Talk back to the Golem

Golem creators Uri Fink and Eli Eshed want to hear from you. What do you think of the strip and the characters? What would you like to see the characters do? What do you want to ask the Golem, Lillith and the Boss?

Golem creators Uri Fink and Eli Eshed say they are eager to receive comments about their new strip, “The Golem.” Fink and Eshed want to know whether you like the strip, hate it, have suggestions or questions.


“I really do want to hear from the readers,” Fink says. “We know they will have interesting thoughts, suggestions and comments.


You can feel free even to address your questions directly to the Golem, Lilith, the Boss, the Professor, and the others. How does Yossi, in fact, actually change into the Golem? Does it hurt him? Why is Lilith/Liat so nasty to the Golem/Yossi?


There are several ways to comment on “The Golem. First, you can send us a note via Red Email , our easy-to-use form. Red Email allows you to send documents, images and pictures, as well as text. Or you can send us email to: [email protected].


Third, you can leave your thoughts at the bottom of this article by using the “Talkback” feature. Just click on the Talkback button and leave your comments. They will be posted shortly after your write them.


Once we have enough comments, Uri and Eli will write back to everyone through the site.


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