Lebanon: Dozens killed in IDF strike
Ali Waked
Published: 30.07.06, 10:47
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31. Destroyed building
MMZ ,   Tel Mond   (07.30.06)
For those Israelis who condemn this action, please note that our Minister of Defence has called for an enquiry from IDF. Should this show that a pilot was remiss in his actions, he will be punished. When I see that Nasrallah, or, for that matter, any other Arab leader does the same after relentlessly and boastfully targeting ONLY civilians, then,and then only, will I join a protest.
32. This si the Price paid when Hizbullah uses HUMAN SHIELDS
33. #2
Rivkah ,   Israel   (07.30.06)
Just like the Arabs and their suicide bombers!
34. watch arabic t.v Now and watch the kids bodies
wael ,   palestine / kuwait   (07.30.06)
please , israeL stop killing civilians , cant u watch aljazeera ? or arabiya chanels ? watch it now you will see How many kids are died , and there parts are everywhere God bless them all
35. Israel is hiding its incompetence
Jack ,   France   (07.30.06)
Israel is justifying the number killed civilians by telling that Hezbollah is using HUMAN SHIELD. Stop this B..S.. Who belleives this? poor minds.
36. Re:2
suomipoika ,   Finland   (07.30.06)
Certainly not they are fascist lunatics who shoot deliberately civilians for their own harm. This article fails to mention, I suppose deliberately as is usual that Hezbollah fired several rockets from that village. It is usual that Hezbollah fighters who are in civilian dresses take refuge among civilians after firing rockets. Civilians were warned to leave the combat zone. Main problem is and main responsibility lies on Hezbollah that hides and takes refuge among civilians deliberately just to cause civilian deaths to harm Israel. However Israel should find other means to confront the despicable means of warfare that Hezbollah uses.
37. Tactical Bombing Saves Lives
mikey ,   bangkok   (07.30.06)
Hopefully this bombing will scare other population centers who insist on shielding Hezbollah to leave. Perhaps, now they understand that Israel is starting to take stronger measures. Hopefully, this will save Lebanese lives in the future by persuading them to stop acting as human shields for Hezbollah. The U.S. successfully used this tactic to end its war with Japan in WWII (using the A-bomb).
38. To all the moaners and growners, the "civilians" would ALL
Bunnie Meyer ,   Santa Monica, CA   (07.30.06)
be alive if that scumbag nastyrallah had stopped the rockets and returned the two soldiers. Those people died because iran's ahk-ma-dumbhead wants an arab war with Israel and he is using these "civilians" and these children as part of his propaganda war. He has no consicence and neither do the people who want the destruction of Israel. More F-16 flights please, more hez-bull-ah targets destroyed please.
39. Photos (correction to URL for baby & child soldiers #13)
Paqid 16, Netzarim ,   Ra'anana, Israel   (07.30.06)
URL should have read: If new ISP anti-cyberattack security blocks it you can go to and click on our Convention Center to our blog and scroll down to the photos. Paqid Yirmeyahu Israeli Orthodox Jew Advancing Logic as Halakhic Authority Welcoming non-Jews
40. "Before" Photos Show Shaima (#29) a Khizb-Allah Propagandist
Paqid 16, Netzarim ,   Ra'anana, Israel   (07.30.06)
You look at misleading "after" photos. Here are what the "innocents" looked like before. If new ISP anti-cyberattack security blocks it you can go to and click on our Convention Center to our blog and scroll down to the photos. Paqid Yirmeyahu Israeli Orthodox Jew Advancing Logic as Halakhic Authority Welcoming non-Jews
41. Another Quana!!! what you do best ..deja vue.
Tunisian   (07.30.06)
" You can't handle the truth".
42. to 3
z ,   lebanon   (07.30.06)
watch the news, see the children dead, but i bet that those children were firing katyoushas. if there is one media not to trust, the american media, its hilarious and funny how they are able to manipulate your pathetic minds. and even if there were terrorists next to the buildings these are humans in the buildings, where is the unbeatable israeli technology and intelligence, we have seen this supremacy when they killed the UN observers. and all other civilians, oh i forgot israel warned the poor people, but let me remind you israel did not leave them any way to leave, it destroyed the roads and everything. this is brutality, inhumanity, i cant find words to say. hope that u will not suffer as we did, but if u did remember us
43. This has gone too far
MK ,   USA   (07.30.06)
If Israel keeps on killing old people, women and children while Hizbollah is still able to fire rockets into Israel, then Israel is only doing itself a disservice, accruing more and more anger towards it. This is becoming futile, and the only solution is an immediate ceasefire. This has started to become a really unjust war. I want Israel to wipe out Hizbollah, but I think this is not what is happening here. The wrong people are being killed.
44. Civillians as human shields
Avraham ,   Netivot   (07.30.06)
This is what happens when terrorists use children as human shields. I don't hear any outcry from these lefty arab loving bleeding hearts when Israeli civillians are killed. Oh, I forgot, we Jews aren't allowed to defend ourselves. Well screw you world, we won't lie down & die! Am Yisroel Chai!
45. Hizballah Out of Control
Jeremy S. Slavin ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (07.30.06)
If the Hizballah terrorists did not fire weapons from the roofs of these buildings, the IDF would have no reason to bomb them. And if Lebanese civilians weren't content to sit as human shields for Hizballah, those civilians might be alive today. It isn't that Israel is out of control. It is that Lebanon - and the Lebanese people - failed to control Hizballah, or force it to disarm, in line with UNSCR 1559. That's the reason this war started. Civilian deaths are horrible, but at least Israel doesn't aim for civilians like Hizballah does. To Israel, civilians who are killed by their bombs are collateral damage. For Hizballah - and Hamas - civilians are primary targets. Where is the horror, where is the charge of "out of control", my fellow AMerican, for Hizballah's purposely targeting civilians, or putting them in harm's way?
46. Terrorism!!
Nobody can call Hizbollah terrorists. Israel and USA are re-defining terrorism. I do not think even the most vacious animals will be able to kill like this with total impunity. Lebanon will stay put, and will win this war no matter what Israel does.
47. The Israeli government and armed forces are soulless
Leila ,   Nazareth   (07.30.06)
and is damned to hell for all the violence, killing, despair, and destruction it has sowed. The pulsa dinura placed on Olmert the day the Gaza invasion began is a death curse that has boomeranged back onto Israel. The Israeli government should stop digging its own grave and that of everyone else around it. Stop trying to justify the slaughter of innocent children. I watched alJazeera morning and they are children and old people that were in that shelter. Hizbullah uses underground VietCong like tunnels that are reportedly far from civilian areas. Shame for lying, shame for trying to justify murder, shame for stealing from and provoking your neighbours. If no one in the world can stop these crimes, then god surely will.
48. To 15 you are right Hizb'allah is the one responsible
Da dude   (07.30.06)
Here it is in the Geneva Convention Art. 28. The presence of a protected person may not be used to render certain points or areas immune from military operations. Art. 29. The Party to the conflict in whose hands protected persons may be, is responsible for the treatment accorded to them by its agents, irrespective of any individual responsibility which may be incurred. The fact is that Hizb'allah is the one responsible.
49. shame on you, Israel
Jon ,   London UK   (07.30.06)
50. Beilin:Where's The Outcry For All the Rockets Sent to Israel
H ,   Jerusalem   (07.30.06)
Just because we have special protection by our Father in Heaven - as we openly see - does not mean there should not be an outrcry by Beilin, Leftists and anti-war individuals? May Hashem keep watching His children and protecting us. There should be no reason for an outrcry that Hizballah civilians were killed. Apparently, they're part of the Hizballah army. If anything, it's the Hizballah that should be blamed for using unarmed children as part of the army.
51. Nasrallah and His Iranian Handlers
John ,   London   (07.30.06)
The blood of every Lebanese civilian casualty is on the hands of Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah and his Iranian handlers.
52. To #38
you are no human you should be kicked out to the jungle animal
Ehud ,   Hiroshima, JAPAN   (07.30.06)
There is nothing more to say!! I have been warning everyone! STOP WAR NOW!! IDF come back home, you are a total failure and a shame on the image of Israel STOP WAR NOW!
54. Israel to be drown in cries of killed innocent
Agop ,   Yerevan   (07.30.06)
Don't forget dear Israelis, the hatred against your race would rise as long as you keep killing 2-year old boys, 86-year old women. By killing civilians in Qana, Israel killed its legitimacy and its right to exist as peaceful nation in the eyes of world citizens. Israel born out of terrorism and now tries to justify its immoral existence by playing victim role. .It is israel that kills thousnds.
55. Misleading media
josh ,   US   (07.30.06)
Shame on you and your photo showed in this site. look at the dead child in the hand of the crying rescuer. It's a dead body guys, wooden body! don't lie to your people! it is not injured!
56. Prepare Your Children for the Death
Poster ,   KSA   (07.30.06)
Don't happy much. Expect what you can't think on. Prepare yourself and children for the death, everywhere in this world. You will see soon that no one can protect you. This is Hizbullah and not Arabic countries.
Addass ,   Ein Karem   (07.30.06)
And will be paid in hard by the people living in Tal Al Rabiaa (TA). Just wait in see the outcome during the next few hours and not days.
58. Criminal Act
Sami ,   Jerusalem   (07.30.06)
This is a Criminal bloody act done on purpose, as many other prev. Mass. done by Israel. Rude, unhumanterian and arrogant repsonse and pretension by Israelis will not help them in improving their image. I know this is just a matter of preparing for a new decades to come of violence and bloodshed
59. Qana
SAMUSA ,   San Francisco, USA   (07.30.06)
Shame on you. Another murederous accomplishment added to you long record. Stop and face the truth . YOU LOST THE WAR.
60. #4 Alan when they stop killing our people
ERIC....... ,   ISRAEL   (07.30.06)
The French are such great soldiers. The second world we saved your butts.25years from now France will be Arab..Then you will have your own terrorists..
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