Nazi-hunter Wiesenthal dies
Published: 20.09.05, 12:43
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31. #26
Jane ,   New York, New York   (09.20.05)
You people don't even know what a fair trial is - heaven knows I didn't personally care, but the "fair trial" you gave your beloved Arafat's cousin exemplifies your standards.
32. Like Nazi war criminals
Joseph ,   Israel   (09.21.05)
the Palestinians will suffer the same fate. Unless of course they grow balls and stop hiding behind woman and children. History will brand them properly perhaps with heavier pen then that of the Nazi's.
33. some talkbacks are a disgrace
Liv ,   Tel Aviv   (09.21.05)
Some of the talkbacks are a disgrace..instead of remembering a truly outstanding man, we get again carried away with our emotions about the Palestinian/Israeli conflict and all what you can do is "fingerpointing" like small children...I guess the best is to ignore those "hate" talkbacks instead of answering them....
34. An example
Harold Tobin ,   Barnet UK   (09.21.05)
Simon Wiesenthal was an example to the whole world. we should all share in the pain of his loss. It`s a pity that the not one muslim ,so far what ever their views, cannot bring themselves to offer condolence instead of vitrolic laguage. I suppose we should not be suprised but how sad.
35. # 29 ------- ozy
Khaled ,   Amman, Jordan   (09.21.05)
ozy, just check the stats on the ground, and u'll realize that u're drowning in a sea of arabs… and in a 100 years time, u'll become a mere arab jew! all the nukes in the world won't save ur ass when it’s time to settle the score.
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