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Rivkah Lubitch
How the Rabbinate creates bastard children
In a recent case, a divorced woman was denied right to remarry because she has a baby and is subject to halachic rule of nursing. After asking her intrusive questions, religious judges decide to include her son on a secret blacklist of 'mamzerim.'
(13:53 ,11/12/15)
Recalcitrant husband to pay NIS 680,000
Family Court rules divorce recalcitrant must pay high compensatory damages to wife with whom he has not cohabited since 2002. 'Refusing to grant a get violates the values protected by Israel’s Basic Law: Human Dignity and Freedom,' says judge
(08:17 ,10/10/11)
Rabbinic court defeats public 2-0
How did rabbinic judges manage to convince us all of new law – that it is possible to cancel conversion? This campaign of intimidation must be stopped
(07:43 ,06/19/11)
The peripatetic priest
Husband demands divorce from his wife, who he married through London Rabbinate, claiming he is a cohen and was forbidden to marry her to begin with. Israeli rabbinic court forces woman to accept get against her will
(07:32 ,05/29/11)
Rabbinic courts: Lift the anchor!
Rabbinic judges claim women who refuse to compromise on their financial rights 'anchor themselves' to unwanted marriages, or turn themselves into agunot. Meanwhile, family courts have ruled that husbands should be held financially accountable for their recalcitrance. Let public decide
(14:54 ,03/30/11)
'When did the Robe cling to the body?'
Rabbinic court cast doubt on X’s conversion and she was summoned again and again to hearings regarding her Jewishness. In an affidavit submitted to the High Court of Justice she describes how each time the rabbinic judges were switched, and what intimate questions were asked
(08:00 ,02/18/11)
Yocheved’s new life
Woman divorces abusive husband, tries to start new life in US with her kids. Despite civil court ruling rabbinic court decides to hear husband’s petition for visitation rights. How did it end?
(08:14 ,01/30/11)
'Rabbinic Judges Law'
How many rabbinic judges accept judicial authority of Israeli civil courts and don't discount decision of those courts as 'robbery'? Are they loyal to its laws? Rivkah Lubitch wants to establish threshold criteria for candidates who apply to be rabbinic judges
(08:06 ,01/09/11)
Married in Cyprus? See you in Rabbinical Court
Until recently, rabbinical courts didn’t recognize civil marriages at all, but now Netanya Rabbinical Court has determined, in a landmark decision: We have jurisdiction over all matters regarding marriage, like alimony and property – even if you didn’t marry through the rabbinate
(15:18 ,12/13/10)
Thanks to the Tel Aviv Rabbinic Court
Rivkah Lubitch praises the panel of rabbinic judges who figured out how to free Orit from the failed marriage to which she had been anchored for many years. The rabbis acted decisively and effectively. May all rabbinic tribunals have the wisdom to so act, amen
(07:56 ,10/31/10)
Food for thought at Shabbat meal
'The sweet little boy who sat in between his mother and father who are co-parenting him isn’t three yet and he already knows part of the Sh’ma by heart. His ponytail is swinging behind him and the synagogue has accepted him with love.' Rivkah Lubitch spends Shabbat with a family of a different sort
(07:42 ,10/24/10)
The emperor has no clothes
For the past 13 years all sorts of figures in the Jewish world have been trying to convince Zevulun Siman Tov from Afghanistan, who refuses to divorce his wife, to give her a get. Rivkah Lubitch thinks that the story reflects the powerlessness of the wife and the rabbinic court against a man who married a woman and refuses to divorce her. And when will we understand that this situation cannot be allowed to continue?
(08:59 ,09/26/10)
Solution to illegitimacy problem
The Jewish sages succeeded in solving a wide range of serious moral problems arising out of Halacha but the problem of illegitimacy has remained. There are two possible solutions – but the question is who will take the initiative
(07:45 ,09/19/10)
Good idea, lousy law
Knesset's Constitutional Law Committee approved first reading of law that would allow conversions to be performed by chief rabbis of cities. But there’s a hitch here: The High Rabbinic Court can easily bring about the annulment of those conversions. You think strengthening the rabbinic establishment helps the religious public? Think again
(07:46 ,08/31/10)
Torn-up Judaism
When the couple went to sign a pre-nuptial agreement in front of the marriage registrar, they were asked to pay a special fee and then … in front of the eyes of the astonished couple, the rabbi tore up the agreement and told the couple to leave the room, explaining: 'It’s not in accordance with halacha.” And the reaction of the Chief Rabbinate?
(09:39 ,08/05/10)
You’re Jewish – prove it
What shouldhave been the happiest time of Sagit’s life turned into a nightmare. According to their documents, her mother and grandmother are Jewish and her parents were married by a Chabad rabbi, but even so, she’s being asked to convert in order to marry. The new regulations provide that this can happen to you too
(08:10 ,07/06/10)
Dayanim sitting on the fence
On one hand, wife describes serious emotional abuse and social worker testifies that “it’s hell.” On the other hand, husband asserts his wife’s family is inciting her against him. They are already separated for two years and what does the rabbinic court say? That the parties should reach a reasonable agreement by themselves
(09:05 ,06/24/10)
Find the husband
Miriam discovered that her husband was carrying on an affair with another woman and asked to divorce him. The husband is willing to give her a get – but only if she withdraws the other lawsuits she filed against him concerning related matters, and in the meantime – go look for him abroad. The wife’s life has come to a standstill
(16:16 ,06/13/10)
Non-Jewish, until proven otherwise
According to new regulations issued by Chief Rabbinate, even if you weren’t about to register for marriage, and hadn’t appealed to rabbinic court – it can summon you and initiate a hearing that will inquire into your Jewishness. Rivkah Lubitch thinks this is harassment, and not only of new immigrants
(08:18 ,05/31/10)
Civil disobedience
Yael and Yoav are observant Jews, yet they decided not to formalize their relationship through the Chief Rabbinate. What does halacha say? And what pushed them to do this? Rivkah Lubitch with a true story
(09:08 ,05/24/10)
Yes, women too received the Torah at Sinai
In recent generations women have been taking greater role in religious life, ascribing Sinai to themselves, Rivkah Lubitch says
(07:51 ,05/21/10)
No secrets
The State, the Halacha and the public all expect the mother to build a whole world of lies around her child in order to save him from the stigma of mamzerut. And what about the child's best interests? Rivkah Lubitch tells Orli's story
(07:49 ,05/06/10)
My personal exodus
'I planned my escape from the house a week before I served my husband with divorce papers. I booked a hotel in Jerusalem and I felt that any minute I was going to faint.' Rivkah Lubitch tells the story of how Sharon managed to leave Egypt, but did not reach the Promised Land
(07:50 ,05/04/10)
Judges, take charge
Haredim twisting state’s arm, with rabbinic courts invalidating conversions after 15 years
(07:29 ,04/30/10)
Inglorious mamzerim
'So long as the rabbinic court keeps a black list of mamzerim and it’s the only institution officially allowed to marry Jews in the State of Israel – we all partners in the crime of hurting persons who have committed no crime.' Rivkah Lubitch calls to get rid of the rabbinic court’s black list
(15:19 ,04/13/10)
Who’s counting agunot?
Data published annually by Rabbinic Court Administration is a bit confusing. In 2007 there were 180 agunot, and in last two years Rabbinic Court Special Task Force managed to obtain gittin for no less than 292 women
(08:08 ,03/16/10)
Damages for divorce refusal, for men too
For six years, a woman refused to accept a divorce from her husband, but the looming threat of having to pay damage solved the problem. Add to this the precedent-setting ruling that held that women, like men, must compensate their spouse for get refusal – the phenomenon of get refusal is likely to decline, both with respect to men as well as women
(07:46 ,02/27/10)
Hijab in the Rabbinic Court
Are women who come within the four walls of the rabbinic courts required to wear a head covering in order to have their claims heard? Apparently yes, in Petach Tikva. It seems that there are those women who acquiesce without protest
(08:29 ,02/09/10)
The secret code of repealed conversions
If you converted to Judaism and also got divorced, check the divorce documents that you received from the rabbinic courts. If it says 'the son of our forefather Abraham'? You're not in bad shape. If it says 'convert'? You're on your way to a repealed conversion. Rivkah Lubitch studied the opinion paper submitted by the Rabbinic Court to the High Court of Justice and discloses how converts are being marked
(08:28 ,02/03/10)
Violence in rabbinical courts
Rivkah Lubitch claims rabbinical courts which allow husbands to deny their wives a divorce are partners to violence against women
(08:04 ,12/18/09)
Where is justice for women?
Rivkah Lubitch responds to Justice Minister Ne'eman's endorsement of Torah law
(07:40 ,12/21/09)
'I'm not against the Torah'
Rivkah Lubitch addresses commandment of halizah, says she's not fighting against Jewish marriage but rather 'sounding the voice of disempowered women'
(14:48 ,12/03/09)
Taking on the tormentors
'Each year some 15-20 women are forced to go through the humiliating ritual of halitzah and there is a solution for this.' Rivkah Lubitch claims that it won’t come from official channels, but from the involvement of people who care. Do you care?
(08:15 ,10/14/09)
How can you not agree with Kolech?
Difference between religious women's organization and its detractors is first and foremost that Kolech puts the issues on the table and speaks about them openly, while its detractors ignore them
(10:00 ,07/26/09)
No way out
It cannot be that the power to keep the other party chained in the bonds of marriage is in the hands of someone who has turned from a lover to an enemy
(11:27 ,07/06/09)
Million dollar baby?
Husband who promised his wife $1 million in their ketubah, assuming sum had no real legal significance, discovered that Rabbinic Court insists he pay astronomical sum
(15:39 ,06/28/09)
Who is an Orthodox convert?
By denying the validity of Rabbi Druckman's conversions, rabbinical judges in fact deny the authority of the state's chief rabbi
(17:35 ,06/18/09)
Balance of power changing
'Israeli society is beginning to internalize that get refusal is not a taken-for-granted, sad-but-inevitable- fact of Jewish life, but an act of dominion that they no longer want to be a part of,' says Center for Women's Justice Attorney Susan Weiss
(12:45 ,06/11/09)
Eye-opening day in court
'The judge conducted the hearing in an exemplary manner. She was in control and showed respect for both sides.' Rivkah Lubitch sat in on a hearing in the Family Court and returned with insights regarding the rabbinic courts
(09:56 ,05/24/09)
So what if the rabbi said you can marry?
The widow of an IDF soldier who was killed in battle received permission from the IDF chief rabbi to remarry. But when her daughter sought a wedding permit, the register questioned the permit and hinted she was a mamzer
(22:13 ,05/17/09)
The State vs. agunot
Our state representatives, who are responsible for upholding principles of democracy, equality and justice, just don't understand their role
(08:00 ,05/10/09)
The 10 plagues of Jewish women
On eve of Passover, many women still find themselves in their own personal Egypt, with no light at end of tunnel
(09:11 ,04/06/09)
Pre-nuptial agreement now!
I’m asking the rabbis to revoke the husband's hold over his wife's freedom. Am I asking for too much?
(00:11 ,03/31/09)
A girl shouldn't go through a divorce
By forcing young couple to divorce following mock wedding rabbinical judges have once again turned the Torah into a laughing stock
(10:49 ,03/02/09)

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