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Talk back to the Golem
By Ynetnews
Published: 20.03.05, 12:06
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1. i love the golem!
li ,   israel   (03.20.05)
we love the golem! every one love the golem!
2. Golem
Shimson ,   Israel   (03.26.05)
I want to like the Golem very much but i feel that the way Israeli schools or media were potrayed didn't quite hit the mark. Obviously they were satiric, but they didn't feel to be an exageration of life, but more a bizzaro alterworld. Golem seems cool, and Lilith Kusit sof ha derech!
3. Golem
Shai ,   Israel   (03.27.05)
Nice comic strip! Keep up the good work.
4. wow! great strip!
John Hartnett ,   Tampa, FL 33604   (03.29.05)
I came to your website referred from Boing Boing. I am absolutely wowed by The Golem! I love the humor, and the view of Israeli society (neither of which is common currency here in way oddball Florida). My admiration to Messieurs Fink and Eshed,and my congratulations to ynetnews.com for their perspicacity in hosting The Golem. This is a fine, fine strip.
5. Great strip!
Ian ,   Sydney, Australia   (03.29.05)
Mate, congrats on producing one of the most original, funny strips! Love the israeli/anglo mix of humour How about getting old Golem to steal saddam from our yank friends? Or give Miz Livnat a Krav-Maga selfdefense course? G-D knows she may need it! Keep up the good work, youre a champ mate
6. Previous? How about first?
daniel   (03.30.05)
It would be nice to have to click X times on previous before you get to the beginning.
7. Nice
Ahad HaAm ,   Tel Aviv   (04.02.05)
Nice. The word fonts are readable, the graphics are great and it opens up in an easy popup window.
8. Flash Application would be better
Ahad HaAm ,   Tel Aviv   (04.02.05)
I think it would be better in a flash application like the cartoon at Al-Gzira http://english.aljazeera.net/HomePage It has music and no need to press buttons
9. Golem Strip/Appifyor Peres
Raffaele Ladu ,   Verona, Italy   (04.07.05)
Golem is a great comic. But, although I empathize with the Labour Party and the Israeli Left, which have countless times fallen victims to Shimon Peres' blunders, I think it is not a display of good taste to laugh about his possibly becoming the next Pope. Moreover, if he really becomes it, he would certainly bring disgrace to my country - Italy. Sorry, Shimon.
10. one problem with the golem
Alex Bukhman ,   NYC   (04.26.05)
the comic is quite funny but I have to say the author definitely has a few Gaza settlers up his a*s.
11. I cracked up...
Shai ,   Israel   (05.30.05)
at the comic about the borg "Shik-c". I haven't had a laugh like that at a comic strip for a LONG time! Thanks for the great strip!
12. a suggestion
Ian ,   Sydney Australia   (05.31.05)
Why dont you get golem to kidnap old nasrallah? Imagine him in prison being interogated by the shabbakniks complete with a harem of camels and everything
13. Genius visual technique
Veronica ,   NSW Australia   (06.06.05)
That trick of showing the action in the background or on the TVscreen behind the people talking; for example in episodes four, five and six. I've never seen a split scene done so well as you have here in my opinion. I heard that American movie makers actually avoid split scenes because they cant cut the attention well enough. But you can, so my congratulations!
14. wow
ilan ,   Canada   (07.09.05)
i really injoy reading your comic it is so great i would like to read more comics from israel since i am from israel and i miss it reading this comic might somtimes relate to the real world keep up the good job golem should fing a girlfriend in one cean carnival cean also i think you should consider starting a new comic about somthing else for a bigger variati
15. Daily comic?
Athaclena ,   Israel   (07.11.05)
Hi, I do like The Golem but find it very frustrating to read because I never know if there will be a new one or not. Even the weekend episodes are not weekly, and there is no notification of any sort of when the comic will resume. If this is a daily comic please have a new one every day, I believe this is a major part of the definition... If not then perhaps you should have it updated on specific weekdays (not every day) - I think that would be preferable to a on-and-off daily strip. I also agree with what was said about the interface to reach past comics - it needs improvement. I hope there will be some response to this. Thank you, Athaclena
16. sorry, Athaclena
uri fink ,   Ramat Hasharon Israe   (07.14.05)
The Golem is not daily anymore because of editorial and budgetary reasons. I will put new short strips every weekend for the time being. Hopefully one day The Golem will become daily again.
17. Yay! the golems back! Thank you net!
18. where is the golem's chin?
Salvador Ramon ,   Houston TX USA   (10.02.05)
i love the golem but do have one continuity concern, in the first episodes he had a chin but now his head is perfectly square , did i miss something? anyway, great work!
19. what gives, ynet?
Shai ,   Israel   (10.02.05)
Either you have a comic strip or you don't - either support this strip or don't. Don't just keep it for weeks on end with no change. I'd rather have this strip than any single one of your commentators, so if you have to make a change, so be it. But bring this strip back as a daily.
21. the golem is fabulous
ciara ,   australia   (11.09.05)
i loved the CSI gaza episode... this comic is simply divine. כל הכבוד
22. i love golem
Claudia ,   italy   (01.08.06)
sometimes it,s difficult to find the link to the comics, i would like to read more golem,s stories .it,s great C
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