Olmert compares Ahmadinejad to Hitler
Published: 29.04.06, 12:17
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1. The Jewish nation is trouble seeker
Palestinian   (04.29.06)
They will eventually have a new disaster sooner or later in the middle eat area this time. Arrogance will only bring them to this end.
2. Olmert ....Execuse me!!
Remo Gkardi   (04.29.06)
Ahmadinejad is the president of Iran, he has the right to belive whatever he may see proper! But MR Olmert, who started the WMD in Middle East, was it Ahmadinejad ?? Well, execuse me, I started to think al the Holocaust stuff is just a hoax!
3. It takes one putsch pooch to know one
Ben Temalion ,   Shiloh, MO USA   (04.29.06)
The land belongs to all Jews past, present and future. You have won nothing with 24% of the vote and your enemy attacking you even on land you ethnically cleansed of your dreaded Jews who love the land that defends you. What victories can you possibly be tired of and what circumstances have changed that you didn’t make for the worse. You also say you want to dictate. That you are doing for no reason but suicide because they attacked with the land they held before ’67 (Auschwitz borders) and they will attack you even more should you continue with your suicidal concentration pact with messianic zeal as if land will beget peace from irrational people you legitimize as rational who funded the Munich massacre and terror before and after that pigua. You hold rational the abu who holds a PhD in holocaust denial. That the anti-nationalist ADL exists is symptomatic that Jews are a people apart and need a homeland to survive in peace. But you can’t claim your victory over your existential enemy with havdalah (restraint). You let your enemy remain in your midst, proliferate, aid them and let their numbers grow from external sources. While they commit pogroms against you not only in their homicidal Hamite homeland but in other lands they forcibly converted to the faith in Hamite values. It is not a matter of completing an equation. You allowed the war of nations turn into allowing your population to suffer the acts of terror. If you would finally claim your victory on your reclaimed land, act like a humane sovereign for them and your own, and enforce your enemy’s, terror institutionalized population’s right of return to their homicidal Hamite, ancestral, peninsular homeland in the historically accepted manner but denied to Jews who have no self-respect. You are so enlightened and progressive, with less than 25% of the vote you megalomatically claim a mandate to commit pogroms without regard to age, sex or condition, and without bloodying the traditional pogromnik goy hand. To tirelessly engage the most force since ’73 to bash the brains in and break the limbs of the best of you who love the land that protects all of you. To not compensate them or respect them for their loss of there occupation, immeasurable toil and suffering in any justifiable manner can only be called collective punishment, political persecution and you top it off by forcing them to continue to service their loans and insurance obligations. You will tirelessly seek victories over those who love the land sewn with the blood of those who reclaimed it, protected it and lived on it. You committed these crimes without an elected party ordering the pogroms if not pigua (as the vacated land is now a terror launching ground). You did this while ignoring the elected party’s charter and referendum you swore to abide by. You consolidated your dictatorial powers under the guise of democracy and etrog status in the eyes of your appointed law enforcer by breaking coalition agreements and employing something called United Torah Judaism in name alone to allow the government survive long enough to push through the pogroms and destroy over fifty Torah centers of learning. And the sick brain and unbound heart of the arelim makes the putsch official claiming to be the PM without the leadership position of the elected party and party authorized to form the government. Who elected the list of the putsch party? As if you or crazy uncle Simon Perske were? The last time I heard you were elected thirty-third to the party list of the elected party. Then there was the arelim putsch and you are slinking in the shadow of a dictator as his number two. With victories over your best, changing circumstances for the worse by making yourself more vulnerable, I can see why you would be tired since you hate the land and its people. A land and a people you and your family have never served in uniform to defend but vigorously, perfidiously destroy.
4. LlFe ls Llmlted but afterLlFE there ls HELL for amedlNECAT
5. DO NOT underrate other worLD ahmednecat
6. heaLTh to your mouTH PM
muhammed ,   lran   (04.29.06)
we can assasslnate thls bastard lranlan LEADER do not worry lSraEL peopLe .....
7. #1 #2 #6 etc. don't post garbage
Vorax ,   Cardiff, UK   (04.29.06)
you guys are just hired poopers. Stop putting labels, stop cheap sloganeering, just say what you really mean - we want you jews dead - Ahmadinedjad is our furher - jihad is the only way Now the question - is there something new? Are here some moderators? This forum is jewish, payed by jewish money. Don't let it become another swamp of anti-semitic hatred.
8. # 1 a website for you - and why it hurts you
andrew ,   miami,fl   (04.29.06) see all the good we are doing...and what do the palis do? are even capable of ? We are home after 2000 years, whole, and free.. our resurection is permanent
9. to 1.
Gil ,   Tel Aviv   (04.29.06)
Where is the middle eat area then? Is this where people who are in the "middle" go to "eat"..?
10. #7, remember Internet is US made alright!
Remo Gkardi   (04.29.06)
11. #1
Jane   (04.29.06)
It is you and your friends who are facing the ultimate disaster. Don't dream of our annihilation, because it will turn into your nightmare. We have our own state now, our own army and are fully capable of defending ourselves against your Islamofacist arrogance. Your time was over almost 1000 years ago. You never again rose to the level of your golden age and, at the rate you are going, you never will again. Your fault, your problem. The Naqba is your stupidity, greed and hate.
12. #2
Jane   (04.29.06)
Of course he has the right to believe whatever he wants. But when there is the risk of his beliefs costing us our lives, do you seriously think we are going to accept his crap? IF we have WMDs, you will notice that nothing of that type has ever been used by us or been threatened to be used by us, quite unlike the garbage collector in Tehran.
13. #6
Jane   (04.29.06)
Please do. Be our guest. We have no negative issues with the Iranian people.
14. To 7
Marcel, Abel ,   Thoiry, France   (04.29.06)
This forum is payed by Jews... and non-jewish donators. Among them some are sincere, loyal, loving, not despicable, and MODERATE people whose profound wish is to help jewish brothers out the bloodstained quagmire. Thank you for putting the record straight.
15. #7 Ask Ynet
Eurabian ,   Eurabia   (04.29.06)
1. It's not a forum but a newspaper 2. It's in English Language so not only for jews 3. Internet is not jewish Intervention 4. Ask Ynet if it is ok or not and don't give us orders man ! 5. If you don't like it look for hebrew websites!
16. Everyone Opposed to Israel is Hitler
Jim ,   Somewhere   (04.29.06)
"And Ernst Zundel. He's Hitler too! And so is David Irving. And in fact all those people who think Israel shot up the USS Liberty on purpose, THEY are all Hitler too, every one of them! And everyone who thinks Israel has nuclear weapons, they are Hitler too. All of them. Really! They are all Hitler. In fact, let's keep this simple. If you are not supporting Israel, you are Hitler. It's that simple. So support us, already. Kill our enemies for us or you're Hitler. We'll also take cash or checks with ID." - Mike R
17. #6 Iranian Volunteer
FaTaH ,   Tel Aviv   (04.29.06)
Thank you very much muhammed. You can't believe how everybody here feels after your post to Ynet. All people talks about it and don't feel worried any more :-)))))
18. l am reaDY to destroy lranlan nukes
mohammed ,   lran   (04.29.06)
lran never destroys lsRaEL ... lt s onLy a threat... l and my 1000 reLaTlVES we are supporter of lsrAeL and USA... we want freedom LlKe lRaQ...
19. #10 #15 etc
Vorax ,   Cardiff, UK   (04.29.06)
Good reaction! That confirms your goal here - to contaminate talkbacks as densely as possible by your BS, and impose your level of discussion and your agendas. You wil be ignored. Again, for moderators - is this place for jew-haters? Bun them. Put garbage in trash.
20. The Palestinians are stupid
Michelle   (04.29.06)
If Iran attacks Israel, you idiotic Palestinians will die as well. Time for you people to wake the hell up and quit causing so much trouble!
21. Muhammed in Iran
Michelle   (04.29.06)
"we can assasinate this bastard Iranian LEADER do not worry ISraEL peopLe...." I wish more Palestinians were like you Muhammed! Hopefully soon, freedom will be won for the good people of Iran!
22. Mohammed from Iran
Michelle   (04.29.06)
We want you to be free and I will keep all of you in my prayers!
23. Jane and Eurabian
Marcel, Abel ,   Thoiry, France   (04.29.06)
1) Excuse my ignorance, Jane, but what does Naqba mean ? Thanks to you and Ynet to tolerate us on this Forum, but incidently don't forget all talkbacks here rely first on Bild and AFP being then relayed by Ynet. Is that true ? We need each other. As I am ageing, I would like to go to Israel and live there for the rest of my life. I have that dream. Shall I be welcomed ? Abba, may You forgive enemies of Israel for what they did and are doing, and please may You protect Israel. Thank you all. 2) Eurabian, I hope your posting will be read. It goes straight to the point : being tolerated or not. It's a good starting point for high values to be much respected any time : reciprocal assistance, friendness and finally Love.
24. lran must be stopped l can work wlth lsraEL securlty
mohammed ,   lran   (04.29.06)
25. mr buSH
mohammed ,   lran   (04.29.06)
rescue us from ahmedlnecat and lts fooLlsh governmenT canada usa lsRAEL enGLAND AUSTRALlA and france can be unlted agalnst lran we want freedom ..... we can heLP tHE COUNTRlES TO DESTROY THlS FOOLlSH amedlnecant governmenT...
26. #23
Jane   (04.29.06)
My dear Marcel, Naqba is an Arabic word that translates as "catastrophe" and that is used by them to describe the rebirth of Israel. The Palestinians even commemorate that day - by the name Naqba - annually , with the support of their Muslim brothers around the world. Our joy and freedom to return to our ancestral homeland is considered by Muslims to be a tragedy. As to your wish to spend the rest of your life in Israel, if you are Jewish you will be welcomed with open arms and hearts. It is our one and only tiny piece of land on this vast earth. That we are begrudged our one bit of heaven is testimony to the selfishness, greed and hatefulness of our enemies.
27. #18
Jane   (04.29.06)
I pray your dream is realized.
28. #16
Jane   (04.29.06)
To be opposed to the existence of Israel, the only true home of the Jewish people is, in fact, to be anti-Semitic to the point of being like Hitler. As to the USS Liberty, Jim, Israel was exonerated of any intent to harm. Keep your Jew-hating crap to yourself. G-d hears you and will take care of you and people like you. Amen.
29.  lsraEL MUST ACT AGAlNsT lsfahan NUClear TERRlTORY
mohammad ,   lrAN   (04.29.06)
30. Muhammad from Iran
Muhammad-Ali ,   Montreal   (04.29.06)
If the US helps u , who will help her?
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