IDF launches Gaza offensive
Ynet reporters
Published: 28.06.06, 04:20
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1. IDF begins movement
Boruch ,   Calgary Alberta   (06.27.06)
Lets get this show on the road. G-d bless and keep Israeli soldiers safe. We are praying for you.
2. Look Peretz
Caligula's Horse ,   Solomon's Stables   (06.27.06)
Now they've had three days to prepare, mine, booby trap and cause maximal casualties, you lost the momentum.
3. Why is Israel so fearful ?
Marcel ,   Florida   (06.27.06)
Israel is afraid to cut off electricity and water ,the world might get mad ands hate the Jews . The world already hates you and nothing you do will ever change that. So it's past time that you quit cutting your neck off so that the world falls in love with you. It's not going to happen. Israel ,you are afraid to get tough with the people who elected terrorists to lead them and show more care for the Palestinian rabble than your own people. Israel, you're sick ! After all Israel has tried to do for peace they are bombarded by Kassems and attacks and threats and Israel is afraid to defeat this enemy. Israel ,is your sickness terminal ?
4. Israel should use this startegy
Lemar ,   UK   (06.27.06)
Ultimatum "return soldier in one hour" If not Israel should advance 100 metres into Gaza and every hour until soldier is returned.
5. Setup camps
Steve ,   USA   (06.28.06)
B"H Setup camps for civilans to locate to during the military action to avoid harm. After let those not involved back. Your first stated priority is rescue of a hostage. The less stress you put those not directly involved on this mess in, the easier it is to accomplish that mission with their confidence, admiration, and perhaps ultimately support. Take a lesson from the Jewish uprooting to camps. That was major stress for Jews that was not necessary because it was not properly planned. Do not create additional barriers through faulty execution here. Clear and organized communication can go a long way here for all civilian populations not directly involved in the kidnapping.
6. The best of luck and success to the IDF.
Luke   (06.28.06)
7. G.od speed.
8. IDF and soldier in our thoughts and prayers
Mark C. ,   Chicago   (06.28.06)
9. WRong report
Rami Peretz ,   Tel-Aviv   (06.28.06)
in opposition to the report, IDF did not start te Gaza incursion. The airforce bombed a bridge only.
danny ,   california +Nahal Oz   (06.28.06)
Please pray.G-d keep our soldiers safe
11. Why is Israel So Fearful.Get Real
Dave Levi ,   Burbank.USA   (06.28.06)
Marcel asks, "Why is Israel so fearful". Well, for starters, Iran will explode a nuke over Tel Aviv ASAP. Egypt has 600,000 plus army, while Syria has 1.2m including reserves. Egypt, Syria, Iran, Saudi Arabia and the entire Muslim world wants we (US) Jews and Infidels (Christians) dead. Muslim extremists are now in control of the Palestinians...who don't need them really. Al Qaeda has set up shop in the Strip. Israel has wanted peace....for 60 years, but is now hostage to Palestinian militants. No Israeli feels safe, unlike you, living in the USA, who does not fear suicide bombers, buses blown up, your family in danger, and Kassam and Katyushas exploding around you. Israel sees a Palestinian army building daily...with smuggled in arms. That is why Israel is fearful my naive friend.
12. invasion of Gaza
chaim ,   phoenix usa   (06.28.06)
Wow Olmart/Peres/Peretz and company actually allowed a single strike by the IDF it is unbelievable, oh I forgot it was only on an empty bridge, the necessary order to actually send in the troops will have to wait until all bobby traps and a sufficient number of youngsters are in place so that the Olmart and company will be able to say “we are tired of killing innocent civilians, let us retreat some more, besides the IDF is needed to forcefully expel the actual front line of defense that Israel currently has to protect it’s heartland.
13. this is what the palis decided in their prisoner document
The Palestinian people endeavour to liberate their land and realise their rights of freedom, return (of refugees), independence and self-determination with the creation of an independent state on all territories occupied in 1967, with Jerusalem as its capital. To accelerate what was agreed upon in Cairo in March 2005 (at Palestinian talks) regarding the modernisation and revival of the PLO, and Hamas and Islamic Jihad membership of the PLO, the sole legitimate representative of the Palestinian people. The Palestinian people are entitled to resist by various means and focus that resistance on territories occupied in 1967 while also engaging in political action, negotiations and diplomatic action. To protect and reinforce the Palestinian Authority as the nucleus of the future state. To form a national unity government on a basis that secures the participation of all parliamentary blocs, especially Fatah and Hamas. Negotiations (with Israel) are the jurisdiction of the PLO and the president of the Palestinian Authority ... on condition that any final agreement be presented to parliament for ratification or put to a referendum. To reject an oppressive siege against the Palestinians, led by the United States and Israel, and urge Arab governments to support the Palestinian people, the PLO and the Palestinian Authority. To denounce all forms of division that can lead to internal conflicts and ban the use of weapons, regardless of the reasons. The need to reform and develop the branches of Palestinian security so that they can defend the homeland and citizens against aggression and occupation, and maintain public order and end the state of security chaos.
14. to #4; 100 meters and sit and wait? We aren't invisible.
Any vehicle that won't keep on moving will probably get hit by rockets. Israel must do it as fast as possible, in and out.
15. Either conquer Gaza, or keep the tanks out
Zionist ,   Israel   (06.28.06)
I want more than anything for our soldier to make it home safely. I don't want to set my hopes too high though. This incursion, with guns blazin', is far from a mission to rescue Gilad Shalit. No rescue mission brings in so much noise and media. If the objective was really just to rescue the soldier, it would be special forces, in and out. No, I sadly think that Olmert is simply aiming to make a statement, one that may cost Gilad's life.
16. Blood spilling has started in the holy land
Karim ,   Morocco   (06.28.06)
Israel is one big stain on the face of Judaism.
17. Israel's simple equation:
just me ,   tel aviv   (06.28.06)
Used to be - as of late less so - and should always be: he who comes to kill us will get killed. Period.
18. Go, YHWH!
Pattie ,   USA   (06.28.06)
19. Re-settle Gaza, 5 square miles for every Qassam
Rob ,   UK   (06.28.06)
Re-take 5 square miles of land for every rocket fired at Israel. And cut off electricity for a week, until the terrorist squatters leave voluntarily.
20. Old Yeller
Daniel ,   New Oleh to Tel Aviv   (06.28.06)
When I was a boy I watched a movie called Old Yeller. It was about a Yellow Dog who was a beloved family pet. He was very much a part of the family. In the end though he had become rabid. The father killed him with one gun shot. Though everyone cried we all understood the need to put Old Yeller out of his misery and protect the family. I bring this up because it is clear to me that Israel has an awful job to do. It is time to tell the world enough is enough. We are going to protect our family and put the rabid dog out of it's misery. The Gaza pull out was a wonderful idea at the time. Given the results it was an utter failure. When that land was handed over so freely, it was expected to be a point of celebration and a gesture of peace and good will. What happened instead were rocket attacks into Israel from the land given away. Only an ill animal bites the hand that feeds it. The Arabs ("Palestinians") are like a rabid dog. It is time to solve this once and for all. Conquer Gaza. Conquer Ramallah. Conquer Hebron. Take the land that is needed to protect the borders. Hamas and the rest of the arabs there have no desire for peace. They refuse to accept any compromise. It is time that the world sees Israel as willing to defend itself both internally and externally. If Canada, Mexico, or Cuba sent bombs casually into US cities, the US would not wait for negotians and the world to allow retaliation. It would happen. Period! No other country on earth would allow this kind of action to take place. The US started two simultanious wars because two buildings were blown up. What would happen if Israel did the same? To my new home, I say it is a time for shock and awe! Even the bible supports it. There is a season for all things. A time for peace and a time for war...which time can this possibly be?
21. Re #13: What is your Arabic/English source?
Steve ,   USA   (06.28.06)
B"H I find a different reference. listed as being in the public domain at . Step 3 is: "3- the right of the Palestinian people in resistance and clinging to the option of resistance with the various means and focusing the resistance in the occupied territories of 1967 alongside with the political action and negotiations and diplomatic action and continuation of popular and mass resistance against the occupation in its various forms and policies and making sure there is broad participation by all sectors and masses in the popular resistance." That sounds like the "right" to declare war on Israel, and now come the consequences of that joint Abbas-Hamas decision.
22. The 2 x 4 We Ordered Has Arrived
Reuven Brauner ,   Raanana, Israel   (06.28.06)
With a whack whack here, And a whack whack there, Everywhere a whack whack. Old McYiddle had a farm.... Had. Ee Ay Ee Ay Oy. (O give me a break, it's 1:40 in the morning and I gotta get up at 5:30, and my gearbox is shot.) Good night, all.
23. Now is the time to transfer ALL arabs out of Gaza.
Bunnie Meyer ,   Santa Monica, CA   (06.28.06)
24. GAZA
DANIEL RIMOKH ,   TARZANA   (06.28.06)
25. Stop your aggression
Palestinian ,   Palestine   (06.28.06)
Well done Petez, Halutz ,Mufaz, on taking the brave decision to invade Gaza !! Do you think military operation is the right way to free the kidnapped soldier ? Palestinians more brave than your army, Palestinians defend their rights, you deprived the Palestinian people from our Freedom, what do you expect Palestinians to do ha?
26. Hopefully the next strike will kill Shilat
Mike   (06.28.06)
How is military escalation going to bring the soldier home safely????
27. You will be sorry
Pal Supporter   (06.28.06)
Israel will not be able to take the casualties its IDF is going to suffer from this invasion.
28. Hit Terrorists not bridges
Marcel ,   Florida   (06.28.06)
Israel has become weak ,only attacking empty buildings and fields and now bridges. The enemy knows Israel is too cautious to the point that they have great advantage and the IDF is in greater danger . The Palestinians have chosen the sword instead of the olive branch of peace offered for decades by Israel .It's time to give it to them . I have no pity for evil and love justice . The Palestinian's only deserve one thing and it's not a nation, they deserve a big funeral.
29. Gaza invasion
Joan Krempel ,   Wytheville U.S.A.   (06.28.06)
God goes before the troops. So do our prayers for all of Israel.
30. Have not I commanded thee?
Lord your God ,   Go get your man.   (06.28.06)
Have not I commanded thee? Be strong and of good courage; be not affrighted, neither be thou dismayed: for Jehovah thy God is with thee whithersoever thou goest.
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