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I always felt at home
Sever Plocker hates to disappoint the critics but he thinks Israeli society is a success story
Illustration: Gil Yohanan
Come what may
Sima Kadmon recalls her birthday at IAF's Phantom squadron during the Yom Kippur War
Archive photo: GPO
The big book of names
Uri Orbach knows that sometimes, a book doesn't need a plot to mesmerize its readers
Archive photo: GPO
When push comes to shove
Jackie Levy goes back to an unforgettable night when best, worst of everything Israeli met
Photo: Channel 2
Frozen in time
Alex Fishman believes the true Israeli moment is made up of slivers of time coming together
Illustration: Liquid Library
More Israeli moments
What's in a name?
B. Michael wonders why 60 years after Israel's induction, there's still no such
B. Michael
Inside the sealed room
Smadar Shir recalls moving back to Israel from the US just in time for the Gulf
Smadar Shir
Bonding atop a tank
Military service as a melting pot proves true as a settler, a Druze, a
Hanoch Daum
Hatikvah is everywhere
My most Israeli moment: The national anthem in Hungary, Oman and Russia
Shimon Shiffer
On board the Exodus
Dragged into Haifa port after battle at sea, thousands of immigrants aboard
Noah Klieger
Reclining chair
After returning from New York I was pleased by the fact that I am speaking with
Raanan Shaked
In Munich, in the winner's circle
Exactly 30 years after that horrible massacre, a new immigrant won the gold
Avinoam Porat
Every moment of my life
I'm Israeli, whether I want to or not; in the army, the walk of life and,
Oded Shalom
Between Passover and Remembrance Day
'Nothing good will happen until we get rid of the territories,' my friend Aviel
Smadar Peri

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