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Admires Merkel. Olmert
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'Like Hitler in his time.' Ahmadinejad
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Olmert compares Ahmadinejad to Hitler

In interview with German newspaper Bild, acting Prime Minister says Iranian president a ‘psychopath of the worst kind who speaks as Hitler did in his time of exterminating the entire Jewish nation’; adds that ‘West will make certain Iran doesn’t reach position in which it will be capable of holding unconventional weapons’

In a recent interview with German daily Bild Acting Prime Minister Ehud Olmert launched a scathing attack against Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, referring to the Iranian president as a “psychopath” and comparing him to Adolf Hitler.


“He is a psychopath of the worst kind,” Olmert was quoted by the newspaper as saying.


“He speaks as Hitler did in his time of the extermination of the entire Jewish nation.”


According to Olmert, this is the reason Iran must be prevented from furthering developing its nuclear program.


When asked whether he believes Iran will be attacked, Olmert said “this is a sensitive question. The West, under the United State’s leadership, will make certain that Iran does not reach a position in which it will be capable of holding unconventional weapons.”


However, Olmert added “I suppose Ahmadinejad will never be as dangerous and destructive as Hitler. Apparently he will never be able to realize his threats.”


On Friday the International Atomic Energy Agency said that Iran has defied a U.N. Security Council call for a freeze on enriching uranium and its lack of cooperation with nuclear inspectors was a "matter of concern."


U.S. President George W. Bush said Friday "the world is united and concerned" about what he called Iran's "desire to have not only a nuclear weapon but the capacity to make a nuclear weapon or the knowledge to make a nuclear weapon."


Bush said he was not discouraged by Iran's vow to continue despite global pressure, and while he has refused to rule out the possibility of military action against Iran, he emphasized the pursuit of diplomatic efforts.


"I think the diplomatic options are just beginning," he said in Washington.


As to the Hamas government, Olmert told the German newspaper that it is not only a threat but also an opportunity for Israel to offer the international community a better understanding of the regional situation. The acting PM referred to the recent terror attack in Tel Aviv, which Hamas said was “an act of self defense.”


'We will never forget'


Olmert defended his decision not to respond harshly to the attack, adding that he is resolved to continue the war on terror.


During the interview Olmert expressed his admiration for German Chancellor Angela Merkel, saying Germany has learned the lessons of the past.


“Merkel is an amazing woman, very experienced in international politics. The role (chancellor) is a very sensitive one due to the historic responsibility that lies with Germany, especially with regards to the Jewish people,” he said.


Olmert said Germany is contributing to the “uncompromising battle against those that threaten global peace, such as the Palestinian terror organizations.”


However, Olmert said regarding the Holocaust “we will never forget and never forgive,” adding that “nothing can diminish from the German nation’s responsibility for its actions.”


Noa Raz contributed to the report 


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