Israeli woman attacked in Berlin
Eldad Beck
Published: 08.05.06, 08:39
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1. a hate crime committed by bigoted morons
howard ,   pacific coast,usa   (05.08.06)
One hopes they are locked up. It's particularly noxious that they attacked a medical student, who will save lives in the future without regard for the religion or ethnicity of the victims. I hope that the Muslim community in Berlin hands over the criminals immediately and aggressviely condemns this assault. They would not like it if a Muslim girl had been beaten up by Germans.
2. Another "brave" Attack by islamofacists
Patriot ,   Redmond, Oregon USA   (05.08.06)
Here is anothe example of the" brave" arabs attacking a superior enemy(one Jew, a lone single woman!) with mob tactics that have obviously been passed down genetically. Even their females are cowards like their men, who can only fight if they outnumber the enemy at least three or four to one or have a bomb belt or jacket strapped on. As #1 noted this is a medical student in training who someday may save a muslim life without giving it a second thought. Meanwhile the islamofacists waste every second they are alive figuring out how many of us they can take out with them to reach "paradise." Too bad they do not realize their lives now are as close to "paradise" as they will get.
3. Animals
Jenny ,   NYC   (05.08.06)
If that happened in the US, they would be in serious trouble. I don't know why Jews/Israelis insist on hanging out in Europe. It's about as safe there nowadays as walking down the streets in Syria.
4. This is strange and shameful!
Palestinian ,   Palestine   (05.08.06)
5. Shameful and wrong
Joy Springreen   (05.08.06)
The palestinians want to be careful that the iranian leader isnt inciting muslims to be the new nazis. If this is the case send a clear message out to all your communities worldwide that to be righteous they must be seen as the defenders of liberty and freedom of the Israelis. Like i said elsewhere, it is the 2 states that are brothers and SISTERS no one else.
6. Ironic
Sivan ,   Tel Aviv   (05.08.06)
I agree with Howard. Wouldn't it be be ironic if at some time in the future these assailants need medical attention from this Israeli medical student when she becomes a doctor.
7. to #3 the black americans to Europe!
john ,   london   (05.08.06)
Yes, my dear american cousin and we'll take in Europe the victims of american racism. Could please you give up the high moral ground? to be lectured on racism by americans is laughable. Look at your country firts!
8. Islamic Supremecists
Israeli ,   Israel   (05.08.06)
There is no difference between the Racist evil of Islamic supremecy and the White Christian Supremecy of KKK Neo-Nazis etc. This is a common evil. The Islamic supremecists of Hamas, Al Kaeda and Iran must be seeked out and destroyed wherever they be in Iran, Gaza or Germay
9. In the 30s Nazis attacked Jews inBerlinNow its Moslems
Alan ,   SA   (05.08.06)
10. Just make sure it is not her boy/girlfiend
atmawi ,   Historic Palestine   (05.08.06)
who attacked her as is happened many times in France!
11. 4 Fake Palestinian:No it is not strange at all THIS is
Gabrielle Goldwater ,   Geneva Switzerland   (05.08.06)
your Islamic hate - everywhere you poeple are allowed to use our western democracy - this is how you behave world-wide it is your Islamic Hate that so called religion of Peace - that teaches you all to hate the Infidels One of these days - you will be expelled everywhere - it starts already - the West sees the light
12. 7 john, london: How is your Finsbury Mosque still having
Gabrielle Goldwater ,   Geneva Switzerland   (05.08.06)
your preferred seat in it
13. 10 atmawi: you are not even funny you maggot
Gabrielle Goldwater ,   Geneva Switzerland   (05.08.06)
Hate spills out of every post you do
14. 10 atmawi: When where you last in France ?
Gabrielle Goldwater ,   Geneva Switzerland   (05.08.06)
15. This would happen in Israel too.
The Truth   (05.08.06)
But unlike in the Europeans, we choose to defend ourselves from these Muslim facist maniacs. The problem in Europe is that the leftist Islamofacist apologists can't stand it when the Jews stand up and defend themselves. Sorry, but unlike you morons in Europe, we will refuse to be victims to these anti-semetic pieces of garbage.
16. stop calling muslim crime "anti-semitic - its Inter semitic"
andrew ,   miami,fl   (05.08.06)
17. I wouldn't go as far to say that Jenny
luke ,   london   (05.08.06)
18. #7 You are ignorant. The Blacks are our brothers & sisters
Linda Rivera ,   New York   (05.08.06)
19. #7 Sudan's Islamic JIHAD SLAVERY & GENOCIDE of Blacks
Linda Rivera ,   New York   (05.08.06)
Bible, Leviticus 24:17 "If a man takes the life of any human being, he shall surely be put to death" Black Africans are the indigenous people of Sudan and are the majority population. The black Southern Sudanese Christians explain what "peace" means: If you agree to become a Muslim, you will have peace. If you reject Islam, you are at war. From 1955-1973, 1.5 million Christians were slaughtered by the Arab Muslim government in Khartoum. From 1983-2005, two million more Christians died from Khartoum's jihad. Murdering infidels is not considered a crime. Non-Muslim infidels are regarded as not entitled to human rights. Hundreds of thousands of Christians have been raped. Hundreds of thousands of Christian children taken for slaves. In the refugee camps, the Khartoum government requires refugees to become Muslims in order to receive food and water. The genocide has resulted in the largest population of refugees on earth since the Second World War. The jihad in Sudan against Darfur's black African Muslims by Khartoum's racist Arab Muslim regime began in 2003. 400,000 black Muslims are dead. STOP Genocide - STOP Slavery - FREE the Slaves Bible, Exodus 21:16 "He who kidnaps a man, whether he sells him or he is found in his possession, shall surely be put to death"
20. #7 John, Nice try!!!
DR ,   Florida, USA   (05.08.06)
Way to compare apples to oranges. Again, people like you start blaming and pointing fingers at everyone else instead of dealing with the issue at hand. Seems to be a popular tactic for Muslims and people who hate Israel & the west in general. Keep avoiding the facts and denying reality...I guess that's what gives you the high moral ground huh? Pathetic!!!
21. re
Michael ,   Haifa   (05.08.06)
...and our Jewish lads and lassies on the West Bank attack Arab schoolchildren on their way to and back from school...sick people wherever you go..the antisemites don't have a monopoly over perversityy
22. 16 andrew, miami : Learn facts about the meaning of
Gabrielle Goldwater ,   Geneva Switzerland   (05.08.06)
ANTI - SEMITISM: Definition: behavior discriminating against Jews: policies, views, or actions that harm or discriminate against Jews
23. 16 andrew : Are you one those Inter-Semetics Fools
Gabrielle Goldwater ,   Geneva Switzerland   (05.08.06)
24. #7, John, the difference is that
Dan ,   USA (south)   (05.08.06)
we here in America recognize we have a problem and do something about it. You do not. Let's face it, you are far better off being an African-American in today's South than being a Jew in London. If Jews want to know what the black experience in America was, all they need to do is travel to Europe. On the other hand, we understand we have a problem and have made great strides in dealing with it. Do African-Americans still suffer from discrimination here? You bet! But you also find people at every level of leadership and of every background taking the lead in solving it. In another generation, the problem will be gone here. I can't be so optimistic about you, John, however.
25. Islamist Thugs
Brod ,   Marshall, USA   (05.08.06)
Walking at 2AM is not safe in any place. However, being attacked by Islamist thugs because you are Jewish is intolerable. This reflects the hatred in them that they were brainwashed by their religion.
26. #3 dont worry...#11...
lynne ,   damascus   (05.08.06)
you will never have the honor of walking in the streets in Syria...You Israelis are definitely sick... everytime someone is attacked it must be a muslim who had done it!! how rational... I would have said that maybe your conscious is always nagging at you because you know that you deserve to be hated .. but then.. its apparent that you dont have any... in syria people from different sects are living together and there has never been any trouble between them while you cant live with people from any other religion wether they were muslims or christians .. you would rather live alone and build walls around yourselves which just shows how much you dont even have faith in yourselves... gabrielle goldwater...for your information "Queen of Peace".. Muslims havent made wars and killed thousands of people for their so called "promised land".. We havent attacked others because our holy book asked us to go get our promised land.... In Islam anyone who kills a civilian is banished from Gods Mercy..
27. #11, Gabrielle you are right
Sienna ,   Tel Aviv/Amsterdam   (05.08.06)
In the Netherlands they changed drastically the immigration laws, Morrocans or Turkish Dutch citizens can no longer bring a bride from their home country....unless she will pass a culture/language test in Dutch at the Embassy ....I tried this test and even for a native speaker it is quite diffficult...we Dutch are fed up with these arranged marriages, because these people don't integrate and adjust....I hope this will stop Muslim immigration....Eurabia wake up start to smell the coffee....get rid of the "bad" Muslims now, take away their citizenship and send them back from where they came from....
28. to #26 Lynn in Damascus
Hilda ,   USA   (05.08.06)
Of course they were Muslims. They are the antisemites of today. Who would want to walk down a street in Syria as long as low lifes such as you reside there. The only reason Jews aren't attacked in Syria is because they have all left for either Israel or the US, They do their dirty work through Hizbollah.
29. 26 lynne,damascus : Who wants to walk the streets of
Gabrielle Goldwater ,   Geneva Switzerland   (05.08.06)
Damascus - Terrorist - Heaven You must have missed the news about your Religion of Peace causing mayhem and murder world-wide - get educated and read real news OK
30. 27 Sienna,Tel Aviv/Amsterdam: Amen to that
Gabrielle Goldwater ,   Geneva Switzerland   (05.08.06)
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