Israel shuns Pat Robertson
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Published: 11.01.06, 10:30
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61. #60
Ray ,   USA   (01.12.06)
I appreciate your comments & you make a good point. I dont believe that God likes war & conflict, but he knows the heart of man, all men are inherently wicked & desperately evil. In the words of Paul: What a wretched man I am! Who will rescue me from this body of death? thats why we need a savior. I did a little research about the "disputed" areas you made reference to... ; Then Moses gave to the Gadites, the Reubenites and the half-tribe of Manasseh son of Joseph the kingdom of Sihon king of the Amorites and the kingdom of Og king of Bashan—the whole land with its cities and the territory around them. this land was east of the Jordan river. In ancient times the Jordan river was even further east than it is today. see the link, copy & paste to your browser: this land is not in dispute at all... at least not in GODs Word.
62. All of you, Mad!!!
Ben Seskin ,   Karmiel, Israel   (01.12.06)
I simply cannot work it out!! Pat Robertson is banned, but the religious fanatics here in Israel, who put a curse on Sharon, live on Telivision and are now dancing with glee over his illness, go scott free! Mad crazy world we live in and all you guys with your big words, as well. Words, that you cannot spell correctly and I doubt if you even know the meaning of them. Shallow people all of you! Stop telling us how much money you gave and your shallow opinions. Rather come here with your money and be an Israeli. Easy for you all to talk..Stop talking and do!
63. Disputed Land
Michael ,   Erie,PA   (01.13.06)
Joshua 21:43-45 says that the land God promised to give to Israel, He gave them! Israel is a nation who have people in need of a savior just like any other secular nation.The people of Israel know that they are not God's "chosen" people, so why don't dispensational,Zionist Christians understand this? Reason: they don't read their bible, they believe what other indoctrinated hirelings have been taught then they teach it and so on. This nation is too busy living for themselves and wanting others to think for them and tell them what to do.The public education system is responsible for much of the lies about history and how America got to the point we are at now.Stop believing your pasors,check it out for yoursel!Stop listening to the lies our government tells us and expose them for the evil entity that it has become! and above all..."buy the truth and sell it not" (Proverbs 23:23)
64. Israel Shuns Pat Robertson
Rev. Samuel Fadeyi ,   Bronx, New York   (01.14.06)
I have read most of the comments made by individuals on this subject. Some of them cannot be taken for anything less than being irreverent and unthoughtful. While some have pointed at some of the truths behind many of the problems in the middle east today, pathetically though, no one has mentioned the actual solution to this matter. I hold on to the belief that there is no amount of land that could be handed over to the Palestinians that would make them decide for peace. Nothing given to them, I say NOTHING, will make them love Israel. Hamas is the mouth-piece for the real battle in the middle east and the language is the destruction of Israel. I am of the opinion that the Jews cannot save themselves either. Meanwhile, the only ONE capable of doing it for them they have rejected and are still rejecting--Jesus, the PRINCE OF PEACE! The Bible says when a man's way pleases the Lord, He will make his very enemies to be at peace with him. Let Israel turn to the PRINCE OF PEACE today, and you will wake up tomorrow to see a drastic change in that area of the globe. My plea is this: ISRAEL, JESUS LOVES YOU; ACCEPT HIM AS YOUR MESSIAH AND KING, THAT YOU MAY PROSPER. My advice to those of you writing and commenting is that you be very careful of what you say about anyone. You may be confronted in the future when you will not find a place to hide your shame and embarrassment. --Samuel
65. Rev. Samuel Fadeyi ,You are another enemy of JUDAISM
Gabrielle Goldwater ,   Geneva Switzerland   (01.14.06)
You said: My plea is this: ISRAEL, JESUS LOVES YOU; ACCEPT HIM AS YOUR MESSIAH AND KING, THAT YOU MAY PROSPER. First of all: Jesus - Joshua - was born a Jew ..... died a Jew. your pagan belief only some 300 years later established that you need to have a person and start a new religion..... Xian Jews don't need no such Belief... we don't need a mediator between us and G-d... we talk directly to G-d......... we don't need to pretend there is a humanized SON of G-d...... that is a sin in Judaism..... and no Jews will turn to such sin and leave their true religion behind, to turn to some pagan belief ......... of son, and Mary etc... All you are after . it is obvious to want to convert Jews to your BELIEF... this is NOT being a friend of anyone but only shows again...... that people like you, want to destroy Judaism since you are wanting to convert us Jews by the very cunning words we know so very well.......... STOP your demon mission Our real good friends don't try to convert us.... as as well Islam tries, and you are NO better than them with such talk......... Real friends.... accept each others religion ..... and don't try to convert them Do you ever see Jews running wild like YOU LOT . to want to convert the world ??? NO we don't . we accept the difference in Belief
66. Pat Robertson
Samantha Lee ,   Australia   (01.15.06)
Gabrielle, the tone of your postings is the same as that in postings by Muslims - rude, loud and hot-headed. You didn't learn it from them, did you? You should be above that considering the One you are representing.
67. Samantha Lee: You got a serious chutzpah
Gabrielle Goldwater ,   Geneva Switzerland   (01.15.06)
wake up to reality in your down-side-under land you obviously don't have a clue what you talk about.
68. Jewhater, Robertson
Avi-Ben David ,   New York, N.Y. usa   (01.16.06)
Juden, wakeup, Robertson and his fellow evangilists (both catholic and protestant)should never even be allowed to step foot in Israel. Dont trust them, I live here and can tell you that whatever they say, they are the anti-christ they talk about, they hate and despise Jews, and only want to get a foot hold in our land , so they will say all sort of things, but all they want is the end of times, and the death of all jews, Sharon and his ilk were fools to ever kiss up to these jewhaters, wake up and draw the line. Learn from history and never deal with those who ultimately want our distruction. They all talk nice for the sake of grabbing another jewish soul for their blood drenched god.
Michael ,   Elizabeth, USA   (01.16.06)
Pat Robertson is one of the most slick tounged con men in the world with millions of gullable supporters worldwide. It's no wonder he thought he could con the Israelies into some ill begotten con job. Who's to say he wasn't paid off by his globalist elite buddies to say what he did about Mr Sharon just to get a bunch of people stired up over it? I put more faith in a series of books called "THE EARTH CHRONICLES" written by Zechariah Sitchen than I do one claiming to be "inspired" by some god that can't be seen or proven to exist by any means other than one book. At least the Summerians, Babylonians, Akkadians, Persians, Greeks and Romans knew who their "godS" were and where they came from. And why are there so many different "gods" that are still recognized on the planet today? The only people that worshipped one god were the Hebrews of the Pharaohaic dynasties, (except one brief peroid when one Egyptian Pharaoh changed his beliefs). I'm not trying to change anyone's religious beliefs. These are just historic tidbits that can be gleaned by anyone interested in doing some serious research.
70. God help us
Ralph ,   Florida   (01.18.06)
Sooner or later I think God's gonna have to go ahead and speak up because us people down here are just ASSuming a whole lot about what he thinks. When will man live in peace? when he is dead. So it does get better after all.
71. The future
Wait for it.....wait for it.....BOOM
72. How did the land become yours again?
How did Isreal become your land again in 1917? What happened to the people that were there in 1900? Why didn't god let you keep the land before 1917 if he promised it to you?
73. Gabrielle (from Switzerland) take a pill!!
Andy ,   USA   (01.20.06)
Gabrielle, you need to seek help. I have read your talkbacks and you have, really, nothing intelligent to say -you only spew venom. Please, for the sake of Judaism, humanity for that matter, crawl back under that rock from which you came. Peace!!
74. Israel Shuns Pat Robertson
Samuel Fadeyi ,   Bronx, NEW York, USA   (08.17.06)
I just happened to make a search about some issues and came across the venom spewed on me by Gabrielle Goldwater, after I commented about the Middle East and the Jews. Gabrielle, if you are a Jew, despite your comments, I still love you. I know what God has planned for you, which you do not care about. But I still stand by what I said then: please, accept Jesus Christ as your Messiah, and that is the only way to bring peace, lasting peace to the Middle East…even to the whole world. For your sake, and for the sake of the rest of the world, take Him and love Him. He has waited for you for so long to come back home. You mentioned that true friends do not try to convert souls from other faiths. Well, I do not know about you; but if you see me in a sinking boat, you are going past me in your flying boat and you fail to help me out, then you have proved not to be my friend. Anyone who helps me out of that dilemma is the true friend. Just like Jesus said in the parable of the Good Samaritan. At any rate, I am not here to argue or dispute with you. I just hope some day the light will dawn on you before it is too late; but if not, well, we’ll see (not meet) in eternity and I will remind you I warned you before hand.
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