Bereaved mother: Don't attempt to rescue Shalit
Eti Abramov
Published: 28.06.06, 12:02
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1. two stages
NC   (06.28.06)
There must first be a well planned precision rescue mission based on good intelligence. After this first stage, the IDF must make Gaza shake. Whether an assault will make the palestinians realize the folly in supporting terrorist groups, or make them gravitate more towards the terrorist groups, I personally don't care. The destruction of whatever infrastructure they have left will force them to focus on survival instead of their hatred for Israel. I know that it is easier for me to say this than it will be for the IDF to carry out, but I have the utmost confidence in our brave soldiers and my thoughts and prayers are with them.
2. May God give strength to the family and success to the IDF
David ,   London   (06.28.06)
3. How sad
Danny ,   California +NAHAL OZ   (06.28.06)
intelligence knew the attack on his unit was going to happen.So whould you trust them now?We have a captain as our defence minister.How sad
4. She's absolutely right
Edan ,   Beer Sheva   (06.28.06)
These animals would rather kill the poor kid and then commit suicide rather than surrender.
5. Put the blame where it is
Shalom ,   Jerusalem   (06.28.06)
The cowards like Rabin, Peres, Shalom and Olmert are responsible for the death of Jews.
6. 5 Shalom : you said it as it is
Gabrielle Goldwater ,   Geneva Switzerland   (06.28.06)
7. to the wife and mother
nuha ,   jerusalem   (06.28.06)
you said something about well planed ,,dear sad woman thelost of the son and husbound is not a well planed against you it is your bad fortune some times you must believe in miss fortun ,not evry thing is planed , it is god will you must tolerate this thing to be more stronger infront of your sadness salam mother
8. wouldn't shut up, would hob
hob ,   tel aviv, apparently   (06.28.06)
wingate for hitler & germany orde, in poland & france. why not do your intelligence on that one , kiene yid, zion shite. maybe you should raid portsmouth or plymouth, not Entebbe. ihear you're buck shitbags outside your armour.
9. Dear Mati
Your son served in the most elite unit in Tzavah Everyone knows this. He was a brave soldier, an excellent commander, and a hero. Even though the operation did not succeed he did not die in vain. Sometimes you have to take chances in life It doesnt always workout how we would like, and nobody wants to see anyone die. But he acted how he thought best at the time, and even though Nachshon was killed, so were the other terrorists (some captured). Thats 5 less terrorists that will try do operations like this in the future and kill innocent people. Yes they will be replaced by more terrorists, but this is not something that has a beginning and an end. Your son was a brave man, one of our finest. He did not die in vain.
10. #5, don't forget
Don ,   Houston Texas   (06.29.06)
they are also responsible for the deaths of so many Palestinians and they sure are good at it and I say swipe Palestine off the map as the first step in the extermination of Islam, For now on I will yell "I slam" in celebration every time an islamic pig is killed and I think we should slam everyone one of them in Palestine and then move on to Syria
11. Some Arabs don't want peace
John ,   Virginia, USA   (06.29.06)
Arabs are giving every excuse Israel needs to attack, and they care nothing about their people's suffering. It's just so stupid to think that they can hurt Israel. They should use their brain to think instead of their pride. There can be no other way but both Israelis and Palestinians living as neighbor countries. It's the unthinking Palestinians who still want to eliminate Israel that cause much hurt to their people. Many mistakes have been made from both sides, with the greatest mistake not accepting the terms offered to Palestinians by Pres. Clinton. They held out for more, for eliminating Israel, and they ended up with nothing. That was very foolish.
12. Nir Poraz
miri ,   philadelphia, usa   (06.29.06)
No Palestinian, and very no Israeli, wants occupation. It is killing all of us.
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