Ynet poll: Kadima wins with 30 seats
Published: 29.03.06, 00:49
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1. If this shows anything its....
Abdullah ,   Kuwait City   (03.28.06)
First of all I would like to congratulate Kadima for winning the elections, and I'd say to Bibi better luck in the after-life ;-) I guess before Sharon quit the Likud, the Likud was Sharon and Sharon alone and now that he is out, the Likud went under the gutter! Finally, I hope that Kadima will be more responsible for the Israeli voter trust in it and for once start a real and meaningful peace talks to get the region out of its current crises! Salam, Shalom and Peace to you all.
2. Left Wins
Jerry ,   NYC, USA   (03.28.06)
Israel commits national suicide.
3. What a stupid nation
Just look at it, katyushas on ashkelon and a radical left wing party who declares it wants to run away from the west bank and bring the rockets even closer, I swear I have never seen dumber people than the Israelis.
4. Whoa, hold on just one second!
Mo   (03.28.06)
I thought all you Ynet talkbackers said that Israeli polls are never right?! I'm confused now.
5. LOL Likud!
Motaz   (03.28.06)
For Likud lovers only - HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!
6. prepare your helmets!!
Eyal   (03.28.06)
we will need them after mr olmert finishes expelling jews from israel just see what happened in gaza everyone knew things would get worse but while its sderot, a small shit in the middle of negev its ok now lets see what happens when we start having katiushas in hadera, netanya, tel aviv... :) mazal tov israel!!!!!
7. Another thing to point out, Israeli vote for Kadima and...
Palestinians vote for Hamas. Or put in another way, Israel voted for peace, while palestinians voted for war.
8. Who said the Jews are smart? Wrong!
A vote for labor ,   is a vote for Hamas   (03.28.06)
9. To Mo #4
Josh ,   Jerusalem   (03.28.06)
You've always been confused. It has nothing to do with Israeli polls. And what do you mean "all YOU Ynet talkbackers"? You are suddenly not a talkbacker? What have I told you about pointing fingers at others Mo?
10. Kadima! Yeah!
Richard ,   New York, USA   (03.28.06)
Netanyahu is finished! It's a new day in Israel!
11. # 4
keren ,   sao paulo   (03.28.06)
Are you happy with the results? That's good...I hope you wish Israel the best. I am happy too,because it was Israel desire,and I am sure that this will be the best option! Sometimes things are different from what we expect,what doesn't mean they are bad,but just the opposit. Let's wait and bet for the BEST to come,and it will!
12. A response to Abdullah from Kuwait
Kate ,   London   (03.28.06)
Given you are the citizen of a country which still has not stepped out of the dark ages and embraced democracy, your comments about this matter are totally inappropriate. I would imagine that the hundreds of thousands of Palestinians who were ethnically cleansed by Kuwait would not be happy with your comments either. And if you want peace in the Middle East I suggest that you start work on the manifold problems that exist in Islam. Abandoning the racist philosophy that treats Jews and Christians as second-class citizens would be a start.
14. Yeah Kate, right in his face! ;-)
Gadi ,   Special Unit, IDF   (03.28.06)
15. #12: kol hakavod, kate!
Shuki   (03.28.06)
16. Kate of London
Naser ,   Canada   (03.28.06)
your comments to Abdulla from Kuwait only show how retarded, ignorant and racist you are. FYI Kuwait enjoys a real democratic process based on a constitutional system that started back in 1961. They can be considered a model for other gulf states. Unlike most of you- hate filled diaspora jews, many arabs are true in their hopes for peace between the Palestinians and Israel. They witness on daily basis the sufferings of the the Palestinians under the ugly occupation.
17. To #1 Arab countries need to push peace
Moshe ,   USA   (03.28.06)
They need to invite Olmert to their country and show they really want peace. Talk is cheap. Actions are needed. Olmert can invite a an Arab country. a short visit will only help The Israeli public want that. It provides hope. We need hope and olive branches of peace instead of guns. When Israelis hear "Death to Jews" that does not help matters and if Israelis say "Death to Arabs" that does not help. Each side needs to reach out to each other. I am willing to do that. Very willing. The alternative is war. I am sick of war. Salam,Shalom, and Peace to all in the Middle East and world. PEACE NOW
18. To #12
Gil   (03.28.06)
Vicious personal attacks really show off how peaceful you are, Naser. If Kuwait is so freedom loving and democratic, why am I not allowed to step foot on their soil? Model indeed.
19. kuwait democracy??can woman vote? LOL
Yisraeli   (03.28.06)
20. Normalcy
Steve ,   Dallas, USA   (03.28.06)
Normalcy has finally returned to the Israeli body politic. Mitzuyan.
21. To Naser of Canada #16
Josh ,   Jerusalem   (03.29.06)
It's not nice to call names, especially to a lady. And FYI, Kuwait is not a democracy, it's actually a joke. Women couldn't even vote until last year. And you want to hear something funny? The people do elect the parliament, but only the Emir (monarch) can appoint the PM. The Emir can also fire the PM and dissolve parliament whenever he wants! Sorry buddy, but that's not democracy.
22.  #12, Kate, Wonderful respons!
Enosho   (03.28.06)
23. Abdullah #1
Jane   (03.29.06)
Now please send a similar message to Hamas. They REALLY need help understanding what the word peace means.
24. Shinui?
Art ,   Sydney, Australia   (03.29.06)
Can someone please tell me what happened to the "Shinui" Party, that did so well at the last election?
25. #16
Jane   (03.29.06)
But is there even one iota of empathy for what Israel has gone through? If not, there is no hope.
26. Kadima Wins
Olmert, fiddler on the roof
27. A response to Benjamin (13)
Tahl ,   Israel   (03.29.06)
There is nothing socialist about Kadima. Granted, Bibi was a great finance minister (the only thing he was good at), but Kadima and the labor have their own good candidates as well, and I truly hope Shas and the Torah Jews wouldn't be in this coalition, despite their power. It is too bad Shinui crashed like they did, as they were the true champions of the middle-class, and of free market economy (while not adhering to the suicidal leftist ideology of Meretz). As for the pensioner's party - this is a very well-deserved win, who said that in order to have a booming economy, you must trample on the weak elderlies, as was done again and again by past governments? There should be no contradiction between the two issues.
28. healthy apathy
Paul Freedman ,   Falls Church, USA   (03.29.06)
I like the large non-voter turnout. Sometimes people passing on political passion is healthy in and of itsef.
29. Left and Socilism did not win
S Judah ,   London   (03.29.06)
Most of Kadima are from Likud, they could not all have just turned left. So the left winning is rubbish. And if Kadima is the centre, then the centre has moved significantly to to the right. Economic policies will be softer but will also follow Bibis way. Netenyahu has paid the price for his economics which was sucessful but hurt core Likud voters
30. Shinui - The Lord struck back
S Judah ,   London   (03.29.06)
This is known as the Holy Land, Shinui were a very unholy party.
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