Arab MK: Israel ‘robbery of century’
Ronny Shaked
Published: 18.12.05, 09:50
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Daisy ,   USA   (12.18.05)
That is where they are from!
2. Treason. Plain and simple.
Elliott ,   tel aviv   (12.18.05)
If the government does not take harsh actions against this man for his unauthorized, treasonous trip to Lebanon, then it deserves everything that comes its way as a result. This man is a hypocrite, a scourge, and a traitor to the country that provides him with citizenship and a seat in its government. How ironic that it is Israeli democracy which gave this idiot his job and the platform from which to launch his hatred. Indict him now for crimes against the interests of Israel. Lock him up, and lose the key.
3. So you see, ...
Shai ,   Israel   (12.18.05)
This is why it's hypocritical to tell the Palestinians to not allow Hamas to run in their elections. Look who is allowed to run in our elections. If this guy speaks for Arabs, then I think Arabs should be honest and just allow the redrawing of the boundary lines, without moving anybody, to put most of the Israeli Arabs in PA territory and most of the Israeli Jews in the WB in Israeli territory. We are not a people who can live together, apparently.
4. Knesset member????
Danny ,   Tel Aviv   (12.18.05)
Dear Mr. Sharon, How can you tolerate this person in our knesset? In Iran he would hang from the highest tree! We should lock him up till the end of time!
5. Azmi Beshara
George Valdshtein ,   Ganey Tiqva, Israel   (12.18.05)
He can not be a knesset member demanding to destroy Israel.
6. Traitor
Tal G ,   Tel-Aviv   (12.18.05)
This man is a traitor to the gov't and people he gave his oath to represent. How does anybody in the world expect us to live in peace with a people that given opportunity betray us like this. This arab was given a platform from which to try and better his people's situation. This is what he's done. Put him in Jail.
7. WTF?!?!?
Malaika Martin ,   NYC/Tel-Aviv   (12.18.05)
On one hand, I am not surprised. He has said things like this before. And I also know that many rank and file Israeli Arabs agree with him. And aren't elections coming up? He is probably trying to energize his electoral base. He knows that talk like this will get him votes in Umm al-Fahm and Nazareth. At the same time, he has SOME NERVE talking about Israelis all going back to Poland and Russia (as if all Israelis are Ashkenazi, as if some 80% of the native Israelis I met under age 40 were half Sephardi/Mizrachi. As if Sephardim and Mizrachim don't make up something like 50% of Israel's Jewish population. Considering the reality that many Jews would be "sent back" to teh likes of Egypt, Iran, Iraq, etc. Let's see how happy Ahmedinejad is to see several hundred thousand Jews "return" to his country from Israel. Oh, and what about the fact that Israelis of Iraqi origin are NOT allowed to vote in its elections like other expatriates?)Anyway...). He says Jews can take their democracy and go back to Europe. Well then maybe he doesn't need a job in teh government of this democracy. THE STATE OF ISRAEL SHOULD NOT ALLOW HIS ASS BACK INTO ISRAEL. LET HIM STAY IN LEBANON!!!
8. How can Bishara serve in the Knesset?
Craig ,   USA   (12.18.05)
His reported statements go beyond criticism or dissent. They are an oath of disloyalty to the state. He doesn't deny making them. To the contrary, he's proud of them. No American member of Congress could retain his seat if he said similar things. Such words would be seen as a renunciation of his oath to uphold the constitution. Yet Bishara's disloyalty has gone unpunished. Who do the Israelis think they're impressing by tolerating this man who makes a mockery of the knesset and openly pledges that he is an enemy of the state and democracy? This is not a case of dissent, which must always be tolerated, it is indeed a case of treason.
9. Do not expect
RobertK ,   Jerusalem   (12.18.05)
any action against Bishara from a govt. that approved turning the Star of David into a Crystal of David to appease 50 Muslim states. We do not stand up for ourselves anymore; we no longer have backbone and pride. A few years ago, people thought having Ariel Sharon as prime minister would mean a turnaround in this situation. Worse than a sad joke.
10. A honest politician
Will ,   Jerusalem   (12.18.05)
Well at least he's honest. And as an elected politician, is only voicing in public the true feeling of his constitutents.
11. Go back to Arabia, Azmi
Ezra ,   USA   (12.18.05)
and take your Islam with you
12. How is this traitor in the Knesset?
E. Goldman ,   Seattle, USA   (12.18.05)
13. Revoke his immunity and citizenship NOW
Efi ,   Tel Aviv   (12.18.05)
This traitor should not even be allowed back in the country. And if you think most "Israeli Arabs" are different you're living on a different planet.
14. Try him for treason
Avraham ,   Netivot   (12.18.05)
Azmi Bishara should be tried for treason & thrown out of the Knesset. If any other citizen talked like that they would have Shabak down their neck.
15. Azmi Bishara serves the interests of the Iranian Regime?
Shimon Z. Klein ,   Bat Chefer, Israel   (12.18.05)
What has happened to Azmi Bishara? He is an MK with an amazing intellect who has always made controversial statements which did have some logic. In this case he seems to be influenced by the rhetoric of his "godfather" Ahmadinajad, the president of Iran. Is it possible that he received a kickback from the Iranian regime and its hizbolla allies? His statements are way off the mark and ought to be condemned by all people who wish to see a peaceful end to the Israeli - Palestinian Conflict. His words are filled with stereotyped demonization of Israel. He ought to be punished for these statements and have his parliamentary immunity rescinded in order to stand trial for treason!
16. to # 11
Azmi Bishara is a Christian so get your facts straight next time.
17. And you can say mostly the same things about...
Adam Admati ,   Israel   (12.18.05)
Amir Peretz, the Satmars and Ovadia Yosef. 1., 11. review your history 9. the backbone of which you speak was broken by the loss of 'we'... the current state of SELFISHNESS exhibited by neaarly everyone here... especially the religious, the secular, the settlers, the olim, the sabras, etc.
18. at least nazislamist.
yoel ,   switzerland   (12.18.05)
Well, he doesn't say anything different than what Ahmadinejad said: wiping Israel from the Map because it's a nonsense in the History... What is amazing? We will not hear any condemnation from the EU, nothing from the UN... Just because he was attributed the image of a victimized palestinian . So, was he forced to get the israeli nationality? He's welcome to give it back at any time ;-).
19. While I'd like nothing more
Michael Steiner ,   EU   (12.18.05)
than to personally throw this jerkoff's ass to jail on whatever charge, I rather hope that his constituents will see his crass hypocrisy: running through a democratic system for a mandate in a democratic institution, both of which he despises.
20. G-d gave Israel to the Jews, not to islamic terrorists.
Bunnie Meyer ,   Santa Monica, CA   (12.18.05)
21. I pay his salary - I'll pay for his deportation too.
Tahl ,   Israel   (12.18.05)
22. Democracy
REEMAD ,   Amman Jordan   (12.18.05)
REEMAD ,   Jordan   (12.18.05)
The democracy is to say what you wan't, do what you whant, in a peaceful way. so, just becouse Mr. Bashara saing the truthe, you punish him.
KAPARA ,   USA   (12.18.05)
25. to # 16
Ezra ,   USA   (12.18.05)
Yes, he's a Christian, but much like the late Edward Said (also Christian), he's culturally and mentally Muslim.
26. #1, #11 WHOM ARE YOU FOOLING!?
JK   (12.18.05)
Jews who settled Palestine since 1882 came originally from the Khazar Empire, which in the Dark Ages became converted to Judaism.
27. just
thr ,   ..   (12.18.05)
make sure a person with such anti democratic opinions will no more serve as a Knesset member.
28. Truth hurts
Ali   (12.18.05)
he is absolutely right.
29. T0 # 25 ezra
We Arab Palestinian Christians have our own independent culture and mentality. We are too victims of the zionist aggression in Palestine and are united with our muslim brothers in persuit of ending the zionist occupation of Palestine. In religious aspects we share a lot with Judaism. We have no grudges against Jews but Zionism is a transient in the Middle East with an expiration date that is near.
30. # 26 Who are YOU fooling,?
Ezra ,   USA   (12.18.05)
Hey, punk, the Khazar myth has been debunked by the modern science of genetics. Koestler was a fraud.
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