Netanya: Arab youth shot; nationalistic motives probed
Raanan Ben-Zur
Published: 08.07.06, 15:57
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1. man was shot by extremist Jew seeking to target Arabs
there are no extremist Jews Ynet, get your grips morons !!!!
2. Don't count your chicks before they hatch
rachel ,   boston, usa   (07.08.06)
How stupid ...If you don't know what happened ,why are you mentioning "jewish "extremists. YOU ARE JUST PUTTING WOOD TO THE FIRE!!!!!!
3. Another Jewish Parbaric terror action
Elbert ,   US   (07.08.06)
4. Arabs need international safe havens
Abu Jihad & Sons ,   Yaffa, Palestine   (07.08.06)
Arabs inside the green line (so called Israel) have been subjected to killings, pogroms, abuse for so long. In 2000, 13 peaceful demonstratorss were shot dead by the zionist police force. Many crimes have been committed by extremist jews with the full collusion of the zionist police and shin Bet against arabs in the last few years. In my city, Yaffa, Jews have been terrorising arabs for 6o years in order to get them to leave, but We are staying Enough is enough, the UN must create safe havens for palestinians arabs inside the green line (such as those for Kosovans) immediately before it is too late Abu Jihad & Sons
5. extremist jews? LOL
I didn't know that Jews are extremists when they are capable of defending themselves and their land against the 5th column.
6. criminal and courdly act
this act is criminal and should be condemt
7. Police must find the criminal
The police must find the criminals quickly
8. Unarmed Arab youth at mercy of Jewish extremist with gun
Adamush ,   UK   (07.08.06)
Gun control in full effect! Demand the Right to Keep and Bear Arms for all in Israel!!
9. justice
this man has to be arrested and go to jail for murder
10. start cutting off bollocks
bobby zamo   (07.08.06)
11. Do you mean "extremist" as in "evangelical"?
A "Christian" ,   USA   (07.08.06)
12. godless left always blameing Right-eous Jews
Marcel ,   Florida   (07.08.06)
The left who brought us the Olso and Road Map disaster are so quick to blame the remnant of sane Jews They always show mercy to the destroyers of Israel and always demonize the faithful righteous Jews who obey G-d . The time has come for the Un-Jews to confess their gross failures and humble themselves before Hashem before He humbles them
13. Violence
Gill ,   uk   (07.08.06)
I live in a city where teens kill teens with so much regularity that it doesn't even make the front pagesof local newspapers, never mind the local ones. Sad but true.
14. Oppose victim disarmament, support RKBA!
15. #4 abu do-do
Kofi Anan ,   New York   (07.08.06)
We have found a safe place for all islamic jihadist who will not end their 60 years war against the Jews of Israel. The grave is your new safe haven. Please suicide yourselves en masse as the virgins await your arrival with anticipation. The jihad end ,then peace
16. Arabs need international safe havens
you might consider moving home to San'aa Yemen NO Jews, Islam, everything Arab
17. TO#3
18.  Loud arab music on the street
Mike White ,   Canada   (07.08.06)
of Natanya, while we are at war, sands a message that arabs support our enemy. I hope police drops this case quickly and arabs move to palestine and play their music there
19. #4
Natan ,   USA   (07.08.06)
Where in the world do you get your information from??Pogroms? killings? You are so damn lucky living in Israel. And if you don't like it why the ehll don't you leave? Try one of the 22 Arab countries, see if they will take you in and if they do, see how long you will stay alive after you criticize any of their actions...
20. Abu Jihad and Sons
Mike ,   Israel   (07.08.06)
Jaffa palestine is no where in a map so you must mean Jaffa Israel the city i was born in. Funny how arbs in the city drive American made cars and live very very well for the past 60 years, i know you would never have this in jordan or lebnon and so do you, Your free to leave if you dont like the way you live. You say the "jews been terrorising arabs for 60 years" you know thats a lie, you live the way you want you go where ever you want in the country and outside of it when you want, but tell me as an Israeli can i go to tulkarm and come out alive or gaza i think not i would be cut in a million pieces. funny that you and your family can travel through Israel freely and i cant. So who terrorising who, i dont remember the last time a bus blew up in gaza by a suacied bomber. If you want safe havens Jordan, Egeyt lots of countrys for you to chose from. Your free to leave and you know that but you will never have such a good life as you have now and you know it. Salem
21. TO #8
The young 18 year old Asheri was unarmed and mining own business when he was kidnapped by terrorists and executed with no mercy, and so many other Israeli yourth were shot at and killed just walking in the streets of their cities. Arab terrorists blew up discotheques and school buses and kindergartens and are vowing to keep attacking schools. In schools, as you might know, there are innocent young people. No one knows what really happened with this Arab youth and it is unfortunate that it happened. Do you comment when you read of Israeli innocent citizens just walking around or driving in their cars who have been shot at and killed? I don't think so. Muslim fanatics are causing havoc all over the world. Read the papers.They do not care how much blood of innocents is being shed. In fact, they want to kill as many as possible, even their own people. In fact, that almost happened in my city, Toronto, where young muslims fanatics were plotting to blow up fellow Canadians some of whom might have been their own neighbors. There is NO COMPARISON to the Jews who are just trying to defend their homeland. Toronto,Canada
22. You want the police
Mike ,   Israek   (07.08.06)
Where is the police when the 18 year old was killed 10 days ago after bien kidnaped why arent you arabs calling on your police to cature why did our guys go in at night and catch the dogs that killed him! you people amaze me (arabs) whene you get hurt you call on a cease fire when Israel is getting hurt you hand out candies, enjoy your candies and rember when next time you hand out sweets in the middle of that candy is poision that you yourself are putting in it so enjoy it you bring it on your own mothers sisters fathers, hope you have lots and lots of candy.
23. You bunch of losers
Rustum ,   London, UK   (07.08.06)
So many people here writing such horrendously uncharitable things. An innocent young man was shot dead for no reason. Don't you get it? He didn't do anything, he wasn't arrested, he hadn't committed any crime. Result - he's dead, and you bunch of undignified racists write a stream of comments justified his cold-blooded murder. Those who wrote such things should be 100% ashamed of themselves.
24. 4 Abu Jihad<<< great name: But Yaffa is in Israel
Gabrielle Goldwater ,   Geneva Switzerland   (07.08.06)
get a map and take lessons of geography
25. #4 ..?
Israeli   (07.08.06)
In 2000 those 'peaceful demonstrators' started the intifada, that's what you call peaceful? The only reason you are mentioning a case from 6 years ago is because you have nothing you can say about it now. Even if whatever you said happend and they were peaceful, this is only 1 act, while you have about hundreds since 2000. You don't pay taxes, you own illegal houses, you destroy every area you live in by neglecting the territory, keeping sewage running in the streets, etc etc. Every arab city in Israel is like this. You are getting better conditions than us. While we pay *3 from you on cars, houses, morgages, etc, you pay nothing AND say we discriminate you. Screw you!
26. Arabs are ultimatly to blame
Jacob ,   DC   (07.08.06)
The Jews didn't start this conflict, the Arabsd did. The Arabs continue the violence, and force the Israelis to protect themselves. How do you know that whoever shot him feared for his life, and that the youths did not instigate the shooting? Blame his own people for the projection of the image of violence and hate from cradle to grave. The Arabs are soley to blame for the continuing hopstility in the region. Liberate Judea and Samaria from occupying Arab hands.
27. good news.
stephane ,   france   (07.08.06)
"The two people who were wounded are not criminals, and were only out trying to have some good time. ..."said the arab doesn't remind him something? how many young jewish went out on evenings,"and were only trying to have good time" and they never came back home because they were assasinated by least those arabs who were shot will undestand now the feeling to be targeted when you just wanted to have fun.
28. abu jihad and sons
Floyd   (07.08.06)
while you whine like the cry baby you are, why don't you save some of that for the innocent victims of muslim violence in Indonesia, Thailand and the Philippines?
29. #23
You are justifying murder all the time. Why aren't you ashamed of yourself?
30. Well...
keren ,   sao paulo   (07.08.06)
How many times Israelis Jews are just,peacefully,eating a sandwich and are killed? I am not justifying the crime ,of course,but we have to have in mind both sides. The ONLY truth is that Jews are not happy living along with arabs and vice-versa. When a couple must divorce,it is always painful...but when there are no more ways of living together, they must split. Israel is LEGALLY the Jews land,wheter arabs accept this or not.Hence,they must leave. We Jews had to leave their countries many times. There are plenty of place for them in their bethren countries. Israel is a fact of 7 million people living in it and thousands of others arriving and about to arrive. 7 milions people living LEGALLY in their own land will not leave for sure,hence...arabs must leave our home. I don't see other way,frankly.
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