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In honor of Israel's 59 Independence Day, Elem is constructing, for the fourth time, the Elam's Lights of Hope Flag, which this year will be hung on Tel Aviv's Azrieli Tower. It is the biggest Israeli flag in the world, assembled from 600,000 light bulbs that will be lit by donations from the public.

Each donation, received by SMS messages, phone or credit card, will light a bulb of hope.

The donations collected throughout this project will enable the "Elem Association" to continue our voluntary and professional work for the youth throughout Israel.

There are some 750,000 adolescents living in Israel today, of which one quarter are in risk and distress.

Elem has saved many adolescents in severe states of risk and distress in its 25 years of existence, through its highly skilled professionals and through its over 1,200 volunteers, who are working around the clock in Elam's vital projects throughout Israel,

Through the “sympathetic ear”, the assistance in material, the love and warmth Elem offers to the youth, we assist them in abandoning the street life, returning to school and to a normative work circle and becoming contributing and productive citizens.

We in Elem aspire to bring out and fulfill the potential of every boy and girl , even in the most challenging circumstances.

We are asking you to take part in this joint national venture to light up the flag. Together we can save thousands of adolescents in severe distress, illuminate their way and give them a fair chance for a more promising tomorrow. Behind every light bulb hides a boy or girl in distress.

  Elem's world:

More than 750,000 teenagers live in Israel. A 1/4 of them are at risk and in distress.

41,000 teenagers frequented Elem's Counseling and Information "Hafuh Centers" all over the country in 2006.

130,000 teenagers visited the internet site Y-Elem in 2006- Elem's Counseling and Information web site.

Elem's "Night Outreach Vans" met with 30,000 detached and loitering youth during 2006 all over the country.

About 400 teenage boys and girls living in the streets received care and attention at Elem's "Someone to Run With" and "Galgal" in 2006

There are 1,200 volunteers in Elem, adults and teenagers alike, in all of Elem's projects.

Elem's receives only 25% of its budget from the government and the local municipalities

75% of Elem's budget comes from donations.
Nava Barak, Elem's President

s president of Elem – Youth in Distress in Israel, I'm proud to head, for the 4th year in a row, the "Lights of Hope" campaign: A unique project for Israeli youths at risk and in distress.

lem's employees and volunteers meet Israel's youngsters at risk on a daily basis and wherever they may be. We know that behind every story, every cry for help, there is a face, a name, a soul.

invite you to take part in our efforts for the benefit of youths living in Israel, because they are our most important resource – they are our future.

t this time, between Pesach, "the holiday of freedom", and Israel's 59th birthday, I ask each and every one of you to light a bulb in Elem's "Lights of Hope" flag so that together we can light the way for thousands of youths in Israel.

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