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Wall of lies
Yael Gvirtz
Published: 21.06.06, 16:32
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1. Fences make good neighbors and keep out terrorists
David ,   Boston, USA   (06.21.06)
Your article seems a bit illogical. First, Judea and Samaria are disputed territory, so it shouldnt matter where the fence is built. Second, it is my understanding that in some places life is actually much better on both sides of the fence. In some areas it is worse. Third, the fence is being built based on security as well as reality. Fourth, settlement is not the correct term since Jews lived continuously in Judea and Samaria for hundreds if not thousands of years until ethnically cleansed from the land by British and Arabs in the 20s through 67, until Jews were able to go back home to Judea and Samaria. They have as much right if not more to live there than the invading Arabs. Fifth, the big lie is Judea and Samaria are Arab land. Based on what? Palestine was approximately 80% Arab, 20% Jewish. Guess what. The Arab part of Palestine is 100% Arab, and comprises about 80% of the land, while the Jewish part is 80% Jewish and only comprises about 20% of the land.
2. Israels unsecure Border
Sam Weinstein ,   USA   (06.21.06)
He wants Israel to go back to the 67 Unsecure borders what bolony. He is following the Peace Now EU political line.
3. What is she talking about
Caligula's Horse ,   Solomon's stables   (06.21.06)
Not that I expect much of her, she compared Hamas' victory to the Likud's victory in 1977, but this is just stupidity. What do you want, Mrs. Gvirtz, to remove the fence, and go back to the happy days of Park hotel and the Dolphinarioum? Or maybe you want to expel 300,000 people for your sacred green line? I dont understand. What I do understand though, is that your tears and compassion is saved for Palestinians who have to stand in line on a checkpoint or take a longer route around it, and not, god forbid, for Israelis being blown up. Do us a favour and shut up, at least we can be comforted with the fact that this idiot and her kind do not write our foreign, security or political policy.
4. Obviously biased article
James ,   TA   (06.21.06)
sounds alot like Saeb Erakat on CNN.... however, there is alot of governmental deception about this fence and its implications of a de facto border... but at the end of the day, I am SO HAPPY that the security barrier is there to protect my family and I. When I came to Israel in 2002, there were suicide bombings almost every week....nowadays, my INALIENABLE RIGHT TO LIFE supersedes anything else....the fence has been proven 99% effective where it is complete.
5. Who is is idiot?
Joel ,   New York, USA   (06.21.06)
Is she a troll from Haaretz? The security fence has saved thousands of Jewish lives and should have been completed by now. Had the fence been built in the early 1990's how many Jewish lives would have been saved? Israel seems to have an unusually large number of sexually inbred "jopurnalists" who all look and sound like a combination of Amira Hass and Danna Olmert.
6. What a surprise ?
7. Go, find a friend or husband, Yael Gvirtz. (Where? In Gilo!)
Gerd ,   Germany   (06.21.06)
8. I'm surprised some Israelis still have humanity
Ellen Prescott ,   Southsea, Hampshire   (06.21.06)
The illegal apartheid wall is meant for one thing only: to steal ever more land from the Palestinians.
9. I have worked it out!!!!?
Ram ,   London   (06.21.06)
During Leil Haseder we lean to the LEFT when we drink the wine as a reminder of the suffering?
10. We've all been had... by Yael Gvirtz wall of lies...
Ron ,   LA   (06.21.06)
With cement, barbed wire and ditches, with building work and orders to dismantle, the project has been overtaken by deception, waste, cynicism, and the bad will that are taking over and strangling our security and our future. >>> Waw.. ”strangling our security and our future” such a big words.. Shakespeare would praise you for this expression. Apparently you are an expert on waste too... Took accounting in college? Boring, doesn’t it? To date young hard bodied men is so much more fun instead, but you persisted with calculus. My praise and admiration, darling.<<< “Despite the welcome suggestion by Defense Minister Peretz, he knows full well there is no way to rescue the truth about the fence's route, because the lies are "built in." >>>Why she is so unhappy? Bad hair day? The fence in a modern structure, build with lots of sophistication to prevent attacks of civilians. ISRAELI civilians. Fence purpose is NOT to be beautiful or elegant. The author are invited to art museum for that. The route of the fence is not strictly for defense. In order to provide real defense NO ROUTE will be sufficient. The main thing we are sick and tired of those “Palestinians” and want to be left alone plus demographics. Rockets will hit Tel Aviv and Jerusalem regardless. The route is a compromise between so many different things. International law. Needs of local population. Existing settlements. Supreme Court. Public opinion and more. The author is very simplistic, talks like a kid whose parents promised ice-cream but just one portion, not the whole gallon. Shows you the level of discussion. She doesn’t like the “Poisonous snake” Big deal.<<< “Once the decision was made to build the fence, too late to prevent a lot of tragic bloodshed, it was born with a wink and in sin. The government may have told Israeli citizens and the world that the fence had only security in mind and wouldn't set any border, but de facto the fence settled in the minds of many Israelis as the one straight line between two distant points.” >>> “ Born in sin.” Now she is a preacher too...” Progressive religion”, you know. Like a kid, she doesn’t like the fence, so she tries to find fault with everything government (parent) does. It is true the purpose of the fence is security, but like everything in life the route is a compromise, very difficult one. The address for disputes is a Superior Court, which is doing superb job. The author is very emotional about the issue, but there is nothing you can get from her article, rather her unhappiness. Unfortunately, I cannot help her in this department. I like smart women.<<<
Ben Avraham ,   tel Aviv   (06.21.06)
12. Ram, great humour, how else can you respond to stupidity?
Ron ,   LA   (06.21.06)
13. #8 Are you a parrot trainer?
Ron ,   LA   (06.21.06)
I always wanted one who says: Maccabi, Maccabi, Hapoel benzona! ( This is our sports team.) Can you train one for me? With blue and white feathers, please... If you have a good parrot for sale let me know. I pass Londonistan all the time.
14. Security fence - is a smart thing to do.
Gvirts- stupid or dr   (06.21.06)
saves many lives on both sides. When we have peace in 200 years we might want to take it down.
15. Whether or not it steals land,Ellen,it keeps Murderers out
Alan ,   SA   (06.21.06)
Thats the best/main part of its function.You are just fuming that it limits the Pals ability to kill Jews,Ellen .For Terror to work ,the murderers must be able to get into Israel. So "land grab" or not- it is very functional even if it is not pretty.. UK has the English Channel which kept her safe for ever.Israel shall have the "Barrier/Wall" to do the same.
16. yaeli chamudali,
trala la la ,   israel   (06.21.06)
yael, i suggest you stand on the other side of the fence for a while. have fun......
17. How can it still ever more land if it is a sedintary wall?
18. It's funny how Palis wants Jews not to defend
Rori, West UK   (06.21.06)
themselves. Palis go back to jordan where most of you came from.
19. You are the poisnous snake, you sick and unhappy person
Nadav ,   Tel Aviv   (06.21.06)
You'd like us to go back to the Auschwitz border, wouldn't you? Be subjected to a blitz invasion, like Saddam Hussein invaded Kuwait overnight. You poor misled person. You have absolutely no idea about the neighborhood your're living in. After all the suicide bombings and their murderous zeal... People like you are renegades and a fifth column. Why don't you go to Gaza and try venting out your frustrations over there. My guess is that you're frigid. Get a life, you poor sob.
20. accountability
Michael ,   Haifa   (06.21.06)
There is no such thing as accountability in the politics of the "only democracy in the Middle East"...there isn't even a Hebrew word that accurately translates it. Our idiotic politicians, who allowed the building of settlements in the first place now lie about the significance of the fence/wall before the courts, now are plugging for this stupid convergence that will be recognized ONLY by the idiots themselves in the Israeli Government. The problem is that we, the "freierim" vote in the same idiots time and time again, never taking them to account for all their past errors and let them drag us into further crazy policies rather than genuinely seeking peace. One prime example of the "non-accountables" is Shimon Peres, who over the years has dragged us all through one error after the other. When God chose us as the chosen people, his criterion was clearly who are the biggest idiots among the nations...it was a toss up between us and the Arabs
21. Thank you Miss Gvirtz
Captain London ,   London, UK   (06.21.06)
Miss Gvirtz is one of the few Israelis that speak the truth. Apartheid walls add only to violence and add up to the isolation of Israel. In this millennium people are breaking the fences and crossing the borders, while the Israeli government is improsining its citizens and opressing the Palestinians and stealing their land. G-d wants people to live in peace while Satan preaches the sins. The sin of killing innocent people in Gaza and West Bank and the sin of stealing poor people's land and choking them under seige. Injustice would only end in the wrath of G-d. People of Israel, remember how did G-d punished the Jews after they committed the sin after the other. Do not repeat your own history. Learn from it.
22. Fence means Israel has given up its land
Larry ,   Eastbourne, UK   (06.21.06)
The building of the security barrier is a message that Israel has given up its right to the West Bank. There is no such thing as "occupied Palestinian land" because there isn't any "Palestinian land" to be "occupied". The barrier obviously signifies that Israel has surrendered its right to the land between the barrier and the River Jordan. Mr Olmert made it very clear in his recent speech that the whole land between the river and the sea belonged to Israel, but Israel was giving up a huge amount of it to the Palestinians in order to seek peace. Of course we know how the Palestinians have responded to the Israeli sacrifice.
23. #21 Captain from Londonistan, Eurabia
Ron ,   LA   (06.21.06)
"In this millennium people are breaking the fences and crossing the borders" >>>Assalam Aleikum. I hope in the near future G-d willing you will be able to live under Sharia, Inshallah, in your dear Londonistan under Charles, the first caliph of Eurabia. Leave your borders open, please.I wish you happines, Euarab.<<<
24. Pro-fence people answer this, please
George W ,   Chicago IL   (06.21.06)
Fences make good neighbors? The next time you're having a fight with your neighbor, build a fence down the middle of his yard and claim everything on one side for yourself. See how that improves relations. Three questions, and I would prefer real answers that make sense as opposed to a bunch of mouthed slogans. 1. Given that the fence obviously pisses everyone off, doesn't the fence guarantee conflict for decades to come? You guys have been beating on the Palestinians for almost 40 years now and force has obviously failed and will continue to fail. Granted the fence will keep out some bombers for a while until they figure out a way past it (and they will). Wouldn't it be better to build it on the Green Line so as to not antagonize the situation even more than it already is? 2. Look at the map. The fence separates the West Bank into two pieces and cuts out East Jerusalem (the Palestinians' biggest economic engine) entirely from the rest of the West Bank. Basic economic activity relies above all else on low transaction costs--meaning that you can get your produce to market without having to wait for weeks at a checkpoint or for a permit or for some gate to open. Chopping the West Bank into pieces guarantees that the Palestinians won't have a functioning economy, and they know this perfectly well which means they won't accept that as a final resolution. A two state solution only works if both sides agree. If there ain't two states there will be one, which will have an Arab majority (or at least a really big really angry Arab minority). By this logic the fence destroys Palestine, which in time means that Israel will be destroyed too. How does this help you? 3. There are a quarter million Palestinians on your side of the fence, between the fence and the Green Line. They are totally cut off from the rest of their territory and are understandably really pissed-- and there is nothing between them and you because you were too greedy to accept the Green Line as a border. 250,000 angry Arabs within a few hours' unobstructed walk of your house; how does this improve security?
25. A simple Answer to all three
Sam Weinstein ,   USA   (06.22.06)
Without going through history again. The fence saves lives period. Oviously you live in Chicago do you have a alarm in your house? Second I think the fence covers too small of a area for Israel's border it should be wider.
26. George W - Greedy!?
saus ,   Canada   (06.22.06)
Land grabbers? Your knowledge of history is poor sir. Israel's forces have stood outside the Capitols of Amman, Cairo, Beirut, Damascus on numerous occasions. If Israel were greedy land grabbers the entire Middle-East would be flying the Star of David today. Israel faces hundreds of thousands of bloodthirsty killers by your own count and will defend itself, until you are forced to do the same pls put a sock in it. Build the fence even higher Israel, George from Chicago is buying.
27. Thanks for the courage Yael ...
Ray Hanania ,   Chicago, IL USA   (06.22.06)
Thanks for having the courage to say what needs to be said Yael. We have fanatics on both sides, and I wish more Palestinians would stand up and denounce the fanaticism of the Palestinian side as strongly as you debunk the lies of the Israeli right. The Wall is a wall. And, if it is a fence, it is "offensive." You deserve a lot of respect. But expect a lot of the usual hatred from the insecure hardliner settler fanatics. By attacking you, they can avoid looking themselves in the mirror of blurred morality. I admire your strength. Ray Hanania www.hanania.com
28. This woman is a parrot of Shulamit Aloni, Chomsky et al.
Jenny   (06.22.06)
This piece is not original, just the same old recycled garbage of so-called "land-grabbing." No mention of how this fence has stopped over 95% of suicide bombings. Why does YNET allow itself to be a mouthpeice for useful idiots like Yair Lapid and whatever this one's name is?
29. security wall?
mindel ,   tucson   (06.22.06)
where is the talk about Jordans land grab in 1948? that was to have been a Palestinian state.
30. D-uh!
Russel ,   Tlv (formerly S.Afr)   (06.22.06)
Better late than never to realise the truth
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