Gazan after IDF attack: Dad died in my arms
Ali Waked
Published: 10.06.06, 00:27
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31. #10 Howard - You call it "resistance". G-D CALLS it MUDER
Linda Rivera ,   New York   (06.10.06)
You state: "Only the WB remains in conflict, so "resistance" should be restricted to the WB." You are inciting to MURDER JEWISH INNOCENTS! According to your comment, it is perfectly ok to murder human beings, provided the human beings are Jews and live in the Biblical heartland of Judea and Samaria. To believe it is ok to murder human beings because they are Jews, is sick, twisted, ugly and evil. G-D commanded: "YOU SHALL NOT MURDER"
32. Utter hypocricy from the arabs
James ,   London uk   (06.10.06)
Don't you realise this is what Israelis see after your suicide bombs that are aimed at civillians? This was an accident and yet suddenly you find all this compassion and humaity for the victims. THAT makes me sick.
33. Good, let them feel pain
James ,   London uk   (06.10.06)
Isn't this what the aftermath of a suicide bombing looks like? This is all we need though. Another Israeli paper painting these people as poor oppressed innocents. Do palestinian papewrs go into the details of Israeli families torn to pieces in terror attacks?
34. propaganda
Alex ,   Southsea, Hampshire   (06.10.06)
Can Y-net stop Palestinian propaganda? War is a war; and enemy should be destroyed.
35. I must be nuts!
chilly bean ,   usa   (06.10.06)
Arabs deliberately blow up famlies having fun. Silence. IDF accidently blows up a family having fun. Bloody Murder! ????
36. TO #3 BooHoo
Alan ,   USA   (06.10.06)
I think your name "sk" explains how your twisted mind works ..."sick "man . "Dehumanization of the enemy is necessary in war fighting" ,this is what you wrote in your email. I'm sure the Germans used the same language when they killed 6 milion Jews.How ironic.....
37. CNN video
USA   (06.10.06)
Watch the video on CNN. The "dead body" gets up before the clip ends. With all the alleged "blood and gore" why did they only show this one clip of the girl running around?
38. Oh well
Jim ,   Atlanta, USA   (06.10.06)
Collateral damage, it happens
39. Wish there were more Palestinians like #14
Russell ,   MIami   (06.10.06)
Other than saying that the Israeli govt and army because it was elected and Hamas doesn't represent the Palestinians (wasn't it also elected as the official representative govt of the Palestinian people) I think it is a heartfelt and well reasoned post. If more of his countrymen felt the same, there would be true peace.
40. Arab hypocrisy
Francois ,   Paris & Montréal   (06.10.06)
Arabs are claiming that they will eventually prevail because they love death much more than we love life. They must stop whining about these dead people because they don't give a damn of their life.
41. ellen.. are you your not...
jason ,   usa   (06.10.06)
ellen are you hamas? you talk and act like him and you ignore peace soultions
42. crocidile tears
Yehu Ben Zohar ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (06.10.06)
The Paleo's have launched hundred of missles into Israel hoping to kill women and children but when it is their women and children who might die because of their missles they cry like babies. Isn't interesting that there was a man with a video camera there to catch the "agony of the young girl. IF you watch carefully in the 46 second clip being shown by CNN, you will notice that at the end of clip, one of the "bodies" starts to get up. Another "pallywood" in the making. It is beginning to look as if they were killed by one of their own kassams. Israel must stop apologizing until they know what happened. Olmert and Peretz should keep their mouths shut and the IDF must wait until all the facts are known, before they apologize.
43. palestinian
???   (06.10.06)
It's a fact that palestinian children are put in harms way on purpose. Don't try to deny it either.
44. What a lovely thought Aboud
Dudette   (06.10.06)
45. #14
Terrorists are also civilians. Until we make a device that can tell us who OR you will stop sending terrorists, you, as the people of palestine, will stop the terror that is coming from your areas/government, we must attack/defend ourselves. War is war. We didn't ask for war, we only respond. I'm not justifying what happend today, but you just had a little taste of what we are having for years. And not only that, we didn't target civilians, it is still unknown how this happend. On your end not only they target civilians in first place, they celebrate the killing afterwards. Go to your government and make them stop. We'll all have peace then.
46. god bless tsahal !
stephane ,   france   (06.10.06)
once on 100 attacks tsahal does a mistake;and today it all the antisemits who talkback here know that tsahal do so rarely mistakes like today that they have to take advantage of what happened in order to blame israel.but where are you,you all the shity antisemits when the pals slaughter INTENTIONALLY a jewish family.we r sorry when we kill innocents but in a war mistakes no matter what happened today and no matter what the dumbs think;we r very proud of tsahal.
47. This mortar shoul've hit British "peace" activists instead.
Tahl ,   Israel   (06.10.06)
How very tragic that it was this poor Gaza family that was hit.
48. everyday there are kasam rockets attack on sderot!
mr x ,   israel   (06.10.06)
i wonder why when kasam rocket killed a child in sderot the stupid retarded europen union & russia didnt said anything,thats pretty intersting lets not forget why the IDF started the shelling,its because of blood suckers palestinians who firing missiles on populated areas,LETS NOT FORGET THAT !
49. To #1 - Why dont you stop the kasam rockets ?
mr x ,   israel   (06.10.06)
ISRAEL GOT OUT OF GAZA PALESTINIANS STILL USING GAZA AS MISSILES BASE now thats a FACT ! if palestinians had %0.01 sense of logic they would stop the rockets attack
50. Arab CIVILIANS Must Feel The Price of Continuing Qassam Fire
Jew ,   Eretz Israel   (06.10.06)
Otherwise, the Qassam fire will continue un-interrupted.
51. To Whining Arab "Civilians"
Jew ,   Eretz Israel   (06.10.06)
I remind you that 60% of you voted for Hamas which has made a business of spilling Jewish blood. I remind you that 40% of you have voted for Fath which has made a business of spilling Jewish blood while speaking softly and wearing expensive suits. I remind you that it is your friends, brothers, cousins, uncles and father that shower Israeli communities with Qassams every day. Don't play the innocent. You are no innocent. You want Israel to never strike Gaza again? Then stop the Qassams. You know who to talk to - they're a phone call away - it's your uncle, it's cousin in Hamas, Islamic Jihad, etc. etc.
52. trajedy...but nothing compared to iraq
nicholas ,   london   (06.10.06)
53. The promised land of massacres
Karim ,   Morocco   (06.10.06)
They tell us that somehow God promised them that piece of land, the holy land, and that it is the land of honey of milk. It is the land of blood and sufferings. It is the promised Hell land.
54. This is just an Arab's ploy. We had it enough in Paris last
victor ,   france   (06.10.06)
55. where is a crater?
janet ,   belarus   (06.10.06)
just wondering? Usually you have a big crater, right?
56. it's definitely a movie
michael ,   Croatia   (06.10.06)
Look how small child reacts. I’m paramedic and never seen before such reaction…. Strange.
57. #1
jason ,   usa   (06.10.06)
beating armies on their 1st day as a country and the mostly immune living for over 4,000 years support from the west sounds like you have a long time terrorist? i dont know why arab countrys got in such a bad mood since israel was made and decided to bully it around israel has more mercy then hamas on israel you have no idea
58. to #36 Alan
Mike ,   Atlanta, USA   (06.10.06)
You note stale irony, Alan, and you offer a generally bland comment. Instead of getting hot-blooded about this father dying in the arms of a child, please consider quotes from Islamic Jihad. They consider their ideal targets teenage Jewish boys. Talk about dying in someone's arms.
59. Jumping to conclusions
surbitonite ,   London UK   (06.10.06)
Nothing has been conclusively proven. This may turn out to have been an "own goal". After all, Kassams have been flying about northern Gaza indiscriminately . Why not wait for the results of the IDF investigation - naval & air strikes have already been ruled out.
60. Completely Staged
Analysis ,   NY,NY   (06.10.06)
Unfortunately this was a completely staged event. The young girl so convienently has a video crew with them. If there had been a real missle attack there would have been burned clothing, shrapnel, etc. How do I know that these people might have been shot. The best part is the man who is supposedly the dead father clearly gets up unassisted at the very end of the CNN video. Someone who is dead or has sustained life threatening injuries is unable get up on their own. Unbelievable if the world believes this garbage video.
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