Lebanese PM: This is deliberate Israeli operation
Ali Waked
Published: 30.07.06, 12:59
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1. IN Honor of the Israelis....
California Bear ,   Berkeley, USA   (07.30.06)
who are stuck in bomb shelters and for those Israelis who have been repeatedly bombed by Katyushas yet the world doesn't seem to go into even one-fourth of the uproar that we're seeing because of the Lebanese civilian deaths in Qana, I call for an international inquiry as to why the incompetent Lebanese government and even worse, the even more comically useless UNIFIL allowed Hizbullah to stockpile 13,000 rockets pointed at Israeli cities. Arab civilians are killed, we have Armaggedon. Israeli civilians are killed, we have maybe the international equivalent of a infant's whimper.
2. of course this is deliberate
mike ,   israel (formerly usa   (07.30.06)
would he be happy if this operation was random, haphazard, rash, and indiscriminate? i applaude israel's determination and deliberation to attack the terrorists. it is israel's right and responsibility to do so. and for any country to not do so doesn't deserve to be free because that is what is going to happen.
3. to israel
z ,   lebanon   (07.30.06)
go ahead IDF kill more people, way to go. may God bless the souls who died, these people are gonna be your way out of this sh*t, you will get israel safety from the souls of the people u kill. this is typical israeli tactic to escape, they used it in 1996, and they continued it in 2006. God will not forgive you and u know that. stop lying to the public, the funny thing is all people know that u do but you dont.
4. Theft Of Water
Kleptocracy Watch ,   Everywhere   (07.30.06)
It is crystal clear to anyone with half a brain that Israel is attempting for the third time to establish itself in southern Lebanon in order for it to gain control of the Litani river watershed. The Israeli intention of establishing a so called "security buffer zone" up to the Litani river is a prelude for the eventual annexation of all Lebanese territory south of it, as envisioned by the Zionist founders. It is a known fact that Israel is already a water-deficient land and the need to take another nation's resources is necessary in order for it to expand and grow its economy. If the EU, Russia and China do not step in to stop Israel, the Nile river will be next.
5. hizbullah targets civilains, uses civilians as human shields
mike ,   israel (formerly usa   (07.30.06)
according to international law hizbullah is guilty of these deaths. why no outrage at them?
6. this is deliberate propoganda
7. Deliberate UN+Hez plot to accumulate thousands of Rockets .
Alan ,   SA   (07.30.06)
8. Human shield
Gijs ,   Netherlands   (07.30.06)
Hezbollah should be condemned for using civilians to shield its terroristic operations. Politicians please spare me your crocodile tears and condemn hezbollah not Israel
9. This is deliberate Hizbollah operation
10. What wasn't deliberate about the Hizbollah missiles?
Shai ,   Israel   (07.30.06)
Irish Guy 2112 ,   Tel-Aviv   (07.30.06)
What the HELL are the IDF SUPPOSED to do? - No bombing mission has gone unannounced to the locals. - These flippant, knee-jerk calculations of how many "innocents" are involved ignores the question of how "innocents" are defined. - If children are killed, might it be asked what the parents did to protect them? To this day, the world still fails to grasp that, to the Islamists, the deaths of their kids is both PR GOLD, and happily coincides with their desire for COUNTLESS "civilians" to join the ranks of MARTYRS.
12. They're all SHAHIDS now...
Irish Guy 2112 ,   Tel-Aviv   (07.30.06)
Israel is cornered at every turn: - IDF kill Lebanese "civilians": PR coup for Nasrallah amongst Arabs - Hiz kill Israeli civilians: PR coup for Nasrallah amongst Arabs - Hiz kill Israeli-Arabs: Israeli-Arabs largely condemn not Nasrallah/Hiz but Israel for causing war. As a non-Jewish, non-Israeli, I KEEP ON SAYING: there is NO PR battle for Israel to win. Israel will be DAMNED REGARDLESS of her humanitarian efforts. Destroy Hizbollah!
13. God's Right
steve smith ,   scotland   (07.30.06)
there is an old saying"if u play with fire u will get burnt" and the lebanese have only there self to blame.
14. Deliberate
Jess ,   USA-TN   (07.30.06)
Never mind the decades of terrorism against Isreal by Islam. Never mind the thousands and thousands of attacks on strictly civilians by these terrorist. Never mind that they hide behind their babies and women. If for no other reason, they need to be annihalated for being so incredibly stupid to think the USA is going to believe any of their lies. We know that when they speak, it's a lie. They are like the boy that cried wolfe, except that he learned his lesson, they get caught in their lies over and over and over. They just can't seem to learn from one day to the next. It's so very sad that they put their children in buildings they know Isreal is going to demolish just so they can cry to the international community for its sympathy, and they will get it too. You and I know that if they were to be victoriuos against Isreal they would then proceed to cut their sympathisers throats. To those that think this is armagedon, it ain't even close. But it may trigger the beginning of Jacobs Troubles before its over. I wish that Isreal would go for Syria while we go for Iran and destroy both of these. Duh Assad strikes me as the kind of guy thats in hiding with some of his boyfriends, we very seldom see him on T.V. Duhmadinajad is retarded enough to think he's got the world fooled, I would bet you could sneak up behind him and go BOO! he would fill his britches and pass out from fright.
15. #1 California Bear
Mick ,   Australia   (07.30.06)
if your governoment was a fair judge and stoped using it's veto to implement the UN resolutions that make Israel obei those reolutions since it occupy Palestine the world would've been beter place. but your governoment so other country want keep selling arms so it doesn't suite them that the war stops and they want be able to trade fuel for arms. you wouldn't need to spend all this billions on security around the world your governoment policy and unlimited support for Israel even when Israel wrong and in my oppinion 99% of the time. stop shipping blame to Lebanon for your governoment failed policy
16. #5 mike
Mick ,   Australia   (07.30.06)
miky miky mike here is another law obidient citezen of Israel lecturing in International law. stay in your shelter and start writing your complaint to the world court you never know.
17. why?
Mick ,   Australia   (07.30.06)
why don't Israel show a Video showing that Hizbollah fired from this point as with the technology they have and using I guess they have everyting recorded by sattelite and all the technology provided by the US governoment, or this technology can record what for isarel intrest only.
18. 16 one sentence = lecture?
mike ,   israel (formerly usa   (07.30.06)
i'm not even a citizen, so nice attempt at the stereotype.
19. To All Pro-Zionists
Kleptocracy Watch ,   Everywhere   (07.30.06)
It is intertesting to note that no one of you IDF cheerleading swine have responded to my # 4 post. Could it be that in recognizing the truth you choose to keep your mouths shut?
20. Who is telling the truth??
Susie ,   Copenhagen, Denmark   (07.30.06)
...I wonder..... While crying for the innocent victims on BOTH sides!
21. You have become barbarians
Former Israel friend ,   UK   (07.30.06)
I have been a friend and supporter of Israel all my life, but no more. I can't support destroying a whole country, bombing hospitals, ambulances, UN observers and unabashedly massacring children. You have lost your way and I weep for you. May God forgive you.
22. SAUDI ARABIA'S Planned JIHAD AGAINST U.S. & Other Countries
Linda Rivera ,   New York   (07.30.06)
Islamists deliberately target Jewish civilians and celebrate the murders of Jewish innocents. Israel repeatedly warns Lebanese civilians to LEAVE the area before they bomb it. Israel is sad when civilians are casualties of war. Israel is the only country on earth that is fighting for the freedom and human rights of the world's non-Muslims. We are in the Third World War of Global Jihad. Taqiyya-Deception and Peace Agreements are part of Islamic WAR strategy; signed until Islamo-Fascists become strong enough to wage all-out war against the hated non-Muslim infidels. GLOBAL JIHAD Report: Saudis spread hate through U.S. mosques Propaganda against Jews, Christians 'mainstreamed within our borders' January 29, 2005 The 89-page report by Freedom House's Center for Religious Freedom, "Saudi Publications on Hate Ideology Fill American Mosques," concludes the Saudi government propaganda examined reflects a "totalitarian ideology of hatred that can incite to violence." * Various Saudi government publications gathered for the study, most of which are in Arabic, assert it is a religious obligation for Muslims to hate Christians and Jews... * The documents stress that when Muslims are in the lands of the unbelievers, they must behave as if on a mission behind enemy lines. Either they are there to acquire new knowledge and make money to be later employed in the jihad against the infidels, or they are there to proselytize the infidels until at least some convert to Islam..." U.S. leaders declare Saudi Arabia is America's friend and a key ally in the war on terror. As Saudi Arabia incites to hate and jihad against America's Christians and Jews, the U.S. government defining Saudi Arabia as America's friend, strongly indicates Americans and Israelis have a grim future ahead of them.
23. 19 - maybe you are just boring and not interesting
mike ,   israel (formerly usa   (07.30.06)
sorry to burst your self-important bubble.
24. To Gijs, no 8
Monique ,   amsterdam   (07.30.06)
Hee Gijs; if Al Quida is hiding in your street, would you also agree when the whole neighbourhood is blown to pieces
25. to # 4
roberto ,   montevideo Uruguay   (07.30.06)
So what? Palestinians have been trying to take our jewish life since 1948. They didnt succeed but not for lack of try. Are you saying that taking lebanese water is more important than taking jewish life? when you declare war on someone, the result is not a TIE, either you win or you loose. if you loose, then you LOOSE (water, or whatever) But how could YOU understand this simple truth, you little piece of shit?
26. truth?
sunshine ,   Chicago   (07.30.06)
Your post #4 is a ridiculous accusation not woth responding...that's why noone responded. On the contrary, you should talk about why those peole were there at the time of bombing...they were warned and told to leave. Is Hezbollah not allowing it because it needs to use the situation to their advantage? The more killed there are, the more they can say: attrocities, the more wounded, the more they can provide some sort of relief for them, thus straightening their influence. And who warned the Israeli to evacuate? Or you think the missles are not aimed at civilians? So that's OK then? right? And why aren't you talking about the reason this war started? So who's plan was it? I feel sorry for the people sufferring but if Israel does not do this, there will be numerous snatchings of Israelies with demands for swapping them for terrorists. I hope next time Israel will have a comarable response as long as it takes to make sure that the terrorsists know that it will not go unpunnished!
27. if Al Quida is hiding in your street...
sunshine ,   Chicago, IL   (07.30.06)
Monique, I would follow the advice to leave prior to the strikes and if I did not I would not blaim the attacker. Instead, I would blaim those who started the war. Should I remind you who that was? While I would not be happy, I was warned, it's war, and I would suffer the consequances.
28. Lebanon's PM thanks Hizbollah for its "sacrifices"
gerd schulz ,   germany   (07.30.06)
Lebanon's PM thanks Hizbollah for its "sacrifices" Lebanese Prime Minister Fouad Siniora thanked Hizbollah on Sunday for its "sacrifices" In its war against Israel. "We are in a strong position and I thank the Sayyed for his efforts," Siniora said when asked about a Saturday statement by Hizbullah chief Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah calling on the government to take advantage of Hizbollah's steadfastness against Israeli military might. (Reuters) (07.30.06, 18:10)
29. Help Israel - Sign the Petition
gerd schulz ,   germany   (07.30.06)
The State of Israel is in crisis now and needs your support more than ever before. Help Israel - Sign the Petition
30. 150 rockets launched at Israel from Qana
gerd schulz ,   germany   (07.30.06)
Senior officer: 150 rockets launched at Israel from Qana Chief of the IDF Operations Branch, Maj. Gen. Gadi Eisnkot, said in a press conference that "the IDF operated against terrorist target in Qana. The village has been used, since the onset of the confrontation, as a refuge for terror and a launch site for some 150 rockets at Israel, in some 30 volleys." According to the general: "Since the first day of the fighting, we warned residents of southern Lebanon that they should distance themselves from terror operatives and launch sites, for their own safety. We dropped pamphlets, announced it in the media and operated in a gradual manner and, unfortunately, Saturday night civilians were killed, whom no one had the intention of attacking." (ynet)   (07.30.06, 19:49)
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