Fury in Egypt over Ghana's Israeli flag waver
Published: 19.06.06, 23:31
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31. You do not understand Egypt
Alex ,   LA, ISA   (06.20.06)
Egyptians want to kill Jews, all Jews. For them it is the tradegy. I speak to Egyptians. Perhaps you think rthey like Beulin. But they wouldn't think a second if they have a real chance to kill this dude.
32. Yet another proof: Arabs remain Arabs.
Tahl ,   Israel   (06.20.06)
The glorious Arab civilization has progressed very little over the past 500 years. Their only major "achievements" during this period, are countless wars, massacres, and terrorist bombings. These people care more about hating and hurting other people, than about their own well being. In this barbaric culture, death and murder, destruction and hate, are glorified much more than building a hope for life, a hope for a future. This is the reason they prefer blowing themselves up in Israel's buses and restaurants, taking many innocent lives with them - instead of growing up, building a life. This is the reason their engineers prefer to build sophisticated explosives, and qassams to terrorize the residents of Sderot (knowing very well that they'll be bombed harshly in return) - instead of improving the poor infrastucture in Gaza, for the benefit of the poor residents. This is the reason they use their own children as human shields when confronting the army - instead of securing them with a good future. This is the reason they kill their own sisters and daughters, their own flesh and blood, for sole 'crime' of being with a loved one before marriage ("spoiling the family's name") - instead of embracing her, loving her, and respecting her as a human being. This is the reason why many arab countries are among the poorest on earth - having chosen, for decades, to invest unimaginable portion of their miniscule budget, in military capabilities, instead of education and health. Just imagine how prosperous Egypt would be had it not given rise to crazy Nasser, and not go into wars (which it eventually lost big-time...) with Israel in 1967 and 1973. This is the reason why Iraqis kill each other, by the hundreds, daily - instead of rejoicing about the end of their ruthless dictator. And this is also the reason, why Egyptian sport fans care more about demonizing Israel, than they do about the progress of their own teams. But all this is hardly a surprise. Arabs, alas, will always remain Arabs.
33. Techi Medinat Israel!
Ram ,   London   (06.20.06)
"================= " ^ " < > " < > " v "================= " "
34. Spot the Mossad agent....
CJ ,   UK   (06.20.06)
Maybe if the Mossad agents that were in place on every Egyptian air base just prior to the six day war had waived Israeli flags, the Egyptians might have noticed they were there. So much for Egyptian 'intelligence'.
35. Egyptians prove why we don't trust them
Arie   (06.20.06)
36. Mossad agents have been so busy this year, sheesh
Jenny ,   USA   (06.20.06)
Training soccer players to hold Israeli flags, dropping invisible shells on beaches, running the Zionist lobby in the United states, drawing the Mohammed cartoons. Boy, the Mossad has been so busy this year, I wonder if they had any time for sleeping.
37. Egyptians are right... he is Mossad agent.
Ron ( Raisallah) ,   LA (Labdsahabuka)   (06.20.06)
Colonel Paintsil is not really black. He is Ashkenazi Jew from Poland. We in Mossad have special color and we painted him black. His real name is Shloime Kalmanovitch and he comes from long line of famous rabbis. When he plays soccer he has a special Mossad camera which makes Arabs stupid. Once they look at him their brain freezes and he can transmite their military secrets by telephaty straingt to Tel Aviv. I wonder who is the traitor who gave them the information...
38. Viva Painstil--viva Ghana
robert whitehill ,   potomac md usa   (06.20.06)
Egypt--are you stupid or what? I wish that there were a thousand Israeli flags flying at the stadium
39. I am an arab.....
I love Jews because they are fair, intelligent and compassionate. I love them because they are consistently improving their lot and that of the world in general with technology, medicine and agriculture. They turned their deserts into lush fertile land and created state of the art cities. Their population is well educated and thus their future is guaranteed. I know if my brothers do not make peace my people will eventually be decimated. I keep my mouth shut as my life will not be worth living if I voice my opinion in public. Without reform my people are doomed and reform couldn't be further from their minds. May Allah help us!
40. Fury in Egypt for what!!!!
Egyptian   (06.20.06)
Most of these newspapers are governmental. They are trying hard to create problems from nothing, to distract the Egyptians public away from the real issues. It’s not of our business and we don’t care. Anyway the Israel flag flies over the embassy in downtown Cairo. Most of the independent newspapers did not even mention it. Group of peoples does not represent the whole country. To our Israeli neighbors, get a life instead of looking for reason to hate us more. He can wave his underwear, Who care’s anyway??
41. response to no.39
Will ,   world   (06.20.06)
I think your words are coruageous and I applaud your comments refereshing. I don't know if you are Israeli-Arab or Palestinian....but your desire for reform is something I would love to see amongst your brethren....If all the hateful energy of terror groups could be redirected into more constuctive thoughts like yours, peace would have been achieved 60 years ago. As for the Ghana player- I am very proud of you!
DANIEL RIMOKH ,   TARZANA   (06.20.06)
43. Buy Ghana
Russel ,   Tlv   (06.20.06)
Support Ghana in every way. We don't need Egypt('s false peace).
44. Good on him. What a champ
Daniel ,   Australia   (06.20.06)
45. Flag
Dave ,   Rochester, USA   (06.20.06)
The second picture in your article distinctly shows two players holding the flap. Paintsil is not in isolation.
Khalid   (06.20.06)
and see how much of the population admires Israelis over Muslims. Stop over-reacting, this is one guy who is paid by Israelis, and so he likes them. Period.
47. To No. 40, Egyptian
NYC Girl   (06.20.06)
Israelis are not looking for reasons to hate you more. They're just rightly suspicious of people with whom they're supposed to be at peace and yet who constantly demonize them in an effort to whip up anti-Israeli hysteria as means to cover up your government's own shortcomings. And while you may not care if Pentsil waves his underwear, apparently a lot of your countrymen do because they became nearly apoplectic over his gesture of solidarity with Israel. Quite the contrary, it's the Egyptians who need to get a life and to stop looking for Mossad agents under their beds.
48. Black players should be abused not accepted
James ,   Londomistan   (06.20.06)
Go to Spain. A supposed liberal European country and you'll find its common for the crowd to chant monkey noises when a black player touches the ball. Paintsill was telling the world how Israeli football fans treat him with respect. If the popular trend is to abuse black players then maybe if we abuse him and tell him to fo back to Africa FIFA will accept us and let us play in the African section of the next world cup qualifiers.
49. #37: ROFLMAO! :-) #40: My response.
howard ,   pacific coast, usa   (06.20.06)
#40, you seem much more level-headed than the idiots cited in this Agence France Press article. I am glad that most other papers in Egypt ignored this non-event. I wish Egyptian government papers would stop distracting Egyptians by inciting hatred of Israel/Jews. Sadly, the cynical, nasty reactions of many Arab papers embarassed the Ghanaians, forcing them to apologize for this simple, beautiful effort by a player to make his fans smile. Posters here are mostly frustrated at ongoing incitement by the Egyptian government press, because they know that it fuels hatred & fear that does not need to exist. If the "official" Egyptian press presented Israelis as human beings instead of evil incarnate, it would help their readers to understand and manage regional events, and everyone would benefit. It's frustrating that the Egyptian government doesn't make this happen; it could do so. This example just reinforces the frustration that many here feel. Please note, too, that the (Arab? French? Other?) Cairo-based author of the AFP article did not include even 1 dissenting voice. Had s/he followed that common journalistic practice, most people here might have reacted less harshly. If even one Egyptian journalist had said: "there has been peace for 30 years between Egypt and Israel. If Paintsil likes Israel, it certainly doesn't hurt Egyptians. He's making his fans happy. Leave him alone," then many here would have said, "Wow! Common sense! Maybe things are changing for the better in the Egyptian press." So if you know of an example like that, please cite it! It will help.
50. Ya ach #39
Neil Kuchinsky ,   Colonial Heights USA   (06.20.06)
Shukran, habibi! Salaam alekum!
51. Hatred, small mindedness and cognitive dissonance
Raymond from DC ,   Washington, DC USA   (06.20.06)
Those poor, besotted Egyptians... So full of themselves, deluded with visions of entitled preeminence, yet everywhere they turn, those accursed infidels show them how pathetic they are. Let's look at the record: In 1950, South Korea had a GNP per capita comparable to that of Egypt; today it's perhaps 25 times that of Egypt. The Christians of Lebanon, without benefit of oil, succeeded in building a vibrant economy - until the PLO helped wreck it. America, despite its stumbles, remains the world's preeminent power. And worst of all... those JEWS , tolerated but kept under foot for years under Islamic rule, driven out and now under their own flag, keep showing them up! The Arab nations have been bested in battle time after time by those insolent Jews. They have the audacity to generate more real science than the entire Arab world, to create innovations in agriculture, medicine and industry. How can that be? The Arab and Muslim world, despite its enormous petro-wealth (worthless until those infidels started to develop it) remains a general basket case. John Paintsil's gesture struck yet another chord. Israel has been slandered as an "apartheid" state (which just shows how little they know of true apartheid), yet Israel is a country of every color imaginable, and here a black man shows his LOVE for Israel! So it must be a Mossad conspiracy! The Arab and Muslim world are, thus, in a state of confusion, what with so much of what they believe contradicted by the reality of the world around them. So they lash out. If G-d indeed blesses those who bless Israel, and curses those who curse Israel, may he continue to do so. May those like the anonymous Arab (#39) who offered such kind words be blessed as well. I'm confident those hateful Egyptians described here, and those who think like them, will remain in the gutter where they belong.
Dan ,   USA   (06.20.06)
53. Ghana apologized
Persian CAT   (06.20.06)
54. Go Ghana, Go Paintsil!
Roni   (06.20.06)
And all this hate comes from a country that supposedly is not Israel's enemy anymore.........the only reason Egypt is not at war with Israel is because they know we will destroy them..........I hope Israel's military superiority will continue forever.
55. # 40- Egyptian - I hope you are right...
Robby ,   San Jose, USA   (06.20.06)
I hope you are right! But let me ask you a question. Here is a quote from the Morocco Times: ".. is just like showing a swastika or any Nazi sign in Europe or in Israel.". In your opinion, what percentage of the Arab population really feels that way?
56. What will the Arab world do now?!?!
Robby ,   San Jose, USA   (06.20.06)
Ghana plays the US on Thursday. This must be a Zionist Plot to give the Arab world headaches trying to decide who they hate more!
57. #39
jason ,   usa   (06.20.06)
thank you :-)
58. To I am an arab
???   (06.20.06)
You are a voice of reason.
59. #9 What preachers, those are the famed 'moderates'
AK   (06.20.06)
we have been hearing about. Those are also the recipients of our misspent billions.
60. #28 I wrote to the Abassador of Ghana with congratulations
AK   (06.20.06)
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