Israeli professor: UK boycott justified
Published: 31.05.06, 13:05
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1. A stupid person
Efi ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (05.31.06)
Please leave Israel that you hate so much and go and live in Gaza which you love so much
2. Ms Giora, thank you
Ellen Prescott ,   Southsea, Hampshire   (05.31.06)
Ms Giora has clearly shown that the the boycott of Israel is not out of some sort of hatred of Jews, but out of a deep grievance with Israel's policies towards the Palestinians.
3. Personal problem
ilan ,   spain   (05.31.06)
Its hard to believe that a "proffesor" can speak like that. Education is based on open minds; even palestinian academics wants to get closer with Israel using education. This "professor" have personal problems with Israel.
Linda Rivera ,   New York   (05.31.06)
...and Genocide. Bible, Leviticus 24:17 "If a man takes the life of any human being, he shall surely be put to death" Black Africans are the indigenous people of Sudan and are the majority population. The black Southern Sudanese Christians explain what "peace" means: If you agree to become a Muslim, you will have peace. If you reject Islam, you are at war. From 1955-1973, 1.5 million Christians were slaughtered by the Arab Muslim government in Khartoum. From 1983-2005, two million more Christians died from Khartoum's jihad. Murdering infidels is not considered a crime. Non-Muslim infidels are regarded as not entitled to human rights. Hundreds of thousands of Christians have been raped. Hundreds of thousands of Christian children and women taken for slaves. In the refugee camps, the Islamo-Fascist religious supremacist Khartoum government requires refugees to become Muslims in order to receive food and water. The genocide has resulted in the largest population of refugees on earth since the Second World War. The jihad in Sudan against Darfur's black African Muslims by Khartoum's racist Arab Muslim regime began in 2003. 400,000 black Muslims are dead. STOP Genocide - STOP Slavery - FREE the Slaves Bible, Exodus 21:16 "He who kidnaps a man, whether he sells him or he is found in his possession, shall surely be put to death"
5. no, its antisemitsm
ilan ,   spain   (05.31.06)
Its true and unique antisemitsm Ellen. You want to fight against the weak; try to punish China or Russia...uupss!!! Economy relationship with the growing chinese is vital for the US lets be quiet and attack the jews,so Ellen can sleep well in the future...Tiananmen?oh!! its a very big square, very beautifull,...students massacre...???where??Noo!!!!!!!
6. impressed
Wally ,   Durham   (05.31.06)
A principled person who speaks her mind in a democratic country.
7. Ms Rivera and the Sudan
Rustum ,   London, UK   (05.31.06)
As usual, Linda Rivera doesn't address the subject one iota. Pages of quotations are totally worthless. Let's see: Israel kills innocent Palestinian women. Response from Ms Rivera: Genocide in Darfur. There is no connection. Ms Rivera is doing a wonderful job raising the anti-Semitic ante by screaming the blue murder of anti-Semitism every time someone knits a skull cap in a colour which she doesn't like.
8. Efi's reaction
Rustum ,   London, UK   (05.31.06)
Typical sophomoric reaction. As an Israeli professor, she has the right to her own opinion. This "US love it or leave it" attitude is truly worthy of the southern US states in the cowboy period. It's about time that Israeli academics took the brave step of stating out loud that the murderous antics of their army are not in keeping with modern standards of humanity. One could turn Efi's statement around and say "if you don't like what your compatriots say, YOU can always leave the country."
9. #1
Alan ,   Scotland   (05.31.06)
Please understand that it is possible to love your country yet hate the policies of your government.
10. Ellen Prescott : You are more stupid than we thought
Gabrielle Goldwater ,   Geneva Switzerland   (05.31.06)
We know our own selfhating Left to Lenin Jews - but it is a fraction in Israel
11. Ellen The Pipeline of HATE
Gabrielle Goldwater ,   Geneva Switzerland   (05.31.06)
12. boycott
mark cohen ,   ranana israel   (05.31.06)
Should I have heard of this nonentity?
13. Why isn't Britain being boycotted?
Kate ,   London   (05.31.06)
For many decades Britain has displayed an arrogance and brutality almost unmatched in the world. Why isn't she being boycotted? Just a few examples of this: 1) Britain's effective collaboration in the Holocaust via numerous channels. 2) Her carrying out of genocide at Dresden when many thousands of innocent Germans were burned alive following RAF firebombing raids. 3) Her neo-Nazi like conduct in post war-Palestine when her army carried out actions against Holocaust survivors that would have done credit to the SS. 4) Her absolute cruelty in putting down uprisings by liberation movements in Malaya and Kenya. 5) The racism and brutality she displayed over many decades in her treatment of the Roman Catholic population of Northern Ireland. 6) Her bombing of countless innocent civilians in Serbia. 7) Her refusal to intervene in the genocide in Rwanda to save the lives hundreds of thousands of civilians despite the fact that the British government knew exactly what was going on. 8) Her illegal invasion of Iraq in which at least 100,000 civilians have been killed.
14. You want to write to TAU - Do it:
Gabrielle Goldwater ,   Geneva Switzerland   (05.31.06)
Iris London Zolty Executive Assistant to the President Ronit Spiegel Head of the President's Office Anat Ginsburg Secretary of President's Office Prof. Itamar Rabinovich is the President of Tel Aviv University American Council office for TAU: 39 Broadway 15th Floor New York, NY 10006 Tel: 212-742-9070 800-989-1198 Fax: 212-742-9071 E-mail:
15. 7Rustum: You don't sound like a person who honestly doesn't
Gabrielle Goldwater ,   Geneva Switzerland   (05.31.06)
like violence - not one bit You have an agenda - in what is violent to your taste. Start to grow up to be an adult - you are obviously very young and very in-experienced indeed
16. 8 Rustum: I see you don't condemn Terrorism only what
Gabrielle Goldwater ,   Geneva Switzerland   (05.31.06)
possibly Israel does You are a FAKE - not anti violent
17. The Left in the name of social justice again
Gabrielle Goldwater ,   Geneva Switzerland   (05.31.06)
The Liberal Left - In the name of Social Justice - helps willingly without admitting - Terrorism, by appeasement ! (in capitals). Terrorism becomes to the Left automatically finally acceptable. Islamic Jihadists etc.are acceptable partners..... at the most just a nuisance as the Left believes - we should not focus on. There is a craving in them for totalitarian systems. The Liberal Left never wakes up to reality before horror strikes - rather accepts same as the inevitable. The people's suffering, in this case Jews beeing murdered - dying is of no consequences - Freedom in the real sense exist not in the Lefts vocabulary, as we fathom each single time. The Left's idea of Freedom is simply just the absence of war, no matter what or how. The Left has not yet comprehended ..... Peace is not an absence of war, it is a virtue, a state of mind, a disposition for benevolence, confidence, justice. The name of peace is sweet, and the thing itself is beneficial, but there is a great difference between peace and servitude. Peace is freedom in tranquillity, servitude is the worst of all evils, to be resisted not only by war, but even by death. (the last said by Cicero) The Liberal Left falls into their common servitude of appeasers - yes, the worst evil of all. Finally the Left excuses Mass Terrorism - Islamic cruelty, demonizing instead the victim as we daily see in the Media - A Media so utterly brilliant in pushing the Left to the forefront - while the conservatives are demonized. That's the Left's so called Democracy and Freedom. The most they will do is celebrate 60 years later conferences with speeches and shout - Never Again - void of any deeds and actions - until the next time. But at the same time urging us to turn the page, negotiate anything whatever what with the enemy who wants to destroy us by any means, since The Left have said Sorry and gave us a moment of celebrating our losses. .......... That such turning of the proverbial page of mass murder, genocide of humanities roots isn't acceptable to the victims doesn't strike their conscience, isn't embedded in their poor souls.... The Liberal Left - our 5th column in our society - wanting to live on a perfect planet - sadly enough lives on another planet - far removed from reality - far removed from the Real Freedom. What the Left has yet to understand The idea of living in a Free Society is a powerful source of strength (strength they some how don't seem to possess) - but it demands a constant willpower to stand up for that Freedom, to conserve it - it is a precious gem, as those know who were/are deprived of it. Freedom is/was not gained via preaching - but via actions - actions that demand strength and character. The Left when it comes to character shows themselves as a 'Society of Fears' which reaches out to appease in order to overcome fear. Whereas this divides them from those who will take the responsibility to stand Tall - stand up to BE and defend A Society of Freedom. Therefore - The Liberal Left - see those in Free Societies - those of conservative Belief - as their enemies and Foreign Dictators and Totalitarians as their friends and partners. History is the silent proof of Ashes that should be shouting out loud - we have a duty to the generations to come - to turn this soil over to them with the Freedom our Forefather had fought for. But The Left - has not yet understood reality of survival and real Freedom is not gained by preaching - never has been
18. Shame on you Ms Giora
Ellen Prescott ,   Southsea Hampshire   (05.31.06)
This woman is a disgrace to the amazing country of Israel. She should move out of Israel if she is so against Israel. This professor is a disgrace and I for one will boycott this professor, as I truly love Israel and its policies. Israel must defend herself and if this professor sees evil in a countries right to protect her people then this professor should leave Israel and convert to Islam or Christianity. I would like to take back my statement in the previous post as once again an Israeli guy rejected me so my temper got the better of me.
19. OUT of words
gabriela ben ari ,   jerusalem   (05.31.06)
Just a few days ago when the issue was so hot, people were fuming against antisemitic Brits and trying to figure out where did this idea came from. I posted my talkback. I said back then: There is no bigger antisemite than a Jew himself. Don't forget how academic Israeli leftists spread antisemitic, antiisraeli propaganda to the whole world ever since the Oslo War... I wasn't wrong: what shameless piece of art you are Ms Giora GO AWAY TO BALATA AND DON'T PUT YOUR BUT ON THIS HOLY LAND ANY MORE. You aint no jew You aint no Israeli You aint no proffessor Shalom Shalom ve al tavoi li bahalom
20. she is not a real person, she is an academic linguist
Avi ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (05.31.06)
She is obviously a loony Trot who has lost connection with "the world as we know it." She is probabaly a groupie of the one and only Noam Chomsky the guardian of all that is true ane right in the world. BTW, anyone who pays attention to anything said by someone who's PhD came from Waterloo Univeristy (AKA South Bank Polytechnic) had better watch out. Give her another five years and she will either be Gushie or a Bratzlaver hasid. All of them are the same.
21. Why is she teaching our children??
b. moskowitz ,   chashmonaim, Israel   (05.31.06)
If she supports the boycott, she should follow it herself and quit the university. Why doesn't the university ":boycott" her and fire her ?
22. Its incredible!
Caligula's Horse ,   Solomon's Stables   (05.31.06)
The leftist academia flies around the world, blackening Israel's image and explaining to everyone that Israel is a racist apartheid military dictatorship that must be eliminated and now they are hurt by their own actions and even as they are they call it justified! This is just insane! Dont you understand, stupid professor, that if Israel is boycotted you wont be able to go around the world and slander Israel formally any more? How did someone so stupid get a professor degree!
23. Professors + Teachers are NOT supposed to play Politics but
Gabrielle Goldwater ,   Geneva Switzerland   (05.31.06)
teach - that's their obligation - not to play politics inside of any university Neither is it moral to go on a political campaign to boycott your own university's professors via another country Then this professor should resign first
24. From Rachel Giora's website
Kate ,   London   (05.31.06)
A list of her affiliations. Res ipsa loquitur:
25. #8 Do I smell a hypocrit?
Jonathan Levi ,   Jerusalem Israel   (05.31.06)
So I guess the modern standards of a "just" military are to allow their citizens to be butchered by acts of terrorism right Rustum? Have you ever meet a palestinian Rustum or an Israeli soldier for that matter? Stop getting your facts off Al Jazeera because you'd get a more reliable story off a drunken camel than Al Hara. You pick on Israel incessantly but I don't hear you say a word about the other 22 arab states which lack democracy. I think I understand why you don't complain about the other 22 "exemplary" states of "democracy". Much easier to pick on a small state of a few million then take on a few hundred million arabs right Rustum? I guess Rustum believes it was Jews who carried out those terrorist attacks in Britain right Rustum? My advice is that if you don't know squat all about politics, history, etc… Then don't put your two cents in since your vile presence on this site oozes hypocrisy. Anyone who is so one sided like yourself is truly questionable. Do we ever hear you criticize the arabs???
26. Dear Ellen Ulyanov
yakov shani ,   IL   (05.31.06)
I do hope you have a framed photo of uncle Vladimir on the wall in your lounge, just in case a bad thought or two should cross your mind.
27. And here is it another internal KO
28. Thou does protest too much?
Jason ,   Everywhere   (05.31.06)
It is sad to think that any criticsm of the Israelit goverment policies is anti-semitism. That is pure race-baiting ignorance. Just because China and Russia have worse human rights issues doesn't mean tha what the Isreal is doing is not wrong. It is wrong.
29. teachers who are pro boycott, should not receive tax payer f
allyson rowen taylor ,   lso angeles, ca, usa   (05.31.06)
Any teacher who supports the boycotting of Israeli professors, should decline their salary, in protest. This only seems fair, that tax payer funds should not be used to support professors who block the free throught and expressions of Professors who support Israeal and their government.
30. Self-hatred
Gershom ,   USA   (05.31.06)
Criticism of one's country is not only justified but necessary in a democracy. Interesting, though, that when Prof. Giora refers to Israelis, she says "them" or "they" instead of "us". She supports those who would destroy the state and can't bring herself to admit she's part of it. I'm no shrink, but it seems obvious she's disloyal.
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