mrs. Netanyahu reportedly tells investigators
(11:11 , 20.11.17 )
Report: PM's attorney Shimron rejected offer to
After Shimron's client, businessman Miki Ganor, signed a state witness
(10:48 , 20.11.17 )
Steinitz reveals covert contacts with Saudi
Minister says Israel has 'ties that are indeed partly covert with many Muslim
(09:51 , 20.11.17 )
Police launch investigation into incitement
Social media flooded with insults against Rivlin after he rejected Elor Azaria's
(08:56 , 20.11.17 )
IDF soldier lightly hurt by errant gunfire from
Incident early Monday believed to be the result of fighting between the Egyptian
(08:05 , 20.11.17 )
Dozens arrested in Haredi anti-draft protests
About 40 ultra-Orthodox Jews from the radical Jerusalem Faction arrested in
(23:47 , 19.11.17 ) 
Activists call to boycott kashrut giant in
Social activists announce an initiative to curb attacks by extremists on Haredi
(22:50 , 19.11.17 ) 
Netanyahu grilled for four hours in bribery
In what is expected to be the final round of questioning of the Israeli premier
(22:15 , 19.11.17 )
Police raid gov't company offices in sub probe
Cops arrive with a search warrant at Eilat-Ashkelon Pipeline offices Sunday
(20:53 , 19.11.17 )
Tensions mount as IDF fires second 'warning
Day after IDF tanks fire on Syrian military position after spotting construction
(19:53 , 19.11.17 )
Police advisor resigns over PM ‘campaign’
Police announce advisor Lior Horev, who has been butting heads with PM Netanyahu
(19:33 , 19.11.17 )
Rivlin rejects Azria pardon request, citing
President Rivlin writes to Elor Azaria—who is serving a prison sentence for
(17:29 , 19.11.17 )
Rivlin shortens sentence of man who killed his
After being sentenced to 20 years in prison for killing the man who raped him,
(16:18 , 19.11.17 )
Government approves closure of Holot facility
Ministers extend temporary order to keep facility housing illegal migrants and
(14:39 , 19.11.17 )
PA, terrorists ordered to pay terror victims NIS
After 16 years, Jerusalem District Court awards terror victims' family
(13:49 , 19.11.17 )
Litzman: If solution is not found for train
In interview with Ynet, UTJ leader says his threat to quit if weekend train
(12:47 , 19.11.17 )
Ministerial c'tee to vote on bill to limit state
Proposal would bar the state comptroller from investigating matters in real time
(11:37 , 19.11.17 )
UNHCR 'seriously concerned' by plan to close
The UN refugee body expressed criticism over possibility that asylum seekers and
(11:09 , 19.11.17 )
Breaking the Silence claim wrong Palestinian
After State Attorney's Offices closes case against group's spokesman Dean
(09:22 , 19.11.17 )
Palestinians threaten to cut communications with
Amid plans by the US State Department to close the Palestine Liberation
(08:42 , 19.11.17 )
Lebanese FM: Israel shouldn't start a war
'We should restrain Israel from starting a war exactly because Lebanon is sure
(08:30 , 19.11.17 )
Former PM Olmert accused of sexual harassment
Former prime minister and convicted felon Ehud Olmert is accused of sexual
(23:14 , 18.11.17 )
Rabin's murderer Yigal Amir seeks retrial
Yigal Amir, the Israeli who assassinated Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin more than
(21:54 , 18.11.17 )
IDF fires 'warning shot' after Syrian border
IDF force fires warning shots at a Syrian army post near the village of Hader in
(18:07 , 18.11.17 )
Commando unit wants new 'super rifle'
IDF Navy's elite Shayetet 13 soldiers receive a new multi-terrain vest, with new
(15:52 , 18.11.17 )
Hezbollah reportedly on high alert, primarily
Kuwaiti daily Al Rai reports that terror group Hezbollah has raised its alert
(13:46 , 18.11.17 )
Gaza's Rafah crossing transferred to PA control
For the first time in a decade, the Rafah border crossing from Egypt to Gaza has
(13:39 , 18.11.17 )
US may shut down Palestinians' DC office
US State Sec. Tillerson says Palestinians broke obscure US law provision that
(09:50 , 18.11.17 )
Hasson alleges recommendation bill's transfer
MK Hasson alleges Knesset House C'tee's decision to transfer bill barring police
(09:00 , 18.11.17 )
German Justice Ministry urges ban on Kuwait
Senior German Justice Department official says country should ban Kuwait Airways
(22:04 , 17.11.17 )
PM bows out of 70th Independence Day ceremony
Following acrimonious dispute with Knesset Speaker Edelstein, PM Netanyahu
(21:14 , 17.11.17 )
Murderer of Israeli in The Hague sentenced to 14
Hague court sentences Israeli career criminal to 14 years in prison following
(20:22 , 17.11.17 )
BtS spokesman's comrades considering legal
Brothers in arms of Breaking the Silence spokesman Issacharoff found to be lying
(19:12 , 17.11.17 ) 
Soldiers stand by as settlers pelt Palestinians
Footage shows IDF soldiers standing idly by as masked settlers hurl stones at
(16:21 , 17.11.17 ) 
Jerusalem cemetery goes deep underground with
Stretching more than a kilometer in length, workers dig beehive-like structure
(15:03 , 17.11.17 )
Litzman threatens to quit government over
In another ultimatum to Netanyahu, Health Minister Yaakov Litzman threatens to
(13:34 , 17.11.17 )
PM presents photos showing 'friendship' with
As investigation into illicit gifts affair involving Netanyahu and businessman
(12:28 , 17.11.17 )
‘Recommendations bill driven by ignorance or
Head of police's Investigations Division Brig.-Gen. Kamin says ‘public entitled
(10:36 , 17.11.17 )
Terrorist wounds 2 Israelis in vehicular attack
Palestinian terrorist,17, smashes car into a 35-year-old Israeli civilian
(08:33 , 17.11.17 ) 
Barak: 'I'm more fit, qualified to lead Israel
Fmr. PM Barak claims in interview he is more fit, qualified to lead Israel than
(23:22 , 16.11.17 )
Prospective witness protection chief concealed
Fmr. IPS Commissioner Eli Gabizon's appointment to head witness protection
(23:12 , 16.11.17 )
German court: Kuwait Airways can refuse Israeli
German court rules Kuwaiti national airline does not have to transport Israeli
(20:57 , 16.11.17 )
Ofra Junction terrorist to be sentenced next
Military tribunal that convicted terrorist of murder of soldier, attempted
(20:50 , 16.11.17 )
Right wing decries partial demolition of
As IDF demolishes only part of building in which Har Adar terrorist resided,
(20:32 , 16.11.17 )
Number of women in combat roles reaches record
IDF's four mixed gender battalion add 2,700 female soldiers in 2017—compared to
(19:37 , 16.11.17 )
Breaking the Silence spokesman lies about
Case against Breaking the Silence spokesperson who claimed he beat a Palestinian
(19:03 , 16.11.17 )
IDF chief: Israel willing to share intelligence
Eisenkot gives rare interview to Saudi newspaper, calling for international
(15:15 , 16.11.17 )
Hamas: Israeli Mossad behind assassination of
Mohammad al-Zawahri, a member of Hamas's military wing, was shot to death in
(12:50 , 16.11.17 )
State comptroller: Israel not prepared to deal
Terror groups like ISIS and Hezbollah use drones both for surveillance and to
(11:29 , 16.11.17 )
Trump's special Middle East envoy meets with
Family of Abera Mengistu, who has been held by Hamas in Gaza for over three
(10:35 , 16.11.17 )
No. 2 at northern branch of the Islamic Movement
Sheikh Kamal Khatib allowed back on Temple Mount after being barred for 3 years,
(09:50 , 16.11.17 )
Man assassinated, another seriously hurt in car
Car blows up on Ayalon Highway shortly after midnight, killing Abed al-Hafez
(08:52 , 16.11.17 )
Billionaire Steinmetz allowed to leave Israel
After facing travel restrictions imposed last December, court permits Beny
(23:26 , 15.11.17 )
AG: confiscation of private Palestinian land
Ten months after slamming bill seeking to regulate illegal outposts built on
(23:05 , 15.11.17 )
Illegal, demolished mosque's founders ordered to
Court orders founders of illegal mosque to pay NIS 130,000 to the state as
(21:38 , 15.11.17 )
IDF soldier killed, officer seriously wounded in
Medics pronounce soldier dead after extricating him from IDF vehicle tipped
(21:04 , 15.11.17 )
'Convoy of 35' monument vandalized for 2nd time
For a second time this year, the monument for the fallen soldiers who became
(19:13 , 15.11.17 )
MK Gafni to defy coalition over Shabbat commerce
United Torah Judaism MK announces he will not toe coalition lines until bill
(15:52 , 15.11.17 )
Lieberman in message to Russia: Israel won't
'The IDF is ready and well prepared for any scenario, we maintain complete
(15:41 , 15.11.17 )
Iran's president: Saudi Arabia begged Israel to
After Hezbollah leader Nasrallah claimed Saudi Arabia 'is inciting Israel to
(14:55 , 15.11.17 )
ZAKA chairman lightly hurt after being set upon
Yehuda Meshi-Zahav is in South Africa to help train new volunteers for his
(14:27 , 15.11.17 ) 
Shanghai landmark lit up in Israel's colors
Oriental Pearl Tower in Shanghai lit up in colors of Israeli flag as part of
(14:00 , 15.11.17 )
Erdan: I won't allow legislation that could harm
Public security minister, in charge of the Israel Police, calls to calm down
(13:24 , 15.11.17 )
Israel reiterates position on Syria following
PM Netanyahu reiterates Israeli position on preserving its own interests in
(12:24 , 15.11.17 )
Uncertainty among Israelis residing on Gaza
Israelis residing near Gaza perimeter anxious in wake of recent terror tunnel
(11:41 , 15.11.17 )
National Road Safety Authority honors Prof.
Head of Hadassah Medical Center's shock trauma unit honored for his contribution
(11:16 , 15.11.17 )
Netanyahu to be questioned by police for 6th
PM Netanyahu to be questioned by police for 6th time Sunday on illicit gifts
(09:59 , 15.11.17 )
Israel co-sponsors Saudi resolution against
In a first, Israel joins Saudi Arabia, US, France and Germany in submitting
(09:19 , 15.11.17 )
IDF demolishes Beit Surik home of Har Adar
Israeli forces destroy home of Nimer Jamal, who murdered two Israeli civilian
(08:28 , 15.11.17 ) 
Netanyahu offers to help Iraq-Iran earthquake
Insisting that Israel has 'no quarrel with the people of Iran', only with the
(23:52 , 14.11.17 ) 
Halamish survivors hosted at the White House
Michal Salomon, who lost her husband and 2 other family members in a brutal
(22:52 , 14.11.17 )
Lieberman pans Kahlon for withholding north's
Defense minister urges northern municipal leaders and military officials to
(21:27 , 14.11.17 )
Amid fears of PIJ strike, Iron Dome enters
Anticipating possible 'revenge attack' by Gaza-based Islamic Jihad after IDF
(19:11 , 14.11.17 )
Lavrov: Iranian presence in Syria 'legitimate'
Rebuffing grievances voiced by Netanyahu about Syrian ceasefire agreement that
(17:32 , 14.11.17 )
Gaza sources: Egypt pressuring PIJ to hold back
Gaza sources say Egypt exerting tremendous pressure on Palestinian Islamic Jihad
(15:49 , 14.11.17 )
Rivlin on Kotel agreement: 'Symbol of unity
President attends annual JFNA conference, professes hope split between Israeli
(14:47 , 14.11.17 ) 
Israel seizes Ali Express packages containing
Border Crossings Authority, Gaza District Coordination and Liaison seize
(13:14 , 14.11.17 )
Milchan testifies to providing staff 'carte
Businessman Milchan provides police investigators with testimony saying cigars,
(12:36 , 14.11.17 )
Islamic Jihad reportedly following Israelis,
Following IDF's blast of its tunnel infiltrating Israel, Arab newspaper Al-Hayat
(11:37 , 14.11.17 ) 
Alertness to preparation: Israel's response to
Defense establishment undertakes precautions in light of Palestinian retaliatory
(11:02 , 14.11.17 )
Milchan's assistant claims Netanyahus personally
Testifying on the illicit gifts affair, businessman Arnon Milchan's personal
(23:53 , 13.11.17 )
Netanyahu: 'We don't miss diplomatic
After hearing the opposition accuse him of ignoring the chance for regional
(23:51 , 13.11.17 )
Leader of the Left says 'the Left forgot what it
Zionist Union head Avi Gabbay asserts the left has lost touch with its Jewish
(22:38 , 13.11.17 )
Netanyahu's Knesset critics accuse him of
Opposition MKs also chastise PM for ignoring chances for regional cooperation
(22:34 , 13.11.17 )
Minister threatens to bypass Chief Rabbinate in
Religious Services Min. Azoulay threatens snap elections for city rabbi election
(22:15 , 13.11.17 )
IDF rolls out Iron Dome following Islamic Jihad
Israeli army sets up Iron Dome in center of country as part of higher alertness;
(19:54 , 13.11.17 ) 
Benzi Gopstein to be indicted for incitement
Lehava leader Gopstein faces possible indictment over incitement to violence,
(18:36 , 13.11.17 )
Israel to turn away European delegation over
Interior Min. Deri and Public Security Min. Erdan announce they will refuse
(17:17 , 13.11.17 )
PM: Despite Syria ceasefire, Israel will act
Speaking at Likud faction meeting, Netanyahu says Israel will not be restricted
(16:49 , 13.11.17 )
Bill nixing police recommendations on
Discussions on bill barring police from recommending indictments to be held in
(15:44 , 13.11.17 )
Denigrated Haredi officer to be restituted NIS
Three anti-IDF conscription activists to pay Haredi officer they defamed NIS
(14:05 , 13.11.17 )
Azaria prosecution witness among fresh list of
Pending approval from defense minister, IDF Chief Eisenkot approves promotion of
(12:50 , 13.11.17 )
Israel police holds event at Israeli-Lebanese
Police holds first ever community event in Ghajar, a village sitting astride the
(11:23 , 13.11.17 ) 
Likudiada tweets Raban can’t hurt Israel’s ‘mom
Despite 2018 Likudiada official tweet, featuring photo of fmr. PMR employee
(11:13 , 13.11.17 )
Ganor compiled evidence against sub. probe
Preparing for the day the scandal broke, state witness in submarine affair Miki
(09:42 , 13.11.17 )
Israel signals it will retain right to strike at
Israeli min. states Israel is not bound by upcoming ceasefire deal reached in
(00:01 , 13.11.17 )
Former police chief rebuffs gov't for 'trying to
Faced with repeated attacks on police and particularly on Chief Commissioner
(22:49 , 12.11.17 )
New Egyptian book alleges Mossad tried
A new book reveals how the Mossad allegedly tried to assassinate prominent
(22:33 , 12.11.17 )
7.2-magnitude Iraq-centered earthquake felt
From Haifa to Be'er Sheba, residents report feeling the earthquake, which spread
(22:19 , 12.11.17 ) 
Hebron snipers sentenced to life in prison
Two Palestinian brothers who admitted to perpetrating a dozen Hebron terrorist
(22:08 , 12.11.17 )
Cabinet approves Meir Ben Shabbat as national
Former Shin Bet southern district commander praised by Netanyahu for 'not
(15:33 , 12.11.17 )
Islamic Jihad: Israel's threats against
Responding to video posted by senior IDF official warning that revenge attack
(12:21 , 12.11.17 )
Fmr. PMR employee: 'I feared Mrs. Netanyahu
Shira Raban recounts experiences working for Sara Netanyahu; 'She called me lump
(11:37 , 12.11.17 )
IDF warns Islamic Jihad, Hamas against 'revenge
Fearing revenge attack by Islamic Jihad two weeks after IDF kills its senior
(10:46 , 12.11.17 )
Report: Trump preparing to announce
After months of US shuttle diplomacy, holding meetings with top regional
(08:56 , 12.11.17 )
Teachers' Association declares high school
High school teachers declare strike on Sunday in protest of employment
(23:45 , 11.11.17 )
IDF exercises rescue missions with Indian
As part of the Blue Flag 2017 aerial exercise, IDF's Airborne Rescue and
(23:44 , 11.11.17 ) 
Bedouin residents protest deficient
In wake of another Bedouin infant being killed when struck by relative's car in
(21:16 , 11.11.17 )
Bitan to promote law forbidding covert
Speaking at Shabatarbut event in Holon, MK David Bitan says he'll be promoting
(19:32 , 11.11.17 )
IDF Patriot missile intercepts UAV from Syria
Israeli Patriot missile near northern city of Safed intercepts the drone, which
(12:14 , 11.11.17 ) 
Israeli intelligence firm apologizes for taking
Black Cube, which was hired by the disgraced Hollywood producer to gather
(09:17 , 11.11.17 )
Israeli Air Force celebrates 70th anniversary
IAF Commander Maj.-Gen. Norkin hosts 102-year-old corps veteran Ziloni, who
(23:28 , 10.11.17 )
Deaf Ukrainian deported after incoherent
Deaf Ukrainian national visiting Israeli partner detained, then deported from
(21:13 , 10.11.17 )
Nasrallah accuses Saudi Arabia of pushing Israel
Nasrallah blames Saudi Arabia for inciting Israel to attack Lebanon, alleges it
(19:30 , 10.11.17 )
Gov't ministries set to compete for reserve
Gov't has until December 10 to decide how to use NIS 3.5 billion reserve budget,
(18:20 , 10.11.17 )
IDF launches new reserve unit to fight Jordan
The IDF has established a new reserve unit trained and fitted to the first
(15:06 , 10.11.17 )
Israeli embassies abroad will be allowed to
Bracing for Israel's 70th anniversary celebrations, the state is expected to
(10:40 , 10.11.17 )
Settlers block work on road to Amichai
Residents of illegal outpost of Geulat Zion stand in front of construction
(10:19 , 10.11.17 ) 
Hundreds pray for return of IDF soldiers’ bodies
Prominent rabbis lead mass prayer for return of remains of Hadar Goldin and Oron
(23:24 , 09.11.17 )
Netanyahu says he helped Milchan due to his
During four-hour interrogation, police investigators confront the prime minister
(23:22 , 09.11.17 )
Police investigate Netanyahu for four hours on
Police investigators from Lahav 433 Investigative Unit question Netanyahu at
(23:00 , 09.11.17 )
Israel to lead UN pressure on Iran and Hezbollah
Intelligence Minister Israel Katz states that Israel will work to increase UN
(22:42 , 09.11.17 )
E. J'lem resident acquitted despite confessing
Judges in Be'er Sheva District Court provide no explanation for letting Khalil
(21:08 , 09.11.17 )
Israel hosts its largest aerial exercise in
1,000 top-trained, physically ready soldiers from 8 real and 2 imaginary
(20:43 , 09.11.17 ) 
Likud reportedly targets police, Alsheikh in
Amid recent spate of investigations into PM Netanyahu's dealing, Likud takes aim
(16:55 , 09.11.17 )
Judge objects to use of ‘slave’ in Mrs.
Labor Court judge presiding over ex-PM's Residence employee against Sara
(16:14 , 09.11.17 )
Report: Weinstein hired Israeli spy to gather
Israeli actress Stella Penn Pechanac reportedly hired by Hollywood mogul Harvey
(14:26 , 09.11.17 )
Judge in Be'er Sheva lynch case clarifies key
Day after reports that graphic CCTV footage capturing lynch of an Eritrean man
(11:36 , 09.11.17 )
Palestinians join West Bank bypass roads protest
Bereaved families and Samaria Regional Council heads protesting outside PM's
(11:02 , 09.11.17 )
Netanyahu to be questioned for fifth time
Israeli premier will be questioned by police at his residence Thursday in two
(09:30 , 09.11.17 )
British aid minister resigns over undisclosed
With pressure on Prime Minister May to sack her international development
(21:46 , 08.11.17 )
Cellphones found in child’s underwear in
Family visiting Fatah security prisoner in Ktzi'ot Prison exploit brief removal
(20:14 , 08.11.17 )
UK Cabinet minister under more fire over secret
Despite issuing an apology for holding unauthorized meetings, which she said
(19:14 , 08.11.17 )
Amsalem tells Knesset Netanyahu 'not Nasrallah'
As Knesset approves preliminary reading of bill by 52 to 42 that would prevent
(18:12 , 08.11.17 )
Palestinians resume security ties with Israel,
PA forces in the West Bank resume security coordination with Israel they
(16:07 , 08.11.17 )
Lenient fmr. deputy commissioner's sentence
Former Deputy Police Commissioner Nissim Mor, convicted by his own admission of
(15:09 , 08.11.17 )
Media mogul Gilady steps aside amid rape claims
Alex Gilady, founder of Keshet, former NBC Sports VP and International Olympic
(14:53 , 08.11.17 )
IAI develops unmanned ground vehicles of the
Israel Aerospace Industries concludes development on two new unmanned grounds
(14:05 , 08.11.17 ) 
AG: 'Recent legislation seeks to change gov't
Attorney General Avichai Mandelblit restates objections to bills forbidding
(10:20 , 08.11.17 )
Ganor accuses Shimron of seeking 20% cut of sub.
State witness Ganor meets PM's lawyer, confidant Shimron in police
(09:42 , 08.11.17 )
At Kahane memorial, grandson slams ‘Shin Bet
Hundreds of extreme right-wing activists attend rally in commemoration of Rabbi
(00:04 , 08.11.17 )
Rivlin alludes to 'One Spain,' asks Spain to
Pres. Rivlin hints before Spanish gov't that just as Israel is supporting Spain
(00:00 , 08.11.17 )
Children of settlers killed by terror attacks
After losing their parents in terror attacks, children from grief-stricken
(23:45 , 07.11.17 )
Israeli envoy to US questioned in PM graft probe
Ambassador Ron Dermer asked by police investigators about his alleged attempts,
(22:29 , 07.11.17 )
PM: Seeing the Balfour Declaration as a crime is
Prime Minister Netanyahu speaks before the Knesset on 100th anniversary of
(19:14 , 07.11.17 )
UK minister apologizes for unapproved meetings
UK Secretary of State for International Development Patel reportedly held 12
(18:02 , 07.11.17 )
PA official claims 7 terror attacks thwarted by
Palestinian security official tells Ynet his forces foiled planned stabbings,
(16:11 , 07.11.17 )
MK Biran calls MK Hazan a 'pimp,' he implies
After controversial Likud MK interrupts a fellow lawmaker, MK Biran leaps to her
(14:02 , 07.11.17 )
Soldier lightly hurt in training accident at
Soldier airlifted to the hospital for treatment and is in stable condition;
(12:50 , 07.11.17 )
Egypt's al-Sisi says Israelis 'can be convinced
Speaking during interview with Asharq Al-Awsat newspaper, Egypt's president
(12:30 , 07.11.17 )
Rivlin expresses strong support of united Spain
'Spain for us is one country, and His Majesty the King is the symbol of that
(11:37 , 07.11.17 ) 
Two injured in huge Ashdod car explosion
Explosion, which set nearby vehicles ablaze, believed to be caused by attempted
(10:36 , 07.11.17 ) 
PM's associate questioned by police named as
Molcho, Netanyahu's diplomatic envoy, has negotiated with the Palestinians, the
(08:50 , 07.11.17 )
Keshet founder Alex Gilady accused of sexual
Alex Gilady, founder of Keshet, former NBC Sports VP and International Olympic
(23:24 , 06.11.17 )
Not just Gush Katif: Settlers sue state for
Residents from West Bank-evacuated settlements Ganim and Kadim demand the same
(21:06 , 06.11.17 )
Bereaved mother tells Netanyahu: 'What are you
Settlers who lost their loved ones in terror attacks on West Bank roads urge PM
(15:53 , 06.11.17 )
First female deputy commander in IAF combat
Air force chief appoints F-15 navigator as a deputy commander in the Spearhead
(14:57 , 06.11.17 )
Netanyahu in message to Hamas: 'There are no
PM vows to return home Israeli citizens, soldiers' remains being held in Gaza,
(14:07 , 06.11.17 )
Palestinian steals truck to carry out terror
Muhammad Zafran planned to ram truck into soldiers waiting at bus stop outside
(13:48 , 06.11.17 )
Rivlin in Madrid: 'We must not surrender to
President Rivlin meets with heads of Spanish community in Madrid; citing spike
(12:01 , 06.11.17 )
Police treating PM's associate as public servant
Attorney David Shimron and second suspect, who until recently served as
(09:30 , 06.11.17 )
Two party heads say won't join leftist coalition
Both Lieberman and Kahlon, ministers and heads of Yisrael Beytenu and Kulanu
(22:45 , 05.11.17 )
Partial funding offered to disband protest over
Local Samaria Regional Council chief allegedly offered, refuses partial funding
(22:13 , 05.11.17 )
Kotel rabbi: Ferrari event 'grave mistake',
Western Wall Heritage Foundation holds internal inquiry into approval given to
(21:40 , 05.11.17 )
IAF hosts largest-ever ‘Blue Flag’ aerial
An 11 day Blue Flag drill set to be the largest aerial exercise hosted by Israel
(20:52 , 05.11.17 ) 
Goldin family to appeal to HCJ against
Family of fallen soldier held by Hamas announces intention to appeal to HCJ
(19:44 , 05.11.17 )
IDF holds bodies of 5 missing Islamic Jihad
After denying international efforts to help extract five missing PIJ militants
(19:06 , 05.11.17 )
Druze spiritual leader: IDF must set red line to
Shaykh Muwaffak Tarīf tells Ynet Druze don't expect Israel to go into Syria or
(16:23 , 05.11.17 )
Coalition chairman seeks alternative immunity
Bitan wishes to roll back 2005 amendment to MK immunity law, restoring automatic
(15:30 , 05.11.17 )
Bill seeking to bar police recommendation gets
While contentious legislation gets the go-ahead from the ministerial committee
(14:19 , 05.11.17 )
State tells High Court: All terrorists in
Responding to petition asking to allow Palestinian search and rescue forces into
(13:11 , 05.11.17 ) 
Lieberman urges President Rivlin: Pardon Elor
Defense Minister Lieberman asks President Rivlin to 'put an end to the affair
(10:49 , 05.11.17 )
PM's aide allegedly tried to get new job for
Shira Raban, cleaner who filed a lawsuit against Sara Netanyahu claiming abuse
(10:25 , 05.11.17 )
AG: 'I'm being attacked from all directions by
Attorney General Mandelblit says he's being targeted with 'asymmetrical measures
(09:38 , 05.11.17 )
President Rivlin heads to Spain amid Catalonian
Rivlin will be the guest of the King of Spain, Felipe VI during three-day visit;
(23:39 , 04.11.17 )
Three Israelis featured at first Obama
Among the 150 influential and promising leaders from around the world handpicked
(22:04 , 04.11.17 )
FIDF break fundraising record with $54 million
Oracle CEO Larry Ellison gives top donation of the night, $16.6 million for the
(21:10 , 04.11.17 )
Tens of thousands attend Rabin memorial rally in
Event to mark 22 years to the slain PM's murder to feature no political
(20:34 , 04.11.17 )
Thousands march in London against Balfour
Some 5,000 demonstrate in the British capital against Israel, Prime Minister
(18:12 , 04.11.17 ) 
Despite promises, gold winning Judoka set to be
Gold winning Judoka Betina Temelkova is set to be deported later this month
(16:23 , 04.11.17 )
Israeli Druze warn: don't stop us from aiding
Druze residents in Majdal Shams express their anger over IDF's decision to stop
(10:36 , 04.11.17 )
20 Ferrari vehicles drive through Western Wall
20 Ferrari vehicles parked in Western Wall plaza as part of event commemorating
(23:58 , 03.11.17 ) 
Israel filibusters Palestinian UNESCO
Before Palestinian delegation can push anti-Israeli resolution on education in
(21:50 , 03.11.17 )
Netanyahu expresses hope for US peace push in
PM participates in London Q&A, saying he has hope for peace with Palestinian
(20:53 , 03.11.17 )
IDF denies involvement in Syrian suicide attack,
Denying allegations made by pro-Syrian regime figures, IDF says it was not
(19:44 , 03.11.17 ) 
Hamas: 'No information on Israeli MIAs in return
Hamas, Islamic Jihad refuse to acquiesce to Israeli demand to return bodies of
(17:22 , 03.11.17 )
Rare Syrian suicide attack drives IDF to offer
After 9 Syrians are killed in suicide terror attack in Syrian village of Hader,
(15:40 , 03.11.17 ) 
Navy implements smart sonar to battle Hamas
With land and air defenses covered by Iron Dome and the Gaza underground
(22:41 , 02.11.17 )
AG opposes anti-police recommendations bill
Mandelblit opposes bill prohibiting police from presenting indictment
(21:02 , 02.11.17 )
No humanitarian help to Hamas until soldiers
After demand by families of fallen soldiers whose bodies are being held in Gaza,
(17:16 , 02.11.17 ) 
Netanyahu tells May: I don't want to nix Iran
During meeting at 10 Downing Street, the Israeli PM tells his British
(15:31 , 02.11.17 ) 
Palestinians protest Balfour Declaration on
As PM Netanyahu prepares to attend banquet in London hosted by Balfour and
(14:46 , 02.11.17 )
Switzerland embarrassed after its officials
Swiss officials visit Golan Heights—which Zurich doesn't recognize as part of
(13:43 , 02.11.17 )
Polls: Likud still largest party, but
Recent polls by the Israeli News Company and Channel 10 show a decline for the
(11:58 , 02.11.17 )
Rocket alert siren in Greater Tel Aviv area was
Siren sounded in Tel Aviv-Jaffa, Givatayim, Bat Yam, Holon and Azur at 2:48am
(08:21 , 02.11.17 ) 
IAF strikes Syrian munitions factory, Syria
Lebanese news sites report Israeli Air Force jets strike munitions factory near
(23:57 , 01.11.17 ) 
Netanyahu responds to Rabin's son's critiques:
'I disagreed with him,' says Netanyahu of Rabin. 'But I said—and this has been
(23:15 , 01.11.17 )
Several tunnel terrorists still missing, may be
Following detonation of Islamic Jihad tunnel running in Israeli territory
(20:50 , 01.11.17 )
Ya'alon: A political murder could happen at any
In an interview with Ynet, the former defense minister laments the 'divisive and
(17:14 , 01.11.17 )
Yuval Rabin critiques PM Netanyahu in Mount
Speaking at Mount Herzl memorial ceremony on 22nd anniversary of assassination,
(16:59 , 01.11.17 )
Kirschenbaum pleads not guilty in corruption
Former deputy minister Faina Kirschenbaum, who is facing a series of corruption
(13:39 , 01.11.17 )
Hamas releases new footage of Gilad Shalit in
In Hamas documentary marking 4th anniversary since four terrorists were killed
(12:32 , 01.11.17 ) 
Politicians not invited to Rabin Square memorial
As Israel marks 22 years since assassination of former prime minister and
(10:05 , 01.11.17 )
Disabled threaten to resume protest as agreement
Disabled organizations disheartened by Knesset's lackadaisical conduct on the
(09:52 , 01.11.17 )
Memorial rally takes place Tel Aviv for 22nd
Memorial is in its 17th consecutive year, featuring speech by former Mossad
(23:54 , 31.10.17 )
CID inquiry rules out terrorism in Halamish
Army's Criminal Investigation Division has ruled out terrorism as motive for
(22:55 , 31.10.17 )
Upsurge in nationalistic crime by Bat Ayin
Police has noted uptick in nationalistic crime committed against Arabs by
(22:35 , 31.10.17 )
PM attends traditional Māori ceremony in Be'er
PM Netanyahu and wife Sara attend ceremony memorializing fallen New Zealand
(22:26 , 31.10.17 ) 
AG may strongly rebuke anti-police
Mandelblit to review bill prohibiting police from presenting indictment
(21:30 , 31.10.17 )
Infrastructure works shuts down major train
For the next five days, train stations between Binyamina Station and Tel Aviv
(21:21 , 31.10.17 )
MK Yogev threatens to break with coalition over
MK Yogev joins fellow parliamentarian Oren Hazan in threatening to cease voting
(18:56 , 31.10.17 )
Senior Palestinian militant says detonated
Palestinian Islamic Jihad militant reveals that terror tunnel IDF blew up Monday
(17:59 , 31.10.17 )
Lieberman rebukes Bennett over 'IDF apologists'
Following Education Minister Naftali Bennett's repudiation of IDF's statement on
(17:12 , 31.10.17 )
Netanyahu warns enemies 'not to test our will'
Speaking at ceremony to pay homage to Australian and New Zealand soldiers for
(16:00 , 31.10.17 ) 
IDF chief: Tunnel demolition removed threat on
Both Eisenkot and IDF Spokesperson in Arabic send message to the Gaza Strip:
(15:02 , 31.10.17 )
Following plea bargain, fmr. tourism min.
The second to sign a plea deal in the large Yisrael Beytenu corruption scandal,
(12:30 , 31.10.17 )
World Ort teams up with Vatican for educational
Teenagers from all over the world will meet in Buenos Aires next year to engage
(11:52 , 31.10.17 )
Knesset's legal advisor: PM immunity bill must
After Coalition Chairman Bitan sought to pass the contentious legislation as a
(11:29 , 31.10.17 )
Bennett on tunnel blast: 'We mustn't apologize
Following IDF's denial that Monday's tunnel blast was a deliberate
(10:51 , 31.10.17 )
Report: Saudi pressure led to US thwarting
The US's decision to lean on Israel over the Jerusalem expansion bill, that it
(10:15 , 31.10.17 )
Ron Arad's colleagues join efforts to release
Former colleagues of fallen pilot Ron Arad, led by former Shin Bet chief Yuval
(23:49 , 30.10.17 )
Business as usual for coalition as French Bill
Following meeting between Bayit Yehudi officials and David Bitan over
(23:10 , 30.10.17 )
Hamas warns IDF's tunnel explosion 'grave
Responding to IDF's explosion of a freshly discovered terror tunnel crossing
(21:21 , 30.10.17 )
Hamas commander among 7 terrorists killed in IDF
Seven terrorists reported dead, eleven wounded, after IDF destroys terror tunnel
(21:13 , 30.10.17 )
Kahlon tosses French Bill 'behind us'
Hoping to put out political fires threatening to bring down the government,
(20:22 , 30.10.17 )
Bitan to push 'French Bill' despite coalition
Coalition head Bitan continues promoting 'French Bill' prohibiting investigation
(17:27 , 30.10.17 )
IDF confirms blowing up terrorist tunnel running
After Palestinians initially report smoke plume from explosions rising near
(16:23 , 30.10.17 ) 
PR man defends job offer to key witness in PM
Communication consultant Rosenthal offers job in his firm to key witness his
(14:05 , 30.10.17 )
Kahlon meets Palestinian PM in Ramallah
In spite of recent gov't decision to halt peace talks with Palestinians, Finance
(12:30 , 30.10.17 )
Bar-Ilan lecturer removes student who refused to
Lecturer at Bar-Ilan University's Middle Eastern Studies dept. asks student to
(12:22 , 30.10.17 )
UNHRC to discuss Israeli women's exclusion
UN Human Rights Council to discuss exclusion of women in Israeli society,
(11:59 , 30.10.17 )
Accessory to murder of Israeli in terror attack
Terrorist Izz a-Din Awad, who assisted his father Ziad in murdering Baruch
(11:19 , 30.10.17 )
UK's Johnson urges for Palestinian statehood
In light of 100 years since Balfour Declaration's citing of Jewish people's
(10:26 , 30.10.17 )
20 Palestinians indicted for massive
Following the largest agricultural theft in recent years, 20 Palestinians
(23:44 , 29.10.17 ) 
Elkin proposes separate council to manage
A new bill being pushed by Minister of Jerusalem Affairs Ze'ev Elkin will see
(22:30 , 29.10.17 )
Settlers protest outside PM's residence,
After visits of support from Education Minister Bennett and former minister
(20:42 , 29.10.17 )
Tensions palpable as police chief, PM attend
Police Commissioner Roni Alsheikh meets with the prime minister for the first
(20:00 , 29.10.17 )
Woman suing Sara Netanyahu for alleged abuse
While the lawsuit is civil in nature, SR's lawyers say her testimony includes
(19:25 , 29.10.17 )
US: Jerusalem expansion bill an obstacle to
'The US is discouraging actions that it believes will unduly distract the
(18:48 , 29.10.17 )
EU examines possible return of observer force to
European ambassador meets with IDF, Foreign Ministry officials in Israel, as
(18:28 , 29.10.17 )
Trump and Netanyahu share a kiss on West Bank
Mural believed to be the work of Australian graffiti artist Lushsux; with face
(17:34 , 29.10.17 )
Terror victim murdered with pickax, knife and
Shin Bet reveals circumstances surrounding Reuven Shmerling's mysterious death
(15:00 , 29.10.17 ) 
Israel delays move to expand Jerusalem over US
Netanyahu reportedly says Washington stymied bill designed to connect
(13:06 , 29.10.17 )
Netanyahu says he's uninterested in PM immunity
Speaking during a Likud ministerial meeting, Netanyahu makes first public
(12:10 , 29.10.17 )
Families of children with SMA protest outside
Protest by families whose children are afflicted with spinal muscular atrophy
(09:16 , 29.10.17 ) 
Lieberman weighing widening criteria for home
Defense minister says he’s examining possibility of extending policy of home
(08:54 , 29.10.17 )
Coalition work halted indefinitely over PM
Ministerial Committee for Legislation will not vote on coalition bills until
(23:18 , 28.10.17 )
Egged bus attacked by 3 Arab Israelis
3 Tur'an residents set upon a bus following road dispute; assailants followed
(22:51 , 28.10.17 ) 
Shabbat wars in Jerusalem: Haredim attack
As group of secular protesters hold counter-demonstration against Haredi
(22:32 , 28.10.17 ) 
Mateh Yehuda Regional Council head could face
Moshe Dadon suspected of sexual offenses, bribery, fraud, money laundering,
(21:44 , 28.10.17 )
Former employee tells relative: 'Sara Netanyahu
Attorneys for SR, suing PM Netanyahu's wife Sara for alleged abuse and
(21:23 , 28.10.17 )
Israelis experience a rainy Saturday
Almost 17mm of rainfall was measured in Ein Afek in one hour, while 11mm fell in
(19:03 , 28.10.17 ) 
ANZACs ride again: Centennial of the battle of
100 Australian, New Zealander cavalrymen participate in recreation of battle of
(18:20 , 28.10.17 ) 
Winter is coming: Daylight saving time ends in
At 2am, clocks will revert back to 1am, giving Israelis one more hour of sleep.
(17:19 , 28.10.17 )
Another PMR employee sues PM's wife for alleged
24-year-old Haredi woman becomes latest former PM’s Residence employee to file
(16:06 , 28.10.17 )
Hamas leader blames Israel for assassination
While Gaza sources say ISIS attempted to assassinate Hamas's internal security
(22:36 , 27.10.17 )
UN official calls for sanctions against Israel,
Israel's UN envoy Danon slams body's Security Council after Michael Lynk, a
(13:00 , 27.10.17 )
Despite Netanyahu's pledge for more security
Even after PM Netanyahu pledges to allocate NIS 800 million to bolstering
(23:55 , 26.10.17 )
Esther Hayut sworn in as Supreme Court president
Pledging to 'defend' the Supreme Court from politically motivated attempts to
(23:16 , 26.10.17 )
Israel launches multi-tier objection to
FM officials, Israeli amb. to Poland and more attack bill that if approved, will
(23:06 , 26.10.17 )
Culture Min. Regev to once more act as PM, while
PM Netanyahu is to have 30 minute long gastroscopy on Friday, leaving Min. regev
(22:34 , 26.10.17 )
Fire erupts at Sataf national forest
A fire breaks out, setting the Sataf National Forest in Jerusalem Hills aflame;
(20:50 , 26.10.17 )
Israel willing to take military action to stop
If international efforts led these days by US President Trump don’t help stop
(18:02 , 26.10.17 )
Naor bids tearful farewell to Supreme Court
After 38 years as judge and 17 as Supreme Court justice, Miriam Naor retires in
(17:03 , 26.10.17 )
Ultra-Orthodox leaders pan Naor's final Shabbat
After outgoing Supreme Court Justice Miriam Naor upholds decision to enable Tel
(14:53 , 26.10.17 )
Naor reaffirms opening of Tel Aviv supermarkets
In final ruling as Supreme Court Chief Justice, Naor upholds previous decree
(13:43 , 26.10.17 )
Likud pushes bill barring police recommending
With 'French law' forbidding investigating sitting PM practically scrapped,
(12:41 , 26.10.17 )
Germany probes Kuwait Airlines for rejecting
Transport Minister orders investigation after Israeli-Arab claims he was refused
(11:51 , 26.10.17 ) 
130 Israeli companies, 60 int'l corporations on
UN High Commissioner for Human Rights al-Hussein warns Israeli firms of their
(10:36 , 26.10.17 )
Vice President Pence heading to Israel
White House announces planned visit by Mike Pence to Israel, where he will meet
(09:10 , 26.10.17 )
Litzman, Deri refuse to condemn Haredi protests
After leaders of ultra-Orthodox parties refuse to issue joint statement
(23:32 , 25.10.17 )
Haredim launch counter-campaign against radical
Hitting back against radical factions opposing IDF Conscription Law by staging
(21:27 , 25.10.17 )
Netanyahu accedes to special envoy's resignation
One day before the state had to respond to a petition claiming that special
(20:05 , 25.10.17 )
Contesting Shabbat bill proposals to be raised
Two bills expose dichotomy between ultra-Orthodox and more centrist parties, as
(19:34 , 25.10.17 )

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