'November 29 has become Palestine Day'
Itzhak Benhorin
Published: 29.11.05, 17:44
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1. We should rejoice and takeover the party.
Uzziel   (11.29.05)
After all, we, the jewish people are the only and true palestinian people.
2. Right on, #1
J K ,   NYC, USA   (11.29.05)
Anyone who is honest can open newspapers from back in the day that can see that the Arabs of that time considered themselves 'Southern Syrians'. In fact if you call an Arab a Palestinian back in the day, it was like calling him 'JEW', because the Jews were the original Palestinians. Besides, the 'Palestinian' Arabs banded together under Arafat's PLO starting in '64 which of course anyone who can do math knows is a full 3 years before the Israeli capture of land from Egypt and Jordan. What were they trying to liberate? Certainly not the lands they lived under Egyptian and Jordanian occupation with nary a peep.
3. Palestine Day? LOL! Only In Palestine, Texas
Yishai Kohen ,   YeShA, Israel   (11.29.05)
Where Palestine exists. It will NEVER exist here- in Israel.
4. Yishai
after Sharon has thrown jewish ppl. out of their homes , I would be very suspicious on what future Gov't say and do. They are quite capable to create that Palestine-monster and we will be very negatively affected. Sadly......
5. and yet another reason why the UN is worthless
mike ,   usa   (11.29.05)
United Nothing
6. israel arrogance
Nick ,   France   (11.29.05)
None of the UN resolutions that condemn israeli violations of the international law were never enforced. The UN can't take sanctions against the palestinian oppression since the USA unconditionnaly support the Jewish state. And now the israeli ambassador find unappropriate that the UN members make their best efforts to help a people which his under occupation since... If israel want some respect and a normal place on the international arena it must stop its illegal activities in WB. Here we have a people under occupation, they are oppressed and tormented and persecuted on a daily basis. Their human, civil, and political rights are denied. Their homes are destroyed, their land stolen, and their children killed. As long as these things continue, Isarel would and should not be welcomed at the General Assembly of the United Nations. And the palestinian issue will and must continue to be one of the priority of the international community which has contributed to create this conflict.
7. Lost Opportunity for the Arabs
Seth ,   Washington, DC   (11.29.05)
Why haven't the Palestinians had their own state since 1947 like the Jews? Egypt, Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, Jordan, Yemen, etc never allowed the Arab residents of the huge area designated by the U.N. as a Palestinian homeland to build their country. Instead, they relentlessly attacked the Jewish state created by the U.N. and with each attack lost more and more territory assigned by the U.N. Blame neighboring Arab states for squandering your opportunity. Usually, when the attacking party loses a war, they give up territory and Germany is a good example. Israel giving up Gaza -- territory won in the Six Day War -- is an extraordinary move but many Arabs will never be happy and will be content living a life of illusion based on "liberating Palestine from the river to the sea" instead of accepting reality and working towards peace. I see some positive moves: 1) Kadima may give Sharon the power to pull out of many West Bank settlements. 2) The fence is making it increasingly difficult for Hamas, Islamic Jihad & Al Aqsa to mount suicide attacks. 3) I see many signs that Palestinians are waking up the fact that israel is a thriving, powerful state that is not going away. Furthermore, more and more are willing to accept a lasting peace with Israel -- because they have no choice. Israel will keep many of the West Bank settlement blocks -- will Israel trade predominately Arab populated areas of Israel in exchange and how do the Arab residents of Israel feel about being ruled by their fellow Arabs instead of their oppressors? Israel provides a much higher standard of living than what they would face under a Palestinian homeland.
8. ZIONISTs still denying a people?
9. #6 Nick (dont worry, i wont bite)
IDF soldier   (11.29.05)
I understand u are a caring person and do not wish to see others suffering, but still, i think u r just a tad misinformed. Please educate yourself on the subject of the conflict, even if u are only expressing your somewhat distorted views only on a minor website. Dont mean to sound condesending, but giving your talkback i understand two things: 1. You seek justice and are probably a nice human being. 2. You should learn more about this complex situation and understand tha as much as it may be cool in france, Israel is not the one to blame. Please read a bit about how the situation came to be, for me :-)
10. #6
Jane ,   New York   (11.29.05)
Poor, poor Palestinians. Had they and their brethren not been so greedy, intolerant and hate-filled, they could also have had a state since 1947 (they never had one before then, should you choose to bring that up). Nick, your blindness is remarkable for how profound it is.
11. #8
Jane ,   New York   (11.29.05)
No, we were there continually. Speaking of welfare, you are supported by UNWRA and have been repeatedly stolen from by your leaders. What are you talking about? And what exactly did you create in the land other than chaos and grief?
12. Nick, the usual ignorant from France.
Uzziel   (11.29.05)
1- These resolutions are non-binding because they were adopted by the General Assembly under the 6th chapter, not by the Security Councel 2- These resolutions not only oblige Israel, but the arab party too, and they were the first to violate a UN resolution (181). 3- On a daily basis the arab/moslems commit more crimes than Israel in its whole 5766 years of history, yet I see no condemnation by the UN nor by people like you. You whine like an arab so you are an arab posing like a French. 4- There s no occupation, there s only ignorance from people like you. The same arab settlers that you defend say that there s not occupation in their "National" Chart: Read carefully article 24. Read baby, read.
13. Come on Yishai...
Uzziel   (11.29.05)
The arabs use to chant in their death rallies "first the people of saturday, then the people of sunday" meaning that they will get rid of the jews and then of the christians. It is like a secret code between the moslems that has a very wide consensus and complicity. The jews must state everywhere that we are the real palestinians, because this is the plain truth, and once the problem of the arab settlers solved, we can bury this name in the sands of history from where the arabs stole it. Besides...we will have to festivities a year....
14. #8 No, the jews are not denying a people, but you are....
Uzziel   (11.29.05)
multiplying an exisiting one: the arabs by two, you are not "palestinians". We , the jewish people are the real palestinians.
15. Ohh, really?
Salameh ,   Gaza, Palestine   (11.29.05)
The Israeli Occupation Representative will not attend?? Ohh come on?? Really?? I truly feed depressed !!!! Ya ammi roooooh get real, what kind of obtuse piece of news is that?
16. i actually think he should participate
Abdel ,   Nablus, Palestine   (11.29.05)
I think your embassidor should participate... maybe some dialoge could start, you never know? in reality, we are both stuck in this regardless of whom you might think is rightful, or whom should be here..... the time for talking about history has passed, and it is time to look forward... how are we going to fix this? i have a question for the IDF soldier, you say that israel is not to blame, honeslty though, don't you think that group punishment is wrong? roadblocks? travel restrictions? trade restrictions? heavy military presense in civilian populations? killing? shooting? tear-gassing? arrests ? boken bones-policy? is this OK with you? when you are on the road block , do you feel that the people's misery, frustration is acceptable ? do you ever feel sorry for anyone? i would really appreciate an honest answer to this especially since you don't bite.....
17. Salameh , Gaza, Palestine
you, your daddy & mommy could have had your state in 47, whing and self pity will not help you any now so, maybe you might get real
18. Israel is a rogue state.
Stephen S ,   Toronto, US   (11.29.05)
It looks like the UN is hostile to Israel!? In another word, Israel is isolated because it's considered a rogue state ruled by crazy fundamentalists. It also looks like without my country's intensive care (billions of dollars every month) the Jewish state would have been long gone. No wonder why the World is celebrating Palestine Day today. In any circumstance, Palestinians are winning the heart of all of us. Even here in Ohio.
19. "Palestine" nor "Palestinians" exist.
Daisy ,   USA   (11.29.05)
It's the biggest fraud in the world that Arabs created to steal the Jewish homeland. Israel existed thousands of years ago but was destroyed by the Romans and re-named Palestine which has nothing to do with the Arab occupiers. Jews were the first to be called "Palestinians." The Arabs land thieves terrorists came from Arabia where they belong!
20. Stephen is obviously an Arab or Muslim.
Daisy ,   USA   (11.29.05)
Most non-Jewish Americans, like myself, support Israel and not Arabs who say they are "Palestinian." You need to stop watching Al-jihadzeera and other Arab media. What an idiot!
21. Why dont they celebrate 1922? when Palestine/Jordan formed?
David Landman ,   Natick, USA   (11.29.05)
This is the only legal grounds Arabs have for an Arab Palestinian state. There is no justification for a second Arab Palestinian state. This is Israeli land they are trying to steal. The only legal document is from the League of Nations. When the arabs said no to a creation of a second Arab Palestinian state it became null and void. The UN celebrates an international lie. Figures considering the UN itself is a holllow shell devoid of credibility.
22. #18
Jane ,   New York   (11.29.05)
Oh, Stephen, aren't you glad to have some Jewish issue to complain about? Billions of dollars every month? My, my, my. I think you need a reality check. Winning the heart of all of [you]? I think you need more than a reality check. I think you need help.
23. Palestine Day
Avi ,   Bronx, USA   (11.29.05)
Who is in denial?
24. Israel U.N Ambassador
Robin Cohen ,   Houston, U.S.A   (11.29.05)
How does Gillerman explain to UN members the cutting down of 200 Palestinian Olive trees by the rabid settlers? I think he's the one that is not welcome there.
25. Abdel, Shechem. Israel
Uzziel   (11.29.05)
Better misery, and distress caused by your own terrorists than the sorrow and tears of our fallen people, because you do not control your beasts. No sympathy for whiner like you, unable to reciprocate in the littlest of things.
26. Abdel
IDf soldier   (11.29.05)
Hope we can ignore the extreme talckabcks from both sides here... In short: Killing, road blocks, shooting- all these are wrong if they are done solely in the sake of violence. In reality the future is neither black or white, and sometimes violent actions require propar retaliation. In other words, it is horrible that any one should have to stand in a roadblock, but i'de rather see 300 people wait in line (palestinian, Israeli, Swedish who cares..?) than one child die in a terror attack. Call me a fundementalist zionist, but nothing is worth more than a human life to me. And if a palestinian child is sadly caught in crossfire the IDF starts an investigation because that is in its ethics, while dozens of schools in the WB & Gaza are named after suicide bombers. Think about that. Yes, the Pal' suffer, i agree, but this situation could have been solved long ago if there leaders would have chose a road of peace and compromise instead of violence and horrible incitement. Peace out (and i mean it)
27. to all
let's not get so low as to Haaretz discussion site levels ;-))))))
28. 29 /11 this year is not our but thier
one ,   palastine   (11.29.05)
becouse it is tuse day and we are clever as before 58 years
29. The UN
Gerry Schor ,   Raanana, Israel   (11.29.05)
It's time the USA and Israel left this corrupt organization.
30. #18 needs Help!
CLL ,   TAMPA, USA   (11.29.05)
These types still only dream of destroying Israel. The Pals could have had their state 50+ years ago had they simply set up a government rather than attempting to drive the Jews/Zionists into the sea. One would think they would at some point see that their Islamic sponsors don't care what happens to them as long as they can keep on killing Israeli's. What is all this time have the Pals accomplished? No state, no economy, no hope. And their 'leaders' keep on the same track no matter what concessions Israel makes. Maybe the people living in squaller should wonder why nothing good ever comes their way, and the leaders only demand more and more of their children as martyrs. What dolts!
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