Arab MK: No gays in Muslim society
Ilan Marciano
Published: 04.07.06, 14:04
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1.  'We don’t have this problem in Muslim society
Gijsbers ,   Utr. Holland   (07.04.06)
"in Muslim society we don’t have this problem.” Yeah, right.....
2. Haha
Caligula's Horse ,   Solomon's Stables   (07.04.06)
Maybe you should walk around independence garden, and from my service I can tell you that animal sex isnt such a phenomenon either.
3. Gays are shame
WAEL ,   palestine / kuwait   (07.04.06)
gays are shame any society , and specially on muslim society . we dont accept them and we dont encoroge them to be gays ,because they are doing like what people of dead see did ( qawm LOOT) when god remove there land upside down , its forbeden in islam
4. Sarsur
Yoni ,   Israel   (07.04.06)
Interesting that these wise words come from an MK whose name in Hebrew means 'pimp'.
5. Gay Parade and Muslims
Alon ,   Ramat Gan, Israel   (07.04.06)
At least we (traditional) Jews and Muslims agree on a core issue - no gay parade. As for MK Shelly Yechimovich, as expected, does not get it and thinks this is the reason we NEED this parade. It is nothing short of a provocation and offensive to core values of a majority. But then again, when has majority rule, and being sensitive to values of individuals ever gotten in the way of good Leftists when their cause is the one being touted?
6. #5
tasc   (07.04.06)
core values of a majority? what is this? hatred? don't forget that there are people who voted for Yechimovich. not all are so moral as you are
7. SEnd them to Sodom
Marilyn Roberts ,   Cincinnati USA   (07.04.06)
This abomination will be taken care of by God. Let them desecrate their own towns. Jerusalem belongs to the God of Abraham. This is a direct attack on people of faith. THere is nothing normal about being a man and dressing like a woman. What is next a pedopile parade?? this surely must be the latter days.
8. Parade
Gil ,   Tel Aviv   (07.04.06)
I am against the parade because it is a gratuitous and unnecessary place to ram "Gay Rights" down the throats of a very religious city. Gays should know better than to try such offensive antics. That said, I am in support of Gay rights. And I disagree wholeheartedly with religious Moslems who deny that homosexuality exists within their society. What rubbish!! No-one wants to be Gay it happens and it won't stop because Gay People are born from heterosexuals, it wont go away any time soon.
9. Dear old Yasser
Talula ,   Israel   (07.04.06)
Guess Yasser Arafat was a gay Jew then.
10. hahahahahha
Linda   (07.04.06)
"'We don’t have this problem in Muslim society, it is an unacceptable phenomenon.' " no, there are no moslim gays. you kill them and hang them! I don't think the parade must in in Jerusalem, but that is something else. but let me give you some proof of muslim gays bro: I found them in one seconde!!!
11. Hey, Q.U.I.T. do you read that?
Uzziel   (07.04.06)
12. Moscow Banned Gay March: All The More So In Holy Jerusalem
Yishai Kohen ,   YeShA. Israel   (07.04.06)
Being gay is nothing to be proud of, but if someone is gay and overcomes their urges, then THAT is something to be proud of. Celebrate THOSE people.
13. not here?
lankar ,   jerusalem   (07.04.06)
just walk around the arab quarter of the shuk in jerusalem to 80% of the young arabs boys walking hand in hand with each other. is this just friendship?
14. #3 Wael
Mike ,   Israel   (07.04.06)
So your saying that your God Alah is punshing all muslims or Palastineins, taking there land for being gay. Alah u akbar hahahaha
15. I support the parade
Reuvan Levi ,   London   (07.04.06)
Jerusalem is the capital of Israel and Israel's citzens have a right to parade in the capital. If the Religious people find it offensive then they are making a mistake. Parading through the religious neighbourhoods is wrong but not through the capial.
16. the reason....
jman ,   il   (07.04.06)
... there are no outwardly gay people in islam is because the get shamed, tortured and sometimes killed in public. meretz will always say the opposite of the religious even if the religious would legitimatize gays. can someone tell me what rights the gays don't have that they need to march for?
17. #16 It's not a demonstration
Jamil ,   Rome,Italy   (07.04.06)
We want to celebrate our freedoms. We want to show that we are people too, not to be denied and persecuted. We muslim gays are denied any rights and our people don't accept us as existing. i envy my Jewish freinds who live in a society that may nbot accept them fully, but at least accepts that we exist. That's why i live in Italy not in my own country of Jordan.
Toby Klein Greenwald ,   Efrat, Israel   (07.04.06)
In every interview she has given, Sattah uses expressions like "unwarranted hatred", "hatred", etc. in relating to people who oppose the parade. Her goal is to try to prove that anyone who opposes a parade of homosexuals and lesbians in Jerusalem, "hates" them. This is like the Gobellian "great lie". Every group and individual opposing the parade has said (ad nauseum) that they do not hate the individual people, rather they do not want a parade of this sort in the streets of Jerusalem because they consider this behavior that is not in keeping with the sacredness of Jerusalem. To most Orthodox Jews and to many non-Orthodox who believe in traditional family values, this PUBLIC parade is a provocation. To the Orthodox, especially, who constitute a large percentage of Jerusalemites, this parade is the equivalent of PUBLICALLY promoting the desecration of Torah principles. Imagine that there would be a group that would parade PUBLICALLY through Jerusalem holding posters, "DESECRATE THE SABBATH", "EAT PORK" or "HAVE SEX WITH ANIMALS" (why not, if it's a consenting animal?) or "ADULTERY IS COOL".
19. Suicide gay bombers
D ,   Israel   (07.04.06)
What do suicide gay bombers get in heaven? I wouldn't think they're interested in female virgins or do they get male virgins instead? I wonder what Arafat got?
20. Muslims dont have this problem? Another example of denial.
David ,   Boston, USA   (07.04.06)
I'll bet its a larger percent on the Muslim population than other religions. Some people live in a fantasyland in a house of cards.
21. 'We don’t have this problem in Muslim society
Francois ,   Paris & Montréal   (07.04.06)
Ask Arafag & Sheikh Yassin
22. #3
Intedi Nensak ,   Stockholm, Sweden   (07.04.06)
Odd then that every society on earth has problems with the muslims coming in, while no society has problems with its gay community. islam is an embaressment for mankind, it's a hateful, terroristic and bigotted "religion"(actually an insane terrorist organization). everything is forbidden in islam, who the hell cares. those who do not wish to walk in the parade aren't forced to do so, so stop whining. a pride parade isn't hurting anybody so live and let live.
23. What about Arafat who died of AIDS?
yehuda ,   new york usa   (07.04.06)
While surely the pervert parade should be stopped, and certainly not allowed in Jerusalem, Muslim leaders cannot claim that they have no gay perverts. The only medical theory that makes any sense about Arafat is that he died of AIDS.
24. #17
jman ,   il   (07.04.06)
who's denied you your freedom? go ahead have a homosexual relation, nobody will stop you. we don't care if you are gay, we care if you feel that everyone has to see it. most normal, mature people don't flaunt there sexuality outside the home because it might bother some people. we just want you to feel the same.
25. Maybe they should check the bushes near Damascus Gate
DB   (07.04.06)
There is a Park area between the Damascus Gate and Zedekiah's Cave with Large shubbery along the wall of the Old City. In the summer of 2000 it was a busy place--as pairs of male Muslims went in and came out together. I was at Zedekiah's Cave every day for three weeks and withnessed these the activity in and around this park area. Made think of the activity in the parks in the good ole USA? It changed my perspective of the "religious?" Muslims. Showed they were no different than the greater Satan that they point the finger at.
26. thats what he thinks sure theres no.....
ERIC ,   Israel   (07.04.06)
problem They just bang each other in the bushes near were I Iive,all muslim men are gay.........
27. #12
Leo ,   Paris   (07.04.06)
Yes, Israel should emulate the authoritarian ways of Russia! As to you personally, why don't you try to overcome YOUR urges? Stop spewing millenia-old musty-rusty superstition and get a life...
28. #3
Jane   (07.04.06)
Yours is an intolerant hate-filled religion, denying the rights of huge segments of society. Judaism does not encourage nor accept homosexuality, but we don't deny the ultimate humanity of anyone. Unlike you, we do not kill people nor turn of backs on them in time of need because of their religion or national origin or sexual preference or race.
29. These people need help...
Ari   (07.04.06)
30. The Homosexuals
Truth 2   (07.04.06)
What happened to my country Israel? This is an import from the U.S.A without a doubt! Bad enough to admit to this proclivity,why then do they not do their dirty deeds in private,and why the need to advertize and hold PARADES? What next I ask myself. I mean,The our God above created Adam and Eve.Not adam and adam! Words fail me...
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