9 killed in Tel Aviv blast
Avi Cohen
Published: 17.04.06, 20:59
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1. Hopefully all the PA Arabs and the supporters will NOW come
Gabrielle Goldwater ,   Geneva Switzerland   (04.17.06)
here to speak up against terrorism but they will NOT - since they have NO ethical morals - and always blame Israel and the Jews - for why they can be terrorists and why Israel in their (PA Arabs and buddies) evil eyes - Israel has never the right to defend herself Savages - and such poeple want a State ? NO - they only want to destroy Israel this was and is their only aim No matter how many of their own will die along
2. This happened in the name of "holy" Islam.
Gerd ,   Germany   (04.17.06)
3. The Pals should be proud.
The Truth   (04.17.06)
Their fighters today bravely attacked a Tel Aviv shawarma stand. In a well-planned military attack that took months if not years to plan, the brave majudeen infiltrated the heavy guarded shawarma stand through layers of highly sophisticated sensing equipment. The shawarma stand which is a important military installation to the IDF forces, will knock out the IDFs ability to defend for years to come. The Pals are nothing but land stealing, cowardly beggers! The Pals have zero honour!
4. To Olmert
Josh ,   Jerusalem   (04.17.06)
Stop donating to the deaths of more innocent people! Fight terrorism, don't run away from it! Building a wall will not solve anything, but only strengthen them by giving them freedom to plan more attacks. You still have the choice to stop your disengagement plan and face up to the task of defeating Israel's enemies. As long as they want Israel and the Jews annihilated, they will never stop.
5. Palestinian politics
Josh ,   Jerusalem   (04.17.06)
Right now on Arabic radio the Islamic Jihad and al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades are fighting over who was responsible for the attack. The only thing is they are not arguing that they didn't do it, but are both claiming that they did! This just shows how much Palestinian society supports terror. Just like in western civilization, social reforms and welfare policies improve a politician's public opinion; in Palestinian society terror and murder improves their public opinion. Olmert is tired of fighting and that's understandable, but why are Israelis also throwing in the towel?!?!
6. Massive IDF operation is needed NOW!
Roni   (04.17.06)
For every killed Jew, there should be 10 dead terrorists, for every wounded Jew there should be 10 detained "palestinian" terror suspects. IDF has to act WITH NO RESTRAINT!
7. Catch the Arab-Israeli assistant and expell his family.
8. Mr. Olmert...
Barry ,   Tel Aviv   (04.17.06)
This is a taste of what will happen if you continue with your cowardly"convergence"
9. Desroy the seat of the terror gov Hamas in response.
Saul ,   NYC   (04.17.06)
10. Bloody animals
ciara ,   australia   (04.17.06)
My thoughts are with the families of the victims, I hope one day the left will join the fight for Israel's survival.
11. Avenge these disgusting murders, G-d speed the IDF
Anthony ,   London   (04.17.06)
12. Ahh, the souond of peace...
yitzchak909 ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (04.17.06)
I hope Olmert and all those that voted for him are happy with themselves today.
13. Palestinians ...
DR ,   Florida, USA   (04.17.06)
keep proving it over and over again. Why should Israel have any regard for their lives when they behave like animals? Their own mothers do not care when they die, so why should we? Israel needs to end this war once and for all, no matter what it takes. That's the only solution to terror...killing it!!! And that's the only language they understand...violence and force.
14. Think !
Ali ,   London   (04.17.06)
What happened is bad right ? I agree....... but if u think this is bad and ignore what is happening daily to the occupied people of will be a Hypocrite.....Be honest to yourself and be respectful to the came to Palestine and occupied and torture the Palestinians...and then you want the world to stand by your case because you suffered under Nazi Germany !!! what is this non-sense !!!! be wise be honest and do the right thing......go back to where you all and your fathers came from and live in harmony.
15. Family
samson ,   manchester   (04.17.06)
My Family are in Tel- Aviv. I pray they have a peaceful and proud passover. Those who try to fill our hearts with murderous terror strike at our hearts in The City of Spring on our People's Passover. And yet still we pray and say ..Shalom. Let us be Free.
16. Hamas - Act of War
Jamaya ,   London   (04.17.06)
Hamas - Is there any doubt now? They shown their true colours. Not only have they failed to condemn this atrocity and seek to justify it. Well I for one was prepared to give them the benefit of the doubt, not to prejudge them. Well any hopes Ive had about Hamas and peaceful coexistence has exploded. May Allah revenge and curse those whose hands are bloodstained from these evil suicide bombings.
17. Bombing in Tel Aviv
leonash ,   Grand Rapids U S A   (04.17.06)
I've always been against the death penalty; now I'm rethinking. If these murderers (the ones who planned and trained the bombers) are executed, maybe..just maybe, the threat will be lessened !
18. muHAMedanism - the religion of pieces
Arie   (04.17.06)
19. Cooperation and Gabrielle
Kobi -.Jew for Truth ,   Israel   (04.17.06)
First isn't it nice that Islamic jihad and Fatah are working together? Though there is a little rivalry between the different terror groups, it has more to do with who gets the biggest part of the pie$$$. When it comes to attacking Israel in this low-level Oslo War, they all happily forget their minor differences in favor of their main objective-total ANIHALATION of Israel. In fact not only was there a false truce or ceasefire on their part-for they never stopped attacking israel and almost always(though Fatah sometimes claimed responsibility)had Islamic Jihad take all the credit-but there never has been 100% quiet. Attacks including missles "started" again I remember about 2 days after signing of the ceasefire and then the media and Fatah/Abbas always used that card saying "Israel had better not do Aleph, Bet, Gimmel or else we'll cancel the ceasefire or if Israel does dare protect itself then it will be in violation" of the ceasefire agreement that the distrustful Arabs ALREADY broke immediately after signing it. It was a joke and again made Israel and Israeli into suckers. May G-d accept those murdered, have compasssion on them and their families. May He judge harshly the muderer and wipe out the names of all those whom He shall take vengance on! Gabrielle Goldwater, you are right on-nice remark. C'etais tres juste! exactment sur le cible.
20. the best idea
would be taking over gaza again
21. Time to Retreat from Tel Aviv ?
Marcel ,   Florida   (04.17.06)
The standard policy of Israel is to appease her enemies and surrender their land in the hopes that the Jihadists will turn around and take a more peaceful approach to the generous Jews. Maybe in the same spirit of nevill Chmberlain Israel should surrender Tel Aviv to the Palestinians. I am sure this will bring true and lasting peace . All the Israeli's can learn to live,swim and float in the Mediterrinean Sea for the peace of surrender and retreat. They don't want to fight and defeat this enemy so this is all that is left for Israel to do is run away and swim. Token ,weak and limited responses do not count as fighting to defeat this enemy.
PALESTINIAN ,   WEST BANK   (04.17.06)
23. #1, and all
atmawi ,   Historic Palestine   (04.17.06)
Ethical Morals!!! Are you sick, Which morals an occupier will talk about? When you and all will admitt that our blood is no less than yours, We do have a RED BLOOD too. This what your own hands did, Who gave you the impression that you will kill children, and no one shall retaliate? I my self feel so sorry for every victim (Palestinian, or Israeli), but what realy make me sick this kind of talkbacks from all of you.
24. to Ali
Tamar ,   Jerusalem   (04.17.06)
Well you said it yourself: our fathers and us are coming back to where we belong and will hopefully live one day in harmony with our neighbors. Nothing's black or white...
25. How different the response at Ynet
Kate ,   London   (04.17.06)
At least here at Ynet there is near universal condemnation of this murderous outrage. On another popular Israeli website (no prizes for guessing which) posters from around the world have cheered on the killers.
26. 10 ciara,australia: Watch the Left to come here and
Gabrielle Goldwater ,   Geneva Switzerland   (04.17.06)
support the enemy again - and again what ever they have as brains - I wonder and when I mention their support of the enemy and not their own State - the same Left calls me an extremist Lets see if the Arabs and the Left have the guts to come today and post here - or if they are crawling under their bed sheets and hide again
27. And the vicious-cycle continues…
the Guy from Nablus ,   Nablus, PA   (04.17.06)
We must put and end to this miserable situation. More bloodshed, walls, arrests, suicide bombs will only move us deeper in the whole. Peace, love and coexistence.
Linda Rivera ,   New York   (04.17.06)
Israel responds to continual Muslim terror attacks with ruthless ethnic Jew cleansing and giving wonderful gifts of Jewish land and assets to the terrorists. In psychological terms it is known as positive reinforcement - rewarding behavior that is considered desirable. Arab Muslim Israelis are united with PLO/Palestinian Authority-Hamas society to conquer Jerusalem and all Israel. Israeli Muslims declare “The Six Days War hasn’t ended" IT IS A DECLARATION OF WAR by Muslims against the Jewish people. YNET article (04.16.06, 21:27) Top sheikh: Jerusalem Islamic nation's capital Marking anniversary of prophet Muhammad’s birth, 30,000 Muslims gather in Kfar Kana soccer stadium in event organized by Islamic Movement; leader Shiekh Salah calls for return of Jerusalem to Arab, Palestinian, Muslim hands Paiz Abbas The event was broadcast live on television throughout the Middle East and elsewhere by Al-Jazeera... “Jerusalem will soon be the capital of the world Islamic nation, and it will be governed by a caliph,” Salah said. “The Six Days War hasn’t ended since 1967, and it continues in Jerusalem,” he added.,7340,L-3240464,00.html
29. Just wait till Amir Peretz becomes DM
Ronit ,   Tel Aviv   (04.17.06)
Then we can all go on strike, including the army
30. #14 you are just one of them
DR ,   Florida, USA   (04.17.06)
Anyone who makes excuses for terror and rationalizes why they do these things is just the same as them. Isarel does not torture anyone, I know that comes as a shock to you b/c you have obviously received your education from an Imam, but Israelis just want to live in peace without having to worry about going to school or to eat. Palestinians want violence, they tech it to their children, they make heroes out of suicide bombers, but yet you defend are no better then them...all sick in the head and a dying culture!!!
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