Quartet envoy warns of chaos if PA not helped
Associated Press
Published: 15.03.06, 20:48
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31. #26
Jane   (03.16.06)
Jerusalem in the capital of Israel, the eternal capital of theJewish people. Forget it. Go to Mecca. Go to the Vatican. Jerusalem is ours. We should get out of the middle east? The greedy, selfish, repulsive Muslims cannot let us have our one little land in the middle of their sea of hatred. Every Arab land is a Muslim land. America is a Christian land. There is only one Jewish land and it is called Israel and Jerusalem is its capital. And exactly to whom should the West Bank be given? It was held by Jordan. The Palestinians never had a sovereign land. Who the hell are you? N/A, N/A is no identity. Maybe that's your problem. You have no identity. We, however, are clear about who we are and where our home is.l
32. Abbas will have to sell his Audi!
Rob ,   UK   (03.16.06)
And the other PA Ministers likewise, it's a shame and all but I'm sure they'll be willing to sacrifice their cars to help their people.
33. N/A N/A: means no identiy = Not Applicable
Gabrielle Goldwater ,   Geneva Switzerland   (03.16.06)
Linda Rivera ,   New York   (03.16.06)
Mr. Wolfensohn states there will be no peace without Western aid. The peace he refers to: The PA Muslim society heavily armed in the non-stop jihad war of shooting attacks, stabbings; bombs planted; bombs thrown; stonings; rocket and mortar attacks; human bomb murderers. Arab children at summer camps receiving military training for the war against Jews. Ambulances uses to transport terrorists, weapons and bomb belts. Palestinian Authority society are taught murdering Jews is the highest goal in life and attains Paradise. The U.S. EU, UN Road Map of gifting Judea, Samaria and Gaza to the Islamofascists is a military necessity for the Islamic conquest of all Israel.
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