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Meanwhile in Syria, the pseudo-ceasefire
Op-ed: The Americans are not talking about any violations of the 'cessation of hostilities' in Syria, because to them, there aren't any. Europe pays the price of Washington's failed foreign policies, while Israel stands firm.
(16:32 ,03/03/16)
Ethnic wars and interests in the Middle East
Analysis: While everyone claims to be fighting ISIS in order to deceive the US, they are actually engaged in their own wars: The Turks are destroying the Kurds, the Russians are destroying Sunni jihadists, the Iraqi army is destroying Sunni forces, and the Iranians are glad the Sunnis are keeping busy in Syria and Iraq.
(00:45 ,12/13/15)
Israel remains the Middle East's only anchor
Op-ed: For years, 'experts' have been dealing with the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, without realizing just how marginal it is and without understanding that it is being used as a tool for diverting the attention from the region's real problems.
(11:35 ,11/28/15)
In migration crisis, Israel is EU's life belt
Op-ed: The tools used by European officials to deal with Israel belong to the days when the Middle East was stable and the Jewish state was perceived as a problem. But now, as millions of Muslims are moving towards the continent, Israel is actually the solution, or at least part of it.
(23:42 ,11/08/15)
The pornography of terror on Israeli media
Op-ed: The electronic media play a huge part in spreading the anxiety virus among millions of people, and that is the exact purpose of terror. It’s time for the Israeli media to adopt American rules.
(10:43 ,10/23/15)
Europe's refugee crisis driven by Iran deal
Op-ed: As soon as the nuclear agreement was signed, the refugees realized that what is happening in Syria, Iraq and Lebanon is not going to end in our lifetime and embarked on a journey to Europe - the only place left to go.
(23:30 ,10/08/15)
French government's moves creating anti-Semitism
Op-ed: France's leaders are responsible for local Jews' grim situation due to government's clear pro-Muslim and pro-Palestinian policy, as well as its traditional hostility towards Israel.
(19:04 ,07/23/15)
Israel must use UN as an offensive tool
Op-ed: Instead of constantly defending ourselves, we should flood the United Nations' institutions with complaints, reports and information about the destruction taking place in our region.
(22:15 ,07/10/15)
Is France betraying Israel in favor of Qatar?
Op-ed: Is the strange French initiative to impose a Security Council resolution on a Palestinian state some kind of secret payment to the Gulf emirate, which has turned France into its playground?
(21:49 ,06/27/15)
Israel must not get involved in Syria
Op-ed: An Israeli intervention in favor of Syria's Druze will only push the enemy to attack us; therefore, it cannot take place under any circumstances.
(09:55 ,06/13/15)
An ethnic war in Iran is only a matter of time
Op-ed: Imagine the Islamic Republic falling apart like Syria, Iraq, Libya or Yemen in a civil war with armed militias – and nuclear facilities all over the area.
(22:13 ,05/29/15)
Germany can keep its 'friendly advice' to itself
Op-ed: Will the German foreign minister come to Israel's rescue when dangerous terrorists return to the 'Palestinian state' and start firing missiles at Ben-Gurion Airport, Tel Aviv, Haifa and Jerusalem?
(00:10 ,05/15/15)
Democrats are losing Jewish vote
Op-ed: Weakening alliance between US Jewry and Democratic Party, mainly due to President Obama's policy towards Israel, could have a dramatic effect on identity of next American president.
(14:17 ,05/01/15)
EU totally unprepared for Islamic tsunami
Op-ed: The European Union has been so obsessed with the Israeli issue over the years that it has ignored its own demographic collapse.
(18:06 ,03/19/15)
America and Israel: A love story
Op-ed: While Israeli public has been misled into thinking that we are in a crisis with US public, annual Gallop poll points to record high support for Israel.
(23:53 ,02/26/15)
Could the world be jealous of Israel's growth?
Op-ed: Just like Jews have been envied throughout the generations for their economic success, rising Israel may be a source of envy too – for Europe, for example.
(14:33 ,02/14/15)
Let Hezbollah and Islamic State destroy one another
Op-ed: In light of the fast changing situation on the borders, Israel should have a channel of dialogue with Hezbollah in order to convey calming messages – including quiet non-aggression agreements.
(00:56 ,02/02/15)
The plan to divide Israel could apply to France
Op-ed: When Europe is busy advocating that Israel hand over its territory to create an autonomous Muslim entity, it should start thinking about the fact that the same - and worse - could happen to them.
(16:16 ,01/17/15)
The Arab oil era is over
Op-ed: As the Gulf states are left with no money to spend and are experiencing internal shocks, the era of destructive Arab power is coming to an end; the Israeli mind and innovation era, on the other hand, is just beginning.
(00:05 ,01/05/15)
The new Euro-Muslim states
Op-ed: The Westernization of the Arab world has been replaced with the Islamization of Europe. The Arab League boycotted Israel from its very first day, and the 'European Union' with its new Muslim masters may now follow in its footsteps.
(00:33 ,12/22/14)
The Arafat era is back
Op-ed: PA has returned to the days of pretend condemnation statements, doublespeak and encouragement of terror. Israel must deal with this situation just like it dealt with it then.
(12:22 ,11/21/14)
New anti-Semitism in the old continent
Op-ed: Those who support a Palestinian state in European parliaments are basically supporting the destruction of the Jewish state.
(08:22 ,11/11/14)
Why is Kerry singling out Israel?
Op-ed: US secretary of state keeps saying Israeli-Palestinian issue cannot remain unchanged. But what about the situation in Syria, Iraq, Libya, Russia, China and Turkey?
(11:44 ,10/25/14)
The Palestinians need to learn from history
Op-ed: Time and again, the extremist rulers of the Palestinians try to eliminate Israel, only for their terrible plan to backfire; this Yom Kippur we will do their soul-searching for them.
(12:01 ,10/02/14)
Americans were too late in realizing Israel is not the problem
Op-ed: While John Kerry wasted his time in Israel in past two years, Syria became a jihadist den, Iraq fell apart and ISIS grew stronger.
(15:46 ,09/19/14)
The Palestinian self-collision instinct
Op-ed: It's time for the world to realize that we are dealing with gangs which will always live at other nations' expense and make a living off 'the conflict.'
(08:06 ,08/16/14)
Obama's wars on Israel
Op-ed: Ban on flights to Israel was just another attempt by US administration to force Israel to accept difficult conditions in Gaza.
(22:24 ,07/27/14)
Hamas teaching naïve dreamers a Middle Eastern lesson
Op-ed: When majority of State of Israel is targeted by missiles fired by a terror organization which took over a territory, how can anyone consider giving Palestinians more independent land?
(00:14 ,07/19/14)
Israel needs massive fence on eastern border
Op-ed: As ISIS fighters approach Jordan, breached border poses an imminent threat to Israel.
(00:32 ,06/29/14)
Between Mosul and Jerusalem
Op-ed: Same hallucinating Americans who built failed Iraqi army drafted a security plan for Judea and Samaria as well.
(00:26 ,06/15/14)
Why is EU meddling in Israel's internal affairs?
Op-ed: Imagine what would happen if Israeli ambassadors instructed Scottish or Catalan people how to vote.
(01:09 ,05/23/14)
American mediators out of touch with reality
Op-ed: Left without a single Arab regime it is close to today, US is taking its anger out on Israel.
(00:27 ,05/09/14)
Ending illusion of peace-seeking Abbas
Op-ed: Fatah-Hamas unity agreement is a stinging insult to Arab regimes and anyone who ever saw the Palestinian leader as a 'peace partner.'
(14:07 ,04/24/14)
Abbas' leadership has expired
Op-ed: UN has a legal obligation to declare that Mahmoud Abbas' signature as 'Palestinian president' is invalid and lacks any authority.
(00:03 ,04/11/14)
Israel pointing finger at wrong terror group
Analysis: Attack on Syria border was not carried out by Hezbollah, but likely by jihadist Sunni rebels, who are receiving medical aid from Israel.
(11:21 ,03/21/14)
US security guarantees are worthless
Op-ed: West's betrayal of Ukraine proves 'security arrangements' Kerry is offering Israel are just a piece of paper.
(00:49 ,03/06/14)
Spain's proposal smells of anti-Semitism
Op-ed: Spanish government's decision to grant nationality to the descendants of expelled Jews is based on the classic anti-Semitic perception that Jews control the global economy.
(20:08 ,02/20/14)
EU states' choice: Escape or collapse
Op-ed: The European Union's future is migrating away from it, while it is being flooded by unskilled Muslim immigrants. The local population is aging rapidly, and there is no young generation left to support it.
(00:15 ,02/13/14)
Jordan part of the solution
Op-ed: Israeli-Palestinian conflict can be solved when West Bank's Arab residents regain their Jordanian citizenship
(00:42 ,01/03/14)
The al-Qaeda takeover
Op-ed: Security arrangements suggested by Americans are irrelevant to Salafi Spring era
(15:27 ,12/08/13)
Persona non grata
Op-ed: After betraying Israel, can Kerry be trusted as 'loyal' mediator in peace talks with Palestinians?
(11:37 ,11/22/13)
Diplomatic terror
Op-ed: After miserable failure of PA's military terror, Abbas goes from one international leader to another and incites against Israel
(07:57 ,10/26/13)
League of illusions
Op-ed: Saudi peace initiative nothing more than a diplomatic whim; Arab street will never accept it
(10:39 ,05/26/13)
Obama's obsession
Op-ed: US should deal with world's real pressing issues rather than send Kerry here every two weeks
(14:30 ,04/12/13)
Tel Aviv terror attack foretold
Op-ed: Government must cancel work permits given to Palestinians, locate all illegal aliens immediately
(20:34 ,11/22/12)
Biting the feeding hand
Op-ed: Islamists who rose to power with Obama's help want US out of Mideast
(13:22 ,09/15/12)
The Syrian curse
Op-ed: Obama's US should stop seeking new models of intervention in disputes it knows nothing about
(11:01 ,08/30/12)
Egypt a dictatorship again
Op-ed: After a year and a half of semi-anarchy, Egypt is once again ruled by one person – Morsi
(20:04 ,08/16/12)
Ahmadinejad, our secret agent in Iran
Iranian president's actions undermine his own country, help Israel
(12:44 ,03/01/07)
Power of embarrassment
International embarrassment would be more damaging to Iranians than missiles
(17:15 ,02/15/07)
Warning bells in Britain
British report on Muslim attitude to democracy alarming
(21:09 ,02/01/07)
Arab world salutes Halutz
Arab talkbacks show admiration for army chief's decision, slam Hizbullah
(17:43 ,01/18/07)
Figures don't lie
Refusal to cooperate leaves Arab economies far behind Israel's
(20:24 ,12/21/06)
Bullets or ballots in PA
Early Palestinian elections may lead to all-out explosion
(17:29 ,12/17/06)
Putsch against history
Nasrallah is embarking on a voyage to reverse history
(17:10 ,11/23/06)
A moment before next war
Time has come for international community to take control of Gaza
(12:12 ,11/10/06)
Old order in Iraq
Would US cut and run approach enhance Iraqi democracy and stability?
(23:47 ,10/27/06)
Paradox of power and weakness
What is perceived as empowering in Mideast weakens Israel's image in West
(17:32 ,10/16/06)
Keep Golan in our hands
Returning Golan to Syria would create new threats
(17:12 ,09/28/06)
Israel helping Ahmadinejad
Israeli conduct boosts Iranian leader's image as guardian of Islam
(23:40 ,09/14/06)
Speaking the language of the Middle East
Israel has changed the rules of the game: instead of abductions working against Israel, to the extent of extorting an entire country, abductions now work against abductors and their countries
(23:37 ,08/03/06)
From enemy to friend
US needs wise policy to avoid clash with Iran
(22:23 ,06/04/06)
Arab revolution?
There are many signs Israeli Arabs are less radical than their leaders
(11:25 ,01/26/06)
Jerusalem disengagement
It's time to give Palestinian Jerusalemites a choice – Israeli or Palestinian citizenship
(10:12 ,01/12/06)
Needed: Strong deterrence
Israel does not yet understand the rules of the game in the Middle East
(09:44 ,01/01/06)
Time to boycott Iran
Tougher U.S. approach needed to curb Mideast radicalism
(13:08 ,12/15/05)
Keep religion in the heart
Region must separate mosque and state while retaining respect for religion
(18:49 ,12/01/05)
Who needs normalization?
Israel must not make too many demands of the Arab world
(11:37 ,11/17/05)
What to do with Assad
As it was in Iraq, Syria's Baathists are the problem, not the solution
(09:21 ,11/03/05)
Palestinian religion
‘Palestinianism’ has become a religion for many
(09:10 ,10/26/05)
Part of the Israeli family
It is time to allow non-resident Israelis to vote in Knesset elections
(11:50 ,10/06/05)
Nukes for every dictator
Recent agreement with North Korea bodes badly for Israel
(09:21 ,09/22/05)
Muslims exploit Israel
Arab, Muslim countries use Israel to boost ties with America
(20:47 ,09/08/05)
Israel and Pavlov’s dog
Country must let go of its hold on Gaza to gain international recognition
(10:15 ,08/27/05)
What do to with Iraq?
Americans should abandon aspirations for united Iraq
(10:07 ,06/16/05)
Mubarak, again
Paradoxically, Egyptian democracy shrinks as demand for it grows
(21:11 ,06/02/05)
Leaving mistakes behind
In our region, pullouts must not be perceived as a terrified retreat
(19:22 ,05/09/05)
Egypt must combat arms smugglers
Egypt must follow peace accords and place troops on Philadelphi Route
(09:59 ,04/28/05)
The paradox of the Cairo synagogue
Israel is paradoxically the number one promoter of feminist and civilian affairs in the Arab world
(12:10 ,04/21/05)
Who's afraid of Hizbullah?
Paradoxically, an Israeli military response to Hizbullah’s threats could save the group
(15:29 ,04/17/05)
You can't gather grapes from thorns
Hamas does not plan to give up its raison d'etre - to spread the word of Islam and fight against Israel.
(12:44 ,03/31/05)
Has Bush gone soft?
Only a hard-line approach will lead to results in the Middle East
(16:44 ,03/24/05)
Hopes for peace tinged with conspiracy
We are so hopeful for peace that we cannot see the facts before our eyes
(13:35 ,03/17/05)
A family tradition
Bashar Assad learned how to deal with Lebanon from his father
(13:29 ,03/10/05)
Is the U.S. going soft?
Bush seems to have forgotten that Iran is already buying enriched uranium
(11:16 ,03/03/05)
Arabic earthquake
Beirut's popular revolution has succeeded, but Lebanon not yet free
(12:23 ,03/01/05)
On the brink of extinction
Christians are paying price of shift to religious categorization
(17:56 ,01/09/05)

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