'He always hated Jews and Israelis'
By Hagit Kleiman and Yaakov Lappin
Published: 20.07.05, 15:21
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32. Our forthcoming visit to London
Yasha ,   Ra'anana, Israel   (07.20.05)
We have cancelled our ticket to visit familie in London and will not go there untill Livingstone is removed from office. We hope that more sane people like us do the same. It is a shame that he can get away with the things he says.
33. I agree 100 %
Yasha ,   Israel   (07.20.05)
I agree 100 % with you,Dennis, we should all boycott London
34. To 14
Aharon ,   Israel   (07.20.05)
Even if you fight not for another 100 years, but for 1,000 years, you won't be able to rob what doesn't belong to you. The Jewish people has been living in the land, long before the creation of Islam and the arrival of of Arabs to this area.
35. Not only is he a violent bigot...
Dan ,   Nashville,TN USA   (07.20.05)
but he is an idiot as well.
36. jews hate the truth and anyone who speaks it..end
aa ,   aa   (07.20.05)
37. Message from Gaza
Bassem ,   Gaza, Palestine   (07.20.05)
I understand that democracy is just to say what you feel and not to say what pleases other people. I can never defend the random killing of innoent people but I think the causes of terrorism should be seriously addresses. For some Palestinians life had no value because simply they have been deprived from all kinds of normal livivg. Many of you have not experienced what does it mean to be born in a place occupied and fully controlled by a violent and extremist state like Israel whrere ideology is again based on a religion. I invite any one to come to Gaza and to see the circumdstances under which Palestinians live and what make them look at death as a better alternative. Thanx for taking time to read my opinion and hope all can live in Peace and all forget about the fabricated word "Terrorism'. We are all human beings and what make us violent is what we face in life. Living in Gaza can not make me as peaceful as those who are living in Toronto or Stockholm. I invite again come and experience the life in Gaza and then I will ask you one question why do you think that Palestinians are desperate for death... I am sure there will be some change in your understanding to teh whole issue. Let Mr. Ken says what he likes as you never know what kind of experience he passed through to make him reach this conclusion and to say what he said...
38. Warped Logic
EM ,   Israel   (07.20.05)
Did he REALLY say Israel enacted an Illegal invasion of Egypt and Jordan during the 6 day war? Egypt's blockade of the Straights of Tiran, expulsion of the UN trooops from the "buffer zones", build-up of troops on the border, and months of incitement and radio broadcasting intentions to destroy Israel more than justified our preemptive strike. What then is Livingstone's problem? That we won? With Livingstone's warped logic, one could also accuse England of illegally landing in Europe during WW2.
39. To Noah
Sivan ,   Israel   (07.20.05)
I totally agree with you. He doesn't know when to bloody well shut up. KeNatzi - why don't you zip your filthy lip.
40. Livingston the Oracle
Smarty ,   Columbia   (07.20.05)
Funny how the islamofacists bite the hand that feeds them. Ken is so dumb, that he managed to justify the bombings against his own city! Did he forget that the UK went to war against Iraq? And that there are "angry (i.e. lunatic)" people out there who don't have the jets and helicopters that the Royal Air Force has? Brownosing will get you nowhere, Ken.
41. Ken Livingstone
Paul ,   Australia   (07.20.05)
Ken Livingstone is a joke. His ravings would be half funny were not for his political position (how he achieved this is probably just as frightening as his obviously anti-Israel/anti-semetic rhetoric). Good luck free world whilst we continue to have people that carry these same thought processes in positions of power... it always seems to fall on us little guys to kill and be killed to stamp out tyranny and insanity wherever they raise their ugly heads.
42. A true Gentleman, indeed.
Ahmad S. Abouali ,   Nablus   (07.20.05)
Mr. Mayor of London had said it well, no one had put it straightforward on the Zionist terror better than him, indeed, he made it clear to all that he will not allow the Zionists to harvest the agoney of the Londoners in the aftermath of the last week's bombing. He is a "terrorist lover, anti-semetic, jews-hater, Neo-Nazi, blah blah blah" but such personality assassination (assassination that they are good at) by the Zionists will not deter westerners to speak the truth and point out the Zionist terror. I supposed, it is the time for the British public figures to speak for the truth, after what UK did to us in implanting Israel, and help in ethnicleans my people from Palestine. Way to Go, Ken.
43. A little history for Mr Livingston
Moti ,   Herzliya, Israel   (07.20.05)
During the British mandate in Palestine prior to the creation of Israel, the local Jewish population were imposed by the British army/police with curfews, road blocks etc. There were a few resistance movements at that time fighting the British for our independence. The British, for their part, did not hesitate to take every possibly harsh measure including cold-blooded murders (like Yair Stern). And yet, the Jewish resistance movements attacked the British army and and did not resort to sending suicide bombers to London to blow-up buses and trains. According to the theory of Mr. Livingston, we were entitled to do so, since we could not match the weapons of the British and we had only our bodies.
44. I've visited Gaza
EM ,   Israel   (07.20.05)
I visited Gaza as part of a group of people seeking dialogue with it's citizens. Before the 2nd intifada. Five years after PA autonomy and millions of dollars in international aid. I saw refugee camps teeming with people. When I asked why these camps still existed, after all, 5 years is enough time to improve the situation, our Gazan guide surprisingly told me that the camps are still in place because the people don't want to lose their free medical aid, education, and welfare. And the PA didn't want to lose it's excellent PR opportunity. Instead of using it's resources to resolve social and economic deprivation, the PA channelled it's people to violence. Mr. Bassem, you claim that life in Gaza today makes the people desparate for death. I am sorry if I cannot accept this reasoning. I believe that people who are starving, look for food - not revenge.
45. Boycott London
Eyal ,   (07.20.05)
Once again Livingston, also known as 'Red Ken', a tabloid sobriquet, revealed his true colours. His friendship with men such as al Qaradawi show that he is not an anti-Semite, for al Qaradawi is a Semite, as is the rest of the Jewish community. Rather let the record show that Livingston is the arch enemy of Israel, and by default, Jews worldwide. His support of the radical cleric is indicative of the support London has given all terrorist organizations to operate freely from its territory for over a decade, London is home to terrorists who use it as a base, where they can raise cash, recruit new members and draw inspiration from the militant messages preached daily at the mosques and madras’s around the city. These included terrorists involved in attacks in Spain, Morocco, Saudi Arabia, Israel and the USA. The fact that under the mayorship of Livingston, London allows such individuals free reign to vocalise and publish their inhumane theosophies in its liberal society is why London faces the treat of terrorism. Not from its support of the Iraq war. The time has come for the UK Jewish community to band together and take a stand against terror and its supporters. People like the venerable Lord Mayor of London should take heed and step down. Sadly he is clearly too busy milking the attack for all the votes it is worth. His speech on the aftermath of the bombing included a reference to the Jews as victims of the attack and as such he has poured water on any fiery suggestion that he is anti-Semitic, anti-Jew etc. leaving him free to maneuver himself politically without fear from the people he so despises – the Jews.
46. Make aliyah
Eyal ,   (07.20.05)
When I made aliyah I knew I had struck a nail in the coffin of terror. I call upon my fellow Jews living in London to do the same.
47. Give Livingstone the axe
Cynthia ,   USA   (07.20.05)
Getting ride of Ken Livingstone is the first step in the fight against terror. He continues to kiss-up to the Arabs and mock England. A full investigation into his squirrelly Islamic associations should be conducted.
48. I apologise for voting for Ken
Gil Goodman ,   London / Tel Aviv   (07.20.05)
This was before he opened his mouth a spewed the torrent of anti-semtic hatred against a Jewish reporter, invited terror loving Arabs over and said the latest pile of shit. I hereby apologise for voting for him and feel ashamed that he represents my ex-city. Yes, I will be coming to make Aliyah.
49. Usual Ken stuff
Les ,   England   (07.20.05)
This is the usual Ken Livigstone anti Israel position. He claims not to be anti-Jewish, just Anti-Israel. This is only the tip of the iceberg in the UK. Because of the severe drop in the number of Jewish voters here ( jewish population down from 350,000 to 240,000 in 2004) and no clear partisan voting by Jews, the Labour party in particular is going after the pro-Arab and Muslim votes. Witness the labour parties election posters that showed flying pigs to remind people that Michael Howard was Jewish. With a big increase in defamations and damage to Jewish cemetaries, that never hit the headlines, the Jews here will have to get usedto changing demographics and policies that will make them second class citizens. Unless, of course, they use the usual English Jew system of being an undercover Jew and conceiling their origin. Incidentally, in the UK Jews have always tried to keep their heads down. That's why you find that nearly all English Jews have adopted English surnames instead of their original Polish and Russian Jewish sounding ones.
50. Jordan is Palestine
G. S. ,   Germany   (07.20.05)
King Hussein himself used to say in the 1950s and 1960s that "Jordan is Palestine and Palestine is Jordan."
51. Sad day for the EEC
Hiram ,   Tel Aviv   (07.20.05)
This incredible statement by Mr LIvingstone should be considered as marking with a black stone a sad day for the EEC, and beyonf for Europe as a whole. By issuing such a statement. Mr Livingstone just lost the sympathy from those who felt really affected by the tragic events of July in London. I know that Mr Livingstone has met with PM Tony Blair and it is unsure at this time if there will be legal proceedings against him under the newly passed laws regarding support of terror activities or/and movments in England. If this statement costs him his seat as Mayor of London, I will be the last one to cry, and the first one to applaud. When the Mayor of the largest city in Europe justify murder, one can understand better why terrorist can feel at ease in that country. ANyhow, one has the terrorists one deserves....
52. to Sandy
awni ,   Palestine   (07.20.05)
Hi Sandy, you said there are no Palestinains before, from where they come? since when they are in Palestine? did GB Or USA or USSR brought them to this land by force? since when Israel created ? where it is before? If you live or born in USA or any where you will get citizenship & the nationality for the countray you born in withen five years. why the palestinians don't have the right to be palestinians and the owners of the land despite of being there since thousands of years ago and those who came from out side have the right to occupy there lands & throw them out ? the palestinains agree to give 80% of their land to Israel on 1993 but Israel still refuse fo give them any inch of their land. wake up my friend and use both eyes.
53. different!
Nabulsi   (07.20.05)
It is very important not mix between Britain and Palestine. Britian gives its citizines equal rights regardless of faith or colour and what happened in London is simply criminal and never justifiable. Palestine is occupied and the majority of its people are made to rot by Israel. The Palestinians are not even allowed animals rights and it does not take too much imaginations to realise how they feel and how far they would go to say enough is enough. Good on you Livingstone.
54. mr livingston I presume
tony ,   france   (07.20.05)
I know that this person will never read my artical ,but it does me wonders to put down on paper ,as we say ,my not so amazement as to such how stupid ,ignorant and anti semite this person is.How can the English government allow such an imbicile to maintain a post of mayor? I would also like to remind this very stupid person ,that Israel did not Invade Lebanon for it's pleasure,may I remind him that if it were not for the perpetual attackes by the hizbollah on Israel, Israel would not have needed to go into Lebanon.Further more, Gosh ;I really dont believe that I' m waisting precious space in teaching this person ,about middle-east matters.Any way ,mr mayor,the "illegal" invasion as you call it ,was due to the fact that that these arab countries attacked Isreal ,they decleared war ,on Israel,did you presume that the Israelis would stop at their borders ?and say Knock ,knock may we come in" You are really one very stupid and ignorant mayor.These mad bombers that came from various arab towns know the consequinces of their acts, do you think that the Israelis would send a mail to inform them that they will be paying them a visite ,no you bl;;;;;y fool,Im sure if these maniaques bombed your house you would be at their door step in no time,and yes you would desroy that persons home ,because he bombed yours."Mr livingston"I think you will do us all a great favour ,if take a few tips from the words of the Israeli ambassador when he says that "terror is terror"and differntiating between victms based on their nationality ,is nothing short of SHAMEFUL.So please citizens of England,we all know that anti- semitism is quite apart of your society,but now having a member of your governement say these ourages statements ,is beyond,being SHAMEFUL.Justifing the murder of citizens ,innocent men woman and children just because they are jewish ,gives more understanding as to why these terrorists feel so at home in England.and I'm sure that if and when this person ,is finally removed from office ;he will be more than welcome to visit #42 .
55. To #53 of nabulsi
Gil ,   London soon Tel Aviv   (07.20.05)
Pakistanis in the UK don't have equal rights. They suffer from prejudice and treated like 2nd class citizens since they arrived in the 70s. That's why they choose to become suicide bombers. Try not to speak about things you don't understand.
56. the kenspiricy
steven ,   france   (07.20.05)
With a major tv net work like the BBC,it's no wonder that Ken Livingston is still in office.The English cannot be all that ashamed of his articale.So many anti semite incidents have gone by ,with out the least mention in the english tabloids.I suppose with such a large muslim society the english don't really have a choice?I am not anti arab ,just anti islamiste extremiste,these murderes that use the islam religion to murder in the name of allah.Now with a personnage such as this Mayor,these terrorists really must think that they have English support.England ;,WAKE UP kicking this fool out will not infringe on your rights for freedom of speech,you will be butting him ,because he is preaching hate and incitement to future violence.So when people like #8 say Ken is a man ,this is just the first step to what i have just said,Remember When that little mustashed nazi came to power ?He also started out with a few "STATEMENTS.
57. I agree with Gil
Ahmad S. Abouali ,   Nablus-West Bank   (07.20.05)
Althought I do not know about your politics, however, I agree with you on your assessment on the Pakistanis' living in the Anglo-Saxon racist soceity: England.
58. 'Red Ken' is irrelevant!
Matthias ,   Switzerland   (07.20.05)
'Red Kenny' is just an insignificant fool.
59. Boycott London!!!!
Isac ,   Boca Raton   (07.20.05)
As long as London has this fascist mayor Livingstone presiding I won't be visting London any time soon and would would encourage anyone else to do the same. There are so many other beautiful places to visit. What's about the United States for example. Let's Livingstone feel where it hurts this moron the most!!
60. to 55
Nabulsi   (07.20.05)
I do understand what I am talking about because I already lived in both Palestine and the UK. You seem to be oblivious to the fact that many MPs in the UK are of Muslim Pakistani and Indian origins and some of whom were/are in the government cabinet just as there jewish MPs and members of the government cabinet. I am not supprised why would a jew like yourself not want to differentiate between true democracy and equality irrepective of race or religion as in the UK and the apartheid regime of the self-proclaimed super-jewish race who have two sets of rules, one for Jews and one for others.
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