Lebanon: We will sue Israel in Hague
Roee Nahmias
Published: 01.08.06, 12:43
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1. Uh oh. Time to call my cousin the lawyer.
Dan ,   NYC, USA   (08.01.06)
Did he say "sue!" We're in trouble now.
2. International Court
Simon ,   London UK   (08.01.06)
Israel should take the Lebanese goverment to the International Court since the lebanese are guilty of War crimes committed by Hezbolla of which two of its memebers are in the Lebanese cabinet. The Lebanese government have made statements that they stand by objectives of Hezbolla. Or does this only depend on Numbers. If thats so what is the threshold is 10 or 20 or even 30 civilian deaths. Is not the targeting of civilans in Israel a war crime. Was the killing of a 7 year old boy in Israel not a war crime.
3. israel is out of law , no 1 can court it , its terror
waeL ,   palestine & kuwait   (08.01.06)
thanx to USA , if the whole world wanted to court israeL now , they wont do it , USA can just say Veto to everythign related to israeL , i think the whole world should creat new United nations , that have no ( USA or IsaraL ) , the whole world can see now how USA are supporting israeL even id israel is wronge , and they are lying about defending human rights peace in the world ,. USA alone made all the wars in the last 10 years , in afghanistan , iraq , and now they want syria and iran , WHY ? just because iran ans syria dont obbey for US rules ?? and companies
4. Qana
adas ,   wahsigton dc   (08.01.06)
This was a delibrate act. Israel has always targeted civilian to pressure others as evident by the repeated attacks on civilians from 1948 on. The goal of the israelis are to inflict maximum damage to civilian in predetermined areas so tha he rest of the population will flee and Israel will end up with land with only small amount of the inhabitants. The only difference is the West Bank and Gaza there was little or no fiting in 1967, therefore, israel could commit its usual crime of targetting civilians.
5. They can sue my **S too
me   (08.01.06)
Fisrt Israel is not a member of Hague's court [thank GoD for that] so they can't force any results by this court on Israel. Second - Lebanon should remember that they have not preformed the UN decisions so they have nothing to complain about {israel should complain]. Third - No country who's giving a home for declared terrosist group and which by that considered terror country can sue any other country. Last but not least - They can sue MY **S too.
me   (08.01.06)
My heart goes for the innocent deads, but we can ignore time after time the lies that they tell the world. How can anybody believe to anything they say after all those lies.
7. WHAT>>>>>>>
joe s ,   usa   (08.01.06)
Siniora kiss ISRAEL A..............SS he want to take israel to court. yeh OK Ok Ok Ok thay say the ediot will stay ediot
8. The Hague
UN Observer   (08.01.06)
I hope they plan to take Hizbullah to the Hague as well. Oh wait, that would mean having to take themselves. Let's see: violation of UNSCR 1559; violation of clearly demarcated blue line border with Israel; breach of cease fire agreements dating back to previous wars; random firing of rockets and missiles at population centers in Israel by a militia represented inside the Lebanese parliament AND cabinet. Anything else?
9. Oh please!! do me a favour.
Lebanon et al, knows exactly who is responsible for Qana. Won't stand up in court.
10. Israel Has Cause to Sue Lebanon
Jeremy S. Slavin ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (08.01.06)
The Lebanese government didn't take responsibility for their country's destiny, and left it to Hizballah. That's negligence. Israel should sue Lebanon for allowing Hizballah to rule southern Lebanon and for not adhering to UNSCR 1559.
11. No choice
Yoel   (08.01.06)
Win the war, and impose OUR conditions...
12. Minister Rizk
tommy ,   belfast UK   (08.01.06)
QUOTE "In addition, Minister Rizk expressed his regret that the "Qana massacre did not horrify the conscience and did not bring about a UN decision for a ceasefire. " UNQUOTE To me this sounds that the qana incident was engineered by hezbollah and the Lebanese government with Israel to be the fallguy Maybe the fact that this is now known as their modus operandi is the reason there was no great response
13. everyone check this out!!!
Michal 15 years old ,   Israel   (08.01.06)
I'm surprised..i mean i heard yesterday carfully carfully to the speech of Olmert..and he said some really strong things!-things with lot of sence!! like:"israel have the right, the naturall right to live a normal life" or:"we are sorry for the innocent civillians that get killed" this is so clear that Israel has a purpose and the purpose is: to get the hizballa of the borderline and to hit the hizballa people.. but when u try to look more deeply to the details..u see that the hizballa has no goal!they want to kill and hut israelis civilians !-and then the want to "take us to the trial" for killing people?!?!?!?! this is so lame!! this is soooo clear that we are both israel and lebanon civilians are victimes of the hizballah and fucking nasralla terror! we dont try to hurt civilians!the hizballah organizations is all over lebanon, and the hizballah people are surrounded by civilians!-unfortunately we cant bomb the hizballah people the peopel around get hurt..but Israel did something very humanty..israel told the civilians excatly where willisrael army will work ,so the civilians wont hurt! u will never found such a thing in any me! we want peace we care about peace but to make this happen we need to fight and stop the terror in our counrty.. Hope peace will be soon! love u all!
14. Nasrallah & Khizb-Allah Guilty of Widespread War Crimes
Paqid 16, Netzarim ,   Ra'anana, Israel   (08.01.06)
My heart goes out to the Lebanese victims of Khizb-Allah's war crimes in Qana and throughout south Lebanon, as well as to our own victims of Khizb-Allah's act of war in crossing the internationally recognized border to attack Israel and kill and abduct Israeli soldiers, as well as Israeli civilians targeted and killed by Khizb-Allah. But it was wrong for our PR-illiterate Israeli leaders to apologize for Khizb-Allah's and Nasrallah's war crimes instead of being vocally outraged at them on behalf of the Lebanese victims. Israel did what we had, and must continue, to do to defend ourselves. I am outraged and furious with Khizb-Allah. Worst of all, Nasrallah and Khizb-Allah, like Hamas and other Islamic terrorist organizations, pervert religion to imply that the Creator, Whom they perversely claim to reflect, is a war criminal like them. There can be no more depraved and obscene blasphemy than this. It is widely known that Khizb-Allah routinely uses human shields, particularly women and children. These are all war crimes for which Nasrallah and every guilty party in Khizb-Allah must be prosecuted in The Hague. Paqid Yirmeyahu Israeli Orthodox Jew Advancing Logic as Halakhic Authority Welcoming non-Jews
15. lebanon suing Israel???
david ,   Tel Aviv   (08.01.06)
We will start preparing our lawyers to sue Lebanon not only for the damages and destruction caused by over 2,000 rockets landing on Israel , for the loss of life, for the fires caused which completely destroyed the only forests that exist in Israel ,for the loss of salaries lost by at least one million people sitting in shelters for the last 3 weeks... etc etc etc etc etc. Lebanon: get your house in order... you have the "HIZBOLLA COSA NOSTRA " running your country !!!! the MAFIA controls Lebanon???? If you only had the courage to run your own affairs... you could once again become the SWITZERLAND OF THE MIDDLE EAST. STOP BLAMING ISRAEL.... START BLAMING THE PEOPLE THAT ARE REALLY RESPONSABLE FOR YOUR PROBLEMS !!!! I.E. hizbollah, Syria, Iran. they are spilling your blood !!, not theirs !!!, Lebanese blood is cheap for the Syrians and Iranians and yes also for the Hizbollah ( they called themselves Lebanese????)
16. lawsuit. ,   manchester.u.k.   (08.01.06)
If the lebanese government would have acted as men not wingeres they would have disarmed hizbulla and the deaths would not have occured. likewise if unifil had done its job and stopped hizbulla Israel would not have needed to defend its citizens.
17. What a bunch of fools..Great Laugh
Ertok   (08.01.06)
What a waster this Siniora is? The IJC has no clout - not recognised anyway. Now this turkey has mentioned these intentions - Israel will be scooping up a hord of incriminating evidence they can use against any trumped up, stacked up 'kangaroo court'. In any case , Israel will be RUNNING Lebanon soon. Just a sick, pathetic joke.
18. The Hague International Court
João ,   Leiden, Netherlands   (08.01.06)
Israel would do best to allow an international inquiry into the Qana-bombing. Unfortunately the Olmert-government has stubbornly refused any international involvement in the inquiry, and is therefore viewed by people abroad as trying to "hide" facts, by being the accused and its judge at the same time. This is a kind of "justice" only seen within régimes like those of Myanmar, Zimbabwe and Sudan... Hopefully Lebanon wil push through her case at the International Court in The Hague, and the facts of the Qana-bombing, whether they'll be in favour of Israel or Lebanon, will be shown to the world
19. To # 3
me   (08.01.06)
You are such a ungrateful scum. As Kuwait cistizen if it wasn't for the US by know you would have been a slave to SADAM under Iraq occupation. You and people like make me sick. You are spitting to well you are drinking from.
20. HA HAAAA HAHAHAHA........HAHA......BUAHAHA ...FUNNY ...: )
AVINU   (08.01.06)
21. To # 4
me   (08.01.06)
You words are selfish and foolish . The lands which you are living at [washington DC] are not occupied? are not belong to the American Indian which your ancestors took by force? or maybe your are just some immigrant that has no values. Don't get me wrong, i have nothing agains the US, on the contrary. But people like ADAS that have no clue what so ever about anything and only knows how to sit on their big fat **S in front of the TV and thinks that have a right to judge Israel, make me sick.
22. Publicity stunt...and Ynet falls for it
stefano   (08.01.06)
by listing it as one of its top stories. This is about as important as a Lebanese official lodging a complaint with a CNN interviewer.
23. good joke
mordey cohen ,   sydney australia   (08.01.06)
Wow, Lebanon going to court to sue a country that it's only crime is, it was defending it'c citizens. THe problem is that people like the BBC (Bigots Broadcasting Company) buys all this crap from Hezbollah media, and just spews it7. I guess that would make the Judges at the Hague baised.
24. No.18
l.l. ,   Leiden   (08.01.06)
Jao, you surely do not understand anything of all that's going on in Hizballon, sorry Lebanon, and keep on ranting your yadda, yadda, yadda. Be serious and "go to the monastery" !
25. Taking Israel to the court
DANIEL ,   Israel   (08.01.06)
Please Sir, take Hizbullah instead (to the court); who probably did not allow people to evacuate when they had 8 hours between hit and collapse. Or they ignited the ammunitions stored there; causing building to collapse! Account for those 8 hours first.
26. no need, judgment will come from God, it's written
Michel ,   Paris   (08.01.06)
no need to take them to court they will be juged by the destiny, it is written inside the bibble isn't it?
27. International Criminal Court
ExpatEgghead ,   Haifa, Israel   (08.01.06)
As neither Isrtael or Lebanon have ratified the applicable Rome Statute, the point is moot. Charles Rizk is blowing smoke and he knows it.
28. LEBZ=HEZ. Started the war. Cry Foul
Ertok   (08.01.06)
More unbeliavable claptrap from the protagonists, the instigators of this war. They cant run and hide in their bunkers anymore and the IDF will take their toys away too. Its going to be tough - but boy I'm looking forward to seeing a few smart arse , murdering , lying bastards get it in the neck. They will NEVER win. They NEVER have and they NEVER will. They are only smart enough to pick up the gun - but stupid enough to use it - and when it blows back in their faces WAH WAH WAH WAH BOOO HOOOO .BLAH BLAH BLAH Cant fight , cant live in peace - what hell are you stupids good for?!!
29. when good becomes evil; and evil, good
Alyce ,   Toronto Canada   (08.01.06)
Lebanon taking Israel to the Hauge---this is like these stories people hear of where a criminal breaks into a house to do ill intent; trips and falls; sustains an injury, and then takes the victims to court for his pains. That such things happen we treat as darkly absurd, even funny in a tragic way, because we don't want to know that our world has become so lost; that evil judgment and moral blindness has become the center that is holding our reality, coming before all that falls apart.
30. Lebanon should pay Israel
Johnson ,   USA   (08.01.06)
Lebanon should pay restitution to Israael on all the physical and moral damages that she caused to Israel by allowing its terrorist to run amuck.
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