London mayor: Israel caused bloodshed
Leslie Bunder
Published: 17.11.05, 00:05
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61. Ken, Common Sense, and Biggots
Richard Hitchings ,   Methil   (11.18.05)
Well whatever we Jews make of Kens Views I have to express disappointment at the low level of intelect used to critisise him here. Zionism and Nationalism are twins so it follows that Hard line Zionism is necessarily Hard line Nationalism Those of us old enough to remember, can think back to the rise of Nationalism elsewhere other than Israel, and know that it was not a pretty site. If Ken is pointing that out to us, then bless Ken indeed. Children we must open our eyes to the big Picture
62. Sam 55
Too put it bluntly- Jews are trying to manipulate and suffocate free thought and speech by calling people, publicly- "ANTI SEMITE" Its like accusing some one of being a witch or something in Salem, Massuchusetts in 1600. Well, the jews have over used this attack and it has become obsoletet because most of the people they are accusing of being anti-semitic- such as KEN- are just open minded people that arent loyal to one religion- such as jew,or , or muslim- they are attacked because they think freely and care about the whole planet- whereas jEws demand that if one isnt totally loyal to the jew tribe- you are called-anti-semitic-the jew believes-they are the only ones on this planet that have the right to be racists- but.... SORRY jews- RACISM doesnt fly in todays world!!!
63. Gil, not again
Sam ,   Alquds, Palestine   (11.19.05)
I have to admit I agree a lot with what Mr. Hitchings said here. Most of the people here who think they are defending Israel ( Zionism) and what they stand for are really using the bad weapon to do so. I agree also on his comments concerning the intellect. #62, yes you are right, most Zionists around the world think they are the only ones entitled to be racist. Gil, my friend, so you understand my position but you do not agree or accept it. Let me use your kind of humour, it's like a rapist telling the girl that he understands the horror she's going through but he would do it anyways. Let me give you a piece of advice, try to change your sense of humour, it is not funny at all. So YOU and the english dictionary you have at home decided that anti-semite means anti-jewish, and anti-jewish only and that is a FACT. This is not how things go in the world of science, it is exactly how things go with zionist fanatics who read the bible and think the whole world believes in it (although most of them actually are not religious by any means)and wonder how others don't read it the same way. A fact my friend remains a theory for ages and then when it stands tests over and over, you might declare it a fact. What you mention as a fact, is a 'fact' among the ignorant, narrow minded people you socialize amongst who think they can call everybody including the arabs anti-semite as long as this pistol kills. I find it interesting that you mentioned that many Arabs, bedouins, christians, jews, tribes lived among others in Palestine. All these groups form one group my friend, they are all arabs, including the jews who lived here before the imperialist settlers from europe arrived by the end of the 19th century. Or do you think the Druze who live in 1948 lands are not arab? or maybe the christians in nazareth are a different race? Yes Gil, I have plenty of jewish friends, in and outside the country, and we exchange visits, many of them from tel aviv, Gaash, Haifa, shoham, and many other places, and we have a lot of fruitful nice conversations which usually end up with a nice quarrel, and I have known some of them for years, does that bother you, or do you think that those aliens which live next to you on this land- definitely before you or any relative of yours set foot here- are not able to have human relationships? This rape theory of yours is just pathetic, it makes me wonder how old you are, or if I should take you seriously anymore. And as long as I can remember, the arabs are listed in the Caucasian category. Whether my "ancestors" originated in Palestine or not, well, they definitely originated here or somewhere near, definitly nearer than Minsk, Warsaw, Kazar sea area, Adis abebe, Berlin.....etc Finally, I do not think Mr. Sharon would agree with you concerning Zionism being an old fashioned term, neither would the Gaza settlers who said they were defending Zionism by staying in occupied Gaza. I belong here 1000%, and you are more than welcomed to stay here in a democratic state of Palestine where you have rights like anybody else, not exclusive ones with no basis.
64. To: Linda Rivera
Mohammad Ali ,   Long Island, New Yor   (11.19.05)
There was no Palestine if you believe there were no Native American tribes like Minuets, Apache, Mohicans. et el....the ones White Man murdered and grabbed their lands. The real Axis of Evil is Israel.
65. Real Axis of Evil
jonnyboy ,   newark, nj   (11.19.05)
USA, Israel and UK - the Real Axis of Evil with the nodes the boy king George Bush, his lapdog Blair and the REAL TERRORIST devil Sharon.
66. Sam
Gil ,   Tel Aviv   (11.20.05)
All dictionaries define anti-semitism as being anti-Jewish. If you have a link to another modern English dictionary that you can supply me which says otherwise then please let me know. The dictionary that I am using is the Oxford English Dictionary which is one of the world's leading dicitonarys. Note that I am only interested in the academic facts that you can provide to disprove my position. I am able to match any amount of money (available in cash to be posted with a third party lawyer) that you are willing to bet that anti-semitism means anti-Jewishness. I know for sure that you will never bet any money and that you know in your heart, as do all the readers, that I am right.
67. kristian
moshe ,   toronto, canada   (11.20.05)
sharon and kristian (un-kristian) are lovers.
68. hamas
masoud ,   toronto, canada   (11.20.05)
ken; "it’s quite clear now that Israeli intelligence services (mosad) did everything to encourage the growth of Hamas". And Hezbolah. OUT OF CHAOS WE BRING MARTIAL LAW UPON THE PEOPLE.(the neo cons)
69. ken and israel
masoud ,   toronto, canada   (11.20.05)
creation of israel has brough BLOODshed. any thing that brings bloodshed is wrong!!!!!!!
70. Israeli intelli. svc encourage Hamas
masoud chavoshi ,   toronto,canada   (11.20.05)
ken "it’s quite clear now that Israeli intelligence services did everything to encourage the growth of Hamas". And hezbolah. "neo-cons" OUT OF CHAOS BRING MARTIAL LAW" And this is the illuminati plan for all
71. Gil, you keep disappointing me
Sam ,   Alquds, Palestine   (11.23.05)
I said to myself earlier this week there is no use in trying to pump some sense into your brain cells Gil (no offense), to make you look at the wider image and try to think of things with an open mind, and not in preset moulds, but it seems it doesn't work. I am trying the whole time to tell you and the people here that anti-semitism was made up as an expression (and you can check it out in my previous postings) to describe the hatred of European nations (especially the russians actually at the beginning) to the jews who lived among them in those times, and the racist ideas of that era focused on the supremacy of the european races, and the inferiority of other races, most notably that of the jews, the semite race, because they were the only semite group living in europe at the time. What you would find in any dictionary is the way this expression is used, but does this mean it is true? This was my argument, but it seems you fancy the idea of having the exclusive rights, the trademark for that expression and you do not want to share it. I am not interested in winning some contest here, whether it was about money or anything else, as much as I am interested to have a dialogue, and to clean those pathetic ideas some people here have. I do not agree with much of what is being said here by many arab posters, but I try always to show the Israelis what kind of misinformation they get by pointing out to them what they are missing from the picture. Most probably tomorrow or at any other time, there will come someone here, and declare me an anti-semite demon who has to be stoned! I find it really pathetic when someone uses a weapon he/she doesn't know the meaning of. We say in arabic: "El-slah be yad el-khara byejrah", try understanding that.
72. Sam
Gil ,   Tel Aviv   (11.23.05)
I look at the wider image all the time. You are the one who puts words into my mouth that I didn't say also you do this in disrespectful and insulting manner. First, you want to know what anti-semtism is. Your insensitivity is exasperating, we are the ones that lost millions from not only the Holocaust but the pogroms and inquisition. Why should we share that term with you now? i suppose you will just quote Shabra and Shatilla (yes now i will put words in your mouth if thats how it is) but how many died? Were they tortured to death like in the camps? How dare anyone compare the tragedy of the Shoah with a lousy thousand dead Pals! Its not the Jewish people's desire to have the exclusive rights to the term "anti-semtiic" it was invented by a German as explained in my previous message. So what! Then call it anti-Jewish call it anti-Hebrew what difference does it make honestly, we have suffered and thats the fact. What you say in previous e mails that Arabs or Palestinians are somehow more semitic than I is absolute garbage. This is just your opinion you offer on no scientific facts and if one reads books (like you always tell me to do in your patronising manner) then you will find that "Palestinae" - the Roman named country was emptied of most inhabitants but some wandering Nomads, not the country you claim with the exact descendants of today's "Palestinians". it was so convoluted and mixed with the hundreds of thousands of Christian Crusaders who, it is well documented, raped, converted and pillaged and murdered many Arab Moslems along the way, my theory that you as a Palestinian could well have DNA markers that lead you back to England is perfectly viable. You say you wish to have a dialogue but your strange version of history which you twist to suit your own political position, is just your opinion and nothing else. patronising and insulting people doesn't endear them especially in the ignorant manner that you use.
73. anti semitism is anti jewish! end point!
josef cohen ,   bkk thailand   (11.25.05)
Add the prevailing mood between 2 peoples who are at war and the notion of peaceful coexistence is all the less realistic. Look at the history of Jews in Arab countries and contrary to the popular myth of Harmony it was largely a history of at best grudging acceptance if they kept quiet accepting their second class place in the society still marred by violent excesses such as the Judeaicide in 8th century Morocco or the Judeicide in 12th century Egypt. Respectfully, Yosi Cohen
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