PM's CT scan shows slight improvement
Attila Somfalvi
Published: 07.01.06, 18:43
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1. Heal, retire, play with your grandchildren.
Bunnie Meyer ,   Santa Monica, CA   (01.06.06)
2. Amen
kate b ,   washington, dc   (01.06.06)
3. #1:
Michael Steiner ,   EU   (01.06.06)
Bunnie, a lot of people here of all persuasions have told you many times in the past couple of days where to go. Why don't YOU go play with yourgrandchildren? You don't seem to realize that Dr. Sharon's possible departure changes nothing. Remember, two thirds of important political players defected to Qadimah from various other factions. Every opinion poll showed (and STILL shows--see yesterday's Dialog poll) that Liqud or Shinui's ways of thinking get the combined support of barely 15% of the electorate. Do you really think ANYONE who succeeds our Arik (should that prove necessary) will ignore these facts and court an extreme section of the said 15% of the electorate and ignore the huge Qadimah and Avodah corpus??? If you do, then you're really even more out of sync with Israeli and Jewish opinion than you've been showing here for weeks. Whether our Ariel goes next week or next decade, he'll have left a legacy that every politician wanting to have any foothold on power will HAVE to follow and build on. That, perhaps, will have been General Sharon's greatest achievement. But Dr. Sharon is still here and there is hope for recovery. He has astonished us all before with his ability to survive against all odds. He is in our constant thoughts and prayers.
4. Michael Steiner...
Please stop writng so much. Do you like to hear your own voice. By the way, put up or shut up...make Aliya. Get out of Europe...
5. Sharon has set the way..
John   (01.06.06)
Sharon had a vision and had the courage toimlement what many Israelis wanted. Hope he will recover but guys he has set the way for others to follow, thank god for that.
6. Thank you Sharon for always being there for Israel
elli   (01.06.06)
7. Well said Steiner Bunny go and fly a kite
Gabrielle Goldwater ,   Geneva Switzerland   (01.06.06)
8. To number 4
Gabrielle Goldwater ,   Geneva, Switzerland   (01.06.06)
I don't agree with most postings from EU Steiner. Said that, I don't agree with your comment either, since this time Steiner was right. It is not for you nor me to say if he can post here, this is up to Ynet. It is also not up to us to say who should get out of EU and make Aliya That is each person't choice and if his life and family permits even such decisions. This is very personal not for anyone to push Where is the freedom in that
9. steiner #4
ely ,   usa   (01.06.06)
Europe?He is from Aza
10. My Prayer
Andy   (01.06.06)
May God give our lion hearted Arik the strength to survive this. But if he cannot, may the PM slip into God's loving embrace. Whatever happens over the next few days and weeks, the Jewish people will carry Ariel Sharon in our hearts forever.
11. Sharon's war criminal
Stephen,S ,   Toronto, US   (01.06.06)
Israeli doctors looked very uncompetent in treating Sharon. That's only good news for humanity. Sharon is a war criminal whose place is in jail. He killed thousands of Palestinians in occupied Palestine and in Lebanon. International community is cheering at the news.
12. steiner
ely ,   usa   (01.06.06)
The Lord will bring this charge against the elders and officers of His people;''It is you who have ravaged the vineyard;That which was robbed from the poor is in your houses. How dare you crush My people and grind the faces of the poor?''-says my Lord of Hosts. Isaiah 3:14
13. Re: Sharon's War Criminal
Snir ,   Brooklyn, NY   (01.06.06)
How can you say that Sharon has defend Israel from the day it came into existance. The man has done more for Israel and than any president or prime minister in the world has done for their country. To say that he killed thousands of Palestinians is only relevant when you consider what the Palestinians have put Israel through in its 58 year existance. Why dont you go look up why the operation in lebannon began, becuase it wasnt Israel that began it. Israel did what any country would do when are under constant attack. Sharon held up the middle east he was the only reason Abbas is still in power. I think the PA is more worried now than when Arafat died I hope everyone now see what savages the Palestinians are, if they had not before, when you see the Palestinians dancing while Ariel Sharon, one of the greatest men of the past 100 years, is lying in the hospital.
14. #11 You are insignificant
Cynthia ,   USA   (01.06.06)
A little slug like you is not capable of judging others. Go cheer with the other international slugs of the world while we show respect for Sharon.
15. #11
Jane   (01.06.06)
You rot in hell. You and your kind never mention the thousands of Jews - both in Israel and outside - killed by the Palestinians. Jewish blood is cheap to you. You are not even worthy to touch Arik's ankle. May Hasem keep in in life. As to you, you have no value.
16. Abdul Steiner
Marcel ,   Florida   (01.06.06)
Your propaganda ""every politician wanting to have any foothold on power will HAVE to follow and build on "" They DON'T HAVE TO !!! abdul steiner It will not stand ,Israel is finished surrendering land to the terrorists who want no true peace with israel I see you have brushed up well on your hebrew and Jewish history. A word of caution abdul ;You're overdoing it and that does expose your charade to those who see between your jihadist led agenda. You always push for a weak Israel and go along with surrender to the terrorists and only stand with ex-P.M. Sharon because he is dismembering Israel.Only a terrorist plant overdoing his deception would call him Dr. . Only a pony like you writes liquid and Qadimah and calls those of us who love and support a STRONG Israel ,Crusaders. From your armchair in E.U. you weave an unconvincing cover of Jew and semi supporter of Israel .Those of us who truly love Israel see thru your crafty jihad propaganda. I hope Gabrielle wakes up .
17. #11 STEPHEN
Alex ,   Rosh Ha'ain Israel   (01.06.06)
youre just an idiot who sits in Canada and listens to all the news. what do you know, who killed who, those animals that claim themselves palestinians, which no country wants id love to see u talk like that if ur brother or a sister was killed when going to a night club or shopping. i dont wish that on you, i dont wish that on anyone so what did sharon do? he rewarded those bastards with our land, if u knew anything about our religion and our roots, u would know what we are talking about and until then, just stick your tongue up your behind and leave the room to post for people who really know what they're talking about May G-d heal Sharon and bless him with recovery. Amen
18. To #11
Christopher ,   Boston, MASS USA   (01.06.06)
What a fool you are. But admitting you are Canadian is proof of that. Sharon is a world hero taking the forefront in the attk against Arab terrorism, something you obviously approve of. Even the Eurabian governments are finally admitting that his approach to dealing with the Arabs was the correct one. US media has started comparing him to FDR; leaders in the UK France and Italy, all once strongly pro-Palestinian terrorism, have all come around in calling him one of the most courageous and beneficial leaders sen in a long time. As for "Palestine," look at the statistics - most Palestinians killed are killed by their own terrorists. As for the international community, their public pronouncements speak for themselves. As for Canada, remember, without the US largesse, the only economy you would have is exporting Arctic ice to South America!
19. It is time
Wise Man ,   USA   (01.06.06)
It is time for Sharon to meet the 3000 inocents that he mascre in Lebanon. He is the most hated man in the rab world and his death will bring a great happiness to all arabs.
20. We have to remember Ariel Sharon's contributions to society
Daniel ,   Gorham, ME   (01.06.06)
As he is laying in his deathbed, we cant forget about what Ariel Sharon did in Lebanon in the 1980's and what he's done to the Palestinians since 2000. Judge for yourself this man's place in history.
21. the last of the '48 champions...
greg   (01.06.06)
22. the lione will come back
zozan ,   sweden   (01.06.06)
i now he is a strong man and he will come back to those how loving him....
23. sign from above
Will ,   Jerusalem   (01.06.06)
No PM that has given away parts of the Holy Land has ever been re-elected.
24. stephen s
danny ,   new york   (01.06.06)
the fact that you exist is a crime not only against humanity, civil rights, the war against terrorist scumbags, but it is a crime against common sense.
25. #20
Jane   (01.06.06)
You people would not even recognize a true leader and patriot if one stood in front of you, oh mr. suicide bomber lover. Not being held in high esteem in the arab world is a badge of honor.
26. #11Go back to your cave
Learn English and Geography. You are insensitive and illiterate. By the way, Toronto is in Canada and not the US. Invest in a map.
27. #3 Steiner
I think Sharon only has an honorary doctorate so it is a little strange to keep referring to him as Dr. Sharon. Also, Kadima is a more Hebrew transliterated to English spelling. Qadimah looks Arabic.
28. #11 ... you moron
Steve ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (01.06.06)
Why don't you understand that the criminals are the ones who blow up buses and restaurants filled with people trying to live their lives... but I guess that doesn't matter. anti-Semitic bastard
29. #11 you are so pathetic and you really make me smile.
Xavier ,   Paris, France   (01.06.06)
Well, you simply made a mistake, some lebanese christians waged a war and massacred palestinians but not A. Sharon who was in Tel Aviv...but you know it perfectly well !!... you posted it for some provocation and because you are somewhat stupid but you can be healed in a specialized institute... A Sharon devoted himself entirely to Israel's security and personally I consider him as important as Ben Gurion in this field. He is also the hero of 73 and an immense leader whose visions and actions were also all calculated perfectly well in his military and political life. But you are so far from his great personality and achievements that you can be jealous as I am too. :) I cried when I heard the news yesterday. May he be healed
30. It isn't being Canadian that makes #11
Michael ,   Canada   (01.06.06)
an ass. I'm Canadian and I think Ariel Sharon is a hero. God knows we could use a politician in this country who had his foresight and fortitude instead of the weeping pussies we see on our TV screens every night. G-d bless Ariel Sharon and here's hoping he has a sufficient recovery that, even if he is never able to resume his career, that he is at least able to live out his life in peace.
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