Kadima wins with 28 seats
Published: 29.03.06, 09:20
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1. so who got more ?
Marvin ,   Maple, ON Canada   (03.29.06)
1- the likud or the pensioners ? 2- so the sharlatansky is out ?
2. coalition?
Roey ,   New Jersey   (03.29.06)
so if kadima is going to try to establish a leftist coalition i can't seem to count them getting over 61 unless they include the arab parties. someone tell me olmert is not planning on doing so!
3. all is not lost...
someone ,   somewhere   (03.29.06)
if shas, israel our home, likuid, the nrp, and utj (although i wouldn't count on them) would refuse to join the government then it will be hard to form the government
4. #2
someone ,   somewhere   (03.29.06)
that is what i gathered in my anaylsis to...then again we can't count on utj to not pad their coffers and join the coalition...
5. Coalition
Daniel ,   Australia   (03.29.06)
Lets hope the Rightist parties refuse to join. However, i feel that Shas will, as Abdullah Yousef has said in the past that he would have no problem with getting out of the WB. They are a strange bunch Shas.
6. Kadima 28 Mandates
Sam Lottner ,   Petach Tikva   (03.29.06)
Kadima is a conglomerate of "rotten eggs" who deserted their parties to attain personal advancement and protection from their corrupt actions. It behooves all the Zionist parties (Labor, Shas, Likud, Israel Our Home, Pensioners, National Union-NRP, and United Torah Judaism to form a coalition block and therby put Olmert and his cohorts out of the business of giving out ministries. The major objective of the Knesset would be to put the Palestinian issues on low burner and the social, religious, and economic issues tearing our country apart as the major priority.
7. likud gets as many seats as the arab parties!!
hahaha ,   Tel Aviv   (03.29.06)
hehe, so much for him claiming to be the voice of the israelis!
8. the public's overall lack of support
russel ,   tlv   (03.29.06)
The relatively poor turnout is seen as an indication of the public's overall lack of support for the proposed pullout and disdain for the leading parties in general. Olmert is seen as arrogant; Peretz as inexperienced and Natanyahu as a failure... Three cheers for the pensioners!
9. let the results be clear
Yonason Herschlag ,   b   (03.29.06)
olmert will easily form a coalition with Labor, Meretz, Pensioners, and Shas. Labor and Shas will make big demands in social reforms and in portfolios, and olmert will concede. But be aware, as soon as olmert starts wrestling with the settlers, and katushas rain in endlessly on Ashkelon, Shas will bolt together with some dissatisfied Kadima members, and new elections will be held in April-May 2008!
10. to hahaha
hahaha ,   jerusalem   (03.29.06)
likud one seat more it is bibi one to kadima ween al 7 lawa
11. It's said that people get the government they deserve.
AK   (03.29.06)
Looks like the Israelis got what they deserve tonight -- they voted for it. When their house is on fire, they not only voted for a defeatist party, but also for a Party of Retirees. Keep on laughing, just keep in mind who is it that is cheering along with you your electoral choices. As for the retirees, if they expect an increase in their benefits, they can forget it once 200,000 homeless and jobless refugees from Judea and Samaria flood their cities and towns. Israel cannot adequately provide for 10000 refugees from Gaza, so the additional 200,000 will mean total chaos in the Israeli society. So, keep on laughing.
12. *gloat gloat* KADIMA YISRAEL!!!
Michael Steiner ,   EU   (03.29.06)
13. Great Victory for Olmert and Livni! (and Israel)
Judith ,   Haifa, Israel   (03.29.06)
And to all you pessimistic and disgruntled people, something very good has happened to Israel. Some of you still can't see it. Unlike the Palestinians, we voted for moderation and prospects for a better future (internal and external). The Pals voted for war. Those who slandered Israel for being fascist war mongers got their answer. Where are they today, I wonder….? Cat got their tongues?
14. #11
Uzi ,   Israel   (03.29.06)
You don't put where you are from. I can only assume it's because you have it worse. Israel has managed for the past 50 years or so and will continue to do so. And it's because we laugh at ourselves that it makes it all the more bearable.
15. Of Course They'll Join The Government
David ,   Jerusalem   (03.29.06)
Are you kidding? Of course Shas and IB will join the government! But the doomsayers need to relax. The right got the drubbing it profoundly deserved (its my camp) and will now have to figure out how to fix itself. And the smallest party to ever build a goverment was Labor under Barak with 26 seats. It lasted 18 months. We have unstable waters ahead.
16. Winning one third is no mandate to steal more land.
Bunnie Meyer ,   Santa Monica, CA   (03.29.06)
17. Puts his hand on the wall, then steals land from Jews, yuck!
Bunnie Meyer ,   Santa Monica, CA   (03.29.06)
18. Abu-Steiner: You want Israel and the Jews to be destroyed.
Daisy ,   USA   (03.29.06)
Mazel Tov. I mean Praise Allah.
19. racist country
Benjie ,   la, ca   (03.29.06)
Article lists arab parties at the end of the list even though they have 10 seats. what a racist country.
20. Aryeh Deri will be PM eventually! b'h'
yehuda ,   new york usa   (03.29.06)
Now that Shas has become the #3 party its only a matter of time that Aryeh Deri, once as big an outcast as Menachem Begin was, will likely be PM in a few years. Despite all the elite Ashkenanim who deserted their beloved Labor because of Peretz, the discrimination against Sephardim, which began with the founding of the state, is dying!
21. *gloat gloat* Once isn't enough
Michael der Strumer   (03.29.06)
22. re: 19, parties vs. party
Konstantin ,   Berlin, Germany   (03.29.06)
look, there seem to be quite a difference if a single party won a number of mandates (i. e. Kadima) or a pool (arab parties). But u may be blinded by ur hatred to see how simple things actually are.
23. Daisy McCarthy: You want Israel to turn into fascist tyranny
Israeli ,   TA   (03.29.06)
Stay where you are and butt out of our affairs!!!!!!
24. Referendum
Michael ,   Haifa   (03.29.06)
at long last the fascist right got its referendum result
25. 8 russel , tlv: what makes you think that?
Gabrielle Goldwater ,   Geneva Switzerland   (03.29.06)
Have you taken your own elections you only assume - nothing more and nothing less
26. 12 Abdul Steiner is here again - Israel just waited
Gabrielle Goldwater ,   Geneva Switzerland   (03.29.06)
for your comment
27. 14 Uzi ,Israel well said to 11
Gabrielle Goldwater ,   Geneva Switzerland   (03.29.06)
28. 18. Daisy, USA : well said to Abu Steiner
Gabrielle Goldwater ,   Geneva Switzerland   (03.29.06)
29. Benjie , la, ca : and what are YOU ??Just another ranter
Gabrielle Goldwater ,   Geneva Switzerland   (03.29.06)
30. #24, You fool
Kobi ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (03.29.06)
It has already been announced that Kadima's 28 seats which it got through coersion and an obiedient media which INFLATED the numbers in the polls is NOT a positive referrendum for Uprooting, expelling people and helping arabs steal land. Michael from Haifa- ONLY 28 is the majority AGAINST! And there were tens of thousands that protested against the idea by NOT voting. On the other hand with Likuds 37+2(Israeli B'aliyah that joined)39 seats in 2003 that was enough of a referendum AGAINST uprooting.. Everything said, Michael DO the Math! Even if Kadima succeeds in wanting to plan more uprootings....Where would the money come from?? We don't have 192 Billion USD! USA wouldn't even help expell 10,000 citizens many with thriving businesses from Gush Katif. Enjoy the hell that you have helped to create here and BTW I hopew you have already strengthened your roof against Katyusha rockets.
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