13 IDF casualties reported in Bint Jbeil
Ynet reporters
Published: 26.07.06, 11:26
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1. UN should stay silent
hiram ,   gazit   (07.26.06)
Wherever the UN has been present, it has been only to demonstrate incompetence and waste of money. What were the observers doing when Islamic terrorists in Lebanon were beefing up their agression ? So much public money for no " valid observation". The UN has to understand that sendin "soldiers" or "observers" in a war or risky area is....a risk. Kofi is an other example of incompetence, which has been a long tradition at UN
2. Arabs are brave not like u idf doldiers
wael ,   palestine& kuwait   (07.26.06)
idf soldiers coward u hide in ur tanks hidden in ur airplanes and jets , u are kidnaping the whole countrey and killing as many people as u want , God will not let this continues God will punish u one day, maybe not now but sooner or later every single prayer from every mother that lost a child or gather that lost a kid , israeL will taste it back , beleave me , every scream that came from arabs , will Go back to u and u will be screaming it back , its a matter of time . Your kids will gain what you have planted
3. wael
nachson   (07.26.06)
wael are you still in kuwait?i thought the kuwaitis had ethnically cleansed the palestinians from kuwait.. 500000 palestinians were expelled.better hide wael and do not advertise yourself.
4. Barbaric society
jimmy ,   fairfax   (07.26.06)
This UN massacre is not new to this racist and barbaric society. we have forgotten the massacres at Qana, Sabra and Shatilla, ... the list will go on and on. Israelis are going to harvest what you have been planting (Killing Innocent civilians). The history is going to repeat itself for whjat had happened to you.
5. It is tragic that mindless freaks were able to kill three
Bunnie Meyer ,   Santa Monica, CA   (07.26.06)
soldiers, but they died fighting so the Israeli citizens can live in peace. All the islamic terrorists who die in this war are not worth a cold cup of coffee with a cigarette butt in it.
6. TO NO 2 (wael)
Abraham Descendant ,   AFRICA   (07.26.06)
You fool, IDF soldiers can never be like the arab soldiers who have dead consciene, stupid in the head, bombing civilians, and driven by crass philosophies. Hell is waiting for you all.
7. Unifil's mission is to observe the peace
Observer ,   Israel   (07.26.06)
not the "war". They were spying on IDF and cooperated with Hizbullah in the war zone. Get them the hell out - the useless bunch.
8. the UN
joy ,   texas, usa   (07.26.06)
kofi anand should shut up.
9. IDF losing?
john ,   NY   (07.26.06)
after one week of ground operation the IDF was able to take only two villages. At this pace the war can last years. My impression is that Israel is strategically losing ground (i.e. has done the wrong choice in escalating its reaction to the kidnapping). I'm not happy at all about this prospect, but I guess we should start discussing this.
10. Lebanon
shemtov ,   paris, france   (07.26.06)
It will be very interesting for every body that you describe the number of Lebanon "peoples" in jail in Israel (I heard already numbers from 3 to 10000) and to describe the charges against them
11. if UN is ineffective it is OK to target them
Yani ,   Beirut   (07.26.06)
I do not think the UN should stay silent after being targeted by the IDF 17 times since the begining of the war. So if UNIFIL is ineffective, is it ok to bomb them? I do not think so. It was not an accident by the IDF since the UN general there talked to many IDF officers throughout the day to ask them not to target that specific outpost in Khiam. Regardless IDF bomb the outpost directly killing 4 UN observers. After the bombing the UN forces were unable to remove the corpses from under the ruble since IDF kept bombing the site over and over again "BY MISTAKE".
12. 10 dead
Snowman   (07.26.06)
no less than 10 idfs killed today and as much as 30 wounded...ynet tell us all the news please ...
13. # 3 No kuwait didnt kick all pals,only saddams lovers
wael ,   palestine & kuwait   (07.26.06)
ya my dear kuwait is a democratic country that kicked out the palestinians who helped saddam's soldiers in kuwait , and the others left kuwait after war directly and never came back that what happend in 1990 . and here i am living my whole life in Kuwait loving kuwaity people as mush as they love me . u know even ur replies show how evil person you are u just want to make troubles between arabs , ( pals , kuw, iraq ) that is ur goal , but we wont surrender to u zionist . i live for 1 reason is to go back to palestine and live there . i thought it will take longe time , but from what i c now i guess its coming soon :) . shaw
14. Eight IDF killed??
Marce ,   Australia   (07.26.06)
The BBC internet service is just reporting eight Israeli soldiers killed around Bint Jubeil. Is this true?
15. Repeated thought
Eros ,   Canada   (07.26.06)
If you go back 10-20 years ago and read the newspapers as well all the opinion and analysis about this comflict you ganna find for sure articles or news about fighting that you can past and copy it for today and it will be actual.It seems this land ( the holy land of profets) is fortuned for fight till the end of the history.I think the biggest strategic mistak of the 20 century was the creation of Israel. The majority of the jews except the extremist understood that the promised peace and security in Israel after the holocost is a fiction.Before the creation of Isreal jews lived in peace in all arab countries for thousand of predicted in the bible I sreal will survive 70-80 years.
16. Information about 9 IDF killed
Sam   (07.26.06)
It seems that the balance is switching in favor of hizbollah fighters, this will have huge impact in the region.
17. 13 killed not enjured
Yohan ,   Amsterdam   (07.26.06)
Your government is hiding the truth. but later you will know. your media is following the orders of IOF. All media is talking about that. it is a matter of time.
18. Stop Lying!!!!
Zeus ,   Greece   (07.26.06)
stop lying and admit that 10 soldiers are killed and 25 injured , and this is according to alot of news agencies.....let yur people know the truth ,and see wat war will do to their young men........Stop The War
19. to U all pro war ckeck out the newsnow
Rimon   (07.26.06)
to U all war drum players and singers, your IDF to me IOF (israeli occupation forces) are lossing heavy right now just ask your army speaker to give some ture figures on Ben Jbail fight and never to forget Hezbollah fights a gurreila war fare unlike your IOF who stick to their tanks and never dare to leave, the update from the front and i know u 'll tell me this is a propaganda, no matter what has so far only few minutes ago 12 IOF killed just few minutes ago by Hezbollah fighters around Bent Jbail which by the way your army speakers have confirmed that they completed their took over the town, hah, u better rethink your endless support to this war of attrition yse it is a war of attrition and only time will prove that, just one last thought haven't your IOF learned the lesson by now...end the war leave Lebanon and Palestine now
20. Watch al Jazeera it's more accurate!!!
A.C   (07.26.06)
21. UN
tony ,   PARIS   (07.26.06)
Rumer has it that Coffee anan,is to join the Hizbullah,Shame on him and shame on the UN,For NOT applying their own resolutions..
22. #2 Hezullah are very brave hiding behind women and children
michael ,   tel aviv   (07.26.06)
at least you gave me a good laugh. hiding in holes - using women and children as shields - real men ! still Arafat was a thief and a liar and the Palestinians consider him a hero. Still laughing at twisted logic - ha ha ha - thanks' Mike
23. #9 U know U r right
perpetual_dream ,   jerusalem   (07.26.06)
After more than 13 days it's obvious that the israeli troops are continously attacked by Hizbullah freedom fighter resulting in heavy casualities in the israeli army. I think it's time to withdraw from southern lebanon and build a fence inside the israeli ground inside of the lebanese, this way insuring that the israeli citizens r safe. It's a lose lose situation for israel..... KIA ORA
24. To number 4
In Qana (Hezbollahs hiding there was the cause) and Sabra and Shatilla (not done by Israel, but by the Lebanese) not nearly as many people were killed as your UN peacekeepers let 7000 muslims being slaughtered in Sebrenice. And you call the accidantal killing of 4 UN people a massacre? hahahaha
25. why not announce the truth , 13 deaths of the israeli pigs
26. Yes IDF are loosing...
Nabz ,   Athens   (07.26.06)
When the the IDF starts to attack the UN observation posts, and starts to kill the UN peasemakers, this is a SIGN that IDF are loosing.... 14 days of war, and they did NOTHING!!! Hizbullah is playing a well organized Chess game, and this will hurt the IDF sooooo badly....
27. #9
ISLO   (07.26.06)
I don't think it is so much that the IDF is losing the war. I mean 2 weeks is nothing in any time scale. There is also the added problem that Hizbollah hides in civilian population. Contrary to what people think, the IDF does not deliberately target civilians. And where are the reports of Hizbollah not allowing people to evacuate because they WANT people dead. That will create world sympathy and gets me comments like "Your country mercilessly kills children" I do feel bad for the kids. They grew up around fanatics and the insane and they will grow up to be just like them. But speed is NOT the element I am looking for, its effectiveness. 13 dead IDF soldiers is tragic, but I wanna know how many Hizbollah terrorists were killed as well. Even an estimate. The news seems to be portrayin how BAD this operation is going, not how well.
28. #8.. I think you should shut up
29. #5
and you do not deserve even half spoon of salt. Get back to your bed and sleep well and let the mothers of killed soldiers weep just because you want to get back to the night club.
30. Why has Bint Jbeil not been levelled yet???
Michael Steiner   (07.26.06)
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