8 killed in rocket attack on Haifa
Ahiya Raved
Published: 16.07.06, 12:01
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1. haaa haaa haaaa haaaaa haaaa
Palestinian ,   Hebron   (07.16.06)
2. Where to go now?
Al ,   US   (07.16.06)
Now Haifa? What is coming tomorrow? Tel-Aviv? Is there any Israeli city who is safe from Hizbollah terror? Congratulation IG, IDF POWs has been freed indeed!
3. should you be showing this photo?
steve ,   tela viv   (07.16.06)
4. Lebanon goverment is to blame.
Roy   (07.16.06)
Its all because the lebanon goverment didnt carry out the UN decision to take authority over all its sovereign(the decision was made LONG ago.) The lebanon goverment allowed the Hizbullah to sit at the border, and gain power and war materials, in order to commit terror in israel. Hizbullah shot over 700 rockets forward israeli cities and villages, put over 2 milion citizens in risk. Hundreds of israelis are hurt and tens died in these attacks.
5. when nasrallah sead do.
palestinen ,   jenin   (07.16.06)
nasrallah sead the katusha will come to haifa and this morning that flled in haifa ... allah akbar
6. Eye for Eye
lag ,   Brizbane   (07.16.06)
Next step it will be tel aviv as you targeted the lebanese capital. so they will target tel aviv. more escalation, olmert deserve it.......
7. In the name of GOD
me   (07.16.06)
Why are you publishing these pictures? You are only helping the Hizbulla to get more accurate its like giving them coordinates.
8. what you wait olmert
romail ,   naharia   (07.16.06)
olmert you wait rocket attack on jerusalem ??? or what !!! stop killing , Negotiating with kidnappers .
9. Atack on TA
Jojo ,   homeland   (07.16.06)
Atacking Beiruit means attacking HAifa and may b TA. Nasrallah always did what he said. The balance of strength have been changes, Israel should realize this!!!!
10. thıs ıs enough why we waıt to kıLL nasRaLLaH?
tom ,   uSa   (07.16.06)
11. the media is helping the terrorists!
Stop the media! ,   Israel   (07.16.06)
the media is giving real-time updates to our enemies and helping them aim and gage their weapons petition these traitors to stop before this gets even worse!!! the MEDIA kills innnocents and and helps encourage terror!
12. Enough civilian deaths and enough violence !
Ryan ,   Chicago, USA   (07.16.06)
Apparently, people on both sides of the conflict are dying. I suggest Israel backs down and resorts to negotiations because violence is not going to lead either side anywhere. This conflict could escalate and spread to Syria and possibly Iran. If that happens, we all know that Israel will be in jeopardy! I think its in the advantage of Israel to start thinking logically and quit using its collective punishment methods. PEACE IN THE MIDDLE EAST !
13. we are sorry israeL , you started to kill civilians
waeL ,   kuwait & Palestine   (07.16.06)
AWw that hurts , we are soryy foks you started to kill civil lebanese so we have to reply , husbalah killed 8 soldiers not civils but you answer by killing civils , so you guys are the terrorist right here not husbalah . am really agaisnt killing innocent civis from both sides , it only makes things worst . i hope israeL rcoket syria as soon as possible so syria must reply too
waeL ,   palestine & Kuwait   (07.16.06)
still you are killing lebanse innocent people and so nasrallah will do . yes lebanese are weak as a country they dont havd air deffenses but yet they have pride of there selves and wont kneel for you
Sharon ,   Jerusalem   (07.16.06)
Do you think that we will not pay back?
16. annasro kadim inshallah
abubaker ,   afghanistan   (07.16.06)
i just want to say that Israel is making a big mistake, and Hizbollah didn't use his power yet, so what do you thing will happen when Hizbollah use its power!!!!!
17. our army
our army has gone crap that simply cannot deal with bunch of terrorists and hell what's the purpose of deployment of "Patriot" missiles that are simply useless
18. It's time for the IDF to use
me   (07.16.06)
less accurate missiles & ammunition like the Hizbulla do. Will save us money and the other side will feel the same as citizens in Israel feels. If the Hizbulla doesnt care and shoots all over, the IDF shouldn't care either.
19. we will leave israel
moushe ,   haifa   (07.16.06)
we will leave Israel to you and your terrorism, Olmert . we are no longer a place for us to live here . We in Israel do not want only security and money
20. A Lack of Strategy
David N. Couquer ,   St. Louis, MO, USA   (07.16.06)
Hezbollah's ongoing rocket attacks show a mind numbing lack of effective strategy. These unguided missiles continue to be fired wildly with little chance of hitting any targets of significance inside Israel. There have been successful guerilla campaigns in history, but Hezbollah's present leaders are clueless. The open question is whether or not Israeli strategy will be any more effective. If Israel could succeed in expelling terrorists from Lebanon and enable a stable democracy to flourish there the Israeli offensive would be a stunning success. This is unlikely because of continued support of Hezbollah by Syria and Iran. Hezbollah or a similar foe will simply rebuild in southern Lebanon over the next few years. Israel is not likely to overthrow the present leadership of Syria or Iran and replace either regime with one that is more favorable. In the end this war may showcase a lack of strategy by all involved.
21. The media is not helping the terrorist - calm down folks.
Mark Perl ,   San Francisco, US   (07.16.06)
Don't worry about the media photos. Rockets are not aimed but targeted. They operate on the principal that there is a 50% circular error probability. So if the Katyusha were to have a 50% circular error probability of one mile, then half the rockets will land within a mile of the target (in a great circle around it ) and one half the rockets will land outside the circle (or greater than a mile away). since this is inherent in the engineering of most rockets, you cannot pinpoint target a rocket or missile. Now you can target a cruise missile (by computerized mapping and intensive computerized naviigational gudance) or by dropping bombs or firing air to ground missile. At either rate, no one is using these methods and if your enemy was attacking you with these methods, one would presume that he was wise enough to get photos of his targets in advance anyway. So the media is not giving anything away.
22. #1
LUCAS ,   france   (07.16.06)
Is'nt it so truethful,that even in war ,tha Arabs Rejoice at the death of Innocent civiliens..This has shown us yet once again,how cold blooded the Palestinans are..Not once have thze Israelis enjoyed a "good laugh" as this IGNORANT Palestinian show ..Shame ,on the Palestinian people..i suppose they are now giving sweete to their kids...
23. haa haa haa
meg ,   Israel   (07.16.06)
you can laugh, but remember who laughs last. Your smile will turn to tears, you warped idiot
24. I woke up when my house moved !
Dan ,   Haifa Israel   (07.16.06)
What a way to wake up, I heared the last few bombs, and felt my house shacking, than the ciren started and I ran ran half naked to my shelter. When i arrived (it's inside my house, but it's a villa and I am at the 5'th flour so...) I opened TV and soon after anouther bomb, anouther shacking. Now are we still using to much power ? I wish to see what would Chirac do when not 10,000 missile are amed at France, but 10 missiles, he will do everything he may and can do to stop it from happening. Not to talk about russia (Just 20 min ago, agian my house shaked and the ciren went on, while I was writing this comment I had to run downstares agian) did, when 10 z'azinan terroriest hid withing a village of 2,000 inocent people who knew nothing about them or the fact that they are there, Russia bombed this village with balistic missiles and this village became a hole in the ground with 2400 inocent people who lost thier life. Are we really using to much power, or is it just the fact that you want us to STFU while we are being murdered. Is it really not just you wanting Arabs to buy your guns and sell you oil (Not talking about America of course !). Viva israel, may our Air Force demolish our enemeies !
25. ISRAEL WILL STAY STRONG FOREVER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
27.  TO: ALL the Israeli Haters on this site..YOU ARE DOOMED!
Elana ,   USA   (07.16.06)
Get your cheers and jeers in as soon as possible, it is only a matter of time until you get to lick your wounds (as usual after every attempt to kill us). If Israel must have an enemy, it could noy have gotten a more ignorant one, doomed to lose, doomed to tribal in fighting, doomed to poor leadership.
28. reality and hope
alan ,   australia   (07.16.06)
the reality is that neither arab states or the west will intervene. Almost everyones interest (i.e. not iran or syria but all otheres)is to be vocally against israel , while actually hoping that hezbollah, which is a threat to all ,especially arab regimes,will be soundly defeated. Hopefully Israel has not bitten off more than it can chew and that it will finish the job of defeating hHezbollah and disarming it. A Hezbollah defeat will be a setback by proxy, of Hamas and Iran. After such a major setback the forces forpeace may have an opportunity.
29. David
David ,   Barcelona Spain   (07.16.06)
When wil you learn to live in peace? good luck for all (arabs & jewish)
30. as i said about gaza: we can't do everything from the sky.
stephane ,   france   (07.16.06)
israel can not accept what happened in haïfa this morning.if israel don't find the solution,the civilians will feel that they are not defended,and they will think about leaving the's exactly what the fat nasrallah wants! so ,i think that the only way to really destroy the hezb,is to send for a few months troops on the ground and to hunt the rats street by street,home by home.we must kill a maximum of hezb members,and to be sure that we kill the right animals,we must be there for a while,and come back to israel when you make sure you eliminated thousand of hezb terrorists.
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