Air Force strikes in Gaza, 207 arrested in West Bank
Diana Bahur-Nir
Published: 25.09.05, 12:21
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1. The last time there was a harsh response was the 1967 WAR
Linda Rivera ,   New York   (09.25.05)
How are the terrorists to know they are doing anything wrong? Over 27,000 terror attacks against Israel in the last five years and thousands of Jews maimed and murdered achieved the victory of Gaza AND the satisfaction of Israel destroying almost 10,000 homes on which the Jews must still pay their mortgages AND thousands of Jewish greenhouses and 325 Jewish farms now in the possession of Arab Muslims. A massive victory for Islam and jihad.
2. Israel finally finds it's balls.
Daisy ,   USA   (09.25.05)
3. Hot Line from the Oval Office
Marcel ,   Florida   (09.25.05)
Israel's harsh response amounts to nothing but collective impotence. We have seen the harsh response of the Sharon government before and it always causes a good laugh in the enemy camp because they know that once the phone rings from Washington more Jews will die with impunity as the IDF is forced to sit on their hands.
4. One artilery shell in Gaza city for every Kassam in Sderot.
Also, cutting the water supply and power supply is a good idea, since they didn't pay for it for almost 5 years.
5. ha?!
gever   (09.25.05)
they are trying too much
6. If The Gov't Won't Protect the People....
Adina Kutnicki ,   Nj, US   (09.25.05)
It's about time the cabinet orders a severe and punishing response. They better dare not rescind the order to deal harshly with the terrorists. The people will not stand for this dereliction of duty much longer. Remember. No blowing up empty building this time!
7. Mofaz-Hide
Gabe Szarfer ,   Toronto Canada   (09.25.05)
Adina- The Government made its decision. The will hit a few empty building,arrest a dozen or so usual suspects and do two things they will scare the Hell out of the Hamas.Drop Leaflets on Khan Yunis and get that shoot abrtillery pieces at empty fields. Such drastic actions that it even scares me. MOFAZ resign or do your job.Sharon is not your boss : the people of Israel are.
8. #7 Unfortunately you've got it right.
AK   (09.25.05)
9. Linda Rivera!
Reggie ,   Los Angeles,USA   (09.25.05)
Linda, you are the BEST! Your passion for the state of Israel is unsurpassed! We admire every comment from you, and by "we" I mean about 60 people that I know in our office that read this website, can not wait for your comments, they are always to the point and tell the truth. By the way we have a few arabic people in the office and even they agree with your comments. Linda keep up the vengence. USA is behind you 100% and people of Israel. I'm an african-american and I did visit Israel once, I was impressed with the whole culture, on the other hand I also had the "pleasure" of visiting the other side so called "palestine", and I still can not understand some of the countries. One has to visit to understand who Israel has to deal with. In any other place in the world those so called "palestinians" would have been deported or killed. they are barbarians not all but majority. I've seen it with my own eyes!!! So I and most of the people I associate with and I note we only have 2 jews working at our firm stand with Israel and support them 1000%, and Linda we love your comments! To the "palestinians" that will read this comment get rid of terrorists in your community and we will support you too. But for now we consider all of you as Hamas and not as human !
10. roll out the merkavas
Saddle up boys! Now is not the time for a powwow! Put your weed away and get your asses into gear! Its time for...... ..........operation acid rain ''how to kick the crap out of some mingy terrorists in one week''
11. Terrorists only understand the language of terror.
MED ,   USA   (09.25.05)
That should straighten them out for a while. When the heat is turned to high, they will beg for negotiations and cry tor the American intervention. The US didn't give them $50 million to purchase Kassam, Katyusha rockets and go shopping for armaments to attack Israel.
12. Nothing new under the sun.
Alen ,   NJ,USA   (09.25.05)
I've been asked by friends in the USA what I think about the HITNATKUT. My Answer was: Nothing will change. Israel will leave, the pals will attack, Israel will go on with small targeted operations, the arabs will say that Israel has to show patience, and the EU and the US will apply more presure on Israel. But the hitnatkut is a good thing. Apparently, Barak showed the face of the palestinians to some of the Israelis. Sharon had to show some more. MARK MY WORDS: IF YOU WILL EVER HAVE PEACE IS ISRAEL IT WILL BE WHEN ISRAEL WILL BE IN SUCH A BAD SHAPE SO IT WILL HAVE NO CHOICE BUT TO MAKE THE ARABS WANT PEACE. TOO BAD SO MANY WILL DIE BEFORE THAT.
13. Bring on the aritellary!!! go Israel go!!!
Yonatan ,   Israel   (09.25.05)
14. wake up people
Truth Seeker ,   USA   (09.25.05)
to every one commented on this story, WAKE UP. The strongest country in the middle east RAN AWAY from southern Lebanon and from Gaza because of some bare foot poor people. Telling the merkavas to roll on is just a dream. If the merkavas were in any help, they would've helped 38 years ago.
15. arrtillery respnse
mitchel ,   aurora, ontario   (09.25.05)
blitz them with artillery, russsian style until they stop firing kassams.
Joyce ,   Boston, Mass. USA   (09.25.05)
It should be crystal clear by now that the Palis don't want land, they want war. I hope Israel gives it to them, but good. No more diplomacy, no more concessions, no more roadmap. Enough is enough. Israel needs to end this insanity with a HUGE retaliation. USA needs to back off and let nature take it's course.
17. Rain of terror
Miriam ,   Israel   (09.25.05)
Israel has suffered a rain of kassams over the past month, and even before the disengagement from the terrorist in Gaza. It is about time we struck back and taught a real lesson.
18. ALL RIGHT ISRAEL!!!!!!!!! WOO HOO!!!!
Yonatan ,   Knoxville, USA   (09.25.05)
Hazak ve'ematz!!!!!
19. no we are NOT reggie
The USA is not behind Israel- and the more people know, the worse it is for the "zionists" racist movement- its just a matter of time,when the Bush throne is dismantled- The USA wants equality and justice for all- this includes racist laws Israel invokes and their actions against a civilian population, that in essence CAUSES terrorism.
20. Reggie in LA
Jane ,   New York, New York   (09.25.05)
G-d bless you, Reggie. Please tell everyone the truth you have seen. Thank you from the depths of my soul.
21. #12
Jane ,   New York, New York   (09.25.05)
We will have peace in Israel and everywhere if the world will see the connection. Israel is and always has been the canary in the tunnel. When everyone will stand behind us and fight as we do, they will help bring peace throughout the world. We were not chosen for an easy time, but to be a light unto the nations. Follow us and rid the world of terrorism. It is all connected.
22. Attack on Gaza
Bracha Y ,   Eilat, Israel.   (09.25.05)
At last Prime Minister Sharon you have seen "the light"! I am really sorry that our Army and soldiers have this task, but it was unfortunately an eventual "happening" that had to take place. There is always "someone's husband, son or grandson" suffering, so our thoughts go out to our Israeli Army boys who have been pushed very very far and hard this past year. Now, I hope the terrorism will stop once and for all - if not another all-out six-day WAR - good and proper has to be the next step..
amir   (09.25.05)
The traitor Sharon has brought this country LOSS after LOSS after LOSS, he should simply resign before we all die on this land !
24. Loser Defense Forces... and this is the MIGHTY IDF???
jew   (09.25.05)
an embarrasment to Jews everywhere, no the brave soldiers, but their CLOWN PATHETIC leaders...
25. to Linda and Riggie -- Not in My Name
Uncle Sam ,   Chicago   (09.25.05)
We the American are NOT 100% behinde the Israeli "terrors". Israel must leave the OCCUPIED Palestine for peace to take place. As long as there is occupation, there will NEVER be peace. Same like when the Nazis occupied France. Thank you, and God Bless
26. to #25
And... .....the palestinians must end violence against non-combatant Israelis as well as the IDF. Otherwise there will never be peace. It takes 2 to tango buddy.
27. You don't negotiate with terrorist pigs, you kill them
Bunnie Meyer ,   Santa Monica, CA   (09.25.05)
before they kill you. hamas declared war on all the Zionists. That means anyone who is a member of hamas is a combatant and it is legal to kill him or her as part of their declared war. Anyone in a hamas uniform can be taken out, especially when they are holding rallies in the streets and attending funerals. Its damn outright dangerous to delcare war on the Zionists and let those terrorist pigs find out the price.
28. To #25
raykie ,   Israel   (09.25.05)
You're no Uncle Sam. You're probably an Uncle Sami.
29. #19 Don't presume to speak for me
AK   (09.25.05)
You don't support Israel, fine, obviously Reggie and I do. And judging by other posts, you are definitely in the minority. So, next time simply state that YOU hate Israel and not the Americans. Most of us in fact support Israel.
30. for every kasaam, 100 105s
alan ,   san francisco   (09.25.05)
Hamas has long been using the "calm' to rearm, regroup, and resume the war. Its 36 Kassams into Israel proper is the first act of the renewed war. So when one nation attacks another, it is now ok for Israel to respond with massive fire power-- say 105s aimed at all the warehouses, homes of terror leaders, and homes of Hamas members. When you unleash the dogs of war, prepare to be bit Hamas.
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