Iranian leader hopes for Sharon's death
Published: 05.01.06, 20:17
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ROBERT ,   ANAHEIM USA   (01.06.06)
62. Ahmadinejad
Mani ,   Los Angeles, USA   (01.07.06)
A lot of these posts are mistaking the views of the rightwing fascist regime of Ahmadinejad with those of the Iranian people. Ahmadinejad is a murderer. 80-90% of the people in Iran wish for a regime change but are powerless to do so. Those of you calling for the destruction of Iran are only showing your ignorance of Iranian domestic issues as well as showing that you are no less hateful than Ahmadinejad.
63. Ariel in Coma
pete ,   malaysia   (01.09.06)
God probably used this illness to spirit Sharon away to reveal His designs to the Israeli leader.
64. Iranian Leader is a mad man
JR ,   US   (01.18.06)
This man thinks he is a sub-prophet of Mohammed and he is in power to rid the Earth of Jews and Western infidels.Wasn't there a man like that who killed 3000 in New York recently? The U.S. needs to silence this crazed maniac before he launches a nuclear bomb on America. Trust this maniac with nuclear energy? Would you trust Bin Laden with the same? The CIA has another Islamic maniac to eliminate.
65. Irans leader hopes for death
Jesus ,   UK   (01.19.06)
to that redneck racist, who thinks muslims are morons, u are as dumb & naive as your president, do u personally know any, I guess all americans are morons!
66. to all & everyone
Brotherhood of man ,   UK, london   (01.19.06)
its sad to hear so many extrem twised views from most people on this forum as regards to Islam/ muslims & jews for that matter, none of the torah & quran prescribes to what u guys are rabbiting on about, open your minds people & seek knowledge on the real faiths of god, not the twisted crap u are fed my Media & so called world leaders
67. to JR
brotherhood   (01.19.06)
I don't know where u got your twisted fiction of the notion prophet Muhammed preached killig jews & christians!! u need to get your facts right man, before u mouth off on inacurate historical myths!
68. Times are a changing
Joseph ,   Isreal   (01.19.06)
the times of just/trustworty leaders of past centuries is long gone, when muslim, jew & christians lived & did busines together, cos they followed the true teachings of Moses, jesus & Muahmmed, today the world is fuil of misguided/greedy/misread fools for leaders who brainwash the masses to acheive their main abjective: Money & Power.
69. to bubba
Rocky ,   TEl AVIV   (01.19.06)
u racist, anyone would think your a nazi!
70. To the Brotherhood
JR ,   US   (01.20.06)
I have read this so-called "Holy" Quran. When you feed that crap to Extremists the result is: Dislusional Iranian & Iraqi Leadership and gentlemen like Bin Laden & Company. The result is TERRORISM in Western Civilizations & Israel. The Quran is a book of hate towards any other cultures or beliefs.(especially Jewish and Christians) infidels. Ignorance fuels prejudice and the Quran teaches Ignorance! I really don't care if you are Muslim, Jewish, Christian, Bhudist, Hindu, or any other religion. Do your own thing within your own culture and leave the rest of the world alone to do theirs. How simple is that?
71. Monotheism
JR ,   US   (01.20.06)
You know what is really sad, Judaism, Islam, and Christianity all worship the "same" God of Abraham. It isn't until Prophets come into the picture, that the "doctrines" all change. We all may have a different name for the God of Abraham, but he is the same God! It is the way we practice our beliefs in worshipping God that everyone gets all bent out of shape. Don't tell me how to worship God and I won't tell you how. Allow me my freedom and I will allow you yours. We "all" are God's children, not just the Muslims or Jews or Christians. If any of us has chosen the wrong religion (in the eyes of God) then we will be under "God's" judgement, not the judgement of any other religion!
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