Threat in Sinai; alert in Israel
Seya Egozy
Published: 02.10.05, 08:03
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1. we are a stiff necked people...
we largely ignored the warning last year and many were hurt in the bombings. We will probably ignore the warnings again this year and unfortunately people will get kidnapped and hurt again. we are just a stiff necked "it won't happen to me" sort of people!
2. Stiff-necked................ more like bonkers!
Israelis are unbelievably guileless and feel that they have the whole world figured out.... "I'll take my chances, who cares if Al Queda is infiltrated throughout the area and are looking for Jews to behead on camera..... I need my shequels.. to the casino i go!" Stubbornness is a horrible character trait, and shows a lack of civility. And is certainly not something to boast about.
3. I wasn't boasting merely pointing out how stupid we are!
4. no golng to egypt
enls ,   lstanbuL   (10.01.05)
you must nt forget last october ......terror warnlng from me to lsrael people terror ls lncreaslng go to parls or athens they are safer than slnal
5. lucky as usual
Egyptian ,   Egypt   (10.01.05)
Israelis are lucky as usual. Most of the people killed in the two attacks were Egyptians. May be you can go somewhere else; at least you can reduce the motivation for terrorists. Anyway the Israeli tourists spending are very low compared to other nationalities.
6. ısrael people lf you go there for hoLlday you are stupld
mlhAEl ,   turkey   (10.01.05)
no golng egypt lf you want to dle GO
7. Dangerous Sinai
ObviousThinker ,   Israel   (10.01.05)
From what I understand, Sinai is double-trouble now, because of loose Al Qaida cells running around, plus the fact that Hamas and other Jihadis from Gaza can easily cross into the penninsula.
8. Oh ok.. Sorry #1&3
9. As the area more angerous more Israeli go there.
It's like Kashmir, because it's dangerous many Israelis go there because they know that no other tourists will be there. Same thing with Jordan before the peace,former Israeli soldiers from SF units used to infilitrate it and get to Petra, just to enjoy the risk in such a trip.
10. 2&8 ok we're on same page! ;-) Shana Tova!
11. #2
dahvid ,   usa   (10.02.05)
The Brits stubbornly refused to submit to nazis...would you call that a horrible character trait lacking civility as well, ol chap? This is an example of how people deal with the stress of constant danger, they learn to adapt and accept it. It is said that people hate others for what they see in seems you've got the whole world figured out you guileless, civil sob
12. Moses left Sinai, Israelis LEAVE NOW!!
Mark ,   United States   (10.02.05)
13. Israeli's in Sinai
Bracha Y ,   Eilat, Israel   (10.02.05)
Unfortunately there are some Diaspora Jews who still believe that Peace can be made with our neighbours! Maybe some further advice from those living here will change their minds.
14. dahvid, #11
I'm terribly sorry that my comment offended you so much, perhaps you have it mistaken? (If only such anger would be directed towards those nutters who travel into Al Queda Territory!) Firstly, I believe the UK, or Israel must be unrelenting in their battles against murderous enemies. Maintaining your self-defence doesn't make you stubborn. One thing that makes Israelis (some, at least) stubborn is their childlike refusal to accept the Government and Security travel notices that if they travel to the Sinai, it is likely that they'll be kidnapped by Al Queda. Adapting and dealing with the stress of incessant terrorist attacks means that you try and prevent any possible situation where you could become a victim - not running into your enemies' arms! I am not hating, I am just trying to conduct constructive criticism in a civilised manner. And, no, I don't have the whole world figured out - I learn new things everyday - which, to me, is part of the joy of life. It's just that when the Government's Security institutions advise you not to travel to a certain area, because Al Queda is searching for Israelis to kidnap, I think it's pretty sensible to take that advise. (Especially considering a city there was just blown to bits a month earlier). Anyways, I think you really just misunderstood me - and I'm sorry again if I upset you. No hard feelings.
15. 11 Flawed Logic Sinai isn't part of Israel
16. #14! Way to Go! Right on Point!
17. All westerners should stay away
Ilan ,   Ariel   (10.02.05)
Europeans and Americans going to Sinai are in as much danger as Israelis. Also if all westerners would stay away until it is safe then it WOULD be safe. Egypt needs the money and that is the #1 incentive to fix the security problem.
18. 14 were klLLed because of lgnorlng lsraeL s goverNment
shana tova ,   all lsraeL   (10.02.05)
last october 14 were klLLeD ın EgyPT because of lgnorlng lsraeL s government s warnlng . do not forget lf lsrAEL sayS soMethlng there ls somethlng lmPortant mossad ls always rlgth
19. 12- scary
condi ,   USA   (10.02.05)
so the Israelis cant travel anywhere? how ,uh, sad. I guess, the zionist jews have built themsleves into a corner with their ridiculous biblical exile myth- jewish version of aliyah etc.-- the "WALL" dont you ever question WHY the jews fight with everyone? for uh 2000 years? can it be you, not us, ever? or are jews always innocent? LOL> Some jews I know just all of a sudden GET JEWISH so they can get welfare in Israel- to be blunt- immigration relocation grants- what 25,000 $ or something??like the ethiopian jews or those ex-communist russian jews-broke, penniless, but go to Israel the USA will welfare you if you are a jew!! afterall- the US needs an ALLY in the oil rich region of the M.E.. another joke. but . remember,you have to join the IDF and become an ARAB killer!!! good luck!! bon apetite!!
20. Condi honey go deal with New Orleans and Biloxi!
21. #11 Dahvid you are wrong
Ripper ,   New York   (10.03.05)
#1 is right. Why put yourself in danger when your governmetn tells you explicitly to stay away? If Israelis are captured then I suppsoe they expect their government to rescue them even after that government warned them repeatedly to stay away from Egypt. By the way what Jew with sanity wants to spend money in anti Semtiic Egypt anyway? Israelis can be a very clueless people at times.
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