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Enlightened or unhinged?
Left-wing intellectual bankruptcy has left us unwilling to truly fight the enemy
(07:25 ,08/10/06)
Blunder on the right
National camp should lead campaign to draft haredi students
(16:40 ,05/15/06)
Wanted: An unrealistic leader
Who is unrealistic, those who want to 'converge' or those who oppose it?
(09:45 ,05/07/06)
A study in fanaticism
Olmert regime is providing definitive an example of blind, obsessive fanaticism
(12:10 ,04/17/06)
Corrupt kleptocracy vs. tyrannical theocracy
It is time to re-think the conventional wisdom about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict
(14:08 ,04/03/06)
False symmetry
Israel produces science, hi-tech; PA produces martyrs, corruption
(16:48 ,03/23/06)
Reading Palestinian intentions
There is a wide valley between factually correct and politically correct
(11:43 ,03/09/06)
Israel's march of folly
When perfidy parades as patriotism
(09:39 ,03/01/06)
Days of surrealism
While Sharon was being praised in NY, his Gaza pullout policy was unraveling
(16:24 ,09/21/05)

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