Opinion  Martin Sherman
Reading Palestinian intentions
Martin Sherman
Published: 09.03.06, 11:43
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1. what the want
av ,   london .england   (03.09.06)
i am sorry but you dont have to einstien to know what they want .
2. The 1400 year old hatred
Josh ,   Jerusalem   (03.09.06)
When will the world realize that the "Palestinians' strugle" is not political, but religious? All the land, walls, money, and diplomacy in the world will not change this fundamental religious hatred which stems directly from their holiest of holy books, the Koran (one of the most anti-Semitic literary creations of all time). As long as Islam continues to instill hatred and intolerance in its people, Islamist Jihad will continue.
3. What! I have never seen so much rubbish in one article!
the Guy from Nablus ,   nablus   (03.09.06)
4. arab nationalism
peter ,   amsterdam, NL   (03.09.06)
since the year 1400 or so the Caliphate/muslim empire is in decline. So Arab nationalism has become a paranoïd ideology, always seeing threats and injustices. The are not FOR a better life for arabs, they are AGAINST non-arabs enjoying a better life. This a shadow of the cultural, political and economic hegemony the enjoyed between the year 600 - 1400. El Andalus is lost, the jews have reclaimed their state, the outside world intervenes and the arab world is devided. It will take a long time for arab nations to develop a more positive agenda. The world doesn't wait, however.
5. Summary
Ram ,   London   (03.09.06)
There are only two possible options to the soluton of to the Palestinian/Israeli solution. Here is the sad reality. Option 1. Why prolong the process through negotiations when we know this will never lead to peace. Just get all the Jews out and hand over the land to the Palestinians. Option 2. Seeing the first option is "us or them", the only other option is for Israel to amend the mistake it made in 1967 and forcibly clear the land of Palestinians. All the rhetoric by the International community only reflects their interests from the Arab/Muslim block. It has nothing to do with justice or the care for Jews!
6. Guy from Nablus
Chaya ,   Eretz Yisrael   (03.09.06)
First of all, GUY, you are living in Schem. Nablus is a bastardization of the word 'Napolis' which the Romans used when replacing the word 'Schem.' Since the Arabs have difficulty in pronouncing the letter 'p' it became Nablus. I've known everything written in this article for years. I've been talking about it for years. It is time for the people of Israel - and all people - to realize that this so-called 'palestinian' identity is one big SCAM! They don't deserve a country of their own.
7. What do Palestinians want?
Jane   (03.09.06)
8. Guy from Nablus...
DR ,   Florida, USA   (03.09.06)
Listen to Chaya...she is right. The palestinians are puppets for the entire Arab world in it's struggle against Israel. Iran, Syria, Egypt, and others only want to destroy and do away with Israel. They use the Palistinian cause to sway international opinion and for the most part it has worked. I think, now, however, we are seeing a turn in the way the world views Palis and the Arab fight against Israel. People are starting to wake up to reality and realize that Israel has no one to negotiate with and has to do all it can to survive.
9. #5
emanon ,   USA   (03.09.06)
No, the answer is throw all the terrorists into the sea, let the Arab / Muslim countries around Israel appologize the the Arab peoples in Israel for prolonging their misery and accept them into their countries. Those that wish to live in peace in Israel would also be free to do so. The entire situation has been an Arab / Muslim concept from day one. Since time immemorial, the land Israel sits on has been Jewish land. It was the Arab peoples who trioed to force the Jews out. After 1948, it was the Arab countries that refused to acept the non-Jewish people that left. It was these same governments, primarily Egypt, that began the camps to house the displace persons. Read the article, read history and learn.
10. Palestinians want to dismantle Israel....
... well, wouldn't that make it a bit easier to have a Palestine?
11. Why Palestinians rejected partition in 1947.
Mo   (03.09.06)
Umm, maybe it has something to do with the fact that before 1947 90% of the inhabitants of Mandate Palestine were Arab. Then along came the Jews in mass immigration, claimed that God gave them this land (nice argument lol), and UN split the land up into the partition. Well, if you only made up 10% of the population and all of a sudden you're making up about 60% I think you would be the one pushing the now 40% Arabs to accept your partition deal, OBVIOUSLY. If someone owned a whole house and you came and took over half of it because God promised it to you, you would want the owner to accept that he only has half now, wouldn't you? And the owner would obviously not be happy with only half when he just had the whole thing, wouldn't he?
12. they want
broken heart ,   Israel   (03.09.06)
me to mourn for the remaining 3 children I have left.
13. This is correct. Mo is incorrect, Arabs were offered 85%
David Landman ,   Boston, USA   (03.09.06)
Otherwise, they would have accepted 2 states comprising 85% plus of historic Palestine. Israel was offered about 15% of the land it was promised to RE-create Israel. Lets not forget Israel was there first. Jordanian Palestine, Syria, Lebanon, Iraq. These are new made up countries, unlike Israel. Arabs dont want peace, never did. They want power. Look at how much money they have WASTED, embezzled, used for weapons in the past 10 years. They could have created jobs and a second Palestinian Arab country, but that was never their intention. They have made Judenrein Jordanian Palestine and Hamastan. Palestinians are worst that the Apartheid government in South Africa. Separate from them completely. Make all Israeli citizens declare an oath to defend Israel and serve in the IDF. If they want a second Palestinian Arab country they can make it in Saudi Gammorah or Iranaryan if they want. Stop stealing Israeli land. Afterall, under international law, under the league of Nations, Judea and Samaria are part of Israel. Since the UN resoluton was never accepted by the Arabs to divide ISrael again, only the League of Nations divide of Israel and Jordanian Palestine is legal.
14. #11 Check Your Facts
Noah ,   Toronto, Canada   (03.09.06)
Check your facts. In 1947, Arabs represented 66% of the population, not 90%. There is a significant difference here. Second, the UN partition gave a state to Israel on the lands where Jews comprised the majority, and a state to the Arabs on lands where they comprised the majority. Had they accepted a state, the Arab state would have comprised much more than that of the Jewish state. We both know the history. I say this since I doubt you are pulling these things out of mid air. However the Jews accepted their state, the Arabs rejected what they were offered and moved to kill every Jew by attacking from all sides. In the end of the war, not only were the Jews and the Jewish state still alive, they had gained territory initially offered to the Arabs by the UN. Your analogy is false since it would imply that Jews and Arabs lived in the same house. A more apt analogy would be two neighbourhoods in the same town and to have it divided. The Arabs may dislike what has happened in the past 50 years, but they brought it all on themselves.
15. In other words #11 - this article is correct
Andy   (03.09.06)
16. Theft of Identity is part of the strategy
Chaim ,   Toronto, Canada   (03.09.06)
The British called the Jews in Palestine Palestinians. The Arabs were simply called Arabs as they were indistiguishable from the rest of the Arabs in the Middle East. The Arab Palestinians adopted this name in the 1960's as part of their strategy to replace the Jews. This is also why they want Jerusalem as their capital. In reality they don't care at all about the city. In fact, they turn their behind at it as they bend to pray. Their overall strategy is to steal the Identity of the Jews and claim they don't have a right to exist.
ALAN ,   USA   (03.09.06)
18. France & Britain mandates
Palestinian   (03.09.06)
Do not forget that Palestine Jordan and Syria and Lebanon, politically were created by France and Britain. Before that, these were usually under the same political entity. From the Canaante to Roman untilArab Islamic periods. Palestine itself is a name of a land. Palestinians are not a race. We all know that. In Arabic, we refer to people as Palestinians only becuase they come from the Land of PAlestine. In palestine itself, people are named after their cities. For example, a Gazan, Nabulsi, Maqdesi, Khalili, etc..... Now, for political reasons, we were forced to be seperated from the Greater Syria. Existence of ISrael. This is a seperate issue. Massive Jewish population immigrated to Palestine to form a Jewish entity. This is zionism! To replace existing arab population with Jews. This is what we reject. Jews who existed in Palestine naturally remained Jews speaking Arabic but having Jewish faith. But most of them converted to Chrisitianity and Islam later. Many Palestinians are in fact ISraelites in blood. Others are Arabians from the Canaanite time. It is natural for any popluation when forced to be deoprted to reject all these attempts. There is NO RIGHT WHATSOEVER in Jews living and taking our place on this land. this has to be fought until the last drop of blood!
19. Mo, you talk about 1947...
DR ,   Florida, USA   (03.09.06)
What about 2000 when the Palestinains were offered more than they ever dreamed of, but yet Arafat turned it down??? What is the excuse there...maybe Arafta was afraid for his life if he accepted the deal??? There is no question about what you want...Israel gone!!! Very simple, but it won't happen...ever!!! You should start looking at realestate in Jordan or Egypt.
20. #17
Jane   (03.09.06)
If they were honest, which we know full well they are not, yup, they think all of it is theirs. Together with everything we have built.
21. Mo #11
Jane   (03.09.06)
Well, Mo, considering the fact that the British had already lopped off 78% of the original mandate for Palestine, and the remaining 22% was to be shared between Jews and Arabs, perhaps you should shut up.
22. To: Chaim, Toronto
Aron ,   Ottawa   (03.09.06)
Reading these talk backs, one comes accross some inteligent, some irrational and mostly Stupid and ignorant opinions. It is there, in the arena of the stupid and ignorant, that you stand out so strongly. Get some education.
GEORGE SAMI   (03.09.06)
The only group of one Religion followers Establishing their own country were the Jews and by the U N resolution, where You now deny its works .You has to Respect the others to get their respect and Love. More over, do not take your revenge from The poor Palestinians who have no hand to What happened to the Jews by the Germans? You killed them, destruct their homes, and Forced them to leave their home and their Country by many means of terror act done By you. STOP HATE………
24. To Mo #11
Josh ,   Jerusalem   (03.09.06)
I am sick and tired of people like you spewing out fallacies and claiming that they're truths. I don't hold anything personal against anybody who lacks education, but you don't know how much damage you're doing by spreading lies, even if unintended. On the eve of the 1948 war of Independence, the Jewish population was approximately half of the Arab population (roughly 600,000 Jews to 1,200,00 Arabs). Secondly, the UN did not give the Jews Israel because they claimed that it was a divine right. Just use your common sense and tell me if you think that 2/3 of the participating countries in the UN would agree to give the land to the Jews on the basis of a claim that "God gave them this land." The land was given to the Jews because for 2000 years they were persecuted and kicked out of just about every place in the world just because of their blood. They received international support to build a Jewish national homeland because for 2 millenia they were spread out over the entire globe and denied their natural right to self-determination. If this right to self-determination WAS given by the UN and the League of Nations to all the Arab and Muslim countries that comprise the middle east (before last century there was no Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Jordan, Egypt, Syria, and Palestine), why shouldn't Jews get that same right? After all, the Muslim countries received a land mass that is 550 TIMES THE SIZE OF ISRAEL including the West Bank and Jordan, so it's not like the Jews are crowding their space. Mo, you must remove the blinders of intolerance and anti-Semitism and look at the real picture. In 1948 when Israel declared its independence, the Arab countries didn't even consider or try a diplomatic solution. Instead, they launched an all out attack against the one day old Jewish state, with the goal being not the West Bank or Gaza (they were not occupied then), but the complete destruction of the Jewish people. This is what the ARAB LEAGUE SECRETARY-GENERAL, Abdul Raze Azzam Pasha, said: "This will be a war of extermination and a momentous massacre which will be spoken of like the Mongolian massacres and the Crusades". This kind of hate still goes on today and you distorting the facts makes you a part of it.
25. Noah, facts have been checked.
Mo   (03.09.06)
I said BEFORE 1947, not in 1947, read more carefully. I love how you people try to act as if Jews have always been in the Holy Land. Well they weren't, if they were then there would be none Europe. Jews were in Europe predominately and somewhat in America, not in the Holy Land in early 1900's.
26. they want us dead
alan ash ,   nyc ny   (03.09.06)
what do the palestanians want ???we all know it just not willing to do whatever is necessary to solve it.how many more yehudim will perish due to this.
27. like i always said - it's about killing jews, not nationhood
mike ,   usa   (03.09.06)
world-class losers don't want their own country - they have had the money, means, international support, everything given to them on a sliver platter and they choose jew killing in every circumstance. the facts speak for themselves.
28. To Chaim in #16
The Palestinians were called always Palestinians by all arabs simply becuase they come from a land that arabs called Palestine!! No politics no fancy stuff. this is how it is!!! What do you think the name that Arabs used to denote this land!! Also, what do you think an appropriate way of calling them. The people of Texas are called Texans, not becuase they are of a different race, only becuase they are from Texas!! NewYorkans etc..... So stop fooling yourself and others. Also, in the Arab literature. Even on of Prophet Muhammad's firend was called the Palestinian simply becuase he was coming from Palestine...!
29. To #24!!
Jews were noly 2% at the start of 1900s. They came in mass immigrations since the british mandate started. Go and ask your grand fathers. Most Jews living today on the land of Palestine arrived in the past 80 years or so! You came to occupy and not to live in peace. Even until now you give all excuses in order not to withdraw from the west bank for example. So your aim is to take this land piece by piece and deport all arabs from here. The arabs in Palestine were living there since thousands of years,. They have been all the time the majority. Jews had only limited control of this land for less than 70 years during the time of prophets solomon and David. And even at that time, solomon and David were kings wil the majority of the population Arabain canaanite. So arabs have more roots than you in this land. Stop talking otherwise. stop saying that you are coming to your homeland. why should it be your homeland if you were out of it for 2000 years as you claim. In 2000 years many things happens, and using the same reasoninng we should bring the majority of earth to Africa and Arabia the original place of humans!!!
30. #23
Jane   (03.09.06)
It is YOU and YOURS who are full of hate. Cannot even accept one tiny, itty bitty Jewish land in a sea of MUSLIM lands - you know Muslim Lands, the ones of one religion and, if anyone else can live there (not the case in many) they are dhimmi - you know dhimmi, don't you Mo?
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