Yaalon: Sharon planned pullout out of personal distress
Published: 06.07.06, 10:55
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1. good morning, Yaalon, finally woke up....
2. Now he is Talking??!!!!???
Uzi ,   Beit Shemesh   (07.06.06)
If he knew all this before the disengagement, WHY did'n he got up to speak up? I guess his military pension was more important than anything else........ and Now that he's out he comes up to speak against.........what a spineless guy!!!!!!!!! It's Pathetic, and olmert and his gang still want to give away OUR LAND.........
3. A moral compass?
Shoshana Rubin ,   Nokem   (07.06.06)
Will Yaalon be forgiven by Israel and Israelis for going along with a ridiculous, absurd, unpeaceful SHOW? We see how very much the PA all along only wants peace....sure. Should Yaalon be trusted in the future since he went along to get along? I hope not.....this reveals he has a weak, bumbing lack of a moral compass.
4. 100% correct
Micha ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (07.06.06)
Yaalon is absolutely correct! Furthermore, pulling out of Gaza has other far reaching consequences: 1. It sent a message to the world that Israel was an occupying force, and that Jews don't have the right to live in large parts of the Land of Israel. 2. It sent a message to the Arabs that they can achieve their goals through terrorism. 3. It brought terrorist bases closer to Israeli cities and population areas. 4. It was the major factor that led to the election victory of Hamas, a terrorist organization dedicated to the destruction of Israel. 5. It caused a major split in the Jewish population of Israel resulting in widespread disillusionment with the Zionism and the Israeli government. 6. It destroyed the lives of thousands of Jewish families.
5. Spinsters are unmarried women.
umm ,   hmm   (07.06.06)
Are you sure they are responsible for the disengagement?
6. why didnt u tht
haim ,   mtl canada   (07.06.06)
last year u hamor because of ur coma our bros will be killed in gaza now i cant understand this behavior shame on u
7. smells like..
zalman ,   tsfat, israel   (07.06.06)
tastes a bit bitter like sour grapes
8. sour grapes
darryl ,   israel   (07.06.06)
9. Re: "Now he is talking?" - #2
Kate ,   London, UK   (07.06.06)
He raised objections at the time, but no one listened.
10. LOL
Secular Sabra ,   Israel   (07.06.06)
Boogey is a looser and now he has joined the loosers camp :o)
11. Disengagement was a success
Piranha ,   Chicago, Illinois   (07.06.06)
I was opposed to Disengagement at the time, and remain so today. But I cannot deny that it was a success. Thanks to Disengagement, it is impossible for anyone to argue that the Palestinian arabs's intentions are to reach an agreement with Israel. Expulsion of Jews has failed. Now it's time to bow to the will of the majority of Israelis and consider expulsion of Arab refugees. Give the refugees a permenent home. Just make it east of the Jordan River.
12. boogie knew about the repercussions, and that is why......
yonatan ,   nyc   (07.06.06)
he was thrown under the boat by kadima, and those politicians in favor of disengagement. he disagreed with them, and it cost him his position as rav aluf of tzahal. it's as simple as that.
13. Uzi, he said it before the disengagement too.
14. Yaalon
Michael ,   Haifa   (07.06.06)
The guy has delusions of grandeur that he is some sort of an Authority, despite the fact that he sounds exactly like some of the lunatics who frequent Talkback
15. 10 months on and
Yisraeli   (07.06.06)
you know I still am pained by what this cursed and previous government did to its own citizens. Do you comprehend just how big this crime was? Can you imagine just how much pain and suffering those true and pure zionists from Gush Katif are suffering and still suffering this very day by the crimes that were committed on them by these criminals and backed up by many traitors in our midst. They had beautiful homes where they invested their lives into, they had agriculture, self suffeciancy, export market and a vibrant youth, all now reduced to ashes. I am suprised that until now those 20.000 human souls didnt just get up and go to the airport and leave this country saying this is not Israel this is Uganda led by despots and criminals posing as Israel. That they can no longer stay here. If all those that organised aided and abetted the deportation of its loyal patriotic citizens of the Gush, if they were all to be publicly hanged in the square, they would have received mercy for they deserve even more. I will never forgive or forget, even though I personally didnt suffer by this vicous and cruel deed. But my soul still cries and suffers for what was done to my people and supposedly by those of my people. If I cant forgive them do you think God can forgive them? I fear the Gzeirah M'Shamayim that will be imposed on my people for this terrible and evil deed. For some will have to pay.
16. General Yaalon is right
Brod ,   USA   (07.06.06)
General Yaalon is brilliant in his understanding and analysis of the issues and problems that Israel faces. In fact disengagement is a sign of weakness that encourages the savages to further attack Israel. Israel cannot afford to cow to external pressures nor live in a world of fantasy and illusion that there are angels among the savages. The fact is the savages are determined to chip on Israel slowly through external pressures, terrorist attacks, reign of Qassam terror, savagery and mayhem. Israel must remain strong in the face of all these challenges. Israel should not go by any road map that is designed and forced upon her. All such road maps lead to the slaughter house of Israel's destruction. A mistake has been committed by disengaging from the Gaza Strip which led it open for external and internal savages to stockpile weaponry and train more savages to carry on their crusade of attacking Israel. There is nothing wrong to recognize and correct the mistake by retaking the Strip. It should be restored to what it was before. This move will teach the savages that they cannot attack Israel with impunity. This mistake should not be repeated in Judea and Samaria. Come hell or fire, Israel must not allow its national security interests compromised by cowing to external pressures and attacks from the savages. Disengaging from your own historic and biblical Land of Israel is a further invitation for the dark forces to accelerate their move to wipe off Israel. In the end, Israel would have to launch a War of Survival against the surrrounding savages and retaking Judea and Samaria again. Such a scenario would be costly for Israel. Israel will do well by protecting and defending her historic and biblical Land of Israel. The government should listen to the wise counsels of their Generals like General Yaalon and former defense minister like Moshe Arens.
17. RE: Now he is talking??!! #9, #13
Uzi ,   Beit Shemesh   (07.06.06)
I was being fictitious, I know he said FEW things here and there. He spoke from both sides of his mouth about this issue. You can't cry over spilled milk but you can clean it up!!!!!
18. Reply # 15
Secular Sabra ,   Israel   (07.06.06)
"" 10 months on and you know I still am pained "" 10 years on and you know I am still pained by the religious right's incitement against Rabin and their assassination of Rabin and their continued defamation of his character. So eat it now like we ate it then . Cry me a river ..... I don't care .
19. Thats why they fired him.
Shelly ,   Israel   (07.06.06)
The Sharon government didn’t care about what would happen Sharon was interested in the Nobel peace prize. All he wanted to do was rush his plans through. Not really thinking about the results. So far it was a FARS. We don’t have better security we have Kasams in Ashkelon. We have a productive group of people that are unemployed, suicidal, turning to drugs last but not least homeless. That’s what THE SHARON brought us. Let’s not forget we is back in GAZA. There is nothing more permanent that something that is temporary. All Yaalon is saying I TOLD YOU SO and you dnd't want to listen.
21. we need a Churchill and we have...Olmert.........
22. Retreat from Gaza glorious success: Palestine is doomed.
daniel ,   amsterdam   (07.06.06)
The objective of leaving Gaza has never been peace. The objective was to turn the tables in favour of Israel because our goverment understood we are at war. At the cost of a few settlements Israel's future has improved a lot. Has anybody heard from the UN recently? The General assembly is not meeting, the security counsel is quiet. Now try and guess why!!! 1) A Hamas goverment means we do not have to negotiate with a bunch of liers as we did in the 90ies. 2) Palestinian agressions basically have prevented other retreats from the West bank. Jerusalem has been saved. 3)Lunatic Palestinian behaviour has forced leftwing Israeli's to accept the truth. Unity in Israel has been preserved/renewd/strenghtend. 4) Other people are starting to get it. Nobody is condemning our actions. We even got the Egyptians on our what's going on?! Bottom line is that leaving Gaza has doomed the Palestinian national movement. It never consisted of more than just hatred of Israel. That is their weakness because you cannot build a nation based on hate.
23. reply 18
Yisraeli   (07.06.06)
You sir are part of the problem, I pray that you will meet your justice for your part in it, may it be very soon.
24. Maybe Judea and Samaria can be saved
Greg ,   USA   (07.06.06)
This article should be required reading for all in power in Israel. This man should have spoken out before the disengagement from Gaza. But at least he is telling the truth now. I wonder how any person in Israel can still believe that retreating from the West Bank is still a good idea. The enemy understands one thing only, strength and force and pain. Israel please don't quit on your homeland for the sake of all the world. The USA and the pussycat EU had better realize world war III has begun, and study how World War II was finished. With ruthlessness...remember Dresden, and Hiroshima. Ugly as they were they got the job done, there can be no political correctness in the victory over this Islamic madness spreading like wildfire in the world. Wringing our hands and hoping for these people to be sane about our concessions, and understanding is only going to assure our destruction.
25. convergence or surrender plans
chaim ,   Miami Beach USA   (07.06.06)
I am pleased that there is a person of knowledge within Israeli society that has an opinion similar to the article I wrote on May 6th 2006 to the Talkback on the problem with following Former PM Sharon convergence plans or as is also called by many as a capitulation to terror in the (false) hope that such actions may have a peace dividend I wrote!!! PM Sharon, having the knowledge that Israel and only Israel can insure their survival was known as a hawk, and never compromised in dealing with issues that involved the survival of Israel. Many Israeli citizens and almost the entire Jewish people living in the Diaspora were confused by PM Sharon’s almost a 180 degree turn around when he declared his decision to evacuate the entire Gaza areas and a large area west of Jerusalem . His motives were considered pure. His historical brilliance and his un-questionable military knowledge was used as a affirmation of his plan. PM Sharon having the charisma to influence others to his way of thinking was able to portray his plan as the only way in which Israel could live in peace. His plan was adopted unquestionably by the majority of the Israeli Knesset, and the Gaza was evacuated, then his plan was to further evacuate large area’s of the so called west bank. Maybe just maybe, PM Sharon was struck down by an ailment involving his cognitive thinking process, that this debilitating ailment was present in his system when he made the decision about his disengagement plan, and thus he failed to taking into account the unavoidable fact that any and all areas vacated by Israel instead of bringing a benefit of even a temporary cessation of hostilities only produced a complete reverse, Israeli leadership must take into account that any action or political decision made and implemented would be almost impossible to reverse, There is a maxim before you “cut measure twice” since after you have made your cut it is irreversible. I finish this thought with the following, May all decisions made by the people elected to lead Israel be for the right reasons and not for the personal gain or glory of any individual.
26. #5 spinster?
shari ,   tel aviv   (07.06.06)
look up the word spin and then spinster - dummy
27. #2 - You Weren't Paying Attention
David ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (07.06.06)
Yaalon did speak out against the Disengagement before it happened. And during it. And after it. He's been consistent all the way through.
28. #22 - Yes, They Condemned Us Today. Idjit.
Reality Bites   (07.06.06)
29. One of the best commanders of the IDF, ever.
30. yaalon
pepe ,   nashville - TN - USA   (07.06.06)
I agree 99.9% with the article. You should be here, NOT there
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